Which sign falls in love easily with Sagittarius and Aquarius?

Let’s play the “process of elimination” game:

  • Discard all earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs, because they’re all discordant with air (Aquarius) and fire (Sagittarius).
  • Discard Gemini and Leo. Gemini opposes Sagittarius, and Leo opposes Aquarius. Opposites may attract, but who needs the stress? As April Elliott Kent writes about opposite signs, “spending time with someone whose approach to life is completely opposite your own can be draining, … and eventually your relationship battery will need to be recharged.”
  • That leaves us with Aries and Libra. Both make supportive angles (sextile and trine) to Sagittarius and Aquarius. There’s mucho compatibility, and little friction.
  • Who falls in love more easily? Libra, of course. Not that fiery Aries is incapable of love — far from it. But Libra is the love sign, ruled by relationship goddess Venus and associated with the 7th House of Marriage.

Love is not this logical, of course. If you fall for the Archer and Water Bearer and are not a Libra, comment below.

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  1. Ok- so this is my first debate/self-help blog so bare with my if any feelings are hurt at all by my responses, I promise its unintentional, I am just very honest.

    With all due respect, u cannot be a typical aquarius. I am 100% full blown aquarius, and I know that I would never get bent out of shape of the talk of others and how they like to have sex, who they like to sex with, and how often they want it. I let others live their lives how they want cuz I expect the same, so don’t go pointing fingers and talking about love. If love is what’s required to have compatible sex, then damnnn most of us should still be virgins.
    I am not emotionally detached to hardly anyone-including my own family- so if that’s what I needed in order to have successful sexual partners, I am officially celibate. I am a girl, however, am usually the one who’s trying to get sex and still keep the guy from becoming attached. I usually won’t call or txt the next day til they text me, and I’m so caught up in my own life/world that if they do text- I usually forget to txt them back. So as u can imagine, I have hurt a few people, maybe let a few people down, and have definitely broken a few hearts of the more sensitive signs- but I am me, always will be, and am damn proud of it.
    So MRAQUA- get ur emotions in check, ur panties out of a wad, and grow a set. U are making us aquarius’ look bad. :p

    And for all SAGITTARIUS’- I love u guys!
    I am dating one now and omfg, its amazing. I’m sure the honeymoon stage will wear off eventually, but he intrigues me and touches me emotionally like I have NEVER felt before- and its kinda weird because I was beginning to question whether or not I even had emotions for a while lol. But Ur sex appeal if off the charts, and I have never in my life pictured a guy naked-ever- but he actually looks better to me naked. Wow- never thought I’d be saying that after coming out of a relationship with a really, relly boring, balanced, set-scheduled, plan enticing libra. I didn’t even want him to be naked- but omg my Sag man does wonders for me :) I love him.

    But I need advice and would love it from a SAG male—
    The sag I’m with now is still technically married. He’s 24, she was 37, and had a 12 year old son. She was a nagging bia who was never satisfied and never wanted sex, which ultimately made my man find love elsewhere. Well- she was an aqua too- one day after mine- but I think age factored in a lot with them which leaves me and him more compatible.
    Anyways- he turns a lot of heads of some really attractive women, because he is gorgeous, however he pays them no attention. This is where my first question comes into play- does he not pay them attention because his heart is with me, or does he use that as a tactic to allow me to believe he pays them no attention while with me, but its another story when he’s alone? I’m not sure the full mentality on that subject.
    Question 2- he was married for 3 years. He got married at 21, so he hasn’t yet been able to experience that wild-n-out sag life typical sag’s like to live before settling down. He’s only been with 5 girls previous to me and has been in a relationship with them all. That leads me to believe he is relationship oriented- which isn’t necissarily ordinary for a SAG man, but am I being naïve? Is there a good possibility he will eventually want to venture off n do his own thing for a while or even cheat? We’ve only been together for 1 month because we both jus ended our previous relatiionship around the same time- so yeah- he got a house and moved me in. Been here now for 2 days and its alright, but I feel myself already starting to distance myself from him for reasons unknown. Maybe its only because I’ve never been cheated on and question the fact whether or not he’s capable of something like that.

    Do sag’s only venture off and cheat if they’re at all unhappy or do they do it for the thrill of adventure and excitement? I’ve heard both statements are true so I’m trying to understand the facts here?

