What to wear for a Virgo man

Did Virgo create the uniform fetish?

Do you find it odd that, during Halloween, “sexy” costumes include Naughty Nurse and French Maid? Virgo rules these and other service professions, like flight attendant and repair-person.

And those women (and men) who exclaim, “I love a man in uniform”? Well, military personnel are also ruled by Virgo.

Many of us eroticize being “serviced,” so you can’t go wrong by donning one of these costumes in Virgo’s private quarters. Just make sure you’ve ironed out all the creases first!

And if you’re going on a date? If you’ve got a pet, buy a sticky-roller and remove all dander and fluff. It’s probably safe to button-up your blouse, at least to create the first impression that you’re prim and proper. (Virgo’s other side, as mentioned above, will come out behind closed doors.) If you’re a man (or boi) dating a Virgo, tuck in your shirt and don’t wear droopy socks.

Comment below: How do you dress for a Virgo?

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  1. It’s a good idea to go easy on the makeup and perfume, keeping it light and clean, and they seem to prefer white lingerie (indicating purity perhaps?)

    That’s a coincidence, last Halloween I went out with a Virgo and he specifically requested the French Maid costume, with crisp cotton white lacy undies to match! He also loves the scent of Chantilly, a very delicate light fragrance.

    (I feel sexier in black silk and Opium, so we didn’t last long, besides he was too picky about his food)

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    I bet black silk and Opium would appeal more to a Scorpio.

  3. pinkpanther says:

    My Virgo and I have text sex for hours…he is just getting to know me and I him (iam a leo) He wants to be kinky and voyeuristic in his texts he is wild but in person he is soooo shy!!! I felt like I was the one making all the moves when we finalloy met! I dont get him! He is too emotionally detached for me but yet his mind holds me in place. My ego says I should walk away while I still have some sanitly left! he is INDECISIVE about everything and aloof about his future and ME! I dont have the patience for his waiting game and the indecision aspect of it drives me insane! But still I think somewhere deep inside he DOES love and I him. And I know if we can work on our different personalities we will be happy together. He is sincere and a no nonsense guy, I like that about him and we are intelectual equals but the emotional part of the relatinship is strange!!! The SEX is GRRRREAT!!! Never had it better!!! A little puritan but we are working on that. lolss another reason why Iam sticking around!

  4. If you want to blow your Virgo man’s mind, show up at his door naked. When you get to the door, ditch the clothes however you can, and knock. Make sure he’s home gals. After he lets you in, give him oral pleasure, clean him up – that part is very important. Take a warm cloth and clean him up. Then simply leave. Don’t talk – leave! Don’t call him either, like your lookin’ for a pat on the back, like “job well done.” Take your ego home with you and shove it in the closet for the night. The man won’t even be able to sleep. Of course, you can’t have preceded this whole thing by acting like a hoe, cause he’ll just think he was b_own by a hoe and never call. He’ll call his boys though! And tell them about the hoe he met. If you’ve been a lady up to this point, trust me, he WILL call you! Trust me! Oh, and when he calls, don’t be all gaagaa, just chill. Act like it never happened. When he makes reference to it, be cool, like, “oh, you liked it huh?” Then change the subject like it was nothin. But be careful, if you’ve displayed hoe signs prior to this whole thing, it will not work. PERIOD!

