How to make the Taurus man leave her

taurusBefore the internet, you had to ask a girl friend for advice on how to break up a relationship. Or if you were lucky, there’d be a how-to article in a woman’s magazine. Nowadays, all it takes is a simple google query, and all of your answers are solved. The secrets of ruining another person’s life are at your fingertips!

Back in the day, a girl friend would have talked some sense into you. She would have told you that you’re as unlikely to get a Taurus man to leave his girlfriend as you are to rouse a lazy bull from his resting spot. Why would any creature of habit who’s living the good life be tempted to do things differently? Your girl friend would also have told you that you’d be stupid to think that a guy who leaves his wife for you wouldn’t do the same to you later on.

But no, with the beauty of the internet, if you don’t find the answer you want, there’s always 729,000 more websites to browse, until you find what you were looking for. So shut down your computer and give your gal pal a call. She’ll tell you to put your energy into a man who’s actually available.

You see, not only are you drawn to a man you can’t have, you’re drawn to a Sun sign that is least likely than any other sign to ditch his girl for you. Maybe therapy is what you need!

Comment below: How successful have you been in getting a Taurus guy to leave his girlfriend or wife?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. I havent tried to rid of tauri, I love them.

    But I can say they dont get offended easily, but try to make them see something they love as ugly, you are out.

  2. Wow, you get a lot of these types of questions, don’t you, Jeff? Do you ever get the male equivalent, ie, how do you get a Cancer chick to leave her husband?

    It’s pretty disheartening.

  3. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Most questions concern men. But it’s a chicken egg question. Since I mostly write about relationships with men, most of the search queries that send peope to this blog are about men. Although I gather that more women than men look at astrology when thinking about relationships.

  4. I meant more, do men think about getting women to leave their husbands as much?

  5. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Marly, Just looking at human nature, I’d think that both genders are equally “guilty” of wanting to get their love interests separated from their current relationships. Longing is universal.

  6. Yeah. YOu’re right. The only thing I’ve got to say for myself is that my longing has always been for men whose unavailability is not related to their being married but to other stuff (professional, psychological or geographical). I admit it. When it comes to looking to poach others’ partners, I’m very judgmental.

  7. proserpine says:

    I didn’t really try.
    One married when we were all quite young,(he was the oldest of all of us at 21) and I had been seeing him, so I was annoyed.
    He even said it was to help his wife get away from her troubled family.
    But, while he and I saw each other sometimes, he never even considered leaving her.
    For a time when I didn’t see him at all, he told me later, he’d got to feeling trapped, and saw lots of girls for awhile.
    But never left his wife.
    I had another Taurus lover, but never tried to get him to leave his girlfriend at all.
    This was all over 30 yrs ago.
    I wouldn’t be doing it now–I didn’t like myself then for it.
    My husband now is a Taurus–come to think of it–he left me once and came back.Never left again.
    I’m happy now too.
    Too bad it took forever, but that’s life.:-)

  8. proserpine says:

    BTW, when I first saw this I thought a woman wanted her Taurus man to leave *her*.And I thought, why are they asking that?
    But, actually, that would make sense too.
    Because when a Taurus’ mind is made up, he will not leave easily.

  9. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Proserpine, it’s all a matter of interpretation. With google searches, sometimes I probably read them the way I want to read them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    EASY! just be all the mundane things they love-SEX & FOOD!!! be persistent and kind and sweet and nice don’t be loud, mean, look sloppy etc-they will notice-and don’t be a slut either [not that they won’t love that either, but not enough to leave]-they love a good girl more but one who exudes sexual allure makes them wild–I can go on and on-but don’ make him leave a wife- that is just plain wrong!

  11. Anonymous says:

    How can I find out interesting things about my sign only?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey mine left me… You guys can have him if you want… My life was hell with him anyway. Tooooooo controlling , bossy, vindictive, and verbally abusive… so don’t try to get yours to leave someone you can have mine!

  13. This is an interesting post.
    I have to first tell you that Mr. Kishner is right on the money with what he is saying.
    Most taurus guys (including myself) hang on tight to their woman, even when they are being driven insane or beaten like dogs.

