How a Sagittarius woman can seduce her Scorpio man

Sag and Scorpio sit right next to each other in the zodiac, and astrological neighbors don’t have much in common. Sex may be sport to Sag, but for Scorpio it is serious business. Sex is the pathway to intimacy for Scorpio. It has emotional meaning, and is not, as for Sag, just another adventure.

“That which happens behind closed doors” is Scorpio’s realm. The dirty secrets, the stains, all the stuff we don’t want our neighbors to know about. How can the Sagittarius woman possibly understand, when she is out in the world, drawing inspiration from travels or lofty tomes? She doesn’t spend time in the dark.

Sag’s planetary ruler Jupiter (Zeus) is god of the sky, living on Mount Olympus. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto (Hades) is lord of the underworld. You can’t get much further apart that that! However, these two planets do have one thing in common: wealth.

What riches can be mined in the sexual encounter? If Scorpio can be seduced by bounty, then Sag may be in luck. The Sagittarius woman can see the opportunities in the sexual encounter, and offers such a large number of options that surely, for the Scorpio man, something’s there for the pickin’.

Comment below: Sag women, share your experience with Scorpio men!

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  1. @fire sign,

    you will need that moxy to deal with him. his games will never end and they will get more and more personal. but hes a fool in love and this is the only way he can express it. its not his fault. hes just a scared little boy in love. So what do you do?

    1.) show him the good life, but not too much…gotta keep it wanting more
    2.) dress to impress
    3.) With the games, choose your battles. react when you feel its worth it. ignore when its just plain stupid. he will go nuts and ou will have him. if you want him that is…

    they are worth it but you gotta do your homework..those dudes got secrets.

    so what has been going on?

  2. If you just in it for the shag walk away 1 if you want variety head fucks lust passion stalker mentality! and commitment .. then hold your corner!! he wants to test your resolve! for me its easy im water! so i get it all and feel the vibe when they are really angry or just playin….

  3. @fire sign

    I see the BS a mile away with my Scorpio Man and I do’t have a problem walking away although it hurts. Life is too short for the games and minipulation.

    *keep seeing through it because thats all it is. he has a tough exterior but hes a softee. a scared little boy who can be the most vile and manipulative beast that you have ever met.

  4. if you like him, dont take any of his crap… him but keep him respectful

  5. Fire Sign says:

    sag 24/7

    Wow u are so right… these scorpio dudes do have secrets….

  6. Fire Sign says:

    @ Sag 24/7

    I noticed he loves it when I keep his butt in check.

    I also feel like he has this “Playa” type vibe going on. Which drives me insane !

  7. yes, it show thats your care when you get a little possesive. its a turn on.

    What is his moon sign?

    mine 2, but the mind can play tricks on you when you are vulnerable. always go with your gut

  8. Fire Sign says:

    I have no idea what his moon sign is… His B day is Nov 21.

    I did something bad… I snooped now I feel awful.

  9. cant be that bad. i had a 3some and he found out about it….lol

  10. do you have his year and place of birth?

  11. Fire Sign says:

    oh dam no its not that bad lol…. But I found out he has playa ways… His Birthday is Nov. 21, 1968 he was Born in New York…we were actually born in the same Hospital Kings County in Brooklyn.

  12. Fire Sign says:

    I actaully told him about the 3 sum I had in the past and when he got pissed off at me for snooping he threw it in my face…Don’t get why he would do that.

  13. because he doesnt want anyone to know any of his secrets. good job, i found out secrets about mine 2

  14. Im a 30th Oct Scorp male with a 12th Nov Sag female, i find that she understands me the most, compared to so many other people.

  15. Blacksheep…Nov 12th is Scorpio. Maybe thats why she understands you.

  16. @Mia

    My bad its meant to be 12th Dec

  17. The only way you can SEDUCE a Scorpio is through SEX.!!!

    Scorpio rules the GENITALS so use your IMAGINATION.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  18. @karissa15

    Thats not exactly true, im 19 and i have things which i find it more important than sex, every person is different

  19. Hi Blacky Sheep,

    It’s different strokes for different folks but when it comes to Scorpios you can’t
    deny that SEX RULES and DOMINATES because to Scorpio SEX is POWER.!!!