    My Virgo uncle; he teaches me pimp game, he once told me about a gal named Cookie. He lives up north, my uncle, and I live down south. So one summer I went for a visit and my uncle picked me up from the Airport. We were on the highway after leaving the Airport and he was telling me about this chick named Cookie he met the other night. He says to me, “put it like this, if Cookie called me right now, I’d pull over, drop you and your luggage right here on the side of this highway and go straight to her.”
    It seems, my uncle was with his boys’ at the club, and they were sittin’ at the bar. Well, Cookie, who he had never met up to this point, walks over, and nudges her way between my uncle’s bar stool and his boy’s bar stool. My uncle turns to her so that she is essentially between his legs. He didn’t mean to do that, but that’s how much room he had, and she was trying hard to get to him. Anyway, at some point Cookie is between his legs while he’s sitting at the bar, with his boys’ on either side of him who are also sittin’ at this bar. Well, Cookie unbuttons and unzips his pants and proceeds to give him “handy pleasure” right there at the bar. He does his thing in her hand, she grabs a napkin off the bar, wipes her hand, drops her number, she must have had it prewritten out because she didn’t write then, but she drops her number in front of him at the bar, and leaves. He said he couldn’t find her in the club all night after that. That’s strong. Just for the record, my uncle wouldn’t lie to me! I’m the only one he tells all this to because he is married and has been for years. He may tell his boys, but he don’t tell them everything I know.

  5. Leg Crossing Ahead says:

    Break this down, J: “if you’ve displayed hoe signs prior to this whole thing.” Testify.

  6. It goes back to the old saying “be a freak in the bed and a lady in the streets.” I ain’t saying you can’t sleep with a man the first night you meet him, but you darn well better know how to balance that ever so sensitive scale between being conservative and and sexually sensual at the same time so that he is begging for more. In other words, leave him slightly hanging on that night so that he’ll call YOU the next day, and not necessarily for sex either. You have to make him want to know MORE about ALL of you. I have failed at this and I have succeeded at this. Ultimately though, it all goes back to what I said earlier about knowing yourself and your sexual prowesness because then you can go at it confidently and men – regardless of their sign – love a confident woman. Don’t confuse that with independence, or anything else for that matter. Strictly Confidence. When youโ€™re confident, even your mistakes seem well planned. It’s like when youโ€™re dancing, and you fall; only the good ones can play that off like they meant to “drop that booty”. Haaayyyyy! I hope that makes some sense. It does to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever shared this with anyone else, other than my uncle, of course. Unc!!!

  7. Leg Crossing Ahead says:

    You got a way with words, girl. Many thanks!



  10. Michelle says:

    For daytime my Virgo loves the whole Audrey Hepburn look…ballet flats, cigarette pants, neat dresses…clean, flawless and effortlessly sophisticated. At night he actually really likes downright naughty clothing…but he does not like black! I have a blue latex dress!

  11. My Virgo and I have sex for hours. Sometimes we begin kissing and then two and a half hours later, it seems like it’s only been five. Then we want to go back to it. Luckily, we both know techniques to sort of pause so that we can keep him going.

    Most times, I wear boy shorts, those are his absolute favorite. He loves a fit rear and bouncy well you get the idea. So a matching set of any pretty or sexy color, he likes bras and boy shorts that way he can see the tummy and the shorts seem as if they are supposed to cover yet do not so by accident he sees. Thats what I think. Many times he likes me to wear his clothes. He also likes when I wear athletic shorts (short and snug), with a tank top around the house. One thing I really appreciate is that he doesnt like when I’m all dolled up. For example, he prefers no make up! Even when I am pale! He likes my hair any way, its usually product free, but very long clean and smells good. On the topic of appearance, its important to maintain good hygeine as well. I never knew but I dont have feminen scent, which is a good thing to lack with a Virgo as he has commented on this before saying he likes that I dont have it. I have the priveledge of being a young housewife, which helps because with my schedule I tend to primp before he gets home to make sure he sees his wifey and cant control himself! <3 Gotta love that sexy Virgo meow.

  12. omg Jerri! My husband also said he wants a lady on the street and freak in the bed. He is a Virgo, how interesting.

