Will the Virgo man commit?

Of course he will! Unless he has strong Aquarian or Sagittarian energies in his chart, your Virgo man is loyal, steadfast and true.

An earth sign, Virgo needs a predictable routine to feel comfortable. He’s not one to flit around from woman to woman (you know who you are, Gemini!). Virgo prides himself on being reliable, and will feel regret if he lets you down.

If your Virgo man is sitting on the fence, he is carefully deliberating whether this is the relationship for him. He needs to think things over carefully, and will likely over-analyze the workings of this partnership. He will find fault with you, for sure … but if he feels he can help you improve, your shortcomings are not a dealbreaker.

Only after careful scrutiny will he come to a decision. And if he wants in, he’s in all the way.

Comment below: Is there a Virgo out there with commitment problems?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Ok, I too dated a virgo man and in the beginning he was caring, loving and attentive but when we got used to each other his real side came out. A lot of the problems between us was his nitpicking, blame me for his own attitude, always right never wrong with a superior attitude, talks non stop but does not remember half he says, denies saying anything hurtful to the point where i felt i needed to carry a tape recorder to replay for him the things he says. The world revolves around him.

    I am convinced he suffered with some bi polar issues as it is just not normal behaviour.

  2. CancerLady says:


    WOW….I can 100% relate! My Virgo was EXACTLY the same way. At first he seemed very caring and gentle, then I moved in and his true colors showed. He became harsh and critical, was always right and I was always wrong. His superiority complex was disgusting. He also would shut down emotionally any time an issue arose between us….COLD AS ICE. If I had know his cruel ways from the beginning I never would have gotten involved.

  3. lessdistractedlibra says:

    Hi again everyone. Well, I just thought I would drop by and give an update on my new interactions with a virgo man…I’m a woman libra. Well, fortunately, lol, there is no resulting mud-slinging, self-pity, and victimization here. Usually, the result can be all of those things in the aftermath of libra woman/virgo man relationship. Or, so I’ve read online. Neither of us pushed things beyond breaking point and we are still very good friends. As for relationship, I convinced myself that virgo man was most suitable for me when it came to practicalities…good work ethic, devoted family man, caring, calm, etc., maybe, but somehow that just isn’t the way life goes. In life, you get what you need, not just what you want. I ended up getting back together with my ex-boyfriend, the aquarius! Things are moving in the direction of marriage now and I’m relieved. I’m not going to pretend everything is all perfect and we get along better than pigs in slop, because that’s never the case. I cant say that it had everything to do with compatibility either. Even though he’s an aquarius, we are not very compatible in the way of our signs. He is also a monkey and I’m a snake, we’re both the first siblings in our families, and he has brothers while I have all sisters. Yet, once we manage our inner control freaks, we are great…we feel responsible for each other and we depend on each other. The best advice I can give here is waste time on someone who can offer you more good than bad and who compliments you both mentally AND emotionally, as well as physically. You will know, when the most difficult situation arises and you don’t have to swim an ocean to find him or her (mentally, emotionally, and physically). When you are both living right in the same world and dont mind doing so.:)

  4. Cancerlady says:

    I’m married to a Virgo man whom I’ve known for about 14 years. I first met him when he was 16 years old (I’m 2 yrs older) and he was shy and didn’t tell me he was interested. I was later told by mutual friends. I didn’t even know he noticed me, although I did see him, he wasn’t my type at the time (I loved thugs). He was cute though. Anyway we talked on and off for about a year, but nothing came out of it….fast forward 10 yrs, we start back dating, get hot and heavy fast…I got pregant within 3 months of us being together and we were engaged within 9 months and married a year and 2 months after getting back together. He made me fall for him hard, and yes he changed….we both did…I don’t know if it was the marriage and kids or what…but he definitely is more confident (not as possessive) and less lovey dovey, which being a Cancer we love. He is more into raising the children right and keeping the house up and things like that. Which I can’t complain…I just wish he was more into me like he was when we first got back together 4 yrs ago. I would say he’s a nagger and complainer, but loves to clean and spend time with me and the kids…he is definitely a homebody like me…so unless he is at work 99% of the time we are all together..one big happy family. Our 3 yr wedding anniversary is coming up…guess I’ll have to drop some hints that I’m looking for some romance……..

  5. trouble and confusion? says:

    What I’ve learned over the past six months (and I’ve learned quite some bit), is that if the Virgo is a commitment phobe, the most important thing is to be the friend to your guy he’d feel comfortable with. I had to battle my jealousy whenever he met up with another girl he was friends with and finally realize that all this bitterness was not going to help me get closer with my Virgo, but vice versa. As for the tests… I really don’t know much about those, perhaps it’s not really something that would make a difference in our relationship and frankly I don’t think it matters in the end in general. You really need to act as a friend and not freak out over small things, give him some space, because I can quarantee you, a little longing goes a long way. I’m closer with my guy now more than ever. It’s wonderful.

  6. Hey Everyone,

    This information is great!!! I am sort-of seeing, or maybe not seeing a Virgo guy!! I met him and slept with him the first night…not my normal way that’s for sure, but that’s what happened! After that night, he has come over to my house twice and spent the night! But he will often no reply to texts or he’ll ask me if I want to hang out that night, but not call or reply! I know I have to be patient, but it’s so confusing to me!!! Then I went out dancing with my girlfriends this weekend (it was his Birthday), and I ended up seeing him at the club we were at! I bought him a birthday beer, and we danced to a couple songs together…he’s so sexy and such a good dancer.., which we Pisces girls love!!! I did notice him hanging out with a girl there, but since we haven’t put a label on what we are….we’ve just been hanging out here and there, I didn’t get upset! At the end of the night I went to say goodbye to him because he was leaving for work the next day (going away for 3 weeks), and I didn’t think I’d get to see him again! When I walked up to chat with him and say bye, he said “you’re never going to talk to me again are you?”…I was so confused and couldn’t figure out why he would say that…obviously it was because he was there with another girl?? Then, when I told him that he was being silly and of course I’d talk to him again, he made me promise!! I didn’t actually say the word “promise” until he said “You didn’t even promise”, so I said “I promise I’ll talk to you again, don’t worry” So as soon as I walked out of the club, I sent him a text message telling him that of course I’d talk to him again, I liked him! The next day, he drove by when I was out walking with my girlfriend and he said he was leaving in a few hours, but he thought we could get together before he left, so of course I said yes…he makes me so happy! So he said he’d text me in a bit and then we’d hang out! So, he was leaving at 5:30, and I sent him a text at 5:10 wondering if he was going to have time to come by and see me…..5 minutes later he was there, but he had to leave right away, which I figured (I didn’t think he was going to come at all)…but I was so super happy about it either way!! I gave him a huge hug and told him to have a safe drive overnight! Now, all that being said, I don’t know where I stand with him or if he even likes me! I almost feel like he’s just trying to be polite! Also, I feel like I have to do a little pushing…like if he says lets hang out tonight…he won’t call me…I’ll have to call him or message him, and push for him to hang out!!! So frustrating he is, but so wonderful too. Anyone here have any insight!! Virgo guys…is there some underlaying meaning behind his ways..help me, please! I don’t want to be here for nothing!

