Waiting for a Libra man to call

A Taurus writes:

I have asked my friend to pass my number on to a Libra man I fancy. Should I have played harder to get, as it’s been nearly a week and I’m still waiting?

LibraLibra is the sign of the scales, and as an air sign, he is both blessed and cursed with the ability to weigh both sides of any issue. As a result, he has earned a reputation for being indecisive. Although as a cardinal sign he can be a man of action, Libra cannot initiate until he’s made up his mind. Ruled by Venus, Libra can also be a bit lazy.

I don’t understand how having your friend give this guy your number is playing hard to get. You’re more like being hard to give — meaning that you’re putting yourself in a passive role. It seems so “high school,” but for all I know, maybe that’s where you really are. A Taurus will surely not be the first sign to subvert gender roles, but geez, can’t you be a bit more assertive?

Let’s assume this Libra knows you’re interested in him. Why would he not call?

1) He’s not interested.
2) He thinks you’re cute, but he doesn’t really know you all that well, and you seem a bit unyielding. There is this nice, sensual quality to you — you seem really earthy. However, he’s not sure if you two would hit it off. I mean, you have a throaty voice — that’s really sexy — but you don’t really talk all that much. Does he want a silent type? He wants somebody to talk to, somebody who can match him mentally. On the other hand, maybe what he really needs is somebody to ground him, and you seem like you could do that for him. Maybe he’ll sleep on it, think more about calling you … tomorrow.

Comment below: Share your experiences with Libra men.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. hi @caplady/libra man :::

    The moral of the story (what I learned) is to keep distance from librans. :)

    I have this wonderful boyfriend who is jst perfect for me even if we have opposite nature as he is cancerian and am a Leo. He can handle my mood swings easily. :)

    Who need that extra charming and fun loving guy who is good for nothing.

    I feel lucky as I realized this fact very soon, before developing a bonding for that libran guy.

  2. hii Leo_Gal :-)
    yeah youre right…realizing it earlier much better than late..and me too i am committed to scorpion man and hes also soooo responsible and loves me soo much :D
    Im moving forward with my life now…hope more people can read it and also those librans so that they may aware of what they are lol..

  3. Cancer girl says:

    Ugggh, ok so i too met a libra guy about 3 months ago. When i met him i wasnt really attracted to him but some how he worked his way in. I told him that I am not looking for a relationship and that i was dating someone else. He would call me every chance he got on his lunches and breaks, wash me dishes take me out. But we would start arguing about petty little things. I slowly started seeing him pull away until we had a big argument over nothing; he was suppose to come see me and he cancelled and i questioned him and he blew up. I called him 3 days later and he had the nerve to text me this isnt gonna work, lmao!!! So me like a dummy poured my heart out to him saying i loved him and all that good stuff and he replied wow i didnt know you felt like that. So he said ok we will still date but everything has changed. When i call him he says i will call you back and not call back. I ask if i could see him and he said he had to work late, WTF!!! So i decided to pull back and its day 3 of me not calling him because obviously they luv the chase, what else should i do i was thinking about going to his job (retail) act like im purchasing something and ignore him when i see him. My dad was libra and my mom said she chased him until she gave up and then he started chasing her. Any advice?

  4. Cancer girl: My advice? If you want him, listen to your mother. Stay away from him. Eventually he’ll be burning with the curiosity “what happened to her, why doesn’t she call, etc etc.” Really, from my own experience, I think what really must go through their minds is “why doesn’t she like me anymore?” Personally, I think it’s ridiculous and that they should get counseling rather than playing these childlike games of cat and mouse.
    If I were you, I would also read your last post. The very first thing you said was that you weren’t attracted to him. Have you ever thought why? Your intution was telling you something. You’re probably thinking you were just closed minded at the time and that you eventually liked what you saw once you opened up to the idea. I think otherwise. I think it was your intution speaking to you, you weren’t attracted for a very good reason, something about him, and you should listen to it. If you’re a cancer, your emotions run very deep and I’m truly afraid that all you’ll end up with is a broken heart amidst a lot of frustration.