    And that is a FACT and that is how they CONNECT.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  20. curious757 says:

    why are alot of scorpio men attracted to sagittarius and gemini women? it must be that mutability axis. weird.

  21. Hi. I’m a Scoprio.

    What attracts me to Sagittarius women is the fact that the two of us are so different. Although we may be different, there are many more grounds than just wealth which I find intriguing about them. Not all people are the same, regardless of their Zodiac sign however, and each scenario will be different between two people of course. In my case, the Sag girl I’m captivated by is so captivating because she presents a challenge. To me she represents refinement and success. I don’t mean that I would achieve those things myself by getting into an official relationship with her. It’s not a battle to be won, and relished in. It’s about knowledge and learning. A continual progression of growth. We are both opposites, but there are grounds for connection. Bridges which have never been built, but cliffs that are close enough to construct them on. That is what is so compelling about Sagi’s to me, or the girl I’m referring to. Myself personally, I regard my freedom with extreme importance and as I understand it, Sagi’s do as well. I don’t consider sex an act of dominance so far as it can be fun in foreplay ha. Thats it though, it shouldn’t be precursor to any kind of revenge later on to get an upper hand in a game of dominance. Thats just a pointless game and you need to understand that Scorpios will not try to ‘dominate’ you in a masochistic way… I think that we just feel compelled to do things in ways which we feel by gut feeling would be best, and then we stubbornly hold onto that desire, whether it may seem like such an exponentially stupid thing to be stubborn about or not. We are passionate people.. Albeit blindly sometimes. Again, theres a lot of self reflection thats involved, and processes of refining yourself to be better that follows with learning from one another. In my case I’ve disregarded my pride because It is only something that holds me back and I’ve learned to be much more care free, simply by observing what she has, and what I lack. That, along with having more trust and not relying on it so much.

    The reason that there are so many articles which give accounts of peoples bad experiences for this pair, and which say the pair is bound to fail, is because people don’t understand that this pair is something you have to regard as a challenging endeavor of the mind and even spirit, if you want to go that far. It’s all about learning and growth. The people who gave those bad spins on the two signs, In my opinion, were simply not up for the experience.

    To answer the main question here, present yourself as a challenge. Don’t regard doing this as something which will put you on a pedestal as a prize to be won. If this scorpio that you are after is intelligent enough, and has some understanding of himself and of what is best for himself, and you, he will try in every possible way to refine himself and better himself enough to where he first feels ready to even approach you, (all of this being precursor as he will feel he needs to be perfect himself before he can even be around you,) and then he will try and try in every way he can think of to find a way to express himself to you in a way which is not overbearing, and not too serious (which is against our nature) and show you that he is willing and able to be yours, and to make sacrifices on his part to make things work between the two of you, even to an exhaustive extent which I honestly don’t think anyone else could understand. If he is doing things right, and isnt just in it for how sexy I’m sure you are, he wont simply try to ‘win’ you and put you on a shelf. That would be wrong in any relationship anyways.

    In that sense, you need to understand that you can’t just want this person because of good looks. This person will dedicate everything they are and all they do to be inclusive of you and your opinions because you will be that important to them. They will never tell you all of this, but believe me its what will happen if he is captivated enough by you.

    Again, in that sense, if you truly want to be with this person you will always have someone there for you. I can’t even explain it. The amount self growth a scorpio will put himself through (I dont know if it is the same for Scorpio women) That growth and the time spent during it will be too important to them to ever give up and be disloyal to you. If they have such a state of mind about them, to where they have understood your needs well enough, your personal freedom wont be endangered. You have to understand though, that here and there you will have to reassure this person and let him know that youre still interested, lest all the work and personal progress that has hopefully (if this person is really in it for the right reasons with you) the personal progress he tried to achieve will start to feel wasted. And time, is a valuable thing.