    Also, I was going to ask him about why he made me promise to talk to him, should I! I also want to tell him that as long as we are whatever we are/aren’t that I will only be with him!! Should I!

    Thanks to whomever helps me, I really appreciate it!

  7. Virgo Guys – yeah – they are totally honest and play no games – so I would trust him – and persue him if you want him… but you have to be SUPER patient, which I am not but I want him so I am going to practice patience for him because I feel that he is soooo worth it. Not a big romantic – and was super duper the first 3 weeks and now that’s OVER – but if I can “get” him I will have him and that’s what I want – a loyal dear wonderful partner for the rest of my life and I am willing to forsake romance for that real loyalty and deep friendship-love that I can have with Virgo boy…

  8. Piscesgirl: “I was so confused and couldn’t figure out why he would say that…obviously it was because he was there with another girl?? Then, when I told him that he was being silly and of course I’d talk to him again, he made me promise!!”

    He was guilty cuz you caught him with another girl AFTER you slept with him and after he didn’t reply when he should have to your calls/texts. Don’t be so nonchalant about these things or he will never respect you.
    And ALL men play games especially with girls who are willing to lose.

  9. I agree with Candice, that all men will play games given the chance. The Virgo I’m with has an Ascendant/Rising sign in Aquarius, and he has this thing for “fishing” for girls on social networking sites (Facebook and MySpace, not dating sites), finding chicks who’ll let him flirt with them and even ask them to “come over, since my girlfriend lives in ____” (Virgo and I live apart). When confronted, he melts down, tells me “nothing has happened” between him and any other girl, begs me not to leave, apologizes profusely…it’s pretty confusing.

    It seems like Virgos have this fantasy of themselves that they like to live out, a fantasy that’s almost directly opposite of how they feel they are. My Virgo is a homebody, caring and responsible, but he seems to like to play the ‘rolling stone’, the Don Juan, telling chick#whatever that what he has with me is some joke, he’ll let me go at anytime, but begging and crying like a little boy when his bs is out in the open, or he even gets a hint that I’ll take off. My best friend, who is a Virgo, is pretty meek and cautious, suffers from low self-esteem and an eating disorder, but she likes to act really tough around other people.

    Virgos also tend to get complacent in love. As a Libra, I thought he was unhappy when my Virgo stopped being as “romantic” as he had been when we were beginning to be interested in each other…but really, he’s just stopped courting me and is very content with what we share now. If you’re unhappy with your Virgo partner, let them know and if anything their extreme perfectionism will encourage them to put more energy into your relationship to make it ‘the best’.

    It sounds like I give this guy a lot of sh&t, but there are few people I respect and trust as much as him. And that’s all I got to say about that.

  10. cancerthecrab says:


    ummmm,,,,WOWWWW!! u realllly hit the nail on the head. those damn virgos are the ultimate perfectionist. My V tries to be perfect in everything, but is far from it. when i put him in his place he hates it….he is meek w/ a BIG ego. however, after thinking about my citicism and the truth, he tries to be a better man. he is actuially quite insecure and needs me to be strong always.
    it is not my nature to be SO strong. I like a man to carry me sometimes when i feel too weak from this cruel world. But he only responds (in positive) when I am the one carrying the weight of his world on my shoulders… sigh

  11. “Ok, I too dated a virgo man and in the beginning he was caring, loving and attentive but when we got used to each other his real side came out. A lot of the problems between us was his nitpicking, blame me for his own attitude, always right never wrong with a superior attitude, talks non stop but does not remember half he says, denies saying anything hurtful to the point where i felt i needed to carry a tape recorder to replay for him the things he says. The world revolves around him.

    I am convinced he suffered with some bi polar issues as it is just not normal behaviour.”

    “The Virgo I’m with has an Ascendant/Rising sign in Aquarius, and he has this thing for “fishing” for girls on social networking sites (Facebook and MySpace, not dating sites), finding chicks who’ll let him flirt with them and even ask them to “come over, since my girlfriend lives in ____” (Virgo and I live apart). When confronted, he melts down, tells me “nothing has happened” between him and any other girl, begs me not to leave, apologizes profusely…it’s pretty confusing.”

    Holy sh*t. You hit it right on the nail, ladies.

  12. OMG!!! such an eye opener. I have been going through this for almost 5 years. I know what I need to do.

    Thanks ALL.

  13. hurtchick says:

    OMG, just had my heart broken by Virgo man…… again. Went out with this guy from school, I was 16 and he was 18, he joined the army and I moved to australia, we lost touch until Facebook last year. We dated for 2 months, tho he was on the break up of a marriage. He texted me on Christmas eve last yr to say he would be in touch cos he was spending christmas with his sons and then disappeared off the planet. I was devastated and cos i never knew what happened, i was forever wondering about him. Well in July last year he gets in contact again saying he had made the mother of all mistakes and could he see me. So the next day we met up, he said he had now broken off with his wife, had been on tour of afghan for 4 months and that he was so so sorry for what he did to me. We dated for 5 months up until 21st december this year, i was so worried as he was going home to see his boys again at christmas, after everything that had happened the year before. He swore blind it was all over. I was assured all was ok. Then on 27th Dec, we have a little row by text, then he disappears again for two days, calls me by New years to say that he would ring the next day but then didnt. He deleted me off FB, so i rang him in tears, leaving a message. he finally rang back to say it was over, he didnt love me anymore but liked me a lot, he would love to see me but it was my insecurities that he couldnt stand and how he couldnt live with them anymore. I am gutted, things were going so well, we would stay up til 6am chatting, he took me to a few official army functions as his girlfriend, we laughed so much and right up until our mini row, that lasted all of ten text messages, he wore undying love for me and that we would be moving in together very soon. Totally devastated.

  14. hurtchick says:

    yep and he is definitely true virgo, spotlessly clean, and you can imagine being in the army makes it ten times worse for OCD. he would compliment me on absolutely everything from looks, personality, sense of humour, in fact he would always say … there is nothing i can find fault with with you.lol.