  5. Cancer girl says:

    Thanx for the adivice Amazed!! What is so funny is he called me a couple of hours ago. I did just like everyone said I answered in a calm voice and said “Hello” he responded with a “Hey how ya doing”. I answered good and said “can i call you back”, he sounded kinda disappointed and said ok. He then texted me 10 mins later and it said “I dont think you are gonna call me back.” What should i do now, some people said call back the next day and have him squirm or call back now but it is a saturday nite and i dont want him to think im doing nuthin. Whats a girl to do?

  6. cancer girl…
    chill…..shopping….do massage….relax….forget him for awhile…he will get crazy with that…sadly…it was too late for me to realized before….that libra needs to be ignore.

  7. Cancer girl says:

    Thanx for your advice too caplady/libra man!!! You guys I really dont know what to do!! Ive shopped, read, went out with my friends i cant eat or sleep. I cant get over him and i cant get over the fact that he pulled away over a little argument. Its only been 3 months since we been talking but come on he should have let me know what the problem was before he left me high and dry. So, I ended up calling him back he answered on his break and we had a good convo for 15 mins which sux and everything sounded good but then yesterday no word from him. Maybe i should just give up!!!! I want to ask to see him so badly but last time he said he was busy w/ work. I think the ignoring thing isnt working!!!! Should i just walk away from the situation? P.S. we should start a forum on them lol

  8. Hi cancer girl,
    if youll run after him…one thing just happen…youll lost him..
    let him tease you..bec you still dont have choice…the more youll tease him?the more it will not work…:-)
    talkin from experiences…..

  9. Cancer girl says:

    Thanx again caplady/libra man wish me luck cus i really miss him!!!!

  10. Yes My Dear (Cancer Gal).

    Dont chase him. If you wanna give up, do that too. Cancerians are too emotional, and very sensitive, a libran can never understand that feeling until some miracle happen.

    I know it hurts staying away, but thats what you will have to do at last.
    Don’t grow more feelings. Don’t think “how cuold he not…..?” or ” why did not he…?” things. Just think he does not deserve you and he is not worth of making you feel sad. Let him feel the heat.. :)

    How about going on a blind date and test your luck :) (just kidding)

  11. cancer girl says:

    What really sux is i even went on a date last night and all i could do was think about him. I havent seen him in almost a month and when i did text him last week to come over he said that he was busy with work REALLY!?!? I can’t take the games anymore i luv him. Im gonna call him tonite see if he can meet or talk to me if not im moving on i need closure. Hanging on is killing me if i ignore him he might get the wrong idea and be out of my life forever. When love is involved there is no games.

  12. Libra-Dude says:

    Interesting viewpoints from different signs. Being a Libra guy, I tend to disagree with a few items though. Leo_Gal, my ex was a Leo, and we got along fabulously! Unfortunately, she chose to cheat, but life goes on. I don’t agree with you that Libra men don’t understand emotions / sensitive sides of their mates. It seems to me that is actually a strong suit of my sign, as I often times relate better with women then men. So interesting that you have that viewpoint. But I do agree with you all in relation to cancer girl. If he’s avoiding you, and not meeting your needs, let him go. And don’t necessarily equate it to the fact that he’s a Libra, there are most certainly many other factors involved. It’s just not meant to be, but I’m sure you’ll find your man if you move on and keep looking :) Best of luck!

  13. For Cancer girl,
    honestly I don’t understand why are you angry AT HIM. He behaves like every other person towards somebody he is not sure about or (worse) interested in. Don’t you see that? I know you don’t like my answer but you just have to get over it.
    It doesn’t matter if he is Libra or Leo or Capricorn or alien – he is telling you that he is not into you.
    Think about that like you got sick and you have flu. You need time to recover, to feel better, to get out from the bed… He is not important, don’t give him power he doesn’t want to. This is your life, you are adult person – behave like an adult. Why he has to decide about your destiny? About your relationship? He is not interested (at this moment) in yu and you chasing him – make things worse. He is pulling back, you want to speak, you nug, you are boring… Why do you want him to call you? What do you want to hear from him? Read from his behaviour and you will get your answer. Actually he gave you his answer, but you can’t blame him because he doesn’t like you. And don’t take that personaly – you don’t know why he likes tall women and you are, for example short, or hje likes skiny girl, and you are chubby, or he likes talkative girls, and you are quiet…
    Let him go, and he will eventually come back… But you must stop being oppsesed with this guy, otherwise you will only cause him to change his state and move on far away from you… That is not about Libra, this is about you growinmg up as a woman! I wish you all luck!

