Things not to do to the Capricorn man

CapricornCapricorn has worked hard to achieve his level of status and respectability, so the last thing you should do is sully his reputation.

  • Don’t do the slutty, trashy bit on the town with him — he will not want to be seen with you again.
  • Don’t tell embarrassing stories about him at business functions.

Avoid pushing him to be more “expressive.” Good luck!

Don’t incessantly press him to spend more time at home. Of course, he should! But work is where he feels at home, and he may stay longer at the office if he feels that his domestic life is emotionally messy.

Comment below: What have you regretted doing to a Capricorn man?

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Leave them. Sorry it wasn’t a question it was a statement . They are liars, they will give you an emotional ride , controlling , if he’s got drinking or substance abuse problems .. Than even worse . He’ll want it his way, bad at showing emotions , can’t handle stress , will push you away if it gets in the way of work . You have to be really patient . He will treat you like crap . They are psycho paths . Do crazy extreme things … Bunch of assholes IMO . Leave !!!! If you want peace in your life . Find another man ! There’s plenty out there ?

  2. I recently met one on a dating website.. I am an aries woman and he’s a capricorn man.. we hit it off right of the bat.. we were very comfortable, talked for hours everyday, started flirting. We had our first kiss.. continued to talk.. we even had mindblowing, explosive sex.. still kept talking but he’s doing his residency in another state and I am leaving for my masters.. he said he wants us to remain friends but no point having a relationship, because we’re going in different directions.. yet, we still talk and we’re still always the first ones to run back and tell each other new things about our lives.. im so heartbroken.. I like him alot– not sure what to do to make him feel confident enough to give us a try..

  3. Hmmm I wonder why he was on a “DATING SITE” instead of just meeting
    someone the normal way people go about meeting each other instead of
    resorting to something which in the majority of cases it revolves around “SEX”.!!!

    They get want they want and then they say I am not interested in a “RELATIONSHIP”.

    How anyone can take those sites seriously and trust them is beyond my comprehension
    but it’s different strokes for different folks I guess.???

    Cheers and keep smiling Taurus

  4. tauruslovescapi says:

    As I am reading all the comments here, I get to know my cap more. I think all cap guy needs is a woman who will support and understand them and would still love them despite of and in spite of their imperfections. Accept them for Who they are so never try to change them. We are starting to getting close with my capy man but we do not have a status, I don’t ask him and not pushing him too hard to open up so whenever he opens up something about his emotions , I am surprised everytime. I am hoping one day he will tell me he loves me, but while I am waiting , I will also live my life and just be there for him. What do u think capy guys?

  5. ANyone please help me.
    Actually I really like capricorn men. But I have to date and get to know about a capricorn men who I dont like. I dont want to be in a relationship with him but I can’t refuse him I just wanna know how to make capricorn man from love you then turn hate you and stay away from me. Thanks

  6. I’m virgo and I’m friends with a capi guy.We met through his brother in 2011 but only met in person last year.I was friends with his brother who hooked us up.We went on a date last year and it was amazing.We kissed and things got very steamy but we didn’t have sex cause I was afraid lol.Since we live in different towns quite far we met again 4months later but we got together in another town.I was on my way there and it is a 12hour drive so I just asked him to join me as I was already on my way to sort business out.He flew up.He invited me for lunch and I took my niece with.I shouldn’t have.We had a good time but nothing happened between us and we wanted to but didn’t know how cause we weren’t alone.He wouldn’t meet up with me again and I’m really heartbroken about it.I know I messed up but how do I fix this?

