How to know if an Aries man is rejecting you

ariesIf there is one sign that is straight and to-the-point, that cuts through the bullshit and tells you like-it-is, that sign is Aries. Aries doesn’t care how you feel — either you meet his needs, or you don’t.

You can understand Aries better by looking at Libra, his opposite. If a Libra man is rejecting you, he will do it in the nicest way possible. Libra will make sure to cushion the blows by mentioning all of your positive qualities. He can see all parts of you, good and bad, and he’s graceful enough not to focus primarily on the negatives, although he won’t neglect to mention those too. (How else would he be balanced?) He’ll reject you in a manner that makes you feel like you received a compliment, but that there was something in there that felt like a little cut … you just can’t quite place it.

So be grateful you’re being turned down by an Aries, instead. If he’s not interested, he’ll tell you so. No hedging, no cushions. The Aries package does not include empathy and sensitivity. If you’re gonna get rejected, isn’t it best to take all the ambiguity out of it?

Comment below: How have you been rejected by an Aries?

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  1. Oh yes, they sure cannot stand anyone else gaining attention, even when they don;t do anything to deserve it for themselves!
    Back to the Aries Dragon saga…
    I hadn’t seen the Dragon out on my only night out this past week, so assumed wrongly he wasn’t back for his break…WRONG!
    When he returned to work last shift, after abusing me and calling me the usual ugly, old etc etc, I txt him and said I had learned never to discuss things, or sleep with drunken men, and if a man wanted to see me, he would call or come to my door! Well, I had a couple of calls that no-one would anser onmy home phone when he was due back, then the night after my night out, I was lying down watching tv in my living room with my back t the door. The curlews were going ape outside, so I knew someone was there.
    I didn’t bother getting up, as figure if anyone wants to see me they will have the decency to knock or call out at least. I could smell cigarettes close to my window, then heard something on the stair…could have been a possum, but then heard someone trip up on the pavement at base of steps and knew it must’ve been him.
    Next morning I get up and go tothe market, but notice one of my shoes turned over…AGAIN!! His signature., so, later in the day I txt him and ask what stopped him knocking…but was polite. I get the usual disgustingly rude reply, only probably more so. It is like he can’t handle being called on his actions. I txt him back and say ‘Grow up and respect your elders! Men half your age admire me and I will outlive you! Of course, won’t get a reply and don’t want one. Why not just admit his feelings and stop the bullshit charade? He is hurting himself, as knows I know and if he would just get a grip I would possibly have had a go at a relationship…but rudeness wears thin.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention I had been informed he was in a dilemma as lost his licence and his designated driver quit, so he can’t get back to his work 500km away. Obviously, this was troubling him big time, as expected, as someone told me he was drunk before getting the ferry home. This explains his acute rudeness, but doesn’t excuse it…I was being nice and offered a shoulder if he wanted it.
    They have far too much pride and far too little patience. And I will outlive him(:

  3. How do you outlive someone.???

    Hmmm I suppose you can do anything once you set your mind to it.!!!

    Sheer determination and will power. Works wonders with those Twisted RAMS.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  4. Well, in all honesty I have to say that Aries men are a peculiar yet special breed. And I don’t necessarily mean that in the best sense. Okay, so I’ve told the story about how my Aries man & I first met, the things he would do to get my attention, and the obvious way he would flirt w me. I also told you how he began to show signs of jealousy, especially when I would be engaging in conversations with men @ work. Now, let me tell you what’s been the latest happening.

    Ever since the big move with he being promoted to another department & he not being able to continue his “Work-Cat-And-Mouse-Chase.” I figured since it was clear that he was uncomfortable taken our “Work Relationship” to the next step & simply just asking me out or perhaps asking me for my number or email address, maybe I could make things simple & not so complicated. So, I started reaching out to him thru his facebook. Every now & then I would leave suttle messages simply letting him know how I much I appreciated everything that he had done for me. Placing me in a permanent position & really supporting my aspirations with the company.

    After a couple of weeks of not getting as much as a “Hello” response back from him, another opportunity came to where we ended up working together again. No mention what-so-ever about the messages or even a topic that came even close to it. It was weird!!!! It almost like he was mastering the art of plainly ignoring the fact that I had reached out to him via internet. I went thru several different thoughts as a roller coaster ride of emotions. I couldn’t understand why he was blatantly ice cold. So, I chucked it up to maybe the two of us being @ work wasn’t the right time to bring it up. But then I thought to myself, “When is the right time?” And that’s when I realized, whenever the timing will be right, it has to be on his Time & on his terms.

    That is what so interesting yet a bit disturbing about Aries men. They absolutely have to be in control especially when it boils down to love & matters of the heart. Because they are very child like in a sense that rarely see things or situations in the same way as other people would. They’re quite naïve & a bit socially inadequate. For they really don’t know how to act or behave when it comes down to human connections. Which is why its very easy for them to be in the drivers seat most of the time. This way, it starts with them & it finishes with them. Its like they’re not even comfortable with the idea of you “Riding Shotgun.” They have to be the ring leader & that’s just how it is.

    Now my Aries man has suddenly appeared to have gone cold on me. But I’m not put off by it to the point I’m giving all hope in there ever being something between us. But what I experienced & what I felt was no happy coincidence. And I know in my heart & soul that he does care about me. Hell…he might even love me. But with our situation being that we work for the same company, he being a very private individual, especially when it comes to mixing business & pleasure. Makes it very difficult for him to make a move. Its not exactly his comfort zone. So, I’ll have to be patient. And for pete’s sake, let him make the decision on what comes next & when. Stay tuned!!!!

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    Men at Work.!!! I like that one they come in very useful when you want a Twisted RAM
    to stand up and take notice. But the fact is they cannot handle the competition since
    they are soooo insecure and their jellousy takes hold of their turbulent emotions which
    overpower them and they are unable to explain to themselves and control them so they
    resort to MIND GAMES.!!!


    Don’t pay him any attention and don’t leave any more messages on his Facebook. Just
    IGNORE him and let him come to you. He is probably jeallous of your new position which
    he masterminded in the first place but now you have gained momentum and become
    prominent in his territory so he feels THREATENED.!!!

    They have to be the centre of attention, in the drivers seat and in CONTROL at all times or
    so they think.??? Just take it in your Stride and don’t allow him to intimidate you with his
    childish tentrums and erratic behaviour which is designed to keep you in your place so you
    don’t go anywhere without his approval or say so.

