What does a Scorpio man want in a woman?

ScorpioScorpio man seeks woman who can keep a secret, stay faithful. Must have high sex drive, and must never ever look at another man (or woman, for that matter). Extra points if you have a healthy respect for privacy. Willingness to merge assets a plus — bringing along debts may be a dealbreaker. You should have completed a full round of psychoanalysis first, and know your dark side well — I don’t want to be your therapist, and I’d rather you have thoroughly examined yourself before I dig up all your skeletons. Tolerance for witnessing emotional extremes and black moods is a necessity. If you want to be possessed, I’m your man.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. amanda.s69 says:

    And for all you scorpio lovers pleas, please, please play a little hard to get with your scorp he knows he’ll get you in bed before you know it proove him wrong and let him know you can satisfy him emotionally mentally if its only about sex he will not be fully satisfied I mean its hard trust me I did and my scorp is very good looking I know a lot of girls that have slept with hooked up with that’s why when he approached me I felt like crushing him because of my leo pride but I didn’t I was very kind distant and nutral.. I didn’t act like he was big stuff . Scorpios will be super nice sweet hearts with u then get u in bed then dissapear they’re the ultimate bad boys and that iS the reason behind they’re manipulative side. I’m not saying scorpios won’t be distant if your a little prude they always will that’s why u have to practice your independance and don’t be clingy he needs to recharge.. I hope it helps I came down to read horoscopes and c all this bs about scorps iunno mine is my shining armor always protecting me taking care of me wtvr he can be possesif and bossy I can b bitchy just b strong

  2. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I’m so glad youre back, I’m sorry for your bad situation but OMG last time we spoke you were signing up with the military and I was worried that something wouold happen to you. You’re a good kid and I know things look bad right now but there are so many years left to find the right person, I was 39 when I met my husband, I have a son who’s about to turn 17 and a lousy ex husband …. My new husband is wonderful (my Aqua) things looked so bad for me once, I was single for 10 years after my first marriage fell appart and that was celibacy and everything, I didn’t think I’d ever even date again, then I met a couple of potential flings and when I’d had enough I gave up men all together BLAM! My Bobby showed up and we’ve been getting closer everyday since, Phenix, your going to just need some patience. My poor son has already had his heart broken twice this year, (hes a Cancer) and I feel so helpless when it happened, my husband went through hell and back before we met just like I did, you know your Mrs Right is probably going through her hell right now, just think of all the things you can tell eachother when you finally meet…..I am so glad you are alive and well

  3. When meeting a Scorpio man for the first time, he can appear to be cool and detached, however underneath his seemingly calm exterior, he is brimming with emotion. His eyes can be penetrating and he will see right through any insincerity. Scorpio men have great desire and passion for their partner and are not afraid to show it.

  4. curious757 says:

    yes, that is very true. Scorpio men (in general) do not care for superficiality. They don’t care if you’re the most beautiful, the smartest, the most higher earning, or higher educated. NONE of that matters. They want “realness”. It’s weird how so many women from so many star signs fall over themselves for a scorpio man.

  5. i’m in a realtionship with a scorpion guy,itz almst a yr..and he doesn’t like me asking abt his office collegeus,or abt his hme..bt he luvs talking abt sex!!!! Watching sex relatd muvis…and he forces me to sleep with him.i luv him,i care for him,bt hw cn i sleep with him.do i have to prove him my love ,by sleeping? Y cnt he understand me…pls advice me friends


    I might be abut delayed but I gotta say that you GO GIRL he must be soo proud of you. I’ve never ever ever seen a any girl who would stand by their husband side like that. So happy for you ! And your right not all scorpio guys are like that besides everyone ha a different personality and it depends on how u meet where u met how youse came along with each other coz every pathways has different tracks now that’s what I believ in..

    Anyhoo I’m in love with a distance Scorpio I’m from Australia Italian blooded and he’s from U.S.A Mexican blooded. Thought nationality don’t mean anything I just like mentioning it coz I think it combined sexy together lol jks! Anyhoo we had our ups and downs but ehh that’s life you can’t live life without drama but even though distance is abit hard at time but the good thing about it is that being so far apart from each other we build up more patience between us two.. Though he is a very very jealous type I find it cute af times but he does need to control it coz it upsets me and then that’s when my bad mood starts so swing!! Thought I am a very very bipolar type and he’s knows it a lot and what Sooo good about it is that he knows how to talk me out of it he knows how to get the bad to good out of me which I loveee it so much and sometimes be would tease me with a message saying “how is my bipolar baby doing ” Sooo cute :) but anyhoo love is great close or distance it don’t matter :)

  7. aw i love reading happy stories too ?

    love is in the air

  8. :( whoa i dont know what happened, guess i needed to emphasize it 3x up there. :D

  9. I deleted 2 of them for you

  10. @phoenix/scorpio

    holy hell, what has been going on with you???