  13. Christal Bailey says:

    I strongly agree w/ PINKPANTHER and have been having basically the same relationship w/ a virgo man(Im a straight w. female by the way). It IS so
    strange that virgo men are basically all the same, w/ same behaviors’n mentallities…wierd!! Be careful PINKPATHER (and others) because virgo man
    gets highly upset if rushed to be in love/married. I found this out the hard way. I didn’t rush, as far as I thot, my virgo man. We had been together for over a yr. I knew d– well that he loved me…but he would never say it to me. It was really starting to piss me off bec. I was saying it to him/getting nothing back except that he would miss me(like if we didnt see eachother for a day or whatever). He has had flair ups at me and Ive
    had my flair ups at him. Ive just learned to be PATIENT. Not just because I must but because that is what HE told me. When virgo man says to be patient…its like u have no choice…or u can leave him. I am like PINKPANTHER too. U just feel like u are stuck, living in LIMBO waiting for virgo to feel like he’s ready. Its heart-wrenching bec. u love him sooo much. Would love to hear from PINKPANTHER and correspond/compare/chit-chat……C.

  14. polar pisces says:

    i gotta say you hit the nail on the head pinkpanther! my virgo love is crazy about me, and i him, he always tells me he loves me and misses me. he is over all sweet… most of the time. on occasion he will have these “mood swings” for absolutely no reason, which i have to admit being a water sign, i do to sometimes. but its stressful when he get in these moods, he gets emotionally careless, sometimes even telling me to give him space when we arent really with eachother, he gets snappy and irritated. hes sensitive and also indecisice at times, but its definetly worth it the other 90% of the time. he is always doing sweet favors for me to show me he cares. virgos are also natural born worriers. we live far away from eachother and mostly have a long distance relationship, but he is always checking the news and weather online where i live to make sure i have my umbrella if its going to rain. he knows i am forgetful and he always has my back! its the sweet little things that keeps our relationship working. considering im a pisces, i adore the romance, and how eficient he is about displaying his feelings. there is never a dull moment with my virgo!

  15. I am a VIRGO WOMAN and i am so crazy about this VIRGO MAN but he doesnt seem interested. I already slept with him which was prolly my 1st mistake. But we have had sex 2 times. He didnt cum the 2nd time after about an hour of doing it. He doesnt like me to call him everyday and keeps himself distant. I dont know but i really like him. Im trying to be patient with him but its so hard. He just is irristable to me. Virgo ppl are VERY critical and picky!! I know b/c i am one

  16. WOW! K, the first 3 lines you said were EXACTLY what happened to me! I thought that maybe I had written that…
    But, no, because my Virgo does contact me, and we are talking..
    I have never dated a Virgo before. He does seem a little detached emotionally, but I am liking him-a lot, but I am wondering if he will want something serious with me even though we went to home base all in the first night..
    Which never happens to me. I always take everything VERY slowly..
    I am confused as to where this is heading.

  17. im a leo girl.he is a Virgo man.im so confused wit him.he is so emotional .im always thinking its me making him so emotional.this is driving me nuts!!!he is a freak in tha bedroom but watch out if u make a certain face he might just stop and say why u looking like that.we get a long well.and he says he wants to be with me but tells me to be patient.and one time i jus got mad me being a leo and jus said forget this whole thing .and he like remember i told u to be patient.i told him u didnt tell me how long i need to be patient.but i cant get enough of him..he is so sweet and shyvery different

  18. chachacha says:

    bare wit him gurl. you kno the way, follow the yeller briq road to piece and hermione.

  19. CancerLady says:

    My Virgo wants me to look like a lady. no revealing clothes…see thru and tight appearal are a “no-no”! so what can I wear that turns him on in a sexy, classy way?

  20. When me&my virgo MAN met online, it was also just as errotic & personal as ever, we wrote/spoke off the wall too, a little crazy.
    I truly believed that this man adored me. Very Soon after we met, like a month, we married. And again everything was even better than a storybook love affair!
    But then (soon) I accidentally found out that he was having affairs.
    Welp, that really clambed me up! Sure, I didn’t want to let him go, but I was more hurt than any other pain I ever experienced in life!
    Its been 7 years.
    Well, hes admitted to cheating, and says that this will AlWays happen. But he wants to be with me. (???????????????)

    Is it because I have this fetish that everything has to be clean and finished and completed properly and I’m always walking behind him to pick-up every crumb and shut off every light, and…
    But he wants to ALWAYS cheat on me??????????????????????????