  15. Head in Hands says:

    Sounds familiar…great for a while, and then the reason he’s leaving you is because of *your* insecurities. Just walk away. I know that’s easier said than done, but you need to show him that he can’t just play with you like that. Make him work for your attention and affection. Give him a dose of his own medicine. If he thinks you’re at his beck and call, he will milk it for all he can and screw with you remorselessly.

    What I learned from my nightmare with my Virgo ex is that they are inconsistent and inconstant – say or do something one minute, completely reverse it the next. Nothing they say can be taken at face value (no matter how much they claim to be honest and up-front). They’ll have you thinking everything is going well and then flip the script. Mutable. And frustrating.

  16. Head in Hands says:

    Oh – and I’d be careful about the “ending the marriage” thing. My ex was allegedly separated and then divorced from his wife while we were – whatever we were since he kept vacillating between friends and then more. Now he’s living with his “ex-wife”…long story I’ve told elsewhere on Sasstrology. I would look into whether or not he’s really unattached before deciding whether or not you really want to involve yourself with him further.

  17. Well, a Virgo guy approach to me in a friendly manner & said like he’s interested in me & willing to help me out. I’m a Scorpio female & I didn’t feel any feelings for him at that time. Now I’m so crazy abt him & waiting for him to come to me. He know that I’m very honest & I share everything with him. We met only once & he’s always asking me to go out with him. But i didn’t. We used to chat an hour on fb & suddenly he stopped & dissapeared. He didn’t even reply my message. Now he’s again on fb & we were chatting like before. But its really hard to understand him sometimes. I really like the way he compliment me & feel so attached. He really likes how i look. I never force him for anything. I know that he need time to think. I just wanna know if he’s interested in me or not. I don’t understand why they dissapear even they r in luv. I’m willing to know him deeply & i studied a lot abt Virgos sign. & other thing is i’m never interested in younger guys but this guy is 7yrs younger than me. Now i’m in strange dilema. Can anyone plz help me. I need to know ur opinions. Thanks.

  18. As I am hopefully a ‘good and wholesome’ Virgo, I’d like to offer some advice.

    “We met only once & he’s always asking me to go out with him. But i didn’t”

    Ema… I think this is where you made your mistake. Everyone is different because of their rising signs and so on, but generally speaking Virgo’s hate to be rejected. Him asking you out was probably a way of trying to get closer to you and you denying to do so would have hurt him. Virgo’s need a lot of trust and secuirty, and perhaps being ‘rejected’ made him feel insecure. To me it sounded like he cared about you quite a lot (especially due to the fact that he was complimenting you! Most Virgo’s will never learn to stop criticising… even if it is to try and improve the person.) and this is why he contacted you after a bit of a ‘break’
    I hope this could’ve been of some help to you. Good luck!

  19. i know how it feels… for me there is one that has got my heart… well he has always had it for as long as i remember… it makes it hard when they do their houdini act on you… especially when you are finally able to tell them how you feel about them after all the years and bad relationships with other people… i’ve had two long relationships with virgo men before, both of them i am still friends with to this day but i have never had feelings for them like i do with this virgo… i know my feelings for him are real, he has been in my heart since the day we first met all those years ago.

  20. Hi Girls,

    Everyone hates REJECTION but this is not the issue here. This Guy was on a FISHING
    expedition and once he realised that he was not getting a quick and easy bite he decided
    to pack his gear and call it Quits.!!!

    When a Man is really interested there is nothing stopping him from pursuing you until he
    he CONQUERS you. And as for the disapearing acts they are a sign of him loosing interest
    once he has you and starts playing mind games just to get a reaction and inflate his EGO.!!!

    Cheers Girls and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  21. Currently, I am cautiously talking with an old Virgo love. We dated two years ago for about four months and I left him because he cheated and took me for granted. He did not initial admit it, however I knew through his behavior and through probing, I happen to come across a tacky ass earring that I would never see dead in. But, he did admit it recently when I asked. So, I went about my way, moved out the state to continue my studies and ambitions. He would casually make contact here and there. I would keep it affable. Now, he calling me and texting me about how much he loved me, how he felt I was different than every other woman he has met, and that I was the only woman that he felt was his equal. He remembers a lot of what we did in detail and reminds me, that he is the one who messed up and that he wants to give it a go. I must say, the sex with him was volcanic and amazing. It takes a special man to measure up to me sexually, pretty much anything. I think he is attracted to my ambitiousness and passion. However, He has lost his appeal and If I wanted to I could turn into the Scorpio bitch make him pay for his flight to come and see me, and never show. I think I am going to make it easy and just not text or call him. But here is a heads up for anyone who is interested in a Virgo male from a Scorpio woman’s perspective.
    -Don’t let your guard down so easily. Go into it without expectations, no matter what the guy says. Let him prove himself through his actions.
    My experience with my Virgo man is he is a thirty something bitter insecure man. He had a lot of dreams, he never accomplished. He has been pushing carts for seven years. Here comes this twenty something woman who is passionate, intelligent and ambitious, working this man into a sweat because he knows she going places. Virgo men are attracted to success and successful people, most because they are industrious themselves. Their passion in sex is never present upon the surface, it is latent. They are overly materialistic to conceal their insecurities and lack of emotional depth. In truth, they are boring ego maniacs, who secretly envy people more successful than them.

  22. True, there is no problem when it comes to commitment. It is their innate nature to be committal and loyal at the same time, unless paired with a different sign, then there would be a problem.