    However, there *is* one way that has a clearer chance of succeeding than most. The key to this plan is to focus on the woman in the relationship, not her taurus guy.

    If she can be seduced and swept away from him by another man, then you have an opening. Infidelity hurts us like a heart attack. While we are still apt to forgive our cheating partners, there is a good (read: possible) chance we will seriously consider starting anew with another girl. My guess is that this will be a lot easier if the lady you are trying to pull mr. taurus apart from is a sagittarius as opposed to a cancer/virgo, but I respectfully defer to Mr. Kishner for that verdict.

    It’s not an easy plan, as it requires the help of another man, but it’s the best possible ploy I can think of. Be warned though, there’s always a chance it can blow up in your face (I figure the likelihood of such a bad result increases if you target is a scorpio woman, but I’m not Jeffrey, so I could be wrong on all this.), so be sure of what you are getting into. Also, for the love of all that is good, look deep inside yourself and ask if you are doing this out of true love, or just out of spite, greed, and/or lust. If it’s the latter, shame on you. If its the former, ask yourself if you are truly meant for this guy. Also, if you do care about him, ask if he is truly happy with this other girl. If he is, then it may just be best treated as a case of setting something you truly love free by choosing to not interfere.

    Now, I usually don’t recommend or think of devious little plots like this, but in this case, I’m volunteering my thoughts because there are some men who truly need to be set free from the miserable relationships they get stuck in. I used to be one of them.

  14. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @LS9AWD, so you’re suggesting that if woman (A) wants a Taurus man (B) to leave his girlfriend (C), then (A) should find another guy (D) to seduce (C) and make (C) cheat on (B)? And that (B) will be so destroyed he’ll leave (C) and that will provide an opening for (A) to seduce (B)?

  15. Victoria says:

    Yes, that is a good question, I was wondering the same thing.

    Sounds a little devious and manipulative to me, and even though I’m a Scorpio I could never pull such a stunt. Sounds like an incredible waste of time and energy.

    I prefer to be pursued openly.

  16. @ Jeffrey:
    That’s exactly the idea, and thinking back on it, it is a bit of a harebrained one.

    Victoria has a good point, it would be a big waste of time and energy (BTW- Scorpio ladies are awesome! Dating one right now, and she is amazing :) ).
    Moreover, if the guy is in a relationship with the wrong girl, the mismatch will come undone naturally. It’s probably best to just carry on without any schemes, and be forward and honest if and when the time comes.

  17. Hi, i hope someone can help me out,n put my mind at rest, i saw this guy at uni a year back n i liked him since day one, n we kept seein each other almost every week. he wud look at me n i wud look back n sometimes if i didnt see him, he wud cough etc. so i decided to add him on facebook, n he accepted..den i wud mail him n he wud mail me bak. den i decided to add him on msn..n dis is wen everythin sort of went wrong..he would talk to me all day long n we talk abt everything..we were so compatible. so i asked him if he was with someone he said yes n he asked me if i was too? he knew i liked him cos i made it so obvious. he is a taurus and im a cancer. i dont know what dis guy wants from me or where i stand? the last three days he stayed up all nyte n just chattin 2 me. im so lost.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i hope someone can help me out,n put my mind at rest, i saw this guy at uni a year back n i liked him since day one, n we kept seein each other almost every week. he wud look at me n i wud look back n sometimes if i didnt see him, he wud cough etc. so i decided to add him on facebook, n he accepted..den i wud mail him n he wud mail me bak. den i decided to add him on msn..n dis is wen everythin sort of went wrong..he would talk to me all day long n we talk abt everything..we were so compatible. so i asked him if he was with someone he said yes n he asked me if i was too? he knew i liked him cos i made it so obvious. he is a taurus and im a cancer. i dont know what dis guy wants from me or where i stand? the last three days he stayed up all nyte n just chattin 2 me. im so lost.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Personally being with a taurus, I find it offending that someone would try to ‘steal’ anyone’s boyfriend or signifigant other. And, all things considered, if these two people are really in love, you cant pull them away from each other for any long time. Its just life. So stop trying to break other people’s happiness.