  11. Bee,

    In the future, don’t have an abortion AND THEN tell the guy! What did you do wrong? THAT!

    I’d move on, especially since he did something behind your back and you forgave him. He obviously didn’t forgive you for keeping your abortion a secret. You don’t know how that made him feel, regardless if he said he wanted children or not. That’s HIS child, too, and you made that decision for the both of you.

    I think he already had one foot out the door anyway and your stunt pushed him all the way out. I think he handled it kind of rough, but he protected himself, which is commendable.

  12. @Jeffrey

    thanks :)

  13. Hi,

    I need an advice from a Scorpio male. I attend a game club 3 times a week, all of us “gamers” became like family to each other and occasionally we get newbies at the club. One of these newbies since December if last year was this Scorpio male. We played in two different rooms and very rarely together so I never really paid attention to this guy especially that he never displayed an interest in getting to know any of us. I’m Pisces, and rarely let anyone close outside of my circle so this guy’s existence had no effect on me, that is until a month ago. Something changed, I ended up sitting down at a random table, eves dropping on a conversation between him and two other females, since I know the two females I perceived that I’m part of the conversation and asked him couple of probing questions just to see what this guy is made of little did I know I set myself a trap. I started liking him on a subconscious level and it could be because of the wall he’s built. Scorpios were always drawn to me males and females, but I would always withdraw from getting close to one and I’d cringe just hearing this zodiac sign. These past three weeks I catch myself constantly looking at him or being within the vicinity of his eyesight, which is even worse because I don’t like to pursue and I feel like any moment now he’s going to cash in on the fact that Im falling for this guy, considering every horoscope I have read says that scorps are super intuitive. At this point I just need to know is his cold shoulder sign of his disinterest and he’s just not physically attracted to me or is it a setup and he’s waiting on an opportunity to move in? This might give you more clues. One time I came to the lounge area and he has ordered some food, he invited everyone personally in another language except me, he did not acknowledge my presence. I’ve read that when Scorpio is into you, you will be the center of his attention…but I’m starting to feel he’s purposely decentralizing me. I’m pretty confident well rounded Pisces straight to the point so after the time has passed I voiced, very gently but to the point that I noticed I’m being treated differently but not necessarily in a positive way…at that point I figured that even if he doesn’t like me voicing my opinion I’d rather lose the scorp but leave an impression that I’m not a pushover and can stick up for myself, the look on his face said that he was genuinely stunned by my remark. We started randomly greeting each other at the games but it has not evolved into a given. One time as he was coming out of the game room I was walking towards him and I kissed him on the cheek along with the handshake I’m still hoping that it was my imagination. One time we were playing together and sitting next to each other he paid a compliment to my blouse, and then jokingly asked me if he could borrow it sometimes. I didn’t hesitate with “anytime”. One day he came late to the games and he was wasted but in a great mood, he extended his hand for a greeting and when I was pulling it away he pretty much felt every millimeter by not holding tightly but not fully letting go which send me off on another trip as he didn’t do it to the other girl that was sitting at the table and he is friends with her but he did it to me. I feel that when I’m talking to our mutual friends, random people he tries to isolate me from the picture by talking directly to them but not me… It’s weird to see this person who 7 months ago would not even say hi to any of us now being very social. Yesterday I came to the club early only to find my scorpion talking to the owner. Naturally, I came up to the owner and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, shook my scorp’s hand but did not feel any extra interest, in fact when I sat down, he kindly apologized and asked to leave them for 15 minutes as they had something to talk about. I got up and said “no problem”, went to the other side of the lounge. To my luck about five minutes later one of the hosts showed up and came and set with me..we were talking and laughing but no flirting of any kind as we laughed, my scorp started turning his head in my direction, not sure what sparked his interest maybe the laugh but the state was now 4, 5 seconds long vs. one or two at which point I even started to think maybe they were actually talking about me that’s why he was looking our way, there was no one else that should have sparked his interest unless he’s truly into guys lol. But, in all honesty that was the last of any sign of attention aside from a slight pat on the side if the shoulder after we won a game together and actually I have won him the game. I’m so love struck it sucks being a Pisces living in a fantasy yet analyzing every detail of his actions, someone please ground me! Don’t sugar coat it, just tell me is there a chance that his coldness and isolation could be a test to see if I fall for him or it is what it is and if he genuinely was attracted to me and interested in me he would have approached me by now???

  14. Hi Alexis

    I would have said “Play Hard to Get, Ignore Him, Avoid Him and Show No Interest in Him”
    but you have already revealed your hand and much too soon and he is on to you so the
    game is lost on your part because he is on to you and he can clearly see that you have the
    HOTS FOR HIM really BAD.!!!

    You could be reading too much into this or it could be what it is and the only way you are
    going to find out of whether he is into Guys or he may be interested in Girls or Women and
    you in particular then you have to come clean and outright ask him because that is the only
    way you will establish as to what this “Mystery” consists of and not waste any more time on
    something which may not be feasible and realistic so Seek and You shall Find.???

