How to break up with a Capricorn

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Clearly type out the reasons why this arrangement does not suit your mutual interests.
  • A graph would help. X axis = months from past to present. Y axis = the amount of satisfaction you have derived from the partnership.
    • Define “satisfaction” as Return on Investment (ROI) of emotional resources.
    • Quantify it, using a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being ” extremely dissatisfied” and 5 being “extremely satifisfied.”
    • Visually, there should be a clear decrease in satisfaction over time.
  • Save presentation. Shut down laptop.
  • Bring laptop and projector to Capricorn’s office. Although you do not have an appointment, do not let Cap’s secretary prevent you from interrupting Cap’s quarterly meeting with the Board.
  • In a calm and collected manner, run through your slides, clearly explicating the rational reasons for your need to dissolve the partnership.
  • Open discussion for questions and answers.
  • Closing words.
  • Goodbye.

Comment below: How have you ended it with a Capricorn?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    A reader emailed the following to me regarding this post:

    “lmao. this is some sarcasm, im a cap, i would never expect a PowerPoint presentation in my life for something of worth. All Cap’s want is to know, not because they need a reason to let you go, but to know of their own shortcomings. We thrive on reason, afterall reason is what keeps all things in the universe together, from the reason to get up in the morning, to the reason why we’re here. if we lack enough of it in our lives, we deteriorate, and we wither away. at least we’ll never be seen as completely mad..even the crazy ones can stay out of the ward. we’re that good.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m an Aries woman, whose spirit was drained by my 8 1/2 year off & on relationship with my Cap ex. We have 2 children, we had an argument the day before we broke in where I told him anyone woman that wanted this could have it, he didn’t come home until 5 am, after i called him repeated about taking my daughter to the urgent care center, because she had strep throat, so when he came home I told hm too go back where he came from packed up his things for him, and he’s spiteful, vendictive, jealous, somewhat crazy every since that was 5 1/2 months ago, I begged him repeatly to go to counseling for all his anger, because it’s all been directed me and our children. I wish we would have all got counseling before breaking it off, we we’re supposed to get married this year so he constantly ask me why didn’t we, why didn’t it work out, but yet he’ll turn around and do spiteful things to me and our children, so I guess I wish I handled it better, because he’s been sending us through hell every since and now I have too move away because he refuses to get counseling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Capricorn woman that was dating a Capricorn man. I broke up with him via email after I had seen in his email that he was also involved with 3 other women. I was very direct in telling him that I wanted nothing to do with him and his lies. I also emailed the other ladies and introduced myself to them and informed them of the others. Should be interesting for him to be dealing with the fallout.

  4. cappylady says:

    ^^you’re my idol=]…I am starting to believe that taking the high road is over rated. But every time I have these thoughts [somebody whispers TAKE THE HIGH ROAD in my ear] so I do what’s right.

    *ignore what I just said [except the idol part]you should of changed his password*

    And the way to break up w/a Cap tell the truth, as a reader already said give a reason-hopefully that is all that is needed.

  5. To break up with a Capricorn you should be perfectly honest. We never want anyone to try to decide for us what we can or cannot handle. One thing we won’t appreciate is someone playing games or lying to us. Just be direct and to the point and be gentle. If we really care for you, we will try to talk you out of it and try to convince you that you are making a big mistake, but if we don’t care, we will just walk off into the sunset with no regrets whatsoever.

  6. I know the female Capricorns are completely different. The male counterpoints are not as balanced as the females. Regarding breakups with Capricorn men, they will analyze my words, instead of “hearing” what the actual words are! Sure, honesty, but ends up in some mental power play. Although, I’ve know some mixed, bipolar souls. I’m sure that is a thread somewhere else! SAg vs Cappy