    I’m a Capricorn. My heart was chopped the first moment I learned of this “habit”. I’m still here because of finances; and yeah, its that “dream” thing that I have always wanted. But the love&truth is wearing THIN!

    Does anyone have comments??????????????

  21. Jerri

    you,re a real perv.

  22. Jason Chewbacca says:


    I can’t believe you married him after a month. How can you know enough about anyone in such a short span of time? I don’t mean to be rude but it just kills me when ladies are duped by their emotions and fling head first into something based on a straight feeling.

    Ditch the dude, its not worth your time. When the habit is smoking, couples have broken up. How can you expect to stay together when he’s cheating on you. At one point you’ll resent him so much… it just seems like a disaster. Sorry, it’s just what I see.

    This has nothing to do with star signs. That’s just f**ked up!

  23. LibraLady says:

    I agree with Jason Chewbacca about the cheating, however, I can see how fast people can marry, my parents married after a month and they were together 40 years :) Only death seperated them.

  24. Yo!

    OK, what to wear? Wear layers that fit your body well. You have to understand that Virgo’s have two sides… we are very proper and classy on the outside but inside we get wild.

    This is part of the psychology behind the tasteful clothes that fit your body well. We want you to cover yourself up (like a lady… no excessive cleavage.. or skirts too short) but we want to know that underneath it is something we’d like to uncover.

    I believe most all men won’t be completely opposed to short skirts and low cut shirts (we have a penis, it’s in our nature… get mad at God.. not us) but in our potential partner, we abhor such tastelessness. If you can’t stand being a total “prude” Wear a shirt that covers the cleavage but does show that you have a nice upper body. With skirts.. wear them so that they fall right around the knees (give or take a couple inches).

    Also, though this isn’t clothing… wear a nice smile.. a very genuine and subtle demeanor and you’ll surely catch the interest of a virgo. I HATE girls who are overly flamboyant… though a part of me thinks… she’s kinda hot and I might like to sleep with her, I would never in any shape or form consider her as more than just that.

    Don’t overdo it on the make-up… lots of eyeliner looks hot but a Virgo wants a lady that looks just as beautiful in the morning as they are the night before. At least to me, excessive make-up, push-up bras, fake tanner… all that stuff is just a misrepresentation of what a girl really is. We want to love you in your most natural state.

    Keep the kinky dress and all that to the bedroom. We want to know that you CAN be sexy like that.. in private.. only for us.

  25. Oh right… we aren’t opposed to any girl who has a little more chub… but NEVER wear clothes that are too tight for your figure. I’ve seen even thinner girls do this and it makes them look so awful. I actually don’t think this is a Virgo thing but something that looks gross to everyone.

  26. Shae Jones says:

    pinkpanther and Christal Bailey OMG! It sounds like we are all dating the exact same guy lol! My virgo boyfriend is the exact same way! Just be patient is his favorite saying with every situation. It is so obvious he loves me and he even brought it up first asking me if I loved him and when I said yes he never told back and I nagged him about it and he said I never gave him a reason not to love me and I am so great so why wouldnt he love me but he just couldnt say the words and once again he said “be patient”. He is very neat and wants everything super clean. as far as dressing for him, I have to be very conservative. NO CLEAVAGE ever lol! one time we went out to eat and my shirt had a small slit in it and he demanded that I changed! He definately wants a freak in bed but never say or do anything unlady-like in public..including cursing. as far him being emotionally detached and not expressing his love, I just dont take it personally and assume that it is a virgo thing because I have never had a man that treats me the way he does. I am very lucky to have him

  27. Shae Jones says:

    Oh yea and no tight clothes or whore like clothes

  28. Virgo men..I think loves beautiful ladies with brain.
    Yes, they loves naturally lady. I guess they loves mysterious woman. hahaha. i don’t know but this is how my virgo men attracted to me while I was sitting in the couch at the emabassy and he was a translator. He gave his number thru his friend to deliver it to me. They love sex and likes clean, flawless ladies.
    tease him that you don’t wear any… he loves it. hahaha

  29. hi all im new to this. but i would like to comment. i just met a virgo man im a scorpio. we seem to have chemistry. but he only call me when he wants to have sex no mayb he will say something like goodnight or good mrn have a good day. other thab that we dont talk. i want to bail out b/c i dnt understand him sometimes he act like he like me then nothing. w dnt go out he only comes to my hiuse once a week. please help me should i leave this alone we’ve being having sex for a month.