    Stay STRONG and FOCUSED on your work. Flirt alot and pretend he isn’t there that should
    make him change his tune if he means business or pleasure.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  6. You outlive someone by living a healthy lifestyle…not an alcoholic, heavy smoking and highly stressful lifestyle(:

    Yes, they do like to set up situations and try to make you feel bad about yourself so you won’t be tempted to go for someone else when they are unable to see you at work. I used to have him follow me when he lived in this area, and had his licence…now he works away and when home has no licence to get around freely, he is trying really hard to make me feel bad and to think no-[one else would ever want me(: HUH!

    I see right through the insecurity and do what I want to do now and it annoys the hell out of him.

  7. Hi Miss Barbie,

    Sounds like you are on the right track and making excellent progress.!!!

    You most definetly will outlive him since he is on a rollercoaster ride of health destruction.
    Is there any way you can make him snap out of it.???

    Maybe he is reaching out to you because he needs HELP and he senses that you care
    enough to be there for him when no one else can be bothered with him or cares enough
    because they think he is a lost cause.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  8. @Jennifer,

    You’re playing with fire (literally, lol) but in more ways than one. Dating someone at work not to mention someone who is a superior is dangerous business. I’m sure he knows this and although he may have flirted with you, he understands it isn’t worth his job. Do you know if he’s married or has a girlfriend? Now, don’t just go by what he told you either. Make sure you get confirmation from people who know him.

    Waves @ Karissa & Barb, How’s it going ladies? Gotta go now, check in with you later sweet thangs 😛

  9. Yep, I actually think he is reaching out but not sure how to after being an arse!
    i did actually give him a card with my web page on it for his health when I first met him…maybe that is why he chose a Chinese girl to date as she may have knowledge of the Chinese Herbs I use(:
    He knows I would like to help him, and I am sure he also knows I am the only one who gives a shit. Only he is able to do anything about it…i have given him the fertiliser, he has to keep the water up so the plant survives.
    Also, the day before he was due to leave, i foolishly or maybe cleverly, txt him to say he may be right, as my mental injuries have possibly left me unattractive and maybe not a viable option, but that I thought he of all persons would understand how hard it is to accept, considering we suffered the same injuries (both had MVA’s).
    The next morning I had strong feelings from him and wanted to get a chance to see him before he left so he could see I wasn’t a freak…or nasty. Next thing, my boss 9she is also an Aries) txt me to collect her mail and forward it asap…I left home early to do this before getting the goods from the ferry for work. As I left the PO he was alighting his landlord’s car right there…then I go to the ferry, and felt his presence behind me…he slowly (usually fast) walks past with head half-turned pretending not to be watching…then watched from the other side of the terminal through glass until I finished writing up the parcels and left(; He knows what ferry I meet so possibly planned the situation.
    Next trip will be interesting…one more week.

  10. Oh, and I also posted a message on my fb that morning as a female friend (Libra) of his joined my page and I know she txt him everything. I said although he hates me, I still wish him well with his licence and job.
    Why, you ask? Because I do care, and also because he lied to me and tried to blame me for not having his car here…too proud to say it was DUI…but I knew that(: He will feel foolish to know I knew(;

  11. Well, Well Miss Bliss,

    That was a quick visit. Good to see you haven’t forgotten us.!!!

    Don’t take so long between visits next time Sweet Lady with SAUCY Advice.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  12. Hi Miss Barbie,

    You have your work cut out for you with this inflexible RAM but for some reason your
    paths keep crossing and you are in each others lives for better or for worse. You may
    just have to take charge of the situation and make him realise that you are his destiny
    so he may as well accept it rather then resist it.

    What are MVA’s by the way.???

  13. Motor Vehicle Accidents Right.???

    He lost loved ones so that is the bond you are meant to share.???

    Or are you talking about other injuries which you both suffered.???

  14. MVA… Motor Vehicle Accidents…that is how I first saw him! A much older woman (pro) was driving his nice car and crashed it into the hill above my place and I had to walk past to get home…stopped to check it out and saw this man on the stretcher, yelling at the ambos after they cut him out. She was ok, but he got damage from the air bags and bad whiplash, but demanded to leave hospital…just as I would have done(: We are both so much alike. I knew straight away we were destined to be together the moment I saw him.

    i suffered bad whiplash and left brain damage which I have been fighting for past 7.5yrs and finally seem to have won…he actually said ‘good on you” when I told him(: We both get agro when pain is great and neither really like being like it…just can’t help it.

    You are right, he did lose his ex partner and her child to a MVA but he was not present.

    I could feel him reaching out to me when I was lying in bed the other day…just like every night whilst he was in town…and he wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see him. About an hour after he left, those amazing physical convulsions took over my body, so guess he was happy(:(: Same as before Miss china(;

  15. Dear Karissa15 & Miss Bliss,

    Thank you so much for wonderful comments & thought provoking statements. I truly appreciate it. And I will definitely take your advice on this situation & make the best decision possible.

    To answer your question Ms. Bliss about finding out whether he has a girlfriend or whether he’s married….

    Here’s the thing….I have discovered something about him & I’ve definitely been informed about possible relationships with other people. I was told by a reliable source, a friend of mine, who I happen to work with, that he had heard something about the possibly of him being a homosexual. For my friend lives in West Hollywood, CA. Which is the same city my Aries man lives in. He also told that he heard from around-the-way that he had been in a relationship w someone who declared to be a man.

    So, after being informed by my friend about these assumptions, naturally I thought, “OMG!!!!”. The thing is, that I’ve learned in the past, just because a person may mention a story that heard about someone else, doesn’t necessarily reign true, unless you hear it from the horses mouth. However, when you’re hearing a story from a friend, who rarely is wrong about such things & could even be described as intuitve enough to be classified as a physic, you have to wonder if its possibly a true story. But here’s where I’m confused as hell….Because if the story about the mysterious relationship with a man is true, then what in the world is he doing flirting with me & making suggestive behavior, indicating that he’s really into me????

    So, I asked my friend, who happens to be homosexual, if he thinks maybe he might bisexual. He said that he wasn’t really picking up those type of vibes from him. And that he thinks he’s gay. His words exactly, “Honey, that man is Gay!!!”. So, clearly I’m more than confused. Because I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my 31 years of life & I have many friends who are homosexual, and are both males & females. My gaydar has been pretty accurate in the past, for some reason its completely off, when it comes down to this mysterious Aries Man!!!! I know that I’ve presented a true twist to this story & clearly it is like an episode of the Bold and Beautiful. Stay tuned……

  16. Hi Miss Barbie,

    Aries is opposite to Libra on the Zodiac. They have alot in common and so much to learn
    from each other. Air feeds the Fire so it is supposed to be a good combination.!!!