  7. ililixriot says:

    okay well first of all no that is not the way
    a capricorn can also be very sensible mostly when in love
    so the best way 2 break up with a cap
    will be
    1st) talk to them about your feelings
    2nd) some capricorns are cold-hearted that is whenn it doesnt really matter
    because a cap woman can get over ppl fast
    a capricorn man takes a bit more but he’ll be okay after a while
    3rd)just give them some time when theyre in love they’ll show you
    when they are not eek

    i mean i am a capricorn woman well a teenager
    and i am super sensative when i am in love
    which is the first time
    i have been with many guys and i have brken up with most
    now i am sure dat i am in love i need him i want him and i love him
    but a capricorn woman is also very very greedy they want attention and love and they are sexual in bottom of that cold hearted apperience



  9. We really don’t need all that, just honesty and a very good reason (if we really like the person)…

    It’s easy for me to move on after a relationship, usually just cut the person off, but with the last person I dated (a Scorpio) it has been extremely difficult to let go. because I feel extremely connected to him..

  10. Capri_Girl says:

    Capricorn Girl I agree with you 1000000 %. Just say it as it is…all I need is your complete and utter honesty, don’t bother with the bull or “trying to protect my feelings.”


  11. mistechal says:

    I think that the above goes for any sign, it’ s called ” being a decent human being” Just be honest. Don’t lead someone on. Don’t start a new relationship before ending the one you are currently in. Don’t get involved with someone unless you are emotionally available. And for heaven sakes, don’ t behave like a jerk hoping that your soon to be ex partner will do the deed for you, and break up you, because of your callous actions, and save you the bother of ‘having the talk’.

  12. The Effeminate Cancer says:

    I think ALL OF YA’LL are crazy.

    I’ve dated three Capricorn men consecutively, and the M.O. was identical for all three:

    They would dive in head first.. Withdraw.. Beat down my door.. Withdraw.. I’d break up with them.. They would come looking for me.. But all the while, they would neither deny, or confirm, their feelings for me. Ridiculous!

    I say cut your ties with them, and keep it moving. Who has time for the games?

  13. Jeffrey,

    Thanks for posting this, I had a good laugh!

    I have to say that if someone broke it off with me with a powerpoint presentation, I would be in hysterics! I would remember them fondly for the rest of my life!

    ililixriot said,

    “1st) talk to them about your feelings” – I’m a Cap Sun with a Sagittarius Moon & Venus…I hate it when I have to talk about feelings. Just be blunt and get it over and done with. I don’t have time for sentimental BS.

  14. Cap woman says:

    I am a 29 yr. old Cap. I was w/ a Taurus for 8 yrs. & had to kids by him. I have now been w/ a Gemini for 6 yrs. These 2 men signs should really be switched. The guy who I was w/ (Taurus) he is the epitome of a Gemini. Always on the go, very permiscuous, & played games all the time. I put my heart & soul into the relationship, & it was very hard (emotionally) to break it off w/ him. I wasn’t able to leave him until I realized one day, I have no control over the way he treats me, the only one I have control over is myself. When I broke our relationship down, it all made since, I left him & never looked back. It was very difficult for him to except the fact that I would NEVER b w/ him again, because he knew I was totally dedicated to him & only him! (Funny thing is, astrology says this is my PERFECT match, couldn’t b further from the truth in my case!)

    My Gemini,(who I’m currently w/) came right after me & the Taurus broke up. He was very caring, romantic, & sweet! He is not permiscuous, he’s had the same good job for over 10yrs. We now have a child together, & he takes care of all 3 of the kids after they’re his own. He’s the best man I’ve ever been w/, & in bed, he truly blew my mind. To know him, u would never think he would b great in bed! But he has a whole different game plan in the bedroom, than what I was ever use to.(Totally blew my mind!) Now astrology says, if I meet a Gemini, I shhould run as fast as I can away from him! Couldn’t b further from the truth in my case!

