How to know if an Aries man is rejecting you

ariesIf there is one sign that is straight and to-the-point, that cuts through the bullshit and tells you like-it-is, that sign is Aries. Aries doesn’t care how you feel — either you meet his needs, or you don’t.

You can understand Aries better by looking at Libra, his opposite. If a Libra man is rejecting you, he will do it in the nicest way possible. Libra will make sure to cushion the blows by mentioning all of your positive qualities. He can see all parts of you, good and bad, and he’s graceful enough not to focus primarily on the negatives, although he won’t neglect to mention those too. (How else would he be balanced?) He’ll reject you in a manner that makes you feel like you received a compliment, but that there was something in there that felt like a little cut … you just can’t quite place it.

So be grateful you’re being turned down by an Aries, instead. If he’s not interested, he’ll tell you so. No hedging, no cushions. The Aries package does not include empathy and sensitivity. If you’re gonna get rejected, isn’t it best to take all the ambiguity out of it?

Comment below: How have you been rejected by an Aries?

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  1. @ Nia he cares. you bruised his ego when you put him out! He is young and stupid! he shows up at your door to see if you have another guy over! The talking to wemon online is an ego thing and to make you jealous and to get your Attenton! because he wants attention the same as a child does! sometimes Aries men have Tantrums and act like they are two. I am with an Aries man for some years now. I am a Gemini woman and can handle him, just as he can me. Every time he get’s too close to you he pulls away. Aries men have trust issues and insecurities as well. if you are supermodel thin and beautiful he will feel even more insecure.they also get board quickly and like a challenge. Gimini wemon are the same way.
    Getting an Aries man to say the little three words I love you in the first year of a relationship is almost like pulling Teeth. Good luck!

  2. @Nia those are also some of the symptoms of Bipolar as well. does he have a history of Manic depression?
    or has he ever been in therapy? or Anger Management for anger issues? Maybe you should talk to his Grandma. She would know. Google mild bipolar disorder.

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