  14. @Libra-Dude : ::Really??? :)

    I just want an answer… You say you love a gal… and then you go away like you were never there…
    ?? can you explain this behavior?? What should be interpreted out of this cloud?
    Or do you have too manny choices that you keep that lady side for occasional time pass??

    I don’t agree wid you at all. I have seen all we ladies are just discussing the same thing, because it exists here. Read again from the top …

  15. @Elisabeth ::: This is main problem … Libra guys seek perfect women…. while they are so imperfect.


  16. guys, I am new here but I need your advice

    My libra man, 46 yrs old serving God told me 2 wks ago He thought he needs relationship when he’s not.
    While he was courting me before he chased a lot.. then told me he loves me. after 5 months with all ups and downs As I kept complaining why he’s not sending me a message whole day not even a call. It’s always been 1 message every night saying..”goodnight” and that’s it? I hate it.. so I told him he’s a whimp and can’t keep a good conversation with me. So he flipped he told me “End the relationship” do I said ok.
    then that’s it. I lied that I left the place by sending him via sms. i ignored him 1 day. He sent me msg, so I called he asked where I am.. I said another place. So he said “negative” hahaha then poof..he’s gone and told me to go my male friend cuz he always jealous.
    Then I sent msg via sms. I’m tired being mad, kind for awhile and mad again ’cause he always ignoring me.. it’s been 3 weeks ago.

    What am I suppose to do..I would love to hear all your advice.

  17. To;;;MS. M
    its been too long again guys..i just keep reading from time to time :D
    Hi ms. M im already committed now @ what i would like to share to you is my experiences to my libra man before.The same as that relationships…WE are but we are not…at fisrt month…thats was 3years ago,he keep sending me msgs every other day..the same thought how are you home youre fine then if you replied?no more msgs from him again..then next day the same time another msgs…@ he will call not often and come online not often or even you send him msg he will not reply unless he love too….but try to fight him…and insult him or piss him for sure he will reply hahahaa.:D
    same as me before…i keep bein nice..understanding…and then cold again…piss off…every feelings i felt bec of his attitude.Last time we had dinner…he cooked,that was the last time we saw each other,gff of hos brother invited me to eat dinner there and he cook..wow..hes kind too lol..while eating hes serving me..everything i want…then while talkin..he knows already that i habe bf…then his brother keep teasing him to me..@ it comes from his mouth he said”i dont need girls in my life,im very busy and because of that relationships will be just in arguments@accusation everytime” i didnt say nothing and his brother@gf also say nothing,were 3 keep our mouth shut and then he stop talkin too…i was thinkin hes referring to me..bec we use to argue too much bec of his attitude,,,he cant show effort or he cannot decide who are you in his life.I discovered that he put me invisible to his YM,i send him msg and tell him whats wrong @ if he hates me he tell me,@ i said..if u keep hiding yourself from me?delete me from ur list?or ill give you few days?if ul not reply ill delete you from my lis…i send that afternoon,and i recieved a reply middle of the night he saying..just leave him alone!pls….only that?he didnt fought back?he didnt say nothing?or what??untill now we are not talkin anyore..and kiss his ass…i dont care anymore…lol…what goes around comes around….:D goodluck girls

  18. To caplady/libraman ::: Congrats on your current status. Really happy for you girl :)
    yeah they are just the same. Sometimes I think its just me overreacting to libra guy… But the next moment I would see another libra guy acting nuts,. And I would say, I know you very well Mr. libra.

    To Ms. M :::: You must have read all the posts on this page and you already must have got an idea what you should do next. So just make your move. Good luck. don’t chase him. Explore your options ;) , coz you deserve to be treated like a real woman. :)

    Please write more, what you are thinking. we are reading you here.