    Can someone please explain how my Gemini(June12,’77),& I(Jan.15’80) go so well together, & my ex Taurus(May16’79) & I could’nt make it work to save our lives!

    a confused Capricorn woman

  15. dominored says:

    Um, LMFAO

  16. ha, i shall try it out on my bf and i ll let u guys know how it goes huh? maybe i ll do it in a doc instead of ppt so he can sit right nx to me! 😀

  17. capricorn wasssup says:

    this is true. give us a good reason and tell us what was wrong with us. thats all we need, man, i promise. if we still contact you, its not because we want to fuck you its because we like you and want to be friends. im sure there are some stalker caps out there, cant be helped, but for the most part, caps are reasonable and logical and know whats coming to them. if we dont, it means we couldnt care less whether you were ever with us or not.

  18. Aries/Taurus says:

    OK, here goes: dated a cap man for 5 months, 3 years ago. He chased me the entire 3 years, so after a few failed attempts at a relationship, I decided to give him another go. BAD MISTAKE! He hasn’t changed at all, and the physical is HORRIBLE STILL! I recently gave him the boot, and he won’t go away. I explained my feelings to this man, but he is resistant to reality. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this fool for good, before I really hurt his feelings.

  19. @aries/taurus
    that’s unusual for capricorn types.

  20. Aries/Taurus says:


    Well, then what shall I do?

  21. PiscesnTX says:

    @ Aries/Taurus
    it’s easy to get rid of anyone, if you really want to get rid of them. Please, if you are giving them something to hang on to, they will. For the case of a Cap Man, just publically embarrass him, tell him you dont respect him, tell him honestly there is no physical attraction. That should do it for good!

  22. or better, tell him you dont have a job.

  23. yike, right on says:

    yes, cap man will drop u if u r poor, got no job or has an unsatisfying job or if they see no good career future in u, he will run w/o even tell u why.

    tell him u lost yr job, are currently depressed and don’t want even to try to do anything.

  24. @aries/taurus I have the same problem.The only difference is that I love my Cap, but because he doesn’t want to commit right now. So I want him to leave me alone.I’ve tried everything, but I don’t want to be cruel to him it’s not in my nature. My aunt went to see a psychic about her own husband, and my aunt asked was there anything her immediate family should know & the lady told her that he really is stalking me. Crazy right?lol

  25. Im an aquarius. Broken it off with my cap at least 4 million times,lol. But we always get back together. I love him with all my heart,and he’s my bestfriend. The sex is amazing. However we fight ALL the time. As an aquarius…..I cant deal with his moodiness. I mean,Ive never met anyone that has mood swings like him. Loving someone who is always “the glass is half empty” is exhausting. BUT he is my bestfriend in the whole world!! So neither one of us can get over the other. We have talked over and over again about how we cant make it work and we have to move on…..but it never works. I have no idea how to make this break up stick. But I also have no idea how to move on either,lol. How in the world could an aquarius and Cap fall in love???

    We want to be friends but we both get too jealous at the idea of each other dating other people. ( we both have scorpio mars )
    So then we just dont date other people,arent together,are broken up,but talk everyday! We even say I love u every time we talk.WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???!!!

    We cant be together cuz we argue too damn much. Can someone either tell me how to really break up with a CAp,OR how to make it less volatile and work it out???

    Im really confused…….

  26. VirgoWoman says:


    Agree to make a clean break for 30 days. No calls, no texts, no emails, no nothing. That will let both of you think about whether you REALLY want to be together, or if the fighting is just not worth it. Set up your next date for the end of March at a neutral location, like a coffee house or restaraunt you haven’t been to before. Come to some agreement whether it’s ok or not to accept dates with other people during the time off.

    You’ll probably both have days where you miss each other terribly and days when you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Journal your feelings by blogging here or just keep a notebook/diary. Figure out areas where you can bend to his way…and he needs to figure out areas where he needs to bend to yours. When you meet in 30 days, you should both have a list of things that must change…what you NEED from him and what he NEEDS from you.

    If you two decide to get back together as more than friends, then you both have to realize that it takes two people to fight, it takes two people to compromise, and/or it takes two people to build a fabulous relationship. The choice is up to you both to create or destroy the world you share as a couple.