  30. Hyshawn.

    I guess it’s up to you how you let him into you. If it is all about sex then that’s it! No commitment. However, if you want him to commit then you’d better find a solution what to do. It’s plain and simple. Men loves sex but not committed. it is our loss if we want them to commit when they’re not.If you are just playing games then you have to deal with him in your own game!If you are serious then you have a wrong track to make a man commit to you. Respect comes first within..not from others. I hope it helps. it’s just sound brutal but honestly speaking we aren’t just innocent.

  31. to hyshawn…not saying he isnt into u but a man will do whatever he can get away with! So u have to set standards. let him know how u feel and lay the rules out! if he disappears then that means he think u were worth the work and u are better off without him! If he cares about u or want to keep u in his life he will try to do better! Looking for any amount of change even if it is something small because u cant expect a complete change and romeo to pop out! Good luck!

  32. hyshawn
    typing 2 fast and noticed i typed wrong! meant to say if he disappears then that means he didnt think u were worth the work and u are better off without him

  33. Khrysttel says:

    Ok I’ve been reading some of these comments and I am quite concerned. I am a libra women and my virgo has already said “I love you”, we’ve known each other for less then a month before we decided to get serious and we’ve been a couple for 11 days, he’s treated me good so far and is very affectionate with me, always wants to kiss me and lets his friends know that I’m his girl…should I be concerned here? Most of these Virgo guys that have been described on this blog don’t sound like him at all, is he faking it all? Well I do admit…he don’t like when I use the lords name in vain, which I do from time to time without notice, but it’s a way of life in the military (I’m Air Force and he’s Army).

  34. Mary-Clare says:

    Heya, im dating a 16 year old virgo,im a taurus. now as you’v all said Virgo’s dont like you to show cleavage…. hmm… cant really agree on that with the teenage virgo, yes maybe in the day time but at night! noo way lol, say if you were on web cam and u lean over to type somthing in, it drives him crazy! So make it look casual and like you look great all the time, dont make your eyes really dark just some mascara, bit of lip gloss and your good :) But remember! be interesting! dont wear the same thing twice! they notice! and its so annoying! Oh and its proved most Virgo males are fonder of girls asses instead of legs and breasts! Haha enjoy ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. no offense to Mary Clare but he is a 16 year old male lol! of course he likes cleavage! But a male virgo wouldnt like his woman in public showing her cleavage! he would be greatly ashamed

  36. Cancergrl says:

    The Virgo male I loved would tell me to send him innocent nude pics..told me he thought I looked 100 times better without make up..was just so sweet..when he wanted to be..but that’s no more..i miss him =(

  37. VirgoDoll says:

    I’ve been dating my virgo for over half a year now. For our private moments, he likes me to wear lots of lace, and stockings are a must also.

    I’m a virgo too and I don’t really have specific requirements for him to wear, as long as it’s clean and nice and all – but he, as a virgo, of course cares about that without being told to.

    About sexy costumes – well, we like to do roleplay! And we do dress up in costumes at that time of course… So yeah, there is something on that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, Mary Clare, virgo men DO notice asses more than the tits. It’s a huge turn on for them. Of course, they like tits too (but, as some people already pointed out, not in public), but if you want to make him loose his mind, show him a little ass. Wear thongs and also if you do costumes make the skirts really short so they show off some ass, and you’ve won him.