  19. libra male and proud says:

    Dare I say I’m a libra male…..Wow what anomosity i here…especially from a certain fire sign Leo……Let me have a chance to defend my fellow libran mates…….All you Leos and Cancers……will absolutelty NOT WORK with a libra…..why because you’re fire and water signs or the emotional signs…..when it comes to passion and fellings you guys are more on the emotional level……You want your mate or in this case your libran mate to feel the way you feel about things…..That won’t happen….why because libras are AIR signs and they respond to emotion RATIONALLY……A libran male is always looking for the that perfect mate (that’s true)……..but were looking for a mate that will stimulate us mentally as much as physically…..So it sounds like Ms Leo and Cancer that you felt strongly for this libra male and he did not recpricate it….it’s probably because he didn’t THINK you guys were that compatible. Has he ever asked you these words “why are you feeling this way?” Libras ask why a lot. Emotional feelers conflict too much rational feelers. Rational feelers like libras will feel too pressured to feel the way you feel and that results to our aloofness….. All libras male or female love to love and want to be loved and adored. All libras compromise and reciprocate…..but if and only if it’s rational and the person we are with stimulates us in that way. There are reasons a libra male tends to cheat (I personally never have but I have thought about it) is because we have this mindset that the grass is always greener on the other side…….ONLY if the current lawn we are mowing has too many weeds in it……what are the weeds…….you guys don’t like the same things, you guys don’t think alike, or there’s nothing there that will stimulate your libra mate mentally….that’s what it is. We are charming and passionate…..because thats are nature and the way we COMMUNICATE…..it’s DOESN”T always mean we WANT TO DATE that person…..So for those of you who think are libras are too charming with the rest of the world and not with you there’s your answer…….Libras like to be admired and don’t like conflict…..that’s why we are aloof at times we don’t want to ruffle the feathers with our significant other…… Especially if we feel like were being pressured to feel a certain way.

    How to attract and keep a libra…………

    1. Communicate about everything and anything……we love to talk and love to listen……but you don’t say a word……bye bye libra………

    2. We really appreciate and notice when you look good…….Everytime i’m with a girl and notice a change in her hair, her style, or anything that makes her increase her beauty I’ll let her know about it about using my libra charm…….im not changing that about myself nor will anothe libra.

    3. DON”T BE OVERLY CLINGY…..make us work……..part of our libran scales the balance is necessary……….we love passion and romance but we also love a little fiestyness to keep us in check.

    4. Find out something fun to do or finds what hes into and try to share the activity……Libras are one-on-one type people and they like to do things in two’s…….Any new experience we share with another is big plus.

    5. THE INDECISION – just wait and be patient…..libras are thinkers and to a point it might be mind-numbing to fire signs…….the reason why is we don’t see everything in black and white…..we see gray……see what’s right and wrong about everything……..Nothing is shocking to us……even if it might be more to you (that’s where the arguments start because you want your mate to feel and understand everything you do….a libran doesn’t think like that)………

    Are all libra male cheaters……..some are…some aren’t……..but if you have suspciousions…….CALL HIM OUT AND TALK HIM and find out why his eyes are wandering. Be firm but not overbearing we like that………trust me my last girlfriend a cancer did this to me all the time…….We talked about our issues in a mature and calm way and everytime we did that the problem was fixed and we always ended up in the sack….
    I think we libras have bad raps because of our charm, flirtations, and passion are so extreme that it effects does signs who are emotional bound (fire and water signs). Please understand our intention is to hurt someone but it happens a lot and I understand why. I believe libras have the uncanny ability to adapt in any situation….if there they are not pressured to do it. I think if you stay calm, be patient, adore us with nice compliments, and entice with stimulating conversations……………..A Libra’s eye will never wander and will stay forever. But you doing what you’re doing with all these post….then tip scales all the way until its upside down……..

  20. To libra male and proud:: Only thing I want to make clear before you judge my feelings for that libra guy…

    It was him who said “I feel for You”… and it was him who disappeared widout saying a word.
    den he came back… then disappeared…and its still going on like this LOL

    I am not interested in following a guy… i was jst curious about his behavior. Dat’s All folks.