    Good luck! btw…my Cap was unable to compromise with me on the slightest issue. He broke off with me last Saturday. Everything does happen for a reason. 😉

  27. NameNotGiven says:

    Hahaha I’m a Capricorn and I found this absolutely preposterous. I respect no one man that doesn’t have the balls to say it to my face.

  28. Aquarius_N says:

    im also an aquarius girl with and Capricorn guy and i totally understand. i love him to death and we have really dumb arguments. I need the passion and self expression from him, and he needs me to be logical all the time, which really isnt me. I am a go where the wind takes me kind of girl and not needing there to be a reason for everything.

    i actually see how the power point would really work because if i tried to break up with him and it sounded completely crazy to him, he would just get really mad because i had no basis to why im breaking up with.

    it i wrote out exactly why i am breaking up with him, and wrote it down, and made it extremely logical and not too much of feelings, he would understand.

    other than that, we have gotten very good at communicating and compromising with each other. he now understands that he has to be understanding and loving, and i learned that i really need to think before i speak and speak rationally so that i can be understood.
    It’s not easy, but we have learned so much from each other and have created a good balance.

  29. to everyone …… thats sounds like a cap man to me some are clingy an just wont go away…………. cap men likes what they cant have an the fact she gave him the boot it turned him on to what he could nt have anymore……next…….. cap girl an cap chick that is so true just be honest with us an we will sure nuff leave you alone…….. an for jeffery all the way at the top there your just the stupid cap there talking about……………. cap men are so full of them self to take in whats being said that why it explain how to go about doing it so you would have a clear understand of what im doing cause when we tell it to you start you dont seem to get it so we would have to write that presentation a show you an the place you be the most which is work even if your co workers laugh at ya we sure nough get our point across an all there is to say is GOODBYE like it said………..

  30. Okay, here’s the honest deal. Every sign has their group of crazies. Actually, we’re all human beings before we are star signs, so our crazies exist no matter what. As a Capricorn male, I am almost shocked to hear that we Cap man are stalkers and clingers. I will openly admit to the clinger part because of a girl I dated and I called her every night to say good night. We didn’t talk much except the one night she would come over and stay for three hours. I guess she had enough and broke it off with me. I was accused of stalking this chick and I avoided her at all cost. It drove me nuts to the point of panic attacks. I was hurt like every innocent man who believe that he finally found someone for him. Believe me, we as human beings are crazy by nature, not by star sign. Star signs just shared psychological traits, but they are interesting. Judge a man as a man. There are good kinds of people no matter what star sign they are.

  31. lol mr vain…… if your a clinger…… you have the stalk ability.. you just dont know it yet…….. clinging is an way to say your a stalker go away…. sorry but from experience with a cap dude. suck it up an move on….. some caps are to full of them self to see what there doing wrong an i truly respect you for being honest…..

  32. excuse me, but did you call ‘mr. vain’. i hope that is just a typo because i am no where near vain. i have sucked it up and moved on some time ago. i don’t mean to be rude, but did you read carefully what i posted – i was accused of stalking, but i was no where near her. i stayed away from her after we broke up. i was hurt by the accusation. anyone would be if you truly cared for someone and in turn you were disrespected by someone’s lies. i have forgiven myself for being so naive and i have forgiven her for all the lies she told. by the way, i learned sometime ago to be confident by faith. the only thing i want to and will be filled with is love and happiness.

  33. i had a complete opposite situation though. i am a Cap and my ex-husband is Aquarius. i loved him to death as well, but had to let it go. we did argue all the time over unimportant things and it was mostly his fault that he admitted himself as well. we broke up and made up a billion of times. both always by my initiative and it seemed like he was really unhappy about breaking up, but only happy for 2 days about making up and then it all started over again. i always had a feeling that he doesn’t love me, which seems to be common when speaking about Aquarius. but in our couple i was the one cheerful and talking all the time, making up and so on. and he was reeealy quiet and depressed. he could just not talk to me AT ALL(and i mean it!!) for weeks, even though it was his fault we had an argument.he would never say sorry. he always had “u can move out if you want” attitude, but when i did move out he kept reappearing from time to time in my life saying that he can’t live without me and then he would disappear again for months. i had to cut him off completely,he new how much i loved him and it was like a torture to me..

    does anyone have any explanation why everything was so different in our situation?? as it seems like Caps are normally moody and Aquarius are meant to be cheerful?? :))

  34. i just think its experience. you’d developed openness being a capricorn and that’s hard. he might have been restricted from sharing his feelings from past experiences or he felt like he didn’t need to say anything.