    Other than that, I think the other guy’s comment about trying to go after the women to get the man, is genius! Absolutely correct assumption. Except with scorpios, or another taurus. A taurus might leave the nest briefly (like my friend who is a taurus female) but dont like the exiting of security for too long. A scorpio women isnt someone to be underestimated, and we are certainly loyal. Sometimes extremely loyal. And if you took something away from us, especially someone we love…it would result in us trying to ruin your life, and most likely succeeding.

  20. Anonymous says:

    LS9AWD: yours is typical Taurus manipulation!

  21. im a taurus male whom was curious 1 wk ago when my scorpio woman had her ex husband at her apt.. They have 2 kids together. After she told me that he was there, i went to home w/o her knowing. I got caught by the police looking in her window and now she says that its over between us. Is it possible for a 2nd chance at romance 4 this taurus man?

  22. katherine says:

    As a scorpio, I know that she will take you back IF the reason she broke up with you is because you were looking in her window. On the other hand, if she used that as an excuse to break up with you and get back with her ex, then there’s not much you can do. Once her mind is made up, it’s made up.
    Have you guys had any more problems? It seems that way if you did not trust her. Trust is huge with me, and if I can’t trust my boyfriend or if he can’t trust me, it’s not likely to last.

  23. i do not agree with you at all. i can have whatever i want and i can get anything even a lazy bull to follow me. just call me Aphrodite the second :)

  24. Really Fixed says:

    Sarah Lee you are a bitch and it is really funny to me that you feel you can have anybody. Anybody? maybe if you fake who you are as I am sure that is what you are talking about. Being manipulative is not a plus it just shows lack of understanding of who you are. And if that is what you are manipulative if that is your very being. Im so sorry for you because you are going to be so lonely.

  25. Well. I do not think there is anything you can do to make them leave. They will leave on their own if they make up their mind to leave. .

  26. GirlyTaurus says:

    Hey take my Taurus man, please! He has gotten very comfortable with his lifestyle and doesn’t want to change it for anything!! He spends my money I work hard for and we butt heads and argue all the time because he is soo sensitive (Venus in Cancer) and all I do is try to keep him calm all the time – always trying to spare his feelings. Well, what about me? I have feelings too and he isn’t part of them anymore. If I’m late coming home and don’t tell him – he freaks out! Or if I go somewhere and don’t let him know first – he freaks out again! (I’m Aquarius rising, so that may explain some of it.) He has a need to know exactly where I am at all times; it is wearing thin and I want to break free. Possessive, controlling, verbally abusive, that’s my Taurus male. It seems to be all about him…well it’s time for me to move on – got a Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo and now a Cappy all waiting in the wings…which one to choose??

  27. Amphitrite says:

    Mine is sort of a long story… I fell in love with a married Taurus at the time of my divorce and massive change in my life. Total love at first sight (at least for me) but he’d be lying if he denied anything on his part. We were careful to keep it friendly and at some point his live started to cave in, he was gonna loose his marriage. Instead of encouraging this, I actually helped him with his relationship? See, most people did not understand (and probably not him either) that I loved him so much that I only wanted him happy even if he wasn’t with me. They got their sh** back together. Later, him and his family moved away and I had lost contact with him for nearly four years till finally deciding to look for him again. I had a feeling… I added him on Facebook. Turned out that at the time I found him his wife had left him for good. It took almost a year till I’d see him. I got to hang out with him just this past Christmas break and I was happier than I ever was, I felt like I was where I needed to be, this missing piece gone for years finally returned. Things got a bit much and I somehow got sloppy, when he got back home he left me a long email explaining himself and basically he’s still hung up on his wife though they cant be together, she hurt him so bad that he wants no part in any relationship right now and he really kind of just wants to run his game. He pushed away but with out pushing away… which is confusing, he still left the window opened a crack maybe hoping that when the time is right I may try and climb through again. I’ve waited six years to kiss him… I’ll wait sixty more to be with him.