  21. to Leo_Gal
    I would agree gurl..that happened to me too…he will show up and disappeared…many times…and just act nothing happened,
    To libra man/proud….u have a point also of saying you love beauty..all beauty..and you love thin woman.
    yeah but as what i observed…mostly to all the librans around me?they love beauty and love to flirt and love to play..but at the end of it ..they just end up to someone which in no beauty at all anyway.lol..thats why im wondering they knew beauty but why mostly of librans..not all ofc..just end up to _______????!lol..
    Goodluck :-)

  22. Caplady/libraman

    Thanks. He came back after the day I seek advice in this forum.I tricked him that I’m having sex
    with someone else and don’t need him anymore, He sent me an attack at night till 3 am in the
    morning,,,he was afraid to lose me forever. lol. tring to fix. hahaha. I won his game.
    We’re ok . Maybe, Relationship should not be treated as too personal, I mean,
    we need air to breathe without somebody to think of..

    Wish you all the luck.

  23. well i am in a relationship w/this libra,well it amazing how im reading this storys and its all lyk my side to!! they loved to be playing games.. i try to talk to mine when something is wrong but always turns and says that its done over just one simple question!humm why??is it that everythingis my falt when its not lyk that how is it that hecan turn and say im done u go ur way and ill go mine,,im an aquarios,,when were together everything is so fine and nice lyke im the only one in the world,but his jealousy comes in and lets that over power him!!but when we apart we have god conversations,long talks,he loves the way i can make him feel better about alot of him self. but then one simple question can make it lyk if its the end of the world!!! wwwhhhhyyy!!

  24. i found me a libra man over the weekend and boy oh boy am i smitten! he doesn’t exactly know it…yet. however instead of trying to bowl him over (read: mow down) with my usual sagittarian hunt/chase/capture methods, i’m playing it cool to see if he’ll come to me first…but leaving subtle breadcrumbs for him to pick up.

  25. hi all,

    cut a long story short. i’m very much “in like” with a libra guy. we had a little falling out but we were still open about how we felt about each other…i miss u heaps etc. We are “friends” but once we start texting and flirting again, he dissapears. Is it true that the libra man loves to be chased?

  26. Chrismarie says:

    Oi, Vey. understanding a Libra man is a lot of work.LoL. you give up, and say GTH. He’s like why won’t you hug me, show me some love, why are you letting so in so cut your hair now? He was my barber, but then I went to another barbers’schair which he drove me to do btw with his flakiness, and he was pissed. Yes, I’m black,and so is he so even more complicating. Quoting Chris Rock, “He’s black, your black.” Lol. Right . Ya’ll know what I mean.Well, I give up. Then when I act interested I get the gas face again? Plus I’m also a Libran. I’ve read that these relationships could work cause we understand each other, but I don’t see how. Please more advice on loving a Libran man. I’ll try to let him have things his way, but will it be worth it on my part to do so in the long term? I think someone has got to be the milk, and someone the cereal in the bowl of a relationship when you have two flaky personalities together. sorry for the corny pun. LOl.

  27. @libra male and proud:

    you know, I told my Libra a long time ago he is always going to know how I’m feeling because I’ll always share with him…this relationship is odd because we haven’t seen each other in so many years, but our connection has been intense, passionate, and surreal at times because of the distance…on some level I feel as if I understand everything he’s going thru, which is why the no contact with him, although it’s hard for me, I am willing to wait it out. He has told me that he fills up his time with everything else so he doesn’t have to think about being alone (ie, no woman by his side)…I know he can be flirtatious, but I’m not so sure he knows how flirtatious I can be lol. I started dating other men because of the frustration factor, but not so sure he knows I am…I certainly would never mention it unless asked directly. It’s now been over a month since we spoke….and this after he wanted me to actively start seeking a job in his area. I think he scares himself when he crosses over that line and makes it known how much he wants me to move to him, then comes the no communication. I’m getting ued to it, but unsure how much longer I can go through it.

  28. and PS: although I usually wait for him to initiate contact, I’m wondering if it would be better to call him at this point…I called him on Thanksgiving and got a sweet text immediately afterward (he was with his ginormous family at mom’s), but getting tired of not hearing from him….

  29. I agree with the posters that said if you ignore a Libra man, they come back after you even stronger. I ignored mine for 2 years before I gave in. Whenever he used to hit me up online, I either ignored him, or told him to leave me alone because I was having sex with my boyfriend.

    I disagree with the whole Libra cannot work with Cancer. If both signs are evolved and communicate, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. I’m a Cancer here, sweating this Libra guy. Even though I want to hit him up constantly I’m giving him that little space he needs.