    You have both been through traumatic events which can leave lasting demage unless you
    face them and deal with them but obviously he is choosing to numb his pain and lose him-
    self in alcohol. He is unable to overcome that tragic loss which has deprived him of his
    loved ones.

    Does Miss China live with him.??? What do you see happening between them where the
    future is concerned.???

  17. Hi Jennifer,

    Maybe he is still a closeted Gay which doesn’t make sense in this day and age but
    he may be trying to present some kind of front at work if he thinks and feels that they
    will descriminate against him and compromise his IMAGE which he needs to project
    in a working environment whithout the risk of becoming a target of taunting and ridicule
    by other Males and especially his superiors.???

    Maybe you should just go ahead and ask him rather than staying in the dark and having
    this huge question mark which you obviously think or suspect may be true following the
    revelations of this friend whom felt the need to make you aware of his sexual orientation
    because he could see that you have feelings for a Man whom is unable to have a relatio-
    ship with you and you are raising your hopes for something which is unrealistic.


    So tread carefully and get the FACTS from the Horses Mouth otherwise you are setting
    yourself up for a huge disapointment.

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  18. Jen,
    I once had the very same thing from a workmate in my younger days…only he was an Aquarian Rat and handsome, Spanish descent. He was bisexual it turns out, but was in a relationship with a man who dominated him. He had formerly had a live-in 7yr relationship with a female and got sick of her huge boobs smothering him every night…his words.(:
    He was originally in the navy, so easy transition I guess. We sp[ent every night after work drinking the top shelf until daylight…when I went to NZ he made sure he was waiting at the dock for my boat to dock and took me to his unit where he wanted me to live with him…a one br unit(: However, my big sister whom I had been working with in NZ had already asked her friends to put me up, and they took me to their place…he was furious, but gave me the key to use th place whilst he was at work for showers before work and have coffee etc. He had also a year before, come to my place when my Dad was there, blind drunk, saying his partner and he had split and he wanted me to move in with him. Dad was ecstatic, but I didn’t think he meant that way, as he way allegedly gay. Biggest mistake of my life…he truly loved me and would’ve done anything for me. Don’t listen to others, especially gays who like to keep their kind like that…I have shared house with gay men who really do try to convert straight men…and will lie to get their way.

  19. I am aware of all of that…have always been.
    No, Miss China doesn’t live with him, but he apparently recently went there to China for a week. He wants company and could possibly settle with her to fill that gap, but don’t believe he truly loves her, it is a relationship of convenience…I know, as he gives off those strong vibes to me whenever anywhere near. If he truly loved he3r, that wouldn’t be happening.

  20. Perhaps you are perceiving it all wrong because he is involved with her physically
    and that can lead to emotional attatchement also especially if he has gone all the
    way to China to visit her which means that the relationship is progressing toward
    future possibilities of togetherness when she moves to Australia.

    If he really wanted a romantic involvement with you there was nothing stopping him
    but obviously this is not the case. Those vibes you are receiving from him are nothing
    but an EGO BOOST by the sounds of it which he benefits from but is in no way inclined
    to take it any further otherwise he would have acted uppon it by now and he wouldn’t
    continually REJECT your efforts and devotion which you lavish uppon him but he is just
    taking advantage of this infectuation you have toward him which overpowers you and
    you are unable to resist him or move on from something which leads no where.

    How much longer are you prepared to wait for something which is so unrealistic and
    the fact that he is involved with another Woman whom is now an important part of his
    life regardless of whether you see it and accept it for what it is.!!!

  21. Although I feel we were destined for each other, I am NOT waiting around for him any more…I hope he does find true happiness with the other lady.
    I simply stated what has happened and what I feel when he is around without even knowing he is around until later. We definitely have something he tries to suppress, but he is not going to let it happen…possibly because I like to lead, and that can never be for the egotistical Aries.
    I am getting on with my life and organising my annual festival for the island. If he happens along, fine, but I am NOT sitting around waiting any more.

  22. You are now making alot of sense Miss Barbie because even though you feel or believe
    that you were destined to be together it isn’t happening and what is the point of waiting
    for something which may never become reality.???

    If he has found something with this lady and she can fulfil his needs or other expectations
    then good luck to him and you have a very good attitude toward her in providing him with
    happiness which he is looking for and only the future will tell but the fact is he is moving in
    that direction so leave him to it and wish him the best.

    It is good to hear you are so involved in this anual festival on the Island which sounds like
    alot of fun. Enjoy yourself and keep your options open toward another suitor whom may
    turn up when you least expect it.??? You have so much to offer to the right Man whom is
    willing to make you a priority in his life just as you would toward him.

  23. Aries…? If he just stays silent. not talk to you. ignores you. until you yourself will surrender and accepts defeat!

  24. Yes Abie84, he waits until I accept defeat, but he still has not faced his demons. There is no mistaking when a man feels something for you…it is something that is sensed, and librans are the best at sensing and have great intuition. I prefer to say I have grown weary of his inability to come to terms with his true feelings but hope what he has found gives him pleasure for the duration of his short life.

  25. You are back on the treadmill of self denyal again Miss Barbie and you are refusing
    to accept the fact that for over two years this Man has done nothing but ABUSE and
    REJECT You.!!!

    Leave the Man alone so he can get on with his choice of having another Woman in
    his life whom he treats with RESPECT and does not REJECT because it is what he
    wants out of his own FREE WILL and not something which is being forced uppon him
    by a Woman whom refuses to accept REALITY and her single minded perception which
    is self defeating and destructive.

    Do you NOT see that he has no FEELINGS toward you other then RESENTMENT.???

  26. You are the Queen of know it all! I know what feelings he projects and omits, and when he speaks nicely he is very nice, but afraid. I am also capable of being like him, which is why I know what he is doing. You don’t know everything, and can’t possibly feel what I sense. i am letting him get on with his life, just making the point that he is denying his true feelings as can’t handle it. End of Aries conversations from me. thank you

  27. A grown Man knows exactly how he feels and acts uppon those feelings due to the
    fact that it is what he wants not because he is in denyal, afraid or cannot handle them.

    So give the Man some credit in having his own Mind and Emotions not those which
    you are trying to impose uppon him AGAINST HIS WILL.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  28. Hey there….Just thought I would fill you in on the recent happenings of my mysterious Aries man. Okay….I told you what happened about my friend, who said that he felt that he was gay. Well, after thinking about it & listening to the advice & not getting in contact with me. I still couldn’t help but go over in my mind exactly what was going on with this mystery man.

    Now, this may sound crazy, but I asked for a sign, a little clarification if you will, from Venus Goddess of Love. I just simply asked if it was possible to send me some sort of sign. Something that would some what curb my curiosity about my Aries man. This is what happened….