  38. Lady Leo says:

    Hello! I have just recently started talking to a Virgo man(he’s a member of a band), I didn’t have any type of interest in him at all BUT he started over a period of a month doing little small things to get my attention. So about two weeks ago he just laid it on strong to me and now he stays on my mind all the time. We have talked several time on the phone and we even text. I am so puzzled now to the point I feel as though he has me under his spell and its nothing I can do about it. I feel so sad now because he don’t call me on the daily basis, and I so want to understand him, I know that he likes me because he told me so but I don’t understand why the lack of communication. Someone please give me advice on how to deal with this situation because I have falling for him and it wasn’t suppost to happen.

  39. Beauty is Deep says:

    I’ve been with my virgo man for 2 yrs. hes great only problem is very emotionally detached. he says he loves me and can see himself with me for the rest of his life and its amazing because, I didn’t feel that way for him when we first met… now I go crazy. when he doesn’t call me right back…lol

  40. I’ve been dating this Virgo guy for almost a year now, but I’ve known him a lot longer. When we first started dating, he expressed his love of public expressions of love, which I enjoyed for a short time, but grew tired of. He often expresses these insane sexual fantasies that often shock me, since it’s coming from a Virgo. He is cusping Libra, with his venus in leo, and his mars in aries. Kinda explains all hideen freak to me.

  41. so i really like this Virgo guy hes a minister at my church and he’s 26 even though im 17 i feel like we made a connection or maybe not =\ so last Sunday was my first time being alone and actually having a conversation w. him about other things than church and it was good he was attentive and he laughed at my jokes as i did his it was a friendly chat but it wasn’t boring as we had loads to talk about …he offered to tutor me in math =] im looking forward towards it but i don’t want to disappoint myself i mean he might just see me as a “little girl that hes taken under his wings” and i don’t want to make any kind of move and make myself look like an idiot and possibly scaring him away…he has made few efforts to keep in touch with me outside of church like asking for my facebook and he told me he askes about me when im not in church so that kinda gave me a green light but a friend of mines has him as her math tutor and she talks to him over the fone but she’s 15 and he tol her that he doesnt like men that date young girls …just thinking about that makes me think tht he might not be intrested in me at all but then agen im no yung girl ill soon be 18 next july 19th ..(ima cancer)
    i dont know if i should persue him or move on ive liked him for quite awhile and it has taken me months to get a solo talk with him

    need some advise be honest =]

  42. Hey Everyone,

    This information is great!!! I am sort-of seeing, or maybe not seeing a Virgo guy!! I met him and slept with him the first night…not my normal way that’s for sure, but that’s what happened! After that night, he has come over to my house twice and spent the night! But he will often no reply to texts or he’ll ask me if I want to hang out that night, but not call or reply! I know I have to be patient, but it’s so confusing to me!!! Then I went out dancing with my girlfriends this weekend (it was his Birthday), and I ended up seeing him at the club we were at! I bought him a birthday beer, and we danced to a couple songs together…he’s so sexy and such a good dancer.., which we Pisces girls love!!! I did notice him hanging out with a girl there, but since we haven’t put a label on what we are….we’ve just been hanging out here and there, I didn’t get upset! At the end of the night I went to say goodbye to him because he was leaving for work the next day (going away for 3 weeks), and I didn’t think I’d get to see him again! When I walked up to chat with him and say bye, he said “you’re never going to talk to me again are you?”…I was so confused and couldn’t figure out why he would say that…obviously it was because he was there with another girl?? Then, when I told him that he was being silly and of course I’d talk to him again, he made me promise!! I didn’t actually say the word “promise” until he said “You didn’t even promise”, so I said “I promise I’ll talk to you again, don’t worry” So as soon as I walked out of the club, I sent him a text message telling him that of course I’d talk to him again, I liked him! The next day, he drove by when I was out walking with my girlfriend and he said he was leaving in a few hours, but he thought we could get together before he left, so of course I said yes…he makes me so happy! So he said he’d text me in a bit and then we’d hang out! So, he was leaving at 5:30, and I sent him a text at 5:10 wondering if he was going to have time to come by and see me…..5 minutes later he was there, but he had to leave right away, which I figured (I didn’t think he was going to come at all)…but I was so super happy about it either way!! I gave him a huge hug and told him to have a safe drive overnight! Now, all that being said, I don’t know where I stand with him or if he even likes me! I almost feel like he’s just trying to be polite! Also, I feel like I have to do a little pushing…like if he says lets hang out tonight…he won’t call me…I’ll have to call him or message him, and push for him to hang out!!! So frustrating he is, but so wonderful too. Anyone here have any insight!! Virgo guys…is there some underlaying meaning behind his ways..help me, please! I don’t want to be here for nothing!