    Libra males love when a female has a life of her own and knows what she wants in life. He sure knows what I want in life career wise.

  30. AquariusBaby says:

    I got really interested in a Libra guy on the internet but we never met – one of those long distance scenarios. He always just signed his name after his messages. But after I sent him a pic [headshot] of me [4 months into communicating via email] and no he didn’t ask for pics… he said “thanks” – that’s all, then said a few other dull things, and signed off: Your friend, [his name]

    Say the word *friend* and you lose one. I’m gone. Aquarians can see the signs ahead of the game, but I decided to play this one out. Now I understand completely. This is the answer to the equation: If a man has to verbally say the word friend, it’s over. And yes…disappearing, no calling him, no sending text messages, no messages of any kind is the key – the key to good health and getting your dignity back.

  31. Katy Gemini Girl says:

    Hi! i met a libra man 2 month ago. we started to talk on the internet after he gave me his address.
    we don’t talk every day but we have nice conversations, we make jokes, and he asks things about me
    what i’m concerned about is that every time we talk, i start the conversation, he never has the initiative.
    anyway i saw that he keeps his promises..one day he said “talk to you later” and i asked him like
    a joke “are you sure?” and he said “ok, i’ll take care of that” and we talked later as he promised.
    i really don’t know what to do, should i ignore him or continue starting our conversations?

  32. cappygirl says:

    Yes I totally agree with most of u..both of my children fathers are libras and im a cappy..those dude don’t never realize wht the have until its gone..its a roller coaster with a libra..they get u to open u up..and then the thrill is over..it doesn’t matter if ur pretty or not…its all a game to them..I guess u would haft to be a friend for a verrry long time to ever form a real connection..but I must admit..they are very good friends and lovers..as long as there are no emotions involved…once tht happens they gain total control over the situation..so enjoy ur libra ladies..just leave the emotions out..and everything will work out find…me personally..im not down for kissn a**..cause thts what libras really want u to do ..

  33. S.O.S – CAN Someone pleeeeeeeeeeeease HELP ME…

    my libra (man) has called ‘time out ‘ on our relationship today,
    hes got wayyyyy too much on his plate
    Im gona try and read all your comments, but in the meantime could someone PLEASE help me out,, before i climb the walls :’(((

    x x x

  34. You want confusing? This Libra is putting me through hoops and I’m really stumped on an answer.

    Right I met a Libra and we went and got lunch together (it wasn’t a date exactly, more a rendezvous) and after he invited me round his friend’s house because he said he had to go and see her. We drove over and she was really nice and seemed to really like me. I stayed very late and left at about 11pm.
    He text me saying ‘I really, really like you’ and I replied that I liked him too.

    I then got invited to go out clubbing with him and all his friends. I thought it was great he was introducing me to his friends. I tried to be as social as I could be and admittedly didn’t spend much time with him. I spoke to all his friends individually and danced with them all and they all seemed to like me.
    He then got a bit annoyed so I spent time with him and kissed him (not properly. Just a peck on the lips.) and he seemed to perk up after that.
    When the night was over we went back to his friend’s house and we all went to sleep. We were lying there cuddling each other but he passed out from alot of alcohol. But before he’d passed out I’d be trying my best to kiss him properly on the mouth to really make it get moving. He had the opportunity but didn’t take it. I couldn’t understand. He said he liked me!

    The next day when I left I text him and said I’d been trying to kiss him properly but it didn’t happen. He said he’d had a great night, got cuddles off a really sexy guy and all this stuff and then said he felt bad we hadn’t kissed properly. He then said he hoped we’d have lots of kissing opportunities in the future,

    I didn’t reply to that text because what was there to reply too? I could have said ‘I hope so’ but he knows I wanted to kiss him. I was the one who’d been trying all night! He then text back an hour later saying ‘you always disappear after a text like that. Sorry’
    and haven’t heard from him since. And he ALWAYS texts me/rings me. Not heard a thing. And I’ve text him saying it’s fine, that I don’t disappear after those texts and tried my best and funniest anecdotes. Not a word.

    What did I do that turned him off so badly?? Should I play hard to get and let him chase me? Ideas?