    Even though I had stopped sending him messages thru his facebook, I would still check, every now & then. He tends to have pictures of himself lounging by the pool, or some event or some party. And sometimes he’ll have photos of him posed with beautiful, exotic looking women. Basically no pictures of men or even him posing with other men. Since I have stopped reaching out to him via internet, there’s something that tells me that he knows that I still check his facebook page once in a while. I mean its like he’s just so sure that I’m still around even I stopped talking to him. Their confidence is amazing yet shocking.

    So, anyway….I looked on his facebook page today & what did I see….a picture of my mysterious Aries man posed closely face to face with a man!!!! I know what you must be thinking, “Well there’s no mystery going on here. For its clear that he’s gay.” Because I thought the same thing @ first. But then something else happened. Shortly after seeing the picture of him posing with a man, within minutes later, he switched the picture & put another picture of him surrounded by more beautiful women!!!! I immediately started thinking to myself, “OMG!!!”. I mean where does a person go from here. This Aries is so mysterious, complex & hard to figure out. So, I also thought to myself, since he does seem shy, so shy to the point where he may not be comfortable expressing his feelings, or he might be battling w his identity or his true sexual orientation. Maybe the picture swapping was a subtle way to try to get his message across without really using words as his form of communication. For I know that the Aries man loves riddles & puzzles, things that you have to figure out, pick apart & decipher, and then put it all back together again. So, perhaps this is still a part of his little mind games.

  29. Youv’e got me there Jennifer,

    This Guy is strange and weird to say the least and the only thing that comes to mind
    is that his “MIND GAMES” are a bad sign of what ever he is trying to cover up or reveal
    to you via pictures and guessing games of his sexual orientation which could be Gay
    or Bysexual.???

    JUST ASK HIM.??? Why go along with prolonging something or refusing to face the
    inevitable because of your FEAR of finding out the TRUTH.???

    Cheers and be BRAVE. Taurus.

  30. Dear Karissa15,

    Thank you so very much for your advice & suggestions. And you’re absolutely right…I do need to have a conversation with my mysterious Aries man. There’s no reason why I can’t. So, why not right!?! Here’s the thing….

    When we first met we were introduced as co-workers. He was a manager for specific department in the company we both work for & I was hired on to be an assistant manager. We worked very closely together. & collaborated on different projects & tasks for about 4 months. We a had great work relationship & he always professional. But after about 5 months of working together, I started noticing a change in his behavior towards. To be completely honest, he started talking to me about things that weren’t work related, and he would start telling me personal things, such as his ethnicity: Cuban American. A mom & Dad who live in Orange County & a sister that he just adores. It was clear that he had started to develop a comfortable relationship w me, to the point where I started telling him personal things about me & I even started leaning on him for career & life advice. We became more than just co-workers. We had started developing a friendship.

    After about six months, I started noticing more changes in his behavior…He had started flirting with me. Complimenting me on my outfits, telling me, “I love the way you think…We make a good team.” He had started winking @ me every chance he would get. He would even find reasons or excuses just to be around me. Whenever we engage in conversation he helplessly start blushing, like a timid shy boy. And when we spoke to eachother, his eyes would almost be in some sort of trance, just staring right thru me. Not mention all of the great things that he’s done for me @ work. By placing in a great position & a really great opportunity.

    There was something special between us. But since I reaches out to him via internet he’s grown unusually cold. And I just simply for the life of me don’t know what went wrong. Even with all the talk about the possibility of him being gay, didn’t stop him from connecting with me & clearly flirting w me. Even if nothing happens between us on an intimate level, I still miss his friendship. And its like he just cut me off @ the knees. After I was under the impression that he liked me & that we might have been on our way to becoming very close. Now its like he’s as cold as ice. He simply won’t talk to me. I just wonder what happened. And I know I’ll never know unless I talk to him. But its easier said than done because he’s become Mr. Unreachable…..

  31. Hi Jennifer,

    You are very welcome.!!!

    Meeting people and finding love in a working environment is a very popular venue.
    Often times it leads toward something more and other times it does not. It all depends
    uppon the circumstances which bring people together and what each person is looking

    You started off with work related interests but it went further and became more personal
    but now he is cutting you off because he can see that things are getting more serious and
    moving in a different direction since you decided to contact him outside of work which means
    you are looking for and want something more but for some reason he is unable to give you
    that due to the fact that something or someone is preventing him from doing so.???

    I realise it must be difficault since you work together and it can become very uncomfortable
    if you were to confront him in order to receive the answers you are looking for but if you do
    not ask him personally how else are you meant to get to the bottom of his actions which
    clearly indicate that he has something to hide and this is the reason he is avoiding you and
    keeping you in the dark because he is unable or unwilling to reveal the TRUTH.???

    How old are you both and what is his relationship like with the other co-workers male and

  32. Dear Karissa15,

    My mysterious Aries man just celebrated his 25th birthday this past March 24th. And I celebrated my 32nd birthday this May 22.

    As far as how he interacts with other co-workers male or female…Well, I’d have to say that he’s behavior is pretty much normal. Because he has a personality that’s infectious. I mean…others are just drawn ti him, like a moth to a flame. He remains very professional. In fact, the only time I’ve really witnessed different change in behavior, is when we would work together.

    This is when I noticed the constant winking action that he started to develop. It became regular a act for him. Whether he just saw me 10 minutes, there would be a wink, whether we would walk passed one another in a hall or some place, there would be a wink. He would give winks & sexy grins all throughout shifts. We would speak on the phone while @ work & he would start to flirt with me. Saying things with a very sexy yet endearing voice. Things like, “Hello Jennifer….How are You…What are you doing…What’s going on….”. Almost teasing me with flirtatious antics. Ofcourse I would practically melt every time he would do this. To be perfectly frank…It was like his was courting me without really courting me, by using old school charm & sex appeal. I believe that he was completely aware what he was doing.

    As far as the possibility of someone else, I’m guessing could be very true. However, if it is true, then the relationship is not exactly fulfilling him. He tell me one day that he had a “friend” coming down from Arizona to spend some time with him. And he didn’t indicate whether this person was male or female or whether he was currently in a relationship with them. I figured by the expression on his face, a seemingly unsure if not worried look. Not exactly a look of excitement, like what you’d expect to see from someone telling you that a friend is coming to visit them. Instead, he looked like death killed over. That’s when I figured it was someone significant in his life, that he could be possibly be in a relationship with, and have been affiliated with off & on. But I also believe that the “Honeymoon” may be over. Otherwise why would he be so willing to flirt with me & really allowing himself to get close to me.