    Its complicated.. lol.
    Its why Most to every Scoprio will never talk about much to people who they dont trust. Those people just wont listen.

    It needs to be said though, for the sake of more of these pairs being successful.

    If this pair is intelligent about the way they go about things, and the way they regard each other in forming a strong bond between each other, it can become a relationship of such jovial captivation that no other pair in the zodiac can ever hope to match it. You can roll your eyes but its a fact. A Fact.

    Just be yourself. Naturally Sagi’s are already captivating enough to Scorpios without any extra effort on their part. We are opposites in many ways, after all. And of course, it goes without saying that Sag girls are sexy as hell. 😉

    Just have fun with it and dive in 🙂

    Hope this helps you and many others out!

  22. Fleursdumal says:


    Your post was such a delightful read. As a Sag, I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, not all Scorps think like you…but then, they probably came into my life for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, growth and evolution are part of my mantra and yes, this pairing has enormous, insufficiently explored potential. We are not so different as one might generally think. Neighbors in the zodiac, at least IMO, are the next step on the evolutionary scale that is the zodiac wheel. But yeah, a challenge it is and a sweet and rewarding one, as long as the partner has the same mantra.

  23. sag-girl! says:

    I’m an 18 year old Sag with a 28 year old Scorpio. And let me tell you this…the moment we met there were sparks like never before. I can’t describe this deep attraction that is just beyond the physical and sexual aspects of attraction….it’s crazy! The sex, wow…mind blowing un-be-liev-a-BLE! But let me tell you this, he is very possesive to the point it can be a bit suffocating so SAG females: you really need to keep your Scorpio in check and be as SOFTLY direct with your feelings as possible because he may have a tough exterior but he is super sensitive! Which I found out he loves it when I keep him in check for some reason. And what a sweetheart Scorpios are, They make you feel loved, take care of you, and never leave your side when life gets you down! He is always doing the most romantic things for me, and let’s just say, I feel me being so free-spirited and adventurous and blunt I DON’T DESERVE IT because simply I’m not used to having someone cater to my needs…to the point where he squeezes me so I tight I can barely breathe. BUT I LOVE IT. He tells me that I carry myself well and have a firey sexy outgoing and direct personality he can’t resist. We have a strong bond, and when we fight we have learned that things need to be talked about immediately because scorpio tends to hold thngs in that bother him and bring them up and throw them in your face later. Now that used to piss me off beyind belief and caused me but like I said you need to keep scorpio man in check so he can keep up with your firey pace. I love my Scorpio, and I couldn’t be happier.

  24. SagBaby says:

    I’m a Sag who’s had a relationship with a Scorpio. Three words OMG. I have never had such a relationship. Infact I would call it the most messed up dirty yet hot love u could think of. I have never met anyone like this guy. That was almost 5 years ago and I can’t seem to leave him alone. We dated for a year plus in the beginning then broke up and we keep coming back to each other. The sex is off the chain. I feel that I can fly my freak flag and not be judged for it, in fact he’ll embrace it. I’ve given this relationship another shot, a serious one this time, and I hope it works out. I’m willing to fight for it now.

  25. Kia1986 says:

    I am a sag women that is deeply in love with an Scorpio . One minute he wants to be with me next minute he doesn’t. It’s so confusing and I’m starting to hate him for playing with my feelings…he know I love him and would do anything for him. Lately he would tell we will have sex soon…but it’s always on his time..I wanna spending the rest of my life with him but he keeps playing with my emotions ,heart and feelings. I can’t do this much longer. I never been thru anything like this with a guy.!!!help me please

  26. Hi Kia 1986

    You need to help yourself by putting an end to this fiasco of a relationship which
    is on his terms and he is just stringing you along and who knows for how long
    unless you change your attitude toward him by gaining a new perspective and
    approach in dealing with his “Mind Games and Bullshit” by showing him that they
    are no longer acceptable and you are no longer interested in wasting your valuable
    time with a LOSER.!!!