  35. I agree. This situation is so junior high. Probably he’s not interested at all. I don’t know. It’s true that Libras have the tendency to be lazy. I should know, I married one. Ha!

  36. i also agree with all that..i have a very delicate situation with a libra male.we met via facebook,2 days ago he came to my city because he had some kind of gig and he invited me to come.that was the first time we met live,we took a walk in the city and than he got very intimate with me,kissed me and stuff…would he do that only to play with me? since then he didnt called me or anything,which doesnt surprise me since i read everything from u guys..im a capricorn girl,so the total opposite of him..is it worth waiting for him,even he lives in a different city and even he is a “difficult” libra??
    i really started falling in love with him but i dont want 2 get my feelings hurt…but i always say to myself: he wouldnt have kissed me if he doesnt likes me at least a little…or am i wrong? i really need your help,im totally lost.
    Mizz Capricorn

  37. Hey Capricornshawtie..
    Has it only been two days?
    If so just wait a bit longer, give it a couple more days.. If he likes you he will call..
    But also libras are indecisive, so be careful.. If he hasn’t made up his mind about whether he 100% likes u or not, he may txt call here and there to suss out how he feels and send u mixed signals.
    So you could also just ask him how he feels..
    Libras are pretty honest, he will either say yes, or no with flattery and an elaborate excuse why he doesn’t, but then at least u will know.. Also if he ignores u, then that’s a definate no.. He would ignore just to avoid confrontation.
    I say either call first now and suss it out urself, libras love flattery anyways he’ll love that..
    Or wait a couple more days.. And take it how it comes.. But be patient, like I said libras are very indecisive

  38. yesterday i sent him a message and he was really actin weird..not that he was ignoring me..he was just distant and then all of the sudden he told me that he will come to my town again very soon (which means that we will meet very probably again…) he is lets say a very popular and well-known person in my country,thats why im so scared to mess with him around..i just dont want to be used,but he is soo amazing ..that makes it harder…now i will just ignore him,im not someone to be played with..that seems to be the best thing to do with libra guys (to keep him interested or whatever….)…thank you very much for the advice,this is just sooo akward for me…

  39. There’s no formula when it comes to libra..
    lol, maybe because I am scorpio

  40. I kept dumping a gentleman libra.
    wow. sounds I was in heaven
    but i dont have love for him.

    I am tired of having intimate relationship
    with him but I wasnt fully satisfied.
    In bed I am 100% satisfied.

    But Im not too happy.

    I dont know maybe because I am ruled by pluto.

    I am confused.

    We broke up..thanks God.

    His kindness and being gentle is not enough.

  41. @capricornshawtie

    I think your on the right track, do what feels best.. do what feels right for you.

    I’ll tell you from my perspective, I am a Libra.. (now this may not be the right thing to do) but i’ll tell you honestly, if I have a guy chasing my that I dont like, I will never ignore them (as I believe it is rude, “AND I DONT LIKE TO HURT PEOPLES FEELINGS”, also do onto others and they would do onto you.. “I dont like being ignored” so I dont ignore other people”.. get me? lol) “unless they are hasseling me” or if they arnt getting a clue that im not interested (through one worded answers to txt’s etc) I will eventually tell them.
    anyways my point there is Libras dont like to hurt feelings, be rude, or crude.. so people could get mixed signals from that. but you might be able to tell WE ARE JUST BEING POLITE.. “make sense”
    But also not alot of Libras like to chase in the chance of rejection, as not being able to weigh up your definite feelings for them, if they cant feel around exactly what your thinking and feeling, they may become distant until they are 100% sure of how to go about the situation..
    you have to remember, we are thinkers, we think about everything weighing up all options and all outcomes.. and if it doesnt feel balanced, we’ll just sit on the fence.. make sense??

    good luck chicky, hopefully you will have your answer soon..

    too bad you feel to intimidated to suss out the situation, because of him being well known, and not wanting to stuff it up, AS.. LIKE I SAID, we are extremely honest, even in our lies there will be truth, it may appear as a lie.. but its only to cushion your feelings (sounds like bull but its the truth)
    maybe, if you could be smart and very precise in what you ask him, with out asking him his feelings he will catch on and give you a clue… you get me?? like I said we are a mental sign… always thinking

  42. Luckycharm,

    libra cant make up their mind.