  28. VirgoLovesTaurus says:


    Wow what a story…it seems that taurus really loved hard….anyway hope things work out for u. I however will never wait so long on someone….i think there is someone out there for everyone.

  29. gwenada1 says:

    From my experience with taurus men they never truly get over their exes. Even if they are miserable they wont leave dont waste your time

  30. CapriWantsTaurus says:

    Thank you for all the explanation.

    I’ve been with a Taurus man for 18 months, first time we met I knew he wasn’t my kinda guy as I always have sweet romantic BF… He’s loud, straightforward and selfish. But he’s beautful and he makes me laugh as well…

    So after the first time we made love, I didn’t wanna see him again becoz I know at some point we’re incompatible.
    He tried to call several times but I was really not interested to see him again, as I had unfinished business with my EX.

    3 months later, he’s back and I’m done with my EX issues so I tried to open up. The first 5 months was wonderful then he started to take me on trips but I could never make it coz I’m too drawn with my job.
    Becoz of that, I think we grow further apart and more fights showed up, break up and make up several times. Until recently his 4-5 years EX showed up on his FB’s status (which was about me and him) saying how much she wants him back. Now, he’s planning to see her again… Is there anyway I can save him? Or should I just let him go?

  31. hey, people! i’m stuck in a pretty bad situation here. i’m a Pisces. i’ve known a Taurus guy for quite some time and i fell in love with him about two month ago. after the painful process of getting to know him better, we finally met at some party. we slept together. now i honestly can’t stop thinking about him! i’m becoming obsessed!
    and yesterday someone told me he’s been dating some girl for 8 years!! and that he sleeps around in the most unbareable manner.
    now… i dont exactly hope i could be that ONE who will turn his life around. but i did see something in his eyes. he lightens up when i’m around.
    it hurts very badly now and… i just don’t know what to do?…

  32. @nat if he cheats on his girlfriend in the most unbearable manner, what makes you think he’d treat you any differently? That “something in his eyes” may light up around many women.

  33. these are my previous posts what do u guys think read through nd please help me as to what to do :

    taurus men r full of it! one told me the finest lies a girl could hear “oo im gunna treat u better than any1 ever has” …”u deserve better than what guys do 2 u”…”im gunna show u just talk to me” lol yeah a whole month we were going out i broke up with my other bf for him b/c he was promising me soo much nd he was a good frend at the time
    now im heart broken i never knew i could love some1 after just a month …he cheated on me w. his ex talkin bout “he giving her a 2nd chance” im like what about me he says i shuld stay with him cuz he still cares about me…hell nah i anit staying with him he cannot have 2 girls at once just because he didnt make his decision yet nd he was gunna leave in a month anyways smh i just dnt noe; ima cancer nd i get jealous easily even though i love him im not gunna share him its either he’s gunna stay with me or stay with her so i left him b/c he didnt want to choose

    okai so the taurus guys hits me up yesterday nd we been talkin having really akward conversations like they dnt move beyond “hey” nd “what are u doing today” its awfull i want to call him nd tell him im in love with u …regaurdless of him cheatin on me i want to tell him i want him back but that wouldnt b fair to his girlfriend anyways yesterday i told him does he want me to stop textin him b/c our conversation is dumb nd he says he has no problem with it so i thought he ment with me stop textin him so when i said alrite then byee he says what am i doin i say im trying to leave you alone nd he says “why i want to talk to u” then says “i guess its w/e i cant do anything about it if its what u really want” i noe he misses b/c he wouldnt text me everyday he says he havent forgiven hisself nd hes sorry he let me down nd that he really cared about me nd that he liked me alot i said what about now he said he feels the exact same way but apparently he loves his gf now what am i suppose to do im angry that he betrayed my trust but then i miss him with a passion im in love with him hes the only guy that ever showed genuine concern for me sure ive had alot of guys want me but not care for me like he does

    i just dnt noe what to do anymore or what to feel

    help plz !!!

  34. CapriWantsTaurus says:

    Ouurrrggghhh, I’m sooooo glad I’m done with Taurus… The kinda guy that has no consistency on his words an
    d actions. I was too pissed at him that I slapped him in public… he’s completely speechless and less narcisstic now.