  35. All testimonies sound familiar between other signs. I think patience and understanding are important factors. Both come with age and maturity. And also lots of prayers are needed above all else. Argument over silly things are common and is destructive. Mama always says, “if your partner is shooting fire, have the wisdom to shoot water at him.” Silence is as much a wisdom as patience when there is tension in a relationship. Of course lying and cheating are a different matter. These 2 call for instant ending. Broken trust, bad. Abuse in any form towards each other also is different. Pride and ego, these 2 are destroyers. Often times it is a challenge to strike a balance to maintain a healthy lasting relationship. Funny that many say cap men are cold. I find this cap man courting me to be sensitive, yet distant, deeply feeling, but hides to maintain balance, the most lovely when he learned to trust, he has a lot of fear that I approach tenderly. It requires a great special deal to sense the subtle delicate emotions of a cap man. I find the distant cold layer to be a wrapping of protection, which can only be unwrapped with utmost tenderness and love – I find. Mind you, he has expressed “I’m ready for you, for love,” after about a month an a half of courting me, after I told him I prayed for a husband not a sex partner. He addresses me as “sweetheart” “my love” “darling” and is quite playful and flirtatious in private. Proper in public. Of course he is in his late 40’s. Win a mature capricorn man’s trust and love with utmost tenderness and love he can feel safe with. Do not argue. Be proper like a real lady in public. Be firm in principled beliefs. Act accordingly. Say “I love you” when we can act on it. But all signs need and long for the aforementioned, yes…? Indeed. Best wishes -Ara

  36. @ Aquagirl:

    Darling, sounds like you and cap need to compromise. Spend some time apart. Not talk everyday. Think what it is that make you both argue. No need to argue all the time honey. Some comments just need to let roll off like water rolling off a duck’s back. Don’t analyze too much. Laugh and smile more than argue and be angry. Flirt and play with your honey more than argue. Caress his face, his inner thigh, the back of his knee. Lovingly and tenderly gaze into his eyes when talking. Run your fingers softly through his hair. Your cap might enjoy it. Give him 1000 tender kisses when you’re with him. Tell him you find him most handsome and mean it. It makes love grow strong. Best wishes -Ara

  37. Smiles @ Camille Floyd and Vann…

    Gives Olga a loving hug… Everything will be alright… Someone up there is watching lovingly…


  38. Discussions sometimes lead to arguements. Just stay at discussion level and bond. Here’s some advice:

  39. I’m Capricorn and I like honesty. Just tell me straight. It will hurt like hell and I may retreat for several months, but I prefer the truth, or I’ll hate you forever 🙂

  40. I’d say I have to agree with the further ones above dealing with the stalker CAP men! Except in my case, I am a Gemini woman with an ARIES. My aries man has his Capricorn ex on his back harrrrd! She will not let go of him! It’s like she’s making it a lifelong project & feels like she has the ability to win him back everytime. I certainly associate that with desperation, esp. knowing before me & my man got together SHE was the one doing allll the chasing. He broke up with her 3 times. The last time to my knowledge SHE went to spend christmas with him, SHE made sure no girl was around him & looked for him for a New Year’s kiss. & then on top of that she drove out of her way into a different city for HER birthday to be just with him, even though he was busy & didn’t get noo nookie ;). sucka lol it’s ridiculous, you would think if it’s your birthday & he really likes you he would go to you– i mean it is YOUR birthday, or spend it with your friends or something. Haha as stated way above i agree, don’t give them something to hold onto. IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM, BREAK IT OFF COMPLETELY. I don’t see IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM. Have a clean break, don’t be friends with them, don’t talk to them, don’t associate with them, otherwise you’re just feeding into their schemes to get you back & make you realize they hold some importance in your life & you need them or you’ll start having feelings for them again.
    Funny though, seems like she always wants to win & now that we’ve been together for about 10 months she has a passionate hatred towards me. How can I make this girl leave my man Alone!?!??