  23. Hello there,
    I need advice on a Virgo matter. I’m a 26 year-old Cancer girl and he’s just turned 28.
    Surprisingly, we met on a dating website. Things I’d always said I would never do. But I liked his profile and the couple messages he sent me so I suggested a meeting only after a couple exchanges.
    So we went out for a drink and had a lovely time together. We shared a lot of personal things, talked about our lives, our history, etc. He was openly talking about emotional things, surprising for a Virgo. Things went so great that only a couple days later, we went to a movie together. He made sure to arrive 10 minutes early to buy me my ticket ? Afterwards we went for another drink and stayed talking late. The next day we went to a concert together.
    I could feel he was interested. He kept on complimenting me, was always very attentive, he always insisted on paying for my drinks, held the door, texted me, called me, etc. We share a lot of things in comment, talk about serious issues but also know how to let go and have fun.
    Last week, we went out on Thursday and Friday to a music festival. He introduced me to his friends. We had a really nice time together and developed a great “complicity”. Saturday he invited me over to meet his flat mate. We had dinner with them. Things were great. Then he showed me the house and we ended up on the roof star gazing. There, he kissed me. Very nice, soft and romantic. Just like in movies. We then went to a party together and he was so respectful and attentive to me. Then I spent the night at his place but we didn’t do anything. Just slept in each other’s arms. He didn’t try anything out of place. He was very cuddly.
    The next morning he didn’t want me to leave so we spend the entire morning in bed, listening to music and hugging each other. He wanted to see me on Monday but I wasn’t available but he called me late at night to wish me a good night. And yesterday, Tuesday, he texted me he had a surprise for me. So he came to my place to give me a bag full of organic vegetables cuz I had told him my fridge was empty and I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping. How cute!
    Then he took me out for a drink and that’s when it all went totally weird. He told me he really liked me but was in a moment in his life when he wanted to concentrate on his “spiritual” life. He also told me he had met a girl at the same time he’d met me. He also has a crush on her although she lives in another country and they’ve seen each other twice. He doesn’t want to hurt any of us so he wants to take “distance” from both of us.
    He then went on rambling about how fantastic and exceptional I am. He doesn’t want to stop seeing me. He wants to “forget” what happened on Saturday and take things where we had left them: be friends (and be careful about feelings that might show up) and take our time to get to know each other. See what time brings us. He told me that now I’m in his life and doesn’t want me to get out of it nor does he want to lose me.
    So my questions are: do you think he is honest? Do you think I should do as he wishes – going back to being friends (but being a Cancer I won’t help but hope he’ll fall for me again)? Or should I just forget him? Is there any chance he will want me back? What are my chances? Why such a sudden change of attitude? What should I do? Is he afraid to commit?
    Please help me. I’m a little lost now. If you need more details, let me know (altough this comment is already long haha)
    Thank you.

    [PS: I’m also posting this on another post related to Virgo]

  24. I’m currently together with a Virgo guy. We’ve been great friends since we were like, 10 (we are both 23 now) but only recently got together :) We were so happy together. All our friends were so envious of how happy we are together and stuff. 3 weeks into our relationship, I went on an 18 day holiday with my friends from varsity. While away, on the 2nd day of my trip, I didn’t reply his text for 12 hours. I got intoxicated (he knew) and the first thing I woke up in the morning (nothing happened, my friends and I got back to our hotel safe and sound) and immediately messaged him. I saw his messages – full of paranoia, worry etc saying that he didn’t know how the parties are like in Europe, he doesn’t know whether any guy would try to be funny with me etc. I tried my best to reassure him. It seemed to pass ’cause through the rest of my trip, we were texting as how we used to text – lovey dovey stuff. He even reminded me day by day how much he missed me etc. When I came back home, it just seemed different – he was distant, physically and emotionally. I confronted him about this. He said he couldn’t get over the immense worry and paranoia from that night that I didn’t reply his text. He said that he doesn’t want to feel this anymore and that he doesn’t know whether he is up to this (a few talks with him and his close friends later, I found out that “this” refers to “commitment”, I think?). He said he doesn’t want to be unfair to me because things are now different. We are currently on a time out ’cause he said he needs space and time to clear his shite. He doesn’t know why he cannot forget and forgive me. I disappointed him and lost the trust he had for me. We still do text each other but not as often and he’s not as affectionate (duh). I don’t want to lose him. What should I do? I know I’ve to give him space. I do. But is there anything I can do help him find his way out his mental maze? And to make matters worse, his ex girlfriend recently contacted him again and they’ve been hanging out. He is honest with me and he tells me that the both of them have met for dinner etc. The thing is, his ex broke his heart and she’s really not a good person … according to everyone.

    What should I do?

    I really cannot lose him.

  25. ‘his ex girlfriend recently contacted him again and they’ve been hanging out. ‘

    And that is the real reason he became distant. Doesn’t matter that she isnt a good person. he let her back in and left you hanging.

    Move on with your life. Don’t let him make it seem like its something you did with his ‘on the fence’ behavior, his own insecurities, and making time for another woman with whom it didnt work with the first time.

    I went through this crap with a Taurus and with Virgo i am with now. Taurus is history. Virgo..we have a lot to get through and he knows to be with me is to be with me and nothing less. I wont put up with any more crap or he can hit the door!

  26. Stephanie,

    I would like to think I know Virgos fairly well – I’ve experienced many differently placed aspects in that sign, and in my Virgo moon, so – here’s what I’m thinking. Take it or leave it:

    So, for starters – I’m only going to say your past history of friendship is just a familiarity thing, nothing more. Secondly, 3 weeks into the relationship and he’s blasting your phone wondering where you are —- insecurity and slight control. Thirdly – THAT insecurity right there had a bit to do with his demeanor when you got back (I know you said the texts went back to normal, but Virgos overthink and hold onto shit) and the other half is because of his ex. Now, his friends saying he’s not the committed type might mean that he freaks himself out or he has issues, not you. The ex and him hanging out – even if it ended badly, Virgos need, like NEED, closure in every sense of the word. If they are not ready for closure, they will be optimistic and idealistic (and ignorant cuz of their own insecurities) and try and keep a bond going that needs to be released. I’d like to know how previous this ex was. That’s going to say something.

    Virgos do like it if you go out of your way to show concern, if you ask for advice, etc. They need reassurance big time. So, that’s what I can tell you. Now, a lot of people can be cool with their exes, and some can’t. You just have to decipher how you feel about this and present your case.

  27. Either we’re all dating the same man or all virgos really ARE alike lol! I’ve been in this on and off “thing” with a Virgo for like two years now, and here’s a simple breakdown of how it goes.

    1. We have an amazing time together for about two weeks, three max.
    2. About week three, and sometimes even the day after we’re intimate, he begins telling me he wants to date other people and I’m just a platonic relationship.
    3. I take it, then I get angry…..thus I react.
    4. We have a huge fight, and its always my fault.

    This man is seriously confusing. We rekindled a few weeks ago and have been talking about what happens when we fight. He told me “we aren’t dating this time.” The funny thing is, i told him, that we haven’t officially dated since we met- which was two years ago. In his head I guess we were. He told me he would never marry me cuz of our fights and how he insists we don’t ever get along. I told him we need to start focusing on how much of a wonderful, beautiful time we do have together and communicate better to prevent the fights. He told me I have to let him date other women and not get so mad. I told him i didn’t really like it but I have no business being mad because I have also dated other men. Any suggestions for what in the crap this man’s deal is?

  28. @Jackie….cut him loose. He straight up told you in his own words yet you continue to go back as an option just to ‘rinse and repeat’ the scenerio. Virgo’s seemingly like drama. Freedom. Unless or until they are ready for a more serious committment and even then..

    I asked mine if he knew what it is to be truly happy and drama free. He said he did but I wonder because there is always something. He is committed to me and has talked marriage. I know going forward though that I have to be a strong person and fully committed in my own heart to him to make it work because its a roller coaster ride with him.

