Why did Libra turn cold?

In early March, a Taurus wrote:

i arranged to go out for drink with a Libra, he agreed to meeting up and seemed quite friendly in his texts. Until the day of going out he textd me a blunt message saying he couldnt make it, i assume hes not interested but y did he turn cold

Today, presumably the same person wrote:

Im female had a date with Libra male. Before his texts were warm and friendly. He cancelled last minute saying couldnt make it his text was cold. Thought that was it. Then he text me after 3 weeks. I replied but not heard again yet. Help?

LibraOne wouldn’t normally accuse Libra of being cold. This Venus-ruled sign is charming and polite. Unfortunately, Libra goes out of his way to avoid offending anyone, and there may not always be a diplomatic way to cancel a date.

How to back out gracefully? I’ll leave matters of textiquette to Miss Manners. Although cell phones are a great medium for an air sign, it may be difficult to convey emotional subtleties via SMS. Just because a text feels cold doesn’t mean that was the texter’s intention. And besides, would it have been better for him to write that he was no longer sweet on you? I’m not sure a Libra would text anything to hurt your feelings. Maybe he thought that “i cant make it” was all he could muster.

And yet … he texted you three weeks later, and did not respond to your reply. Libra indecision for ya! Why don’t you just CALL HIM?! Tell him you like him but are getting mixed signals, and you want to know what’s up. Yes, it’s a risk (anathema to Taurus, I know), but it’s the easiest way to stop torturing yourself. If he’s not straight with you, take that into consideration when you continue pining for him.

Comment below: Have you known a Libra to turn cold? How do you make sense of it?

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  1. Pices female says:

    Hi I am pices and met a Libran Three months back in a family gathering , my cousin was Trying on him but he chose me, we started dating, got intimate physically. Suddenly he started being judgmental about my love that I treat him like husband material and this love is conditional. He initially proposed me for marriage himself but when I start being possessive he totally denied to take the relationship further. We decided to stay frnds still we were attached physically. We were so much passionate and loved by each other, he was planning future meeting too. I thought everything will be fine Like before by time. All of a sudden I did a mistake, I by chance shared some details of his personal life with my ex and when confronted me, I lied. Now he goes cold. I said sorry, felt guilty, tried convincing him, I know I hurt him. He said I broke his trust sharing those . We are not talking since 5 weeks now. A week back I sent him a long message saying that I am sorry and want another chance to get things fixed without conditions or any emotional drama. But he just stays cold. Didn’t reply but still checks my post status on what’s app. I want him back badly. Any advice plz for this typical Libra man, how should I deal with him. I know we love each other like anything, and as he loves honesty he is hurt. But is there any chance to make him forgive me. Or will he come back? Should I try to talk or leave him alone?

  2. Stop begging Libra
    You are scaring him

    … I know that you Pisces are warm loving creatures.. And he’s stupid for not being able to see that right now.. This really is his loss because he is so indecisive..

    Pisces is the ideal dedicated loving wife , you may be a little bit too feminine so of an emotional for him and his mean exterior..

    you’re going to have to go against your normal behavior.. And that means to stop begging him just because you love him.
    Your love is not enough right now.. You going to have to be just as cold and distant as he is until he is ready.
    Do not wait around too long.. And be prepared to move on

  3. Pices female says:

    Sally He started talking but little bit. I followed your advices not to beg him.. But don’t feel the warmth like early days. He doesn’t talk frequently. Just hi, and how’s life etc. Does he want me back? Should I talk about it? Or should I maintain the distance. I am moving out from the town next month. For job. Going far away. It may effect him. Should I tell him that?? What should I do next according to your experience. Plz tell me. Love and blessings..

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