    Be Smart by taking action and always keep smiling. Taurus

  27. Browniesag says:

    K so am a sag born dec 10, and the guy I really super like us a scorpio..
    K so I met him thru my bestfriend but at first I thought he liked another friend if mine whose also a sagitarius but turned out he liked me btr..
    The problem is he has a gf but I can tell he likes me way btr Dan her cause he tell me all the time , I could swear there was an instant attraction when we first met there was just something about him that makes me just want to be with him all the time every time .. dont know what to do do cause I can’t stay away from him trust me I tried, but I think I love him.. but I don’t wanna be a bitch either cause he has a gf..
    Please help me…
    K sensible advice please..

  28. Hi Browniesag

    So you have an instant attraction, you think you love him and you want him.!!!

    If he was married I would say stay clear and do not cause trouble where it is
    not needed and look for someone whom does not come with a label which
    clearly indicates that he is taken and you need to respect that regardless of
    of your feelings and what may have transpired between you.???

    In this situation I would have to say that “A Girlfriend is Not Written in Stone”
    she is just a Girlfriend and anything can and probably will happen before they
    reach stability in the relationship which will exclude potential outsiders whom
    may very well become something more meaningful or significant others whom
    will change the course of the relationship of the people involved.

    Actions Speak Far Louder than Words and this is what you need to pay attention
    to my dear because it is up to him to choose whom he likes or prefers and you
    need to make sure that it is you he really wants and he is not stringing you along
    just to boost and inflate his “EGO” by having two Girls cheering for him and his
    attentions. So sit back and let him do all the walking and the talking and see where
    this scenario will lead.???

    Good Luck and always keep smiling. Taurus

  29. I’ma Sag woman and all i have to say is do not fall in love witg a Scorpio man before he falls in love with you…

    From a woman scorned….

  30. sag dating scopio says:

    Im a sag dating this scorpio and let me tell you this man is very controlling and jealous. He is sexy as hell but I dont think I can put up with his controlling ways. I only want to be controlled in the bedroom but he seems to want to take it outside the bedroom and make it a daily routine and I aint with that bull shit. But then again he so sweet he compliments me tells me Im sexy Im his baby cakes he wana spoil me and be with me and bla bla this and bla bla that and that shit is all fine and dandy but he to controlling. Im fenna kick his ass to the side if he dont change his ways. Im not tryna change him Ima let him change for the better but Im not gone wait to long. I think sags and scorpios are instantely attracted to each other because everything about us is just so sensual and we’re sexy ppl the way we talk act how we dress so of course sags and scorpios gone come together on that level. But other than that its a challenge. Everytime I say some he get mad because shit Im just a playful creature he always serious 24/7. And also growing up my dad was a scorpio and my mom was a gemini and let me tell you he was so controlling and possesive and jealous that he used to take the keys from my mom, wouldnt let her drive and tried to beat on her. Of course she left with me and my brother but of course they got together again and tried to work it out broke up and got back together but it just didnt work out. Scorpios need a weak kinda zodiac sign that likes to be controlled because sag and gemini we not with it because we like our freedom. Scoprio dont get with a woman that likes freedom find a zodiac who gone be clingy with yo ass. But now few years later my mom is with a virgo man and their relationship is working even though they are not compatible and im happy for her of course. Scorpio’s youre pyscho.

  31. saggy021284 says:

    I’m a sag but attracted to a Scorpio and want to tell him but we have a gd friendship only he’s got a gf which I find is even more intriguing to me as I know I can’t have him but we have some many things in common it’s unbelievable but he’s not sure about how his relationship is going to go with the girl he’s with and just need a bit of advice on what to do we’ve allowed agreed we can’t have a night out together coz things lead to where they shouldn’t do plz can someone help me

  32. Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp says:

    I am head over hills in love with a Scorpio man. I never know how to take him. Slowly, he is opening up to me more and more, but then he pulls back. He asked me to give him time. What does this mean? Confused Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp woman.