  29. Been there says:

    Most of the virgo guys are emotionally retarded robotic jerks & players. They use & abuse women emotionally.
    I’ve dated three & all cheated with s l u t s . Now I always run the opposite direction when I meet them lol.

    Stay away from them if you want to live a healthy 7 happy life

  30. GEM GIRL says:

    I see some of these traits in my virgo man……but i dont know if its because im a gemini its like i know how to manipulate him and have him chase after me. I meet his over analytical nature with pure aloofness mostly just changing the topic to something that would ease his mind. He is a WORKAHOLIC and thats something that gets to me because i hate being second to a career, so most times if he is with me n works comes up i start doing n saying things he likes while rushing him off to work all the same, that usually gets me some more quality time with him. I dont mind that fact that he cant express emotions clearly cause neither can i, so we both know that we love, appreciate and respect each other by showing it……but if and when the time is right and certain conditions are met i will not be so reserved in letting it all out. We are stubborn alike and well its all fun and games to me so i dont take his know it all attitude so serious and when he start whining about his day i just sit, stare him right in his eyes and think abt random shit so that way he thinks im listening and im not being bored to death. But dont get me wrong i listen just not to every word only the important parts.

    For the most part i think i influence him to live n let live, relax and just have fun and he has taught me that a little order never does any harm. He is always there when i need him and always answers when i call. He does however questions me alot but he does it in very subtle way and i just tell him what he needs to hear to calm him down. He does have a bit of a aggressive side which sadly rarely pours over into the sex but for me sex isn’t all that. The virgo needs freedom so dont try to be clingy because that may do more harm than good, give him space, make him miss you and dont be afraid to ignore some calls and turn down a date or two but weel he is still a man afterall. Also show your virgo that you are neat and know how to put your self together and make sure you know how to cook and keep a home. Its a struggle for me because i hate order, routine and plans but if you really want to hold onto that virgo you better learn to compromise, but dont bend so far that it breaks ur back. I find him very boring and homebody but there is some abt him that attracts me to him and its a challenge i find myself trying to defeat. He loves seeing my smile and he makes me very happy and he is happy when im happy so we enjoy each other company as friends and as lovers

  31. lasaun beeman says:

    Ok I haven’t heard no Aries /Virgo story’s I’m a 48 yrold Aries woman who fell hard for a Virgo guy. Now in the beginning I admit I may have been a bit harsh on hi
    M cause he wasn’t my caliber I thought boy am I paying for it he’s. Shrud ignorant coldhearted and any other mean thing you like to throw in I’m so in love now and he know ‘s its like he gets. Pleasure seeing me begging for his love he stay on zooks following woman and what accept my friend request on fb is there anyway to turn this Virgo back around or should I let him go I love this man to death ughh!! Please chime in somebody!!!

  32. Ok I haven’t heard no Aries /Virgo story’s I’m a 48 yrold Aries woman who fell hard for a Virgo guy. Now in the beginning I admit I may have been a bit harsh on hi
    M cause he wasn’t my caliber I thought boy am I paying for it he’s. Shrud ignorant coldhearted and any other mean thing you like to throw in I’m so in love now and he know ‘s its like he gets. Pleasure seeing me begging for his love he stay on zooks following woman and wont accept my friend request on fb is there anyway to turn this Virgo back around or should I let him go I love this man to death ughh!! Please chime in somebody!!!

  33. I’m a Scorpio woman and I met this virgo man 2 weeks ago, we needed no introduction as I felt a mutual attraction with him there and then….. I really like him and he knows it, we shared a moment last Saturday night and it was amazing, then two days later he said he wanted to be my friend, then we texting for a week as friends, then Saturday night gone he was flirting with me at the bar and because i have feelings for him i flirted back, then when we went to the night club I ignored him for the whole night at the end of the night he came rushing in my arms, we went back to his to share another moment, then we had the most wonderful day yesterday getting to know each other, today he texts me again and said he still wants to be my friend, well I can say he got a very cold response…… Is he playing hard to get I’m tired of playing of playing games but if its a game he wants, it is a game he will receive and I will achieve………….

  34. SexxxySag805 says:

    Hi. I’m a mother to child that just turned three. When I met my native american, Virgo male if was through a dating website and I basically made a bold rebound move and sent him an email saying I wanted to meet. We met briefly that day at his college campus where I happen to work. I’m 34 and he saif he was 33 but turns out he’s 43 and he’s a single father. Turns out his baby mama is out of the picture for many years now and mine “has issues” and is in recovery. He invites me to a film on Indian health care and says how no one ever meets his daughter but he wants me to meet her and it’s important to him. In the meantime he’s kind of pissing me off – we met at the beach and since then he’s been txting very dirty to the point of annoying including asking me the same stupid sexual game type question over and over…I was pretty much about to cut the cord there and I was still unsure of my attraction to him. I don’t show at the film and instead take my daughter home. End up leaving her there with dinner and a friend. I go to the film late 20 minutes sure he figured I didn’t show and now had to explain this to his then 10yo daughter. I eventually find them in the theatre and ask if there’s room for one more. He keeps looking at me happy and suprised. He has several comments at the closing discussion including a few critisizing or at least showing a great desire to correct people and somewhat asking me if he should. I also know the film’s host (a powerful woman) so hoping he will tread lightly.

    By now we met at the patio, beach, film and now at his place. The passion is on immediately taking advantage of no kids around. Also not knowing who else he is meeting online although he comments he hasn’t met anyone else. We end up getting close quickly and he even invites me to have breakfast with his daughter, mother and himself then stops to ask me if I’d like to meet his mother. I join them and he’s almost upset that my daughter and I were all dolled up for “her” (his mother). I explain that it was for him besides I dress up frequently and my daughter jumps at any opportunity to wear one of her many dresses.

    He ends up going to a conference out of town and has sex with a lady in the restroom – a woman that’s at the conference with her boyfriend. He doesn’t text the whole time he’s at the conference OH and a girl, friend he’s meeting for dinner & drinks the night before his early morning train is picking him up at 12pm so we can’t meet for lunch or say goodbye. He has no car so how exactly is he getting to the 6am train? I text to let me know if he needs a ride to the train that night and he texts saing he’s on the train. Now, our relationship was never defined and he said it was okay for me to see other men making it clear we weren’t together and our sex was amazing.