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  15. Am 23yrs sag confused abt ma 27yrs scorpio,i met him last year in December wen showed he liked me but i waz in another relationship and i told him straight in his face i dint wanna be witg him,we planned to meet but i alwayz turned him down telling him am wth ma man,but he dint stop tha chase,did evrything ma man dint do..It waz 4mths wen ma man found out about my scorpio and broke up wth me,i waz so confused and scared of what i next i was gonna do since he had been my all coz i waz jobless then…..Later after i got strong and needed to try my scorpio and see if he’s tha sweet guy he had alwaiz been,i told him about my lost relationship and openly told him it was coz of him that it ended, He promised he would be there for me coz i was all he ever wanted to be happy, i was happy wth him but after around 2months i told him i needed to pay my house rent he promised to pay bt got silent for over 2 good weeks,i always cried and knew he was gone but later came back like nothing was wrong, he was alwayz weird.. he introduced mi to his friends and they all liked my Company and i loved evrthing about my man..tho he did so much of tha silence habbit,he stopped calling me, he nolonger texts,later i realised he was married which he denied at 1st but later admitted was true but twasnt his will to marry her and cdnt tell mi tha details,it was another heart pain,one evening last month he asked we go back home together,spent anight and made sweetlove. My love for him grew again,from then he asked his friends to keep their distance that i was officially his woman, am soo confused coz wen wth his friends he shows so much love and calls me his best bt he daznt pick my calls,daznt call,not even msgs,whenever hr looks at me he alwaiz sayz he cant wait to see our siblings they will be cute,he asks me to be patient wth him and he always imagines afuture wth me as his wife. He flirts arnd wth gals which i never see physically bt fones..This has confused me i dont know what to think or Do Next.

  16. I love scorpio’s my first relationship was with one he was really freakibg determined n off the wall. He love torturing me…i liked it….then i met n married an aries…had beautiful babies n unhappy. Im a capricorn n he is immature n compulsive. I thought i could change him but boy i was wrong. So I came across this guy,(older scorpion man) and we just fit. Before i even began talking to him i told him i was married n unhappy. He makes me very happy. He respects the fact im married n text n call when i give him the ok to….but now he starting to ask me questions like how i feel about him n what are my intention with him…n he tells me how he miss my presence n company..which i love but it confuses me as to why he’d ask me that..

  17. Even still he my favorite phrase of his is Gap em open…really need string honest advice

  18. I’m a Pisces female and have had Scorpio girlfriends all my life. I’ve only known a few Scorpio men but the ones I have met have overwhelmed me with their intensity. One Scorpio busted right through a circle of my friends, no small talk or regard for societal norms, just walked through the circle , ignored my friends and got right up in my face to introduce himself. Then there are the intense eyes. I actually have to say that as sexy as they are, Scorpios intimidate the hell out of me. Maybe it’s just my experience but are all Scorpios intense? If so, how do you handle all that sexy energy at once? Lol

  19. my scorpio guy is too cold to me but when he drinks a couple glasses everything changes he stares and sometimes blinks.. talks.. what i supposed to do???? its been 1 year but we have nothing in the hand.. i want him badlyy … btw we havent done any stuff together he held my hand once and kissed my lips thats it. help!

  20. Hi, i need advise on a Scorpio male that I’m crushing so badly on. I met him online and so far I love his traits and his attitude and his looks. I’ve seen him in videochats and so far I like what I see. I have not liked a guy this much in a long time. He has all the things I’m looking for. We have so many similarities and attitudes towards life that I feel I need to at least communicate with him. At least be a friend..I need to know how to attract him and make him be intrigued to me so that he’ll start talking to me first…what are scorpio males, what are you attracted to when you look at profiles online? I’ve read up on scorpio man and he’s a 100% scorpio man. I know he’s looking for love because he keeps saying he’s searching for it but there’s no one that fits his criteria. My profile picture is looks really good but I didn’t realized that I kept my profile locked for a good amount of time when I added him. I’ve opened my profile and I need to know what pulls his interest to me…

  21. Hi im 47 met a 31 scorpio online we chatted everyday till we finally met face to face I invited him to my home we kissed and cuddled for 8 hours then when he left he told me he enjoyed our night… two weeks later I’m picking him up from a pub he’s had so much to drink that he can’t drive. Apparently he hit some one and does not remember.. the details.. but I took him home with me I git in to take a shower and when I went to bed he turned over and held me tight he said thanks fir picking him up and that he owed me big time.. well we ended up making love it was so erotic and intense that he made me bleed… when I woke up the next morning I showered and woke him up to shower.. I took him to get his vehicle.. he hugged me and told me thank you… I received a message from.him yesterday saying I miss you have a good night.. work is caos so many people have called in.. I sent him a text that says I accept you with all your imperfections and flaws.. and I miss you too.

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