    And do any sag’s have previous experience with an aqua? And how did that work out? We have TONS in common and that’s where our strength lies, along with great sex and the same sense of humor, but I’d still like to know the conclusion I can expect out of this very sexy, attractive, fiery sag male. I want to keep him to myself- but obviously will give tons of freedom and space because I’d die without my own so its mutual- but he’s the first I’ve felt like this towards. Others have dreamt I’d put this much emotion and effort into our relationship- but the sag man has them all beat time 1000000. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a lover and best friend, jus need a few friendly tips and a little advice please :)

  2. @ jennifer “So as u can imagine, I have hurt a few people, maybe let a few people down, and have definitely broken a few hearts of the more sensitive signs- but I am me, always will be”

    All the aquarius woman that i have known never have any true blood friends for long term.. MEaning one they can call in jail to bail them out.. Because of there cold green blood many never take an aqua serious..
    Then everyone else is the problem and not them.. sad thing is when they break down.. AND actually cry they are such a mess.. as gorgeous as they are.. I learned to NEVER save them. cold blooded aqua woman need pain and calamity to finally mature as they become older.. But have many war stories and scars.. and a few with std’s

  3. @jennifer,

    didnt need to read much of your blog. my eyes directly went to sag and married and i stopped reading.

    not worth your trouble. if he will cheat on his technically so called wife, what makes u think he wont do the same to you.

    i dont take people who cheat on their mates seriously. i damn sure dont take what a married man says seriously.

  4. You moved in his house only after a month of knowing him!

    His marriage sounds like it was a bad one to start with. The big age difference and the fact that he was so young to start with. Not sure what kind of woman would marry a man fresh out of the starting gate when they themselves have been around the block a few times. Just bad all over. He needs to sow his oats and learn a few things before he settles down and sounds like he may be doing it now.
    You better have a back up plan.
    No offence. Thats just how I see it from a distance.

  5. Back in 2005 i had an affair with an aquarius man, it started off realy well, we ran around having clandestine meetings, when we both had other partners, wich was not a smart move but there you go.
    We would meet on a lovely summers day and sneak off into the woods for sex!! Strange realy but it was less about the sex and more about the freedom of being naked next to nature, wich is what we both loved, the affair went on for several months and just fizzled out naturaly, we saw each other less and less, but the strange thing is i wasn’t stressed out by this, it seemed to just come to a natural end. I mean i have pined over some men in the past but not this man, i still see him around occasionaly and i smile.

  6. I find this hard to believe. I had this major crush on an Aquarius, so much that we almost spooned the last time I slept next to him. As a Libra, we should have had hitted it off, but no. He was just to subtle. What’s wrong with this picture?

  7. mrwizard

    “I learned to NEVER save them. cold blooded aqua woman need pain and calamity to finally mature as they become older.. But have many war stories and scars.. and a few with std’s”

    That’s messed up! Aquarius (at least me) would save you any way they could. You’re dealing with a kind of absent minded, naive sign so thanks for showing them the hard way, but man will that put a damper on their spirit. Once I am totally in love – nothing can tear me away. Maybe it’s because Im a water dog, too idk. This sign is a weird one, but so are all the others! lol

  8. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My husband is an Aqua with Mars in Sagitarius…..Hot combo

  9. LoveGirlie says:

    I’m a Libra, divorced. He’s a Sagi. I know he’s divorced (he was married) but he hasn’t told me yet. We’ve been friends for years.

    He writes to me everyday (email). Not one or two emails but notes about stuff. Anything. Little things. He teases me all the time but he’s not inappropriate. Sometimes he sends me gifts. He’s just an amazing guy. We are rarely out of touch.

    I’ve never admitted this anywhere but I’m totally in love with him and I can’t tell him. :(

  10. Taurus and Aquarius can work well, as my soul mate is a Taurus. All depends on the rest of the birth chart too. To fixed signs may argue, but they can be amazing friends, lovers and support system

  11. gemini610 says:

    OK here is a fun one:
    Gemini Sun
    Scorpio Moon
    Gemini Venus
    Scorpio Mars

    Aquarius Sun
    Sagittarius Moon
    Pisces Venus
    Pisces Mars

    I am having a hard time pinning down how this will work in the long run. It seems to me that we were created for each other, been together a year and a half and feels like our entire lives.

    Was married to man with SAME chart.. only difference was Aries moon, which I feel is where the big issues lied, as well as basic incompatibility in other areas.

    The Sag moon seems to be making all the difference. Any thoughts?

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