    I think something did happen between us. Unfortunately its during a time where he may be caught up in a situation with someone else, that hasn’t allowed himself to be completely free to be, see whoever he wants or do whatever he wants to do. I feel this other person may be quite controlling, to the point where he’ll do whatever to make them happy. Although it may or may not make him happy in the long run. As long as he feels he’s giving it his all, I thinks is his mind frame. So, ofcourse getting himself caught in feelings for someone else, especially someone that he could really see himself possibly falling for, is not a part of his plan. I think it was harmless while we were @ work, it was on his terms, on his time, and by his control. But I think because of his current situation outside of work, he doesn’t really have that kind of control right now & really can’t offer me very much. Not even a friendship. Because I really don’t think he could handle just being my “Friend.” Not the way that he allowed himself to develop feelings for me. And I think that’s why he’s giving me the cold shoulder now. Not because he doesn’t care about me or have feelings for me, but because he does. Its the complete opposite.

    I still believe that one day, when he’s ready, he’ll disclose the mystery. But he’s got a lot of things to sort out. And since I do really care for him & about him, I’ll try to be understanding & be patient.

  33. Hi Jennifer,

    What ever he is feeling toward you it sounds as though you have made a connection
    but for some reason he is unable to go further or beyond what ever is standing in the
    way at the present time.???

    25 years of age is very young especially for a RAM whom needs to grow and develop
    emotionally and find himself. Maybe he cannot handle being just a friend to you due
    to the fact that his feelings go deeper and he needs time to sort them out.???

    You can either wait and see how things pan out when he is ready to talk to you and
    reveal the mystery or you could find a suitable time when you can talk to him and tell
    him what is on your mind and how you feel.??? It all depends how long you are pre-
    pared to wait for the answers which only he is able to answer providing he is ready
    and is being honest.???

    Have you given any thought about writing him a letter and expressing your thoughts
    and feelings.??? He may feel less threatened and he will have time to absorb and
    process the information which he can respond to in his own time and thoughts which
    he may or may not want to express but at least you are giving him that option.???

  34. cancergrl82 says:

    just recently, my Aries friend and i had a small misunderstanding and he ended our 2 1/2 year friendship which, a month ago, he said to me that our friendship is strong.
    We can go to each other for anything. it could be small talk or vent. We talk to each other all day everyday even nonsense conversations. In my eyes, hes my best friend.
    yes, there is a mutual attraction towards each other and from time to time, he would compliment me and i would do the same. but we made it clear that friendship is where we wanted to take it. there is someone there that i am already interested in.

    It all started out with a question he asked me. yes, it was a sensitive subject for me but i didnt mind answering it. In the middle of our conversation through text, i told him it was a sensitive subject for me. well as our texts started going down hill he let me know that this conversation was getting too personal so he wanted to change the subject. while we were in the process in changing the subject which i was okay to do, he started getting little angry at the fact that i wasn’t letting go of the conversation. actually, i wanted to stop but the texts were coming in and i could only answer them one at a time. so for that i wasn’t letting go. maybe so but was that a good reason for ending our 2 1/2 year friendship?
    I still want his friendship but he keeps telling me we shouldn’t. 3 days ago, he ends up texting me that he misses me…along with another comment which i really didn’t like. an hour from his text he texts me with: my bad, wrong words. he said he been drinking…i do believe when a person who has been drinking the truth comes out..he doesn’t want to tell me the truth. so pretty much apologies the next day and says we should talk…

    Today, we tried squeezing in our talk but my schedule along with his just couldn’t fit in. so im guessing in a couple of days we will be able to have our talk. well he made small talk via text and i went with the flow acting like we didn’t have a fallout and not holding any grudges cuz to me its not big enough to say something dumb and he just ends up leaving for good or something. i rather wait until he is in front of me so that i can say what i need to.

    what should i say and or do so that we can reconcile our friendship the way it use to be? i have tried to tell him that i still want to be friends but he says no.

  35. angelwood12 says:

    I started having feeling for an yiung aries man. Well he is more on the cusp of pices/aries. Things where great, we were mutual friends for a few yrs. but only saw or talked at parties. but then in september I started seeing him, about six months later. We talked every day or almost everyday. he told me he wasnt into seeing just one girl or any type of relationship for a while cause he needed to find himself. I agreed and we kept seeing each other. WHen we spent time together, it was very Intimate. Extremly Intimate, not just the sex but our conversations and there was trust. thisng said that we both argreed noit to tell others or ever ever have.
    But out of no where he is now seeing someother girl. I asked him if it was serouise and he said hes checking things out but hes kinda single. I am heartbroken. He knew where i stood and i guess i wanst what he wanted. I told him I cant be in the picture to wait to see what he chooses. Not sure that was the right thing…But i also told him I cant talk to him or see him for now or dont know how long it will take me for us to be friends again. He told me, The last thing he wanted to do was hurt me or lose my friendship in anyway, shape or form. and He didnt want me, me to stop talking to him,,,at all. What does that mean????? Does this mean this other girl is his fun time and once hes done playing he will be back to me? I am so confused as to why he’s even done this. Can anyone help me??????? PLEASE!

  36. so this post isn’t entirely true i’ve been dealing with an aries man for over a year and i’ve given him the oppurtunity to let me know how he feels about me and if he wants me or wants to be with me and he never said no but he didn’t say yes he told me he’s not sure, but he makes it feel like he wants me. he says doesn’t want me with anybody else i told him he’s the only one i want. maybe he’s afraid of how he feels towards me…..

  37. oh he’s not very expressive of his feelings or that’s what i think

  38. I think it’s crap to say that if an aries isn’t interested he’ll let you know. What he’ll do is ignore you and act like nothing is even wrong. You won’t even know where you’ll stand. He doesn’t have the heart to tell you the truth. They are self centered, egotistical human beings whose world revolves around them. They don’t care what they get out of you. If you could cater to them all day long without them having to do anything for you then guess what? If you treat them like shit they will be putty in your hands. It’s best to say they aren’t built for a relationship as one woman does not have enough variety to keep them interested. Which is crazy because there is nothing that great about them. If you’re a libra women especially, take heed to my words. As our opposites we are not built for their unemotional, indifferent bull shit.

  39. VIRGOGirl101 says:

    I need some quick advice ..
    I’ve been dealing with my aries guy on and off since high school. He was 18 & i was 17, now he’s 22 & Im 21. Im a virgo of curse :) but in may we got into an argument and we haven’t talk since. I reached out to him in June through my best friend Facebook and he replied saying he wasn’t going to call me i was like ok fine! I left him alone and months went by and i started missing him alot so i wrote him on Facebook again saying i wanted to talk to him and i also asked how he was doing and if he wants me to leave him alone tell me and i will go away. He replied saying we can talk and he asked for my number and i gave it too him. But its been 4 days and he hasn’t called? Im a little worried, Omg started to think he won’t call me so we can really talk :( ??? Any advice?