  33. Hi, I’m a sag lady, I just want to thank everyone for all the advice I have read about scorps on here. I met a scorp at a gig over a year ago, I don’t recall meeting but he does, anyhow I was in a relationship at the time, we broke up 9 months ago, scorp and I were also Facebook friends and eventually he messaged me. We often chatted about random stuff and eventually met up (we live close to each other) just as friends and I wasn’t sure I even liked him! Anyhow we went to gigs etc as friends, and I fell for him totally! It took a while to get intimate, he did all the things it says scorps do, we date, then he withdraws, no contact, threw me totally?! He mentioned that he’s a scorp (I’m not usually into astrology) but anyhow I looked up all their traits and other stuff… (Mind blown) it was him down to a tee!!!! The withdrawing and lack of contact for few days, the tests, the
    Depth of his emotions which he keeps hidden, the secrecy ( I am still finding out amazing things about him which make me fall harder!!) the piercing stare, the mindblowingly incredible intense and beautiful passionate sex …unbelievable!! Anyhow I read everything I could find on the net about them, and have absorbed advice such as how to behave around them, what to say to them and not say to them.. Etc . I have to say, I’m totally in love, I don’t care about scorp being possessive and intense in love, I’ve had enough idiots in my life who don’t care for me, I’m ready for that all consuming love and I’m prepared to love back just as intensely. I want this one to be my last and forever relationship. He is so deep, passionate, compassionate, incredibly good looking, intellectual, sexy and intense, unlike anyone I have ever met!! From what I read, I also think he’s in love with me (although I gather it may be hard for him to say) he expresses it in his actions and tenderness towards me. He has also introduced me to his closest friends and entire family!! he is 33 and he has never taken a girlfriend to meet his family (his aunt told me that!) Thank you all, especially you scorpios for giving me an insight into scorps psyche. I’m TRULY in love. X

  34. Corina Annetta
    I’m a sag woman and Me and this Scorpio guy have been friends with benefits for almost 3 years. It’s been a crazy ride because I caught feelings for some time but I over time learned to let them go. I’ve started talking to someone new and i just found out the other night that he was too. He started mad caking with this girl right in front of me, I’m happy I let go of my feelings for him! But literally hours later we were having sex for an hour in the car. I look at him as only a friend now and I’m not sure if ever had feelings for me but I know he does care deeply about our friendship. In the past he used to come off as jealous at times but it was sort of hard to tell, he’d just blow up out of no where and argue with me so bad we’d stop talking for a month or more at a time. Made me feel like I was kind of in a relationship, which felt really stupid. But we learned a lot from each other

  35. sag1992 says:

    I’m a sag woman and I’m head over hills for this Scorpio guy… he’s so sexy its intoxicating. We meet thru his brother and the first time I hung with him it was a natural connection(we didntt do anything though) after that he was calling, texting me, making me laugh, just a sweetie pie. But he would ask ‘let’s hang tonight’, then I wouldn’t hear from him the rest of the night. Fast forward 6 months later we still text but he doesn’t text me like before…he sends kissy faces and tell me goodnight but I do believe its because he’s traveling and enjoying life. Which is fine, but I did express to him that I miss his vibe and presence. I feel like all I want out of this is SEX 🙁 lol he’s so sexy I can’t resist and I’m a patient girl I don’t let shit get to me but this is bothering me because I told him what I wanted out of this before but you think it would’ve happened by now. I feel like I’m being a sagg and being demanding and fiesty lol. He’s 2 years older then me and he kinda thru that in my face one time and ever since I just feel like whyyy am I even trying with a who doesn’t even like me, but then he always pops back up? Does he want to keep me trapped in a dark room and wait for him to come to me. I would love to make something work with him I just wish he would not play mind games. All I know once I’m over something I’m done, so I don’t want to hurt his feelings when he actually wants to be down with me and I don’t give him anytime or even look his way.