  35. I am a sag. This Taurus man tried to get my attention for over a year. He finally told me he wanted to have sex. I thaught he was gay, he took so long. I worked my ass off for this man the nexy 7 years. He did not express any emotion. I told him “you need to kind someone you are more passionate about” he said “ok”
    It was over. He has contacted me once a year since. I love him.
    This year, monthly- not enough for me.
    last year he said he had a GF.
    He is not a talker.
    Does he love me?
    He brought his entire family to ny house last month nephews, mom, brothers.
    Is he gay? Is once a month good for any man?
    Should I ask about the “gf”?

  36. Not weird, he using you for sex. Along with many other’s. You’re on rotation. He’s screwing more but you get the once a month when no one else is available. He probably told his fam you were a friend. He should have asked you out on a proper date rather than telling you he wanted sex from you like he was ordering at McDonald’s. Stop selling yourself so cheaply and only go for a man who truly cares about you.

  37. to julie.

    i totally agree with bliss. ur taurus is an insensitive prick!!! im a taurus woman and i have very firm beliefs and feelings for others and would never string someone along like this stupid man is!!!! he makes me so furious!!….leave him and go find urself some other man. u want to find someone who will want u…..not leave u in the dark like him!! u want commitment and love…..he isnt it. he is taking advantage of u for a booty call…..!!…run julie, just Run! if u wanna teach him a lesson—string him along on a date and don’t give him any. lol. then don’t pick up ever again. i say get some sweet revenge but thats just me. lol. good luck.

  38. I’m a taurus woman (24) totally lusting after this taurus male (27), I say lusting because he’s the lead singer of a very very popular band in my country, so I haven’t had any contact with him to say that I “like” him for his personality. He’s with this Libra girl (21) (totally eewww) no offense Libras, and sometimes I find myself secretly wishing that he would dump her/or that she would dump him. But I also know that we (taurus) will stick with our partner untill we are driven to a loveless life, only then after trying everything, we will dump the person. Oooh well, not much I can do but to keep on wishfull thinking…

  39. Caprigirl says:

    For some reason, Taurus male seems to always get stuck with Libra girl. I had the same condition, I’m a Capri where I demand full commitment prior re-ship, just wanna make sure that his past is clear. And it seems to me, his wasn’t…. he kept remembering & trying to see his Libra ex whenever we got into fight.

    Instead of trying to make our re-ship better, Taurean slips into “easier” love… We kept breaking up & making up for nearly 2 years coz the sex was amazing! And they do buy all of my tantrums about how disgusting his EX is, so he came back again and again. I finally got tired of it coz re-ship should be beautiful, romance, commitment, and I want to build a family not Ring of Fire…so I finally found this Leo man with his gallant personality and even BETTER SEX!…. Ciao Taurus Man

  40. @ I hear you Caprigirl, Leo’s are special, they’re different, even the sex is different, they have a way to ignite the fire and passion. I had two Leo’s, neither worked out, oh well… I still get attracted to Leo guys a lot

  41. Im a leo woman and ive been with my taurus man for a year. hes amazing, almost like a knight in shining armour. its wierd because when we first met, he was more of the player type. he was dating 3 girls at once and me being one of them. one by one he says he picked them off but it was always this one that he could never get over. he was obsessed with her but found out she was a whore. anyways we wound up together and month by month i learn something new of his past. he has only had 3 girlfriends in his 26 years of life, the longest was 6 years with a cancer woman which ended a year before i met him. Turns out she cheated with his family member and that hurt him and drove him on a sex capade for almost a year. it took me a while to be trusted by him but it was worth it. i think taurus men are very passionate, strong willed, honest, trust worthy and protective signs. CONTROLLING at most and we seem to butt heads alot but in the end, we make up and still end up together.