  40. DUpedbyanAries says:

    Hi ladies,

    I absolutely agree. Here’s my Aries story. I hope it can help someone out there.

    We met randomly two and a half years ago. Everything was fine, I had/have a bf of many years and we were going through a bad time. Aries also had a gf who he has issues with. We became friends and constantly said to each other we’re just friends. I thought we were clear, but he had other intentions.

    His personality was charming, quick-witted, untiring energy, caring, considerate. He thought I was too good to be true, and made comments about having me meet his family. He brought me along to meet all of his friends, and really liked that they liked me. He would constantly say really sweet things and be there for me. I thought he was a one of my closest friends.

    Fast forward to now. He’s done a 360. Just a month ago he was saying how significant I am, and his best friend, blah blah blah…and now he’s doing the pull away and ignore thing. One thing that has changed is he is now my boss. He offered me a job. Thinking that it would be great as we got along great, I took the job. Lo and behold, he’s a MESS when it comes to dealing with people. He openly talks about hating ppl, how much he doesn’t care about other’s wants, needs, feelings. All things he hid before.

    He’s become insulting, rude, and unprofessional to me. Power tripping like crazy.

    Now he’s proved to be one of the most creepy guys I’ve ever met. Some comments after I started working for him include:

    “I’m supposed to get better looking and you’re supposed to get less”…WTF??
    “If I get a gf later you have to help me make her jealous”
    “I want you to meet my family”…hot/cold behaviour mind f**king
    “I’ll take you when you get older, and no one wants you”…said completely out of the blue.
    “Whatever, egg carrier”
    “Never trust something that bleeds one a month and doesn’t die” ….??????

    Warning…please be careful ladies, this Aries “friend” has turned out to be a nightmare, he’s narcissistic, selfish, and cruel. He objectifies women, and punishes them if they fail to be perfect, make him look good, or if there’s not “use” for them anymore. His ego is also extremely fragile, and he’s competitive especially regarding how much attention he gets. He also needs constant flattery and praise.

    There’s no self reflection or accountability here on his end.

    I think he liked me all along and wanted to “get” me under his power. Maybe like is the wrong word. I think control/conquer is more accurate. I feel used like a cat and its toy. I’m in the process of getting out. Nothing is worth this crap.

    Email me if you need some support…or if you want to lend some…I’m trying hard to get through this … :)

  41. Hey everyone

    I know very little about the sign Aries…but I recently met one online that I went on a date with. We chatted and he initiated everything- phone number exchange, the date, etc. After that date, we did meet up with a few of my friends and kissed a little bit. He told me he was shocked I didn’t hug him when I met him, that instead I shook his hand. I explained that’s how I am upon meeting someone, its the classy thing to do. We had another date the following week, where we ended up at my house. We messed around but did not have sex. He had a lot of fun and continued his pursuit….then he got a cold. He didn’t even sound that bad but my goodness did he whine about it lol. I still heard from him but not as much., He was in my neighborhood for work the following week, and I invited him over for about an hour. I told him that I wanted him and he should come over if he felt good enough. He did. We didn’t mess around nearly as long as we did talk, but he’s been really weird ever since. He said he wants to sleep with me again and what not but he isn’t as chatty or attentive as he was. I understand the cat and mouse thing and that he got me so he’s likely to back off, but I don’t know if he wants to date me or not. He still goes on the dating site and that annoys me to no end. I only saw him for that hour, and he’s assuring me we’ll meet up this week. I want to know where I stand. I feel like from what i know about Aries if he wasn’t interested in me he would have said so, but I told him tonight that I wanted to make sure he wasn’t using me and he didn’t reply. Thoughts?

  42. Hi CrazyGemini,

    It sounds as though he got what he wanted which is the only thing he was after in the
    first place and he has “LOST INTEREST”.!!! But he will be back for more providing
    that is “ALL HE WILL GET” and no further expectations from you.

    Unfortunately you gave ti away much too soon and you no longer have anything which
    he needs to work for and ultimately “CONQUER”. In any case he would have probably
    gone in search of greener pastures sooner or later judging by the fact that he is on a
    dating site searching for new “VICTIMS” to “SLAUGHTER”.!!!’

    You are better off without him and let this be a lesson for future reference when dealing
    with “SEX PROWLERS” whom do not love you and leave you but “SCREW YOU” and
    leave you without a second glance, thought or consideration toward your feelings since

    Be wise and keep smiling. Taurus.

  43. Ginny Laliberte says:

    Yes Aries is straight forward when breaking up with A Gemini. Short and brutal truth. No beating around the bush, and NO fluff. After a few weeks of dating he called it quits. Months later I get A phone call he would like to go out and do something together because I am just as crazy fun as he is. We had A blast and think it could work this time. ;-). Wish me luck!

  44. Hey everyone

    Yeah, I feel I did give it away too soon. Ultimately its his loss not mine in the end, because I’m a good person to be with and he whines incessantly about not being able to find any attractive women. The big issue he says is the city/suburbs thing….he lives in the ‘burbs and I live in the city (its a residential neighborhood, actually known as a bit wealthy.) The BIG difference in the two areas are black people and on street parking…….and he whines about both, more so the parking (cuz he can’t park to save his life. It’s actually funny.)


    I know one thing is for sure about Aries, and this is the advice I used to give a former friend, a cancer, that has been dating an aries for a year……”he ain’t gonna kiss you a** honey.” This guy hasn’t told me to buzz off yet, amazingly, because we argue at least once a week now always about his lack of willingness to do something. I told him two weekends ago I was done and hated his reaction and rescinded that decision. After a few days he told me we could sleep together if I went on the pill, and guess what my dumb behind did……took myself to the doctor and got the pilll… Guess what he did? “Oh can’t come over this weekend, its a holiday,” WHAT?! Really?! So this was another rough weekend, and he tells me he’s depressed…..sorry, I really don’t care. YOUR problem. Yesterday he told me “stop annoying me and be with your family.” So i replied saying “my family isn’t doing anything, this isn’t working out anyway.”

  45. LeoDoll6 says:

    So i literally feel im about to go crazy.

    So i was with a aries male for 3 years, hes 22 and ill be 22 in like a week. Leos and Aries are alot alike but they have that one difference, leo is more attention getting naturally & we are decisive; Aries want attention and they are indecisive. I been the only female hes been with that has never cheated on him and ive given him my ALL (love care affection motivation etc), our relationship was fine up until march when he started dealing with money issues. His family doesnt help at all if anything they talk bad of him.