    We end up not speaking or txting for a while. We had been meeting up frequently for a burrito or coffee at the cafe on my breaks and now he’s there and I’m on my break at my usual time. I’m all dressed up so I just go up to him from behind and say hello looking all sexxxy. I tell him we should grab a coffee sometime but I am there with my friend. He txts me within a few days and says seeing me struck and interest. We end up having sex on my lunch hours and then showering of course…oh and if the sheet corners come off during everything is on hold…wtf? He no longer wants the kids seeing each other, or us seeing each other’s kids of which I’m not sure how I feel about. When I walk into the room he basically says what kind of sex he wants often followed with what kind of sex he doesn’t want that day. Our intimacy needs a lot of time and eventually we have speant one or more nights at each other’s apartment. He often times thinks something’s wrong and I guess I do a lot of thinking and he once accused me of stomping off – I wasn’t trying to project any of this.

    My last relationship was 14 years ending badly on his part. His last relationship was with yet another unavailable woman…I accused him of gravitating toward women that were in one way or another unavailable so he didn’t have to commit. After sex we begin openning up to each other emotionally and he ends up going on and on about his broken heart and what a mess he is and I comfort him saying it’s okay as he cries. He doesn’t want her in his neighborhood at all and she knows people in the area…I explined to him that’s not fair even though he didn’t want to hear it. We caress each other and eventually he comforts me and emotionally cared for me and became my best friend and my comforter when my husband died in my home a few weeks ago. I was out of town for my daughter’s third birthday and he was staying with me between treatment programs for alchohol and mental illnesses when he passed. Each of us lit candles for the other along with other romantic gestures.

    From my family’s home I replied to his text briefly in a panic and we ended up talking for hours and hours again like we did on my last trip all night long. I tell him my ex was secretly living with me and our marriage wan’t over so I am his widow and in charge of everything for his memorial and everything else. He doesn’t run and instead becomes my anchor but it’s just about he and I and he’s there for me any way I need him. Shortly after returning to town I visit him for a few hours late at night and he did nothing but hold me. I needed him to help with the pain by using sexual healing and boy did he. He was there, sexy, passionate and continued to be for the next few weeks as I got better. Constant communication meeting secretly and grieving all scrambled together plus work and mothering and memorials I am hosting. I have no one here in town or for hours driving. He hasn’t told me any feelings for me whatsoever so I ask him to tell me something about me but what he tells me was odd. He basically said he is attracted to my girlie scent. He is openly critical about bad breath, clothing styles, and many other things but I am careful not to think he’s trying to tell me something but sometimes wonder.

    The day my ex’s parents come to town we have “aggressive” sex accoridng to the MD and yes we achieved positions that suprised even me. His gurth and our moves knocked out my IUD! We have intimate discussions that I took the plan B, etc. I am open and honest with him explaining I knew either of us needed “the stress” right now. I didn’t ask his thoughs about me getting an implant but go ahead and got one.

    Now we are hosting movies for the neighbors outside, making smores, he loves kids and is an amazing dad, he gives ice creams to all the kids freuenlty and plays with them on the grass. He’s on committees and is active in city issues.

    He’s big on me taking care of myself reminding me to workout each night for 20 minutes each night calling at the same time. He likes me taking good care of my child and is amazing with her…really.

    Now a few days has gone by and he sends me eight texts in a row. He’s venting about the concern that I’m going to be leaving things at his place, he doesn’t want to push me away, I keep him grounded, nevermind I’m having my version of PMS. I reply stating I read last message (nevermind) stating I read last message first and an not going to read other messages right now. He sent this message hours before I got my implant (birth control) and he seems almost upset about it. I know we both want more children and he knows it too. Two weeks go by and he pushes me away. I am guessing it’s because we need to have sex and it’s been a whole week with his daughter on break. He cancels on me again and isn’t “motivated”? He sends infrequent texts and doesn’t respond to mine. I back off more and more but showing I am here for him.

    Next we are dong things like him babysitting my child half the day in a pinch and making BBQ. Wanting to have it all ready to go by the time I get off work and arrive. Always courteous of the kids seeing anything and a homebody but always staying busy writing, reading, planning an activity for everyone and kid oriented. He suggests a few family acivities and everything is amazing. He asks if I’m getting sick of them yet…uh, no! We spend another night and after the kids go to bed and I lay in his arms for hours during a movie I have no interest in we have our time in the middle of the night. He’s so sexy! Passionate! Mmmmmm.

    So I was there overnight and never said anything about his behavior. I give him a ride and leave. Something was left in my car so I go back and upon saying goodbye this time he apologizes right off the bat like he was trying to find a time to say it. He provides an explanation. I leave town with my dad for Father’s Day and he basically doesn’t talk to me the whole time. I get back and he won’t see me. He reminds me we’re going to see each other Friday. The past two Fridays we spent the night and last weekend we stayed the whole weekend.

    We spend two night in a row last weekend and on the second night, also in the middle of the night he answered all of these topics we had touched on telling the whole story. I had inquired about some gossip and he explained openly and honestly. We can talk about anything and although I may have an opinion I welcome the honesty.

    The long conversations are gone currenlty, he texts with little random updates. He always provided information and I don’t have to ask. He sences insecurities and tells me exactly what’s up. There’s been no talks about us, plans, what I am to him, does he think I’m beautiful, he says he doesn’t see my flaws yet he does see some of himself and I love his whole earthly body. It feels like everything is going the right direction with all four of us at the zoo, the water park, chuck e cheese, the beach and more. He is a fun dad with rules and has been cleaning the townhouse much more since we met. We seem to work really well together and have a mutual respect that each of us has lived and has expetise. There is some conflict but I am just funny, strong or argumentaive with him as needed and I think he respecs that. I made eye contact and show interest from time to time. Mainly I am quiet and he can talk to me about anything. He loves to talk and talk. I ask questions about his interests and he listens to my stories.

    I guess we’ll see how things go…we see each other Thursday and he showed interes in 4th of July at my friends’ home on the Mesa.

  35. scorpio75 says:

    Im new on here, but i would really like some help…im a scorpio woman and i have a virgo man of seven years, but here’s the problem he’s been telling me we should get apartment together at the time i wasn’t ready but i finally get one four months ago he tells me its bad timing but he comes over all the time he move in then my Son and his girlfriend moves in my boyfriend decided to move out with his friend, but that’s not for a couple of days and he still took his things to his aunts house not everything but enuff…..smh!…..he says we can go back to me going over to his house but i feel like it’s a step backwards he says nothing changing between us he still in love with me and he will never break up with me he has no reason he says…..but i dnt get it!……

  36. scorpio75 says:

    Hello…..can someone help me i feel bad that i ended the relationship, but i feel like it’s been fake for seven years he’s been the best…..so im not understanding why he wouldn’t stay

  37. scorpio75 says:


