Why are Scorpios so sexual?

ScorpioScorpio is ruled by Pluto. Mythologically, Pluto is the Roman counterpart of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. However, there is more to Pluto than textbook mythology. The astrological Pluto governs all that is hidden and taboo. Whatever society deems unacceptable gets shoved aside, either into the unconscious or the red light district or other disreputable parts of town. The “underworld” is not just Hell, but the dwelling place of people who need to work or live outside the light of day.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. i dont think scorpios fall for the wrong type…maybe just go about things the wrong way

  2. Or possibly both. My hotties were usually Air signs and I just couldn’t connect well with them I guess. It’s mostly where I think my Pisces Moon is why I’m so sympathetic with these kinds of ladies then they just get bored with me romantically but I’ve since just stopped trying with Online dating cause it just seems like a bad idea at my age (20)

  3. So true ,we do both.I normaly fall for the FIRE signs even though I know it is sa bad idea , I just cant help myself!They just so damn attractive!And yes, they rarely look to start something serious but I often read into it the wrong way and end up getting my heart broken.But as for now, and the past 8 months, I have been out of the dating scene and it suits me perfectly.I know whot I want and I am not gonna settle for less πŸ™‚

  4. you all are prolly going to think this is silly…but i met a scorpio man on line. He is soo damn intence i can hardly take him. He is sweet enuf and kind, but he is always on line and seems to be there trying to consume all my online time. Jealous if i talk to any other friends.He says he loves me and that he desires me and i am what he is looking for.
    How can that be? He never met me in person. I am also a scopio, but i need my space and cannot handle his efforts to control me. he cannot seem to grasp that consept. I jsut want to be friends he wants to be lovers..geezzz i cannot handly this. any advice on how to handle an intence scorpio. thanx


  6. Hmmmmm, yes I do feel so intense but it depends. I don’t know abt others, 4me, I feel so oversexed but I can control my sexual feelings at the same time If I don’t like to. I’m a very serious Scorpio female & hate casual relations, dating online bla bla bla. When I get my Mr. Perfect, I know how it’s gonna b. Perfectly romantic.

  7. What a great article. No wonder Scorpio are so damn sexually active. It true that most people are lured to the dark side of doing things, probably because it gains a lot of satisfaction and the thrill of being caught at the same time.

  8. I’m currently in a relationship with a Scorpio & all I can say is that YES scorps are sexual. The funny thing is the scorp I’m dating now is waaaayyy less sexual than my ex scorp. So I guess it depends on the person.

  9. Yea they are very sexual! I met my husband through my cousins. We always made eye contact and finally after a couple years started talking. I’m a libra and we connected right away. While dating he was very possessive and controlling. Now that we are married he says I’m his and he trusts me. But his sexual needs are still the same. Always wants to be intimate and wants to express to me his love by having sex. Loves to engage into my eyes, tells me he loves me and always wants to hold me. I love him so much because I can see the love in his eyes, even after dating, being engaged and married, that’s 7 years in total.

  10. I love my Scorpio. I’m a libra and we clicked right away . We are mow married and he is still so sexual. He always wants to eat me out, do doggy style, give me a pearl necklace, oh and I love the intensity. He loves the kinky stuff and always buys me sexy lingerie. The next thing is a sex swing where we can freely make love in very erotic ways. Best part is that my man is so sexy, I can never get enough of my Scorpio.

  11. As a scorpio, i hate the constant sexual pull. Granted im a man, there is an irresistable urge to express myself sexually and even more so, to dominate her by ruling her sexual desires. I’ve been fighting this for about 10 yrs now and im starting to think im fighting a hopeless battle.

  12. I’m a Scorpio female, my ex husband is an Aquiraus, we have been divorced for a very long time, but he used to call me all the time when he had a phone…. he no longer has a phone so I don’t hear from him anymore… πŸ™ guess I must have liked when he called me… our problem was not of a sexual nature; it was problems with him drinking, staying out all night, and other women… I guess I just couldn’t controll my jealousy… I was possessive I will admit but if he had behaved himself we would not had a problem…
    My moon is in Cancer, my Venus is in Sagottarius, Mars is in Scorpio. I have not done a chart on my ex but I think his moon is in Aquriaus… not a good match but maybe I could be wrong…I don’t know…If anyone has any thoughts on this I would greatly appreaciate it… Thanks…

  13. curious757 says:

    @Nancy, first all he drinks and stays out all night. then the women. That is an indicator no matter the sign that he’s just not trustworthy and is addicted to those things. Your ex sounds like no sun sign or moon sign woman ect wants that type. that is disrespectful to you as a wife. He may not change his ways even if he marries again, he just needs to get straightened up before he commits to anyone. No control whatsover.

  14. I’m a Pisces and my fiancΓ© is a Scorp. He very rarely expresses himself verbally about his feelings or anything like that. I know that when he’s quiet that something is going on and usually that means to leave him alone and let him work things out in his own head. Once he’s done he reemerges and starts talking again. Sexually, he’s pretty passionate…though he DOESN’T like to kiss on the mouth. I find that very odd. But our intimate experiences are very fluid, intense and sometimes a little rough and I love that. Choking, light slapping, hair pulling all that stuff. He’s very quiet during our intimate moments but I can feel his energy and he will stare right into my eyes. Just typing this is making me want to get home πŸ™‚

  15. i am a female virgo recently divorced from a man who i love deeply still. he never wanted sex as much as me but was good in bed at first. after 3 years i started noticing our sex life dying. i mean i tried lingere, porn together, blowjobs whatever. i was willing to spice it up but it didnt matter. while i got neglected he got addicted to online hook up sites a.d random people to fuck. i couldnt take anymore cheating.

  16. Is this for sun sign Scorpio? or is it for venus/mars Scorpio since love/sex is about venus/mars rather than the traditional sun signs that we read as our daily/weekly horoscope etc. Only when you look at a persons entire chart do things become more clear. If your sun is Scorpio but moon, venus and mars are in other signs then surely the sexuality of that person would be directed by mars first followed by venus then the moon, before the sun sign.

  17. Nope, the sun sign is the most dominating

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