    So around that phase he became more distant which is understandable because he was going through something. His communication minimized as well the whole hot cold treatment he really started doing that yet if i dont respond it would be a problem. Smh…. So i brought it constantly to his attention and he would say im nagging clingy and etc which really isnt the case because i do give him space since im alreadi busy as it is being a wellknown model and photographer and working as well.

    So it really got more downhill after that as i stated earlier with me being the only person to give i noticed that he started only hit me ip when he needed something, around june he ended up askin me for a favor and two days later he brokeup with me and then the following morning he apologized tryna blame it on some psychological problem! Im just like who does that right after dumping someone oh ladies it gets worst.

    So then i ended up forgivig him like a fool and fell for it again smh he kinda did the same routine of leaving me hangin for his friends unless he needed something and then he brokeup with me again finally at the end of june, i feel so humilated …

    1 week and half later he hmu talkin about he miss me and my love and whatnot and he wanted to see me and so he ended up coming we hung out for the weekend at the beach it was pretty romantic, and yeah i ended up giving it up to him alot that whole weekend and then he left. We actually did have a good time though honestly but it was like around the beginning of July we randomly would talk i kinda quit buying into hitting him up and we always would get on subject of the relationship and just now recently the communication has really been gone since thursday because i really had to tell him something important he never responded back so as a leo i did get highly pissed and he hmu telling me to quit beating around the bush and all of this stuff. It got so bad to where i had to deactivate my facebook account and the aries that he is who preassumes things he actually thought i blocked him when really i needed space from him and im just thinking to myself if were not dating then why do u care so much on why my accountis deactivated and two why does he need all these 21 answers from me to explain why. I never knew someone could be soo concerned over someone they “let go”.

    So i ended up lying to him last thursday and told him that i was busy and im around ppl and i cant talk and that is hit him up later (all lies) i literally ingnored him until he hmu early saturday morn which im thinking why u hitting me up when u should be sleep so i played dumb again and ignored and then he hmu on sunday while i was on my break at work and he was like “so what did u have to tell me so bad” and then ever since this past sunday i havent even responded back at all. I know you all are probably thinking thats the best thing you should do, but im thinking to myself

    Do you think i may be popping up on his mind?
    -he hasnt been on facebook or nothing im guessing because he may think im up there knowing i post my photos up there

    Do you think that he will hit me up soon?

    Any possible chance he could be insecure since i get all this attention and stuff from people and he really doesnt?

    What guy puts a good loyal beautiful talented giving and highly sexual to her man through this bullcrap?

    Also i do want to point out during last week talk he claimed he aint gonna date another female and he claimed i werent some side chick and hes not that shallow of a guy and he dont deserve to be put in the same categories as my ex boyfriends because he didnt stop talking to me all together but clearly it shows that with me trying to avoid him he could have hit me up like whats taken so long.!!

    Can someone please give me advice answer all my questions that i have , thank you!

  46. Hey Leo doll..
    Im a lil sis is a leo and even tho i come off more emotional than her..We both have alot in common..Maybe cuz we’re sisters (duh) lol I am going through it with an aries right now..In Sept, it’ll be a year of us dating..if you exclude all the off and on. He’s 2 years younger than me and he’s been interested in me for bout 3+ years now and I’ve given him no more than a hi and bye when I felt him coming on strong and def kept him friendzoned!! Until Last year..omg I never was attracted to him and did not care for his need to fit in mentality.(you know young guys with money etc) I was in a previous relationship…it got abusive and I got out. Of course he knew bout this..guessing he’s been keeping tabs on me to eventually know when to strike. He was there right when I needed him..o so sweet..just like they say..aries men always wanna find someone to come to their rescue. It started getting serious and I actually started to care for him.(who would of thought)! I mean he was so thoughtful and willing to make me laugh/smile etc. Insane connections. I would go to work and he’d meet me at my place when I came home leaving his friends.Every girls dream be his #1. Unfortunate events happened and he had gotten arrested for a small bag..(you know what that means) he had priors but no felonies and ended up staying for 4 months because of his probation. Sad right..he’s not that much of a bad guy..suspended license..speeding tickets..may have sold a lil green. Not great things to ignore but noones perfect. I kept in contact with him..he left me his car..his id’ and in return i made sure he was fine during his lil (vaction) I know not funny! I’ve even met his grandmom who was his main guardian besides his dad and have made a great relationship with her. He told me he needed me and to help him stay on the right path. I indeed proved my loyalty to him and expected the same when he got back on his feet. Now when he came home reality had set in. It was hard for him to find work and we all know that aries are good with money and love to stay busy. He began to act restless and distant from me even tho he stayed at my house 99% of the time. I tried to understand he may have been feeling less of a man that he had no major income and I was doing I felt he was def worth the struggle and that when he finally break through these barriers that we’d be magical together. NOT he started being more and more cold with me and after a while I only get pushed so far til I lash out. It seemed at this instant began the games. We fought and he left and for days we wouldnt communicate then out of the blue he shows up on my back porch taking out my trash. Sounds sweet huh..yea right after no communication for as much as a week..seemed a lil weird to me. I let him in..we eventually picked up where we left off. Then he started with the coldness again I guess because I was helping him fill out for him..even brought him some new shirts, (which In my mind,I was tryna build him up) he took it again as he’s not being a man by not being able to do those things back. He never told me this because he is very stubborn. Ive got this outta talking to his gmom. Which made the most sense so I had to once again consider his coldness. you would think a guy would be happy that Im not after him for his money but only the desire to help him while he’s down like he was there for me. I am not a mind reader, I’ve tried several times to talk to him and ask him his opinions and feelings because I didnt want to get them confused. he’d literally listen and say he’s fine.WTF..your just fine after Im pouring my heart out tryna make some sort of sense to his coldness. He never left me voluntarily but after his rude remarks of course after me reacting badly to his nonchalant attitude, I made him leave. gets weirdo..we may text here n there but it was starting to look like a repeated pattern and I didnt want any parts. I let him be..if he’d rather run around and hang with his friends then deal with the reality that he is grown now and need to make changes in his life so that he stays out of the system..then so be it. I started noticing him reaching out to other females on social networks and it made me furious. I figured he needed space or just to get back around his friends and realize he needed to make his own life better if he seen others doing well for themselves. NOPE NOPE NOPE he was on a flirting spree.I could do nothing but laugh (to keep from dying inside) I mean literally did everything for him and was there by his side. I didnt cheat on him or anything bad. why is he acting this way? Then in the same day after he knew I seen all the flirting. he’d mssg me like 3 am asking wat I was doing. Now Im thinking he does care and he’s doing this childishness to make me mad for whatever reason but Im playing his game to and Im stopping him from coming over when he feels he pleases. OMG I went to sleep and woke up to a text from him and replied I was sleep. I went to open my front door and he is laying on the steps sleeping.WEIRD. I was so upset because he didnt even say it in the text that he was coming over. What if I had company..even though I didnt..did he care? idk..i had to make him leave..he woke up lauging and said what? I needed a cigarette as if it was normal. I had to be hard with him so that he knows not to take me for a joke or a pushover. The next morning..we had no contact until again after a showcase of flirting online texts me this time round 5 oclock wyd? then 30 mins later I hear my doorbell (i live in an apt by the way) I tell him again that I feel disrespected and for him to leave..he calls me a the nerve..we go through another week of no communication then I told him to come over one day because I did miss him but I wanted to clear the air of the lil games that have been gong on. he tells me he misses me and that he isnt interested in any other female. i can believe so for it is said that aries men feed off of females attention for their ego. I know my values so I dnt really get bothered tooo much by flirting indeed at instants I get heated!! He stays..yall kno the rest..only this time I felt detached my head(dnt you have somewhere to be).i pushed him away for him to leave because he was soo comfortable laying and cuddling but I had to remember how he got there ( because I asked) not by his own free will to show up with flowers or an apology for his rudish ways. I was mad at myself..he acted as if he could care less. Guys dont just get all mushy and kissy kissy with any female..he’s so comfortable with me.I know he cares but why is he doing weird stalkerish things and being so cold. Why is it so hard for him to say he cares and communicate in a normal way. If I ignore him..he’s right on my ass..if i pay him attention..he’ll get it and act like I dont exist..ughhhhhhhhhhhh i want this too work because he has the right qualities of a boyfriend but these games he’s playing are making things worst beacause now it looks like its just the thrill of him not knowing what to expect from me. I need stability..i dont wanna play anymore..I gave him space to see if he cared of enough to make things right.uggh help..will he ever admit his tru feelings or not…Omg he just texted me..I havent been talking to him ina bout a week is thursday aug 8th, I reached out to him and again expressed my feelings and asked if i hurt him by kicking him out and if he cares..he said he does but he’d call me after work..Yea ladies he did find a job (assuming this week) with his dad..IS it worth the wait..will he do right by me..was this just his insecurities playing with me??/ idk we’ll see..oo he texed me was I still up..he just got off of work..i sed yea and he place near me) O i was just seeing if you were up..phones bout to you wen i get home!!!!! He’s still playing games I see because he know I would of asked where he was going at this hour but NOOPE I sed Ok..ahhhh the suspense..ill check back in and tell you how things went!!