  42. StrongVirgoWoman says:


  43. I am a taurus man with a cancer woman… Match made in heaven i couldnt be more happier.. I have a bautiful 17 month old daughter and a little boy due in aug. Um there is nothing you could do to make me leave or cheat on my family.. Im comfortable with who i am with so maybe some taurus will leave or whatever but i am a true taurus and i wont.. I have a perfect life . I am stable i dont like change everyday i wake up i know what im going to do and who i am going to do it with.. To change that for me would be devastating. I dont want another woman. Before my wife i had never wanted a gf there was none apealing to me until i saw her i watched her for months b4 we got together i had to make sure everything was just right and even then i was not the 1 to make the first move.. It turns out i did the right thing i chose wisely.. And as for sara lee the way u jus presented yourself would have turned me off therefore you cant have whatever you want.. You cant have me cuz i dont want you..

  44. uranuslyfe says:

    me myself as a aqua female don’t understand why taurus or anyone with a strong taurus influence are always in these long term relationships even when is a miserable realtionship even if there is abuse involve why waste so much precious time I mean I understand that taurus ruling planet is venus,and I also understand that taurus is a fixed sign is very determined prefers safety and security is it a underlying
    fear letting go fear of change I understand thats where they get their strength from not engaging in risky behavior making bold decisions sticking to the familiar and even being stubborn but at the end such a dedicated and determined sign ruled by venus deserves better instead of never really giving themselves a chance would not make them a bad person if anything the opposite ………I understand with six planets in capricorn especially my venus in capricorn…….but my moon and mars in sag does’nt.

  45. curiousabout says:

    I would like this guy to leave. It’s like we are not in a relationship. He doesnt like me. And it’s mutual. He has these preoccupations with quizzing me. He tries to test me with “are you revengeful are you this” and he is all of that!

  46. I have never dated a Taurus male. I am a Capricorn woman.
    But I want to comment because my dad is a Taurus. He always, always cheated on his first two wives (the first being my mother). He did leave my mom for his second wife, but only because my mom was very unstable and dangerous to her children. (He took us, his children with him when he left her.)

    A Taurus man, in my opinion, will stay with his mate, even if he is unhappy, unless he has a VERY good reason to leave her. He will always put his children first, if he has them. He will, however, cheat with any willing pretty girl that comes along.

    I would never date a Taurus man.

    I will state that my dad has been married to his third wife, a Libra for about 17 years now. He has been faithful to her, but that may partly be due to the fact that he is old and fat and no one else would have him. Lol. They have had many fights, but always end up working things out. She has a ton of patience for putting up with his bullheaded crap.

  47. I’m 46 scorpio, mother of 12/10 girls. I was with a taurus man who was the love of my life for 8 years. My daughters had loved him if he were their biological. we have had our ups and downs(most down part was due to his daughter who takes meds for behavior issues) as most couples do. 7 weeks ago he told me and one of my daughter how much he loved us. 6 weeks ago I find out he was seeing a cancer woman (who apparently likes taken men), 5 weeks ago he breaks with me and is now with her.
    There is always two sides to a story, but I was VERY good to him! (Run a hot bath ,wash his hair for him, have FABULOUS sex, messages) He won’t talk to me and has forsaken my children. I don’t understand what has happened, and I miss him so much, so do my girls. He was my bestfriend.
    Worst part is he is a long termer and my gut says he is going to marry this cancer in a year. I’m sick to my stomach for me and my children.

  48. anonymous says:

    So I was with my Taurus for almost eight years. We had a son. My son is now 5. We recently broke up in February, 2013. He can’t seem to tell me he’s in another relationship with the person he has a six month old by. He still wants to have sex with me. I’m so hurt. I want to just let go but almost eight years and a five year old and one on the way. Its tough. Ughhh.

  49. piscesss says:

    totally didn’t work for me. I’m a Pisces and she is a Taurus( her girlfriend is also a Pisces..). her gf cheated so basically used me for sex/to make her jealous. there seemed to be something more for awhile and I still to this day can’t figure out what exactly we were. so damn closed off and stubborn. but so good in bed (and kissing – – best kisser I’ve ever had) they’re hard to resist lol

  50. I’m a Virgo Woman with my Venus in Scorpio…

    and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Drop knowledge on these heauxs.

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