  36. It looks Like everyone has gone through fair nutty experiences with Scorpio men both good n bad, well me n my Scorpio man dated for a month and a half but Oh Lord, I have never felt loved n appreciated so much by a man without even fucking. Took me to the most exotic places, let me have it all but then left for Europe on a 3month project, still chatted n were really happy and all. After a month a half there he was like “I will be coming just to be with you for four days then go back” ahhh I got excited n got myself ready for my man. I have a tendency of sleeping whilst chatting and I did that with him too, and he would ask me that I left him hanging last night, was my night visitor around and I would boldly say yes until this morning at 7am, whilst I thought we were both referring to sleeping he was referring to another man. Lol……
    Anyway day before he was supposed to come I vanished leaving him online at night , following morning I received a text saying he wasn’t coming anymore coz, our relationship won’t establish seeing that we in two different countries/continents so thus he has decided not to visit.

    Wasn’t I hurt you guys, as much as I love my freedom n shit but for this man, I was pulling myself together n be home at all times the only thing I did wrong was to leave him hanging whilst chatting and he thought I had a man over.

    Today, we were chatting and he said, I need a woman I can trust not someone who have visitors stopping by at midnight so, me and u won’t work. I got hurt again….. long story you guys, but really he invented his stories in his head and that affected our relationship maybe coz of insecurities, I still long for him. He was such a keeper, romantic, lover, a bit old than me yes, but hoo how I loved him. Stories of Sags n Scorpios.

  37. sag female says:

    When I first seen the scorpio man we it was an instant attraction for us both. Sex amazing conversations amazing we were clicking. After a year this dude just drove me nuts always want to be with me then He didn’t. Like. Df is going on? Because I was younger than him he tried to tell me how to dress and how to act like no that’s your first mistake. They play to many mind games and want everything their way you ladies of any zodiac can have this one. They are fun as friends and lookup because I attract a lot of em but that’s it. Don’t fall in love just bang bang a few times keep it pusihing t they not relationship material. Just eye candy but I’m not scorned because as a sag woman I love my freedom and meeting different people so ima keep it moving knowing that nut is out of my life.

  38. Lmao

  39. Hey Chris

    I am a sagittarius woman and in Love with Scorpio man I have questions about how to get him back. Could you please help me if you could? Thank you.

  40. Sagittarius 11301984 says:

    I’m 31 sag of course and my scorpio is a few years younger than i. He is my best friend. We worked together and so we saw each other everyday. When we first met we would see each other in passing. As time went by we started to chat more. One day he asked me out to lunch and we had a long conversation all about me of course lol. Eventually he started to open up to me more and more as the days went by.
    After some time he was promoted and moved into the same exact office as me. Awesome for us both because I didn’t have to sneak downstairs to see him anymore!
    At this point we are talking all day everyday and thus gaining our titles as best friends. We shared so many stories and secrets. Moments and memories. I have never ever met someone so caring, loyal, and dependable! It was very clear that we both have deep feelings for one another and the sexual tension my gosh!
    Then out the blue our boss split everyone up, I was moved into a office downstairs and we were already like two peas in a pod, wherever I was he was too there, and visa versa. So now he would make sure he came to have lunch with me and we would make sure we saw one another through out the day.
    Then one day after lunch about a month ago I had gotten sick, my scorpio took my vitals and called 911, he took the ride with me to the hospital and STAYED THE ENTIRE TIME!!!
    He made sure that I was ok and never left my side, over the course of time I had started to have deeper feelings for him and why wouldn’t i, I mean he is only everything I’ve ever wanted and more!!!
    I love him and I enjoy being around him. We are different and yet the same. We have much in common and we truly care for one another.
    After my episode at work, two days later my contract ended. The next week we decided to take it to the next level and have sex. Omg I know we blew each other’s minds for sure and ever since we have been going at it like rabbits.
    Last week after a great night of mind blowing sex, we had a conversation and I told him how I gelt, mind you I’m divorced and he is in a relationship. He definitely was in shock and said he has a lot of thinking to do. Also that what he thought i would be in his life, knowing what he now knows, im much more qaulified to be in another position 😀
    I’m so nervous about what the outcome will be but either way he will always be my best friend!
    I just need to know what does that mean and what should I do?

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