  47. Hi Nia

    Your story sounds very interesting, fascinating and definitely never Boring.!!!

    Once an Aries Man gets under your skin and in your head it’s impossible to
    get them out without an exorcism so good luck and do keep us posted of the
    latest because I for one would be very interested to see what will happen in
    the next chapter of this LOVE STORY.???

    Cheers, keep up the good work and always keep Smiling. Taurus

  48. panamabrittany says:

    Im a gemini female and i like this aries guy and we kept in touch and he gave me a hug out the blue and i had no idea that was coming but id enjoyed it. i felt like that hug ment everything to me and i felt a warm feeling in my heart and well i like that too and i never had that feeling in a long time beacuse i dont open up to much guys like that im a really cold heart person.. but this time this aries guy made me feel like i could actually like him. so from then on we started to text and become a little closer threw comucation wise.. but it was like little convo not like i really wanted i love having long convo’s but from then on the threw texts he would call me his “shorty” and i would call him “pretty ears ” .. lol anny ways texting got a little overbord for him like he will only txts me for like pics.. and stuff and well i didnt like that. and so i told him we cant be friends anymore and i told him its better if we stop talikng beacuse i felt like it wasnt going anywhere. so it been like 3months from not talking to him and like i heard he got in trouble from the cops and his family memebers told me he needed help so he can get him out from jail so i said ok i would help you beacuse i still do care about this guy and i still have feelings thorward him and nobody else… and so from then we got him out and he facebook me telling me to call him and so i did but he never answer so i was confused about that… and so then i facebook him and asking him if he got the phone and he didnt say anything about it so im guessing he was afrida to pick up or something but he told me thank sooo much about helping him out and he was very shocked that i did that and well i want him to know that i still care for him. i told him i have a big heart and well i dont do that for most people and hes the first and i think thats pretty cute. so then on he wanted to hang out so i said ok sure lets hang out but when that day comes he lies to me and he never showed up like i felt like he lie to me and he told me he wasnt busy that day so he texts me 3 days later saying hey like he complete ingore that day from happing so i feel like what ever he say to me i feel like he dosnt mean it. and i dont like that i want him to be stairght up and tell me but i dont know… Please Help!! also he told me he wants to be friends so i was fine with that i didnt mind it. but where we get to the point in to hanging out its a tottaly differnt thing how can we be friends if you dont wanna hang out with me or stoping your slef to hang out with me. friends should be able to spend time with each other and being able to have fun.

  49. Aries – Sag … HI , I am a sag and my bf is an Aries. We were high school sweethearts, but went our separate ways for 10 years (we are 27&28). We reunited in September and were long distance. He came to see me for a month and then I went to see him and we spent December-Mid March together. Now he has returned home. At first when we were apart he would text me things so sweet it was like honey dripping from words. I was not quite as expressive and this bothered him a little bit. It would also bother him that when he was out with his friends he would always take pictures and text me, and tell me how much he wished I was there, and I (for lack of wifi reasons) did not.. we had an actual argument over this. Now flash forward to March. He left a week ago and was supposed to return this week. I will preference this with the fact that he is very stressed and does have some big responsibilities on his plate in the next 4-6 months.. I completely understand this, thats not the issue. Well he was supposed to come this week and now wont be coming, and we had planned to be together the first 2 weekends in April and now I feel like he is being iffy about that as well. This week started off fine, he text me as normal and told me he loved and missed me – but as time has progressed I tell him I miss him and he doesnt respond or changes the topic. He doesnt text me the way that he did when we were apart in the past. He is staying at a friends house right now, so I dont know if that has anything to do with it. Im glad that he is home having a good time, my feelings are just very hurt that he is changing the way that he behaves towards me. I should also note that we have spoken about kids and marriage, and that I know his family very well .. he even refers to me as their bride. He is in med school and has a long road ahead of him. I want to stand by him through it all, but I feel so hurt right now. Things are just different when I speak to him.

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