  41. Well I am a new member. I signed up because I had read a conversation going back and forth with you gals and your Cap…..then I read something from blakgoat (he’s a Cap) and like what he has to say. I am trying to find that conversation because I wanted to respond to blakgoats comment.
    If I find it I will comment. Ladies, and I too have gone through many of the things you all are saying. This Cap man is ridiculous, drives me crazy. I finally am convinced that he is the one that plays game (mind games) and confuses the hell out of me.
    blakgoat thanks for being a member and giving us girls advice/inside info on Cap men. Hope you stay. I would like to continue to hear what you say.

  42. I’ve been with a cap man for 12 years now, had both his daughters and nothing has changed. I still am not seen as an equal, get disrespected, and generally “picked on”. He is 10 years older than me, and I just turned 30. This is the year I take back my life, and remove him from it – I just need to know how. I need to find a way to keep s**t resonable, because I will still have to see him every other weekend for his turn w/ the kids. We aren’t married (not that I wanna be his wifey), but we live w/ his parents (cap dad and sag mom- 3 days from a cap herself). I,m stuck under a rock, a hard place, and some dead weight. Once I leave the drama will still follow me, and I’m kinda scared. They won’t let me take my kids and leave peacefully. I’ve let him know that we don’t see eye to eye ( not like we ever did in the 1st place), but I don’t know how to express that ‘I give up and would rather be happy alone than miserable with him”. Despite ALL the H*LL he has put me through I don’t wanna hurt him, but will probably have to squash his feelings and emotions like a bug in order to leave. Any cap men out there that I help me to know what to do?

  43. You are better off with the GOAT you know than the DEVIL you don’t.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  44. The cap guy I dated…:

    took him 1 month to ask me out on a proper date (he was text messaging for 1 month)

    took him 2.5 months of dating to officially ask me out ot be his girlfiriend

    {we officially dated for 1 month}

    I discovered he was seeing prostitutes, did drugs, had a terrible smoking habit (i didn’t know this until when we were official for a month) and then I asked for a break-up. He said “okay, I respect your decision” but text messaged and called me non-stop to persuade me to give him a second chance. He was never the romantic type but after I asked for the break-up, he actually compiled an album for me and uploaded them into an ipod? I was moved but tried to be strong and told him “no thank you” politely. Many times he wanted to meet but I tried my best to be strong and not budge… I did not drop him completely, just tried to be courteous as a friend…. and…

    took him 1 month to try to convince me to get back together then give up~ now he stopped contacting me~ and there was no mean words being exchanged~ it’s like as if we never dated…. kinda sad but quite a relief too?

  45. yeah well one thing not to do is to just “stop talking” to us.. especially when were trying to show emotion. because we will murder yo ass!!!

  46. Well, I am scared of cap’s. Something wrong with you people… Even the rotveiler doesn’t fully trust my girlfriend when she puts his food out. Just kind of stares at me like… “you saw her take it from the bag right?…” There is some strange things about my girl, she would just think that the neighbours should be quiet and… suddenly they are. She has a temper… oh can she stare!… then comes the silence followed by the red face and short breathed sentences.