    Also, I was going to ask him about why he made me promise to talk to him, should I! I also want to tell him that as long as we are whatever we are/aren’t that I will only be with him!! Should I!

    Thanks to whomever helps me, I really appreciate it!

  43. I’m part Virgo, thus I love people in uniform, especially men. They look so clean, prim, proper and kinky. It’s true that most Virgo dominates the service industry and are good at it too. Being prim and proper has its perky but it’s also nice get a little naughty once in a while.

  44. Now I finally get it why some people are attracted to uniforms. It’s all about getting serviced. Nice. Iit made be think what if dressed as one of those McDonald’s crew and say to my partner: “May I take your order?”. Would that incite him enough? haha!

  45. wow.


    what a comment.

  46. So I have been flirting with a Virgo. We talk a long time about a lot of things. He is always playful and makes jokes. We went to eat dinner on a whim once. I showed him a place he had never tried. Paid for our own and he said he would like to do so again sometime.
    Tried to get him to go out to events but always said no cause of travel time with work in am. Finally got him to agree to come out with a friend and I. I bought his ticket without telling him. He was happy to get it and said thank you and promptly placed it in his wallet for safe keeping. He tried to pay and I told him no thank you it is on me so you now be sure to come. He again thanked me and then he said.. I am a line wolf you know. I played it off like, what do you mean by that? He said I am a lone wolf. Oooww, really soft n cute.
    So, did he say that to ward me off? Trying to say he is not interested in me in a nice way? I like him and want to see him a lot more! And a lot more of him aside from work! I gave him my number, he never called. I asked if he still had it n he said yes. Ugh, do I stand a chance here or do I put on brakes and be thankful for a “friend”? Any advice??

  47. Oh, forgot to mention, I am Female Aries/Dragon, he is Virgo/Rooster

  48. Capricorn lady says:

    Hi Ladies, I’m a fellow capricorn friend thoroughly besotted with another virgo chap..

    Ok red bulb: he’s my colleague (gosh! shock).

    We have known each other for 2 years now. He used to like me soo much in the beginning (even his friends were teasing!) and then it waned off – mostly my fault because I was keeping him at arm’s distance (I had personal issues) and was almost actively rude and detached because I was afraid of getting involved with a coworker. + horror of horrors! what if he didn’t reciprocate my feelings!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› Rejection would destroy me!

    Anyway, fast forwarding to the present, I’m hopelessly, madly, Tearfully attached to him and he has absolutely no clue – he may even think I hate him/have a personal vendetta against him (thanks to my excellent acting skills!). e.g. if he didn’t meet me on a day, I would break down in tears. If I discovered he didn’t like me, I would be totally heartbroken – which I am!

    On this topic, it’s interesting to see what’s posted here. I’m a capricorn with a virgo moon (!), painfully shy, am a 25 year old virgin (he’s 33), wear no makeup, very quiet (to the point of being a loner), very well educated, yada yada yada…..apparently he should be mad in love with me according to this stereotype :P….
    Moral: never get your hopes up based on someone else’s experience. It’s different (at least slightly so) for everyone. Fortunately orunfortunately – tbc…..

  49. Capricorn lady says:

    Oh and here’s the psycho part: I would love to be his wife (more shocks and head shakes – time out)..!

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