    Why then..the mind to think is still working?

    hahaha. sounds like I wanna dunk my head.

  43. Hahaha… Pretty much,
    Always weighing up all options, and outcomes
    It gets a bit hectic lmao..

    I personally like people to tell me way to do (with something’s) it’s easier that way lmao

    Generally though if a libra asks for advice, they know their answer they just want to confirm it..
    Make sense? LOL

    Can I dunk my head too?? Lol

  44. Ohhhhh but say for example they can’t decied on say Mexican food or idian for dinner..
    If they ask you which one, and u say Indian .. That could just confirm for them that they really wanted Mexican.. They arnt really asking the question.. Makes sense ? Lmao..
    But if they see that you really want indian.. They will just go with that to make u happy..
    They like to see people happy, they are people pleasers, they will choose peoples needs and wants before their own (in most situations “if they care about you etc”) because ur doesn’t bother them, and like I said they would prefer to see u happy :)

    Hahahahha fun fun fun inside the mind of the libra sun :)

  45. In short story…libra just love to go with a flow.

    That is why ..they are known for Indecisive.

  46. but they dont USE girls and throw them away I hope? loool :P that wouldnt be a balance….since he aint livin in my town,I cant tell what he does behind my back..
    maybe the problem is that i am a capricorn,the total opposite so it gets hard 2 figure out what he wants and thinks…the only thing i noticed is that they are daaamn horny..looool :P

  47. Lol… yeh most the libras I know are horny lmao
    I get along with capricorns..
    I think its because they are so organized, and really good at making decisions and stick to them!!
    And they are more than happy to make decisions for u hahah.. As long as they don’t take advantage of that. ;)

  48. I admit, I fell in love with a libra and young love at that. I don’t know what to do, he’s like the yin to my yang since I’m aquarius! But I’m losing patience, he’s so hot and cold. Right when I try to move on and start ignoring him, he tries harder and his almost erased memory is brought back again, It’s like he knows this. He’s begun finding new tactics at getting my attention if I’m not currently giving him any and lately he’s been having a habit of purposely making me jealous. I’m usually cool but this last bout I gave in and decided to call him when he “unexpectedly” showed up at a place I said I’d be at. But he chose to make up a lame excuse not to see me?

    Was he really just all about the attention? Cuz if so he tried awfully hard. Why would he just turn me down thereafter? I don’t understand.

  49. LIBRA MAN driving me crazy!! WE HAVE THE SIMILAR ASTRO CHART EXCEPT My Sun:Capricorn/Moon:Leo…..His Sun: Libra/Moon:Libra. every thing else on our chart is the SAME! if that matters

    I’m a Capricorn, I don’t act like one at all! lol! I don’t like Virgo’s or Taurus…I get along with pisces, but I feel like I dominate any Pisces I date they give me no challenge, so I stay away from them kinda. :-)

    Leo’s and Libra’s gravitate to me the most, Mainly LEO’S. I feel like Leo’s and libra’s have the same characteristics, and I find it weird because they say Capricorns don’t get along with either sign…

    A LIBRA GUY came my way and with him I was intrigued…I loved the challenge and the space we give each other….He had a mystery to him and he told me the same thing…Our chemistry was intense…We became close friends with constant flirting going on..never anything official..family and friends say the things he did with me he never did with anyone else.. Just like everyone else say about Libra’s he is flaky he texts and calls me once in the blue…If I text him he’ll text back, but he never initiates or conclude the conversation…I got fed up so I backed off of him, and then he started texting and calling again. I was flattered by his pursuit because LIBRA’S love anything beautiful….It frustrates me because I have to initiate everything…finally we had sex and it was THE BEST…I feel bad…guess why? We haven’t communicated since our intimate moment…I kinda feel used although I waited a 1yr to sleep with him I feel like that’s all he wanted, If I post something random and stupid on my Facebook wall He will “Like” the status, but never call or text anymore to see how my day is going or wish me sweet dreams…I REALLY REALLY like him,but I don’t know what to do…I love the cat and mouse game but now I’m tortured… I haven’t reached out to him this time around…I feel like he’s just not that into me… ANY ADVICE PLEASE :-(

  50. MOVE ON…


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