    Anyone know of any good life insurance… she just watched me type this… yeah

  47. AriesWoman says:

    I try to leave my capricorn man every week. Hes getting feed up with it. today I simply broke it off again because there is a sick feeling i get when we r together. I dont feel like we are really close like i have in other relationships. I find myself mean to him because i feel like he is mean to me. hed never come rub my face look me in the eyes and tell me he loves me. he tells me he loves me but it’s like the word comming out of his mouth come with no touch or eye contact or emotion ….Akward!!!!! heheheheheh
    I thought that I could make this work. but i dont feel loved at all, ugh! I have to do all the work. everything is on me. i tell him how I feel and he pretty much turns and twist my words. I never meet someone like this.
    SEX he cant get it up with me anymore. he says its age……bullshit!!!! he ant into me hes a two min man every fucking morning. We only have sex when he wants it (WTF). who plans sex ? he a two min man because he dont care to plz me. limp dick because theres probly some other trick he thinking about. all he does is text message all the time.. i read them one night. what i read really hurt.

    it just an unfair realtionship

  48. Lady Aries says:

    Well well well… I am relieved to have found this tread. The description of my recent encounter with a Cap Man is uncanny! ! ! He’s self absorbed, talks on forever, without letting you have a word in edgewise. When he’s nice he’s a king that treats me like a queen. Then out of no where… BAMM! ! Crazy wrathful anger for the oddest reasons, then the apology is laced with reasons why he wasn’t wrong. Constantly picking at my faults while expressing that he’s only human but an outstanding human being. Still, Im captivated and drawn to him. I don’t know why. I’m not a masochist, I don’t like the emotional drainage, why can’t I help myself ? Why do I still really like him?! I told him it’s best if we not see each other anymore. I was nice with my reasons why. He wouldn’t talk by phone so I had to text this to him. He replied in an angry, ruthless, mercilous manner… Then called me crazy (go figure) and that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. Then kept text rude messages. If he doesn’t want to be bothered with me why keep texting? I say all this to say – for some odd reason i still like and want him. If he ever wants to get back together I feel helpless against his charm. It’s the ‘pet the dog – beat the dog’ syndrome. Argh! 🙁

  49. AriesMisses says:

    So I have a terrible history with Capricorns… And I promise you I attract them like a moth to a light. And everytime it never works out. This last time, Ive been dating my current cap for a year, I tried to break up with him for 3 months and during that entire 3 months, he texted me, emailed me, and would message me on all social media. At first it was sad because he begged and pleaded and told me how much he cared and how much he loved me, then after that he began to curse me out, tell me how insecure he thought I was and then started posting pictures of me on his facebook page calling me a liar and a whore, to remind you I never cheated on him or gave him any reason to feel that way about me. I broke up with him because he wasnt spending time with me, he stopped having sex with me and he was always depressed and stressing over school work. To remind you he lost his job while we were together and I stayed by his side. He’s always jealous and paranoid, and even made a fake instagram page just to stalk me. I wouldnt mind if he actually had a instagram and followed me, but creating one just to see what im posting and who comments is creepy. Then on the other end he’s constantly friending females on facebook that he doesnt know. Sounds crazy right?

    Today he started an argument with me because I went out with my girls last night and he felt like he wasnt invited even though he had spoke to me earlier in the day and told me he was busy and was stressed out over work. And didnt call me back after that. Then called me the next day cursing at me and calling me a liar. Then picked another fight because a guy left me a comment on one of my pics asking when would he see me again, I tried to explain to my bf who he was and he continued to yell at me calling me a liar. Then hung up the phone on me and told me he was going to a club to celebrate his birthday, and his birthday is in January… we’re in march….

  50. am cappi
    hey guyz the only thing i wait to see in a woman,is humbleness…but most women have pride and they can’t just see filled with telerbytes of love and care but before i give it..i wanna get ride of the pride in you,it’s like my happiness/love depends on how happy or how much loved you feel…i feel good because you feel good i love you because you love me..your affections reflect in can’t get what you do not have with a cappie and think most of those who appreciate cappies love them very much..if you give me love i do not use it for my own i take it,spice it up then give it back to you.we gat some much love to give so u av to be tested first and to pass you will have to be humble…as for stalking? i really do not care wether a girl stays or not ..have understanding besides she becomes ordinary the moment she can’t hundle me ppssh those capps who stalk need spiritual help!

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