  38. Leoscorpio says:

    I’m a leo with a scorpio rising.I was dating a virgo for eight months. Then he proposed, but i wasn’t ready to commit. I’m 35, he was 29. Brought flowers to me on every date, showered me with very expensive gifts, and vacations and stuff. Despite my chart, i’m extremely logical, we had a fairy tale which as he called it was ‘logical passion’.what they love is an extremely powerful woman. Because of their insecurities and indecissiviness, they love looking up to someone, who is firm on her reasonings, whatever they might be, who is independent, who can carry herself, and who won’t put up with their shit. Whatever u do, don’t include your emotions in your arguments. Use logic. Have your own passions and life. Don’t drop everything for them. Don’t curse, don’t be flirty with other men. Be opinioted in a firm but polite way. And elways explain your reasons, they love talking, and analyzing…be their friend, make them trust you.most importantly be strong, they are a very lost bunch, they feel more secure when there is someone who can call the shots. To the woman who is ten something years his senior, they looovve older women. That is how lost they are. Good luck

  39. leowoman says:

    So can I get some opinions please? I fated this Virgo off and on for 4 years. I stopped dealing with him because there was always other girls. And for the record I dated other guys while we were off. We stopped dealing with each other and he ended up in trouble. We kept in contact, but it was limited. So years later we are still in contact as friends, well just talk and text to say hi. He tried to meet up and I always refused. EVery once in awhile he would say he loved me and stuff. I told him to stop saying that and to stop calling so much. He listened. In conversations I told him I would only deal with him if he could honestly deal only with me. He said he could do it, but to take things slow. Should I trust what he is saying or is he just telling me what I want to hear?

  40. Are the women accepting abuse in here all American? I can’t believe people can be that blind, they must be emotionally/psychologically ill just like their “Virgo men” (though the Virgo men here are worse, as they want to hurt and control other people). I’m so sorry their culture teach these women to be stupid and submissive with that much lack of control, confidence and self love. Sad, so sad.

  41. mishiss says:

    I guess my Virgo man must have the strong Sag and/or Aquarius energy the writer describes. I find similarities with so many of the comments above it makes me wonder if we all didnt date the same guy (but I guess that’s a very unVirgo thing to do)! My Virgo has always been a very difficult read, which I (a Gemini) hardly ever encounter. Well… let me clarify, I know what he’s doing (ie. testing, quizzing, deflecting, obsessing, etc etc) but I never get the “why” behind it, the root cause of it, nor how to turn it off. This Virgo would go from professing his love and how I satisfy him emotionally, spiritually, and physically to berating me & telling me all the things I would have to fix in my life before he could consider being with me. Finally, after a few years of the back and forth (much more back than forth) it has finally ended for good. But obviously (as I’m reading this article) the whole ordeal still perplexes me.

  42. I could use some insight. The Virgo guy I adore I have known for years casually, but only took it to the next level a year ago. He had just taken on a very stressful job that pretty much had taken over his life. We dated for a month or so but he slowly faded out. It sort if became a casual on and off thing over the past year – but was never clear to me if he had true feelings for me. We reconnected last night and had a great time. He ended up telling me he thought of me as a good friend, he was very attracted to me and attached to me, but he was in a bad place personally because of his job. We have plans to get dinner soon. Is it worth sticking around for a while and getting to be better friends and see what happens? Or give up completely?

  43. Hi Jahna

    You could stick it out and see where this will lead but just be careful this does not
    turn into a “Friends With Benefits” arrangement unless you approve of this sort of
    thing and you have no qualms or expectations from this Man whom obviously does
    not appear to be ready for a serious and committed relationship at this point in time.

    Cheers be smart and keep smiling Taurus

  44. Horribly confused says:

    So maybe some of you can help me sort this out. I was in a committed relationship with the Virgo man for almost 5 years, I am a Pieces. At first he was perfect, and I fell for him hard. He was loving and always wanted to make me smile. He would bring me flowers all the time for no reason at all, and would tell me all the time he wanted to marry me. He was at the time we got together my room mate, so we lived together the whole 5 years. The last year of our relationship it was like I was living with someone different though, he got down right mean. He would tell me how stupid I was all the time and call me names, I could never do anything right in his eyes. He started telling me all the time he was going to leave, but never go anywhere. Being a Pieces girl all of this hurt me very deeply! Finally fed up I would tell him to go every time he said it out of frustration. One night he came to me, and asked me if we could just break up. I was pissed and said just go! The next few days I had made arrangements to go stay with friends in TN from NY. Before I left he had tried to talk to me a few time, but I was just so hurt by everything, and pissed off I couldn’t. I left for TN and was there about a week, and realized I missed him terribly! I wrote him a message on FB, cause I had no other was to get in touch with him, but just couldn’t push send. I walked away from my computer, and my friend did it when I wasn’t looking. Long story short everything was going good with me and him, and I thought we would be okay, that was untill I found out he was already dating another girl. He denied this of course but I ended up calling the girl and asking her, she told me it was true. He still to this day will not admit he was with this girl. This next part is gonna make you think I deserve all of this for being so stupid, but I was so hurt and jealous I ended up coming back to NY. We sat down and talked and he said that we needed to work on our friendship, cause we lost it somewhere along the way. He stopped seeing this girl as soon as I came home, and I really thought we would be good. We have seen each other, and hung out everyday since I have been home. Well last week he was drinking a bit, and ended up going to the bar with this girl I thought was a friend. She was hitting on him, and he was begging her to come home with him. In the end she didn’t go, but I lost it with both of them. I left him a message saying I was sick of the games and I wasn’t chasing him anymore, that I loved him but he was either gonna be with me or leave me alone. It’s been 2 months since I got home. He messaged me back some bs, but I didn’t answer it I was pretty clear what I wanted. By the end of that night he had called me telling me he wasn’t doing anything with this girl and I was just over reacting. The next day he called me and he had been with his friend celebrating his friends birthday so he was a bit tippsey. He asked if I could take him to get some food, and watch Lost with him. So I gave in, I do so love him in the end, and he really is my best friend. I picked him up, we were on our way, he looks at me and says like it just hit him “You really do love me don’t you”. I looked at him like he was nuts, and said yes I do love you. So he says I love you too, now stop it. then he tells me I’m the only girl he is thinking about and kisses me. Not 5 min later he says “I don’t want you to think that kiss means you own me in anyway”. Then he tells me he don’t know what hes doing and may be leaving the area for a job, but says 2 different states. So this is where I am at do you guys have anything???

  45. Hi Horribly Confused

    He is clearly “Not Into You” and is “Playing Mind Games” with you so stop your
    confusion and don’t waste any more time on someone whom obviously is NOT
    looking for a committed relationship of any kind and just wants to drift from one
    Girl to the next in search of something which only exists in his own head and
    he has yet to find.???

    So wish him luck and send him on his merry way with a gift of the movie “LOST”
    and tell him that you hope he finds whatever he is looking for in a mate whom is
    able to offer him what he needs and craves for so good luck in his quest of finding
    this ideal person whom is not you and you are no longer interested in his Bullshit.

    Let go of this half baked relationship and move on to greener pastures which have
    plenty more to offer and are simple to comprehend without the confusion and all
    the uncertainty of something that was wrong and simply just “Not Meant to Be”.!!!

    Cheers and always keep smiling. Taurus.

  46. PsychicZenMaster says:

    Just my observations over the years from having many Virgo friends and having dated them myself. Grounded Earth signs bring out the best in Virgo males, but of the air signs, Libra has some of the qualities Virgo guys like. Virgos are secretly emotional, so water signs would amplify the emotionality. Plus, Virgos don’t like the drama of emotions that come with water signs, even though they are emotional themselves. It’s their ability to control their emotions on the outside that they’d also like to see from their partners. Water signs have an intensity of emotions that can’t be hidden or controlled well. Water signs need stable signs to balance them out.

    Every sign has curiosities and even some similarities with and admiration for other signs, but the main themes to each sign are what end up deciding whether or not it will truly work. If you pay attention to these main themes, you will save yourself a lot of time and heartache. Some signs just get along best as friends and not lovers. You have look beyond surface attractions. In every good relationship, no matter the signs, you would never be confused and would know exactly where you stand. Good relationships are effortless. If it’s stressful, it’s bad, despite trying to reason out some of the good times you may have had.

    Do not try to change yourself to be more like another sign simply to make things work. You won’t find happiness that way. You are happiest when you are able to be comfortable being who you really are with another person. If you pretend to be someone you are not, how will you ever find someone who likes you for who you really are? And yes, someone out there does exist who might have liked you just the way you are without requiring you to change at all. Just think about that. Stop trying to make things work. Stop trying to impress people. When you are yourself and someone still likes you that way, you’re both bound to be happy together because it is effortless. I truly wish that each of you find your happiness, first within yourselves, before seeking it from others. Good luck to you all!!

    Taurus Woman(Best)
    Capricorn Woman (Somewhat good)
    Virgo Woman (Works half the time)
    Libra Woman (Works half the time)

    Sagittarius Woman (Really bad)
    Scorpio Woman (Really bad)
    Cancer Woman (Really bad)
    Leo Woman (Really bad)
    Aquarius Woman (Really bad)
    Aries Woman (Really bad)
    Gemini Woman (You can learn from each other, but it won’t work out in the end.)
    Pisces Woman (You can learn from each other, but it won’t work out in the end.)

  47. I know people are asking questions on here, but I’m going to tell my experience. I’ve been dating a virgo, Joseph, for 4 months. Before we started dating, he was less shy. But when we got into a relationship, he backed away, he seemed cold. He did’nt talk to me face to face at all. But I was patient, and about two months later, out relationship heated up. We would hold hands (we never did this before so I was excited), we hugged, and then we finally kissed. I was his first and he was mine too <3 he was pretty sloppy, he got spit all over my mouth, but I kinda told him about it and he tried to be better. Recently, he is more open to PDA, and he talks to me in person. I know that this is was normal couples should do, but it took 2 to 2 1/2 months for him to open up. On the downside of our relationship, I am afraid of what I say sometimes, because he flips out over certain things and when we argue, neither of us give up, which scares me. I have heard that when a virgo wants to break up with you, he slowly stops contacting/ making time for you. I am worried because he has'nt called in a week, but there hasnt been a reason for us to break up. But overall, I think that if you're a hot-headed Aries, or a here-to-there Gemini (no offense, just what I hear), then virgo might not be a good partner to pick :)

  48. I have been seeing a Virgo guy for about 3 months now. He is shy and nervous for the most part. We first met when we were 10 and grew up in the same neighborhood. He always admired me from afar. Whenever we are together, we have great laughs, conversations and so much in common.
    He is very scarred from his last marriage and has trust issues due to this. He is afraid of another relationship and has not dated in over 10 years. He is a loner and is in a rut.
    He comes over a lot and I cook for him, which I love doing. We hug, dance, kiss, hold hands, go for walks, talk, and have even gone the intimacy route the last time he was here.
    I know Virgos need time to figure what they need at the next step. I am confused because he is fine when we are together and then pulls back to the we are friends mode. He tells me he cares deeply for me and even used love a couple of times. He tells me there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and that he would not like it if I dated others. Which I have no intentions of doing. Although, I have been told to curb the texting.His behavior makes me feel like a jumbled mess.
    The inner me knows he wants more, but is cautious and afraid. He says he likes his living situation, but knows he needs to move on. He lives with his daughter and family, yet tells me he lives alone. He had his own space there. They will be moving soon and we have talked of him living with me. But even then, this scares him as he doesn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I think we would be fine.
    He confuses me. I should just do as I say and see where we end up as time goes on, but the thought of him consumes my thoughts.

  49. Its been 2yrs with virgo.. Both of us are 25yr old.. He is 3 months elder than me.. To be honest in my relationship i’m happy compromised with all he wants and in return all I want is commitment for marriage… That’s what he’s playing with… He’s not what he use to be…he use to call me text me use to come over just to see me n we had lusty passionate nights n day.. But now I feel he’s acting normal so that I dont fight with him and then one fine day in future he’ll leave me saying u r not what I thought u will be… I’m getting an intuition n I’m never wrong… Even after knowing all this I’m with him bcz I can’t stay away from him…I don’t care if he treat me bad but I can’t stay away

  50. We met online, both in our 50’s. He’s a Virgo, I’m a Leo. He was so nervous when When we met,he knocked over his drink. We’ve been dating steadily a month. He says I’m everything he wants in a woman. He wants to give me a key to his house, a week later. He sees me almost daily. We live in same town. He works many hours a week, lots overtime.
    We went to a concert for an early birthday deal for me. While we’re ready to leave, he says, “sometimes I feel like darting as I usually do, but then I think, she’s so perfect for me.” I got quite hurt, as that’s a red flag for the future. He got cold, wouldn’t apologize. I was calm. I’ve been married for many years twice, he’s been married once, 3 yrs. he obviously has commitment issues? He says I love you all the time.
    Generally, he calls at night before he goes to bed, then early in the morning. He made plans for this weekend to give me a good birthday, that he’s planned. So, yesterday at 1 pm, last I heard from him? No, goodnight, no good morning? It’s after 12, nothing. It’s strange. It takes 2 seconds to text. Generally he texts throughout the day. Should I say something, or spend the weekend acting like nothing happened? I’m hurt. I’m not into games, too old. Help?? Thx.

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