  7. iris mintzer says:

    Hi I have been talking to a cap man for almost 2 years. we met on pof date site. We text, cam and talk on the phone, but we wtill havent met. He runs his own business, and its from home. He is tooo busy to meet. He tells me he loves me… How can he if we havent met? Should I hold on or go. I dont know what to do? I tell him all the time you dont spend time with me and he says his past relationships always understood about his work, I live 1 hour away. His past relationships were 10 minutes away.
    Help me please…. We are in our 50’s He also has 2 brothers in their 50’s also and all three have never been married? that is weird right? thank you and godspeed

  8. I told his family he borrowed money from me.which he returned eventually He was a good guy sincere to me but I blew it. Somehow other guys I dated couldn’t match up to him. I want him back though

  9. lorraine O says:

    Hello Iris,
    I noticed your comment about the cap guy living an hour away. You have never met him and it has been two years?? Let him go, and find someone that you deserve. I know cap men, and I actually met my cap on POF. I never thought I would meet anyone decent on there. He couldn’t find anyone, and nor could I so we both resorted to online dating. The “normal” way doesn’t always work Karissa15, and it isn’t always about sex, and he wanted a relationship very early on, in fact, sooner that I did. I believe in the sign thing, but it is not 100%
    Anyways, he lives almost an hour away, and he met me the same weekend and drives down to see me every weekend, and during the week when he can because he is always working lol. I don’t want to make you feel bad, but if he really likes you and is genuinely interested, he would have made time to meet you…
    He even told me that its worth it to drive an hour for someone you are really interested than 10 minutes for someone that you really have no interest in..You deserve better!

    Libra Lady :-)

  10. Hi im a virgo. Im really like my cappy guy. But he shuts me out. I met him online February of this year. I pulled away frm him because I wasnt ready. He contacted me again in may we never met until june. We have spent hours on the ttalking and texting when we are together its for hours talking the night we should have had sex we didnt because I froze up. When I was finally ready he started avoiding me. All the chemistry was there. But I got feed up with him avoiding me so I told him I was done. Which was a mistake. I apologized for a month. And was not getting thru to him. I stopped talking to him for 2 weeks. Txt him. he asked me to call him. And I did. He went down every thing that happened. I explained to him that I just got scared and that I had never done that before. So now that we are somewht talking again he still avoids me. WHY?????? I dont understand. He says he wants to be with me in so many words but never directly. Is he just playing games with me? Should get over these feeling that I have for him and just move on? Im confused. he knows how I Feel. Why is he hurting me?

  11. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    If I were in your shoes I’d ask him if he was married. It sounds like either he is married or his career is keeping him occupied. When a man is interested in a relationship then the sex shouldn’t be the issue with him. Its almost as if he is timing out secret “meetings” with you, either you are the other woman or else your Cap guy is crazy. How can you miss out anything by moving on? He is never really there anyways. But find out first, find out if its just his career keeping him away, if that’s all it is then if your happy when he’s there it can all be worked out, but if you are the other woman, Cap guys never leave their wives unless caught in the act. I hope he is just busy with a career. There is another possibility, he might be a single parent, if that’s the case and you like kids, then things won’t be so bad…You really have to find out whats going on. Please don’t be hurt if he is a single parent and didn’t tell you, I was a single parent for 10 yrs and everyone avoided me, a lot of men also find dating very hard if they’re the single parent, if you have a heart to heart with him, If he loves you or feels anything close to that, he will tell you.

  12. After a couple of dates I asked a Cap I was interested in what he was wanting in a relationship…he said at the moment he wasn’t wanting anything serious. I thought ‘ok, it’s still early’, I’m separated from a Leo, not legally divorced yet. I only asked the Cap again after he began getting extremely touchy-feely cuz I felt he was trying to take it to another level and honestly I was falling for him…we were spending a lot of time together when he wasn’t working. I felt the need to educate him about Scorpio women and our feelings, I’m all or nothing, cannot STAND empty, unserious, frivolous relationships. He said he understood but we weren’t on the same page. I began feeling stressed and wanted to stop seeing him, and did then he’d pursue me some more and the ‘game’ would start all over again. At some point I asked him would he have any jealousy issue if I started seeing someone else since I felt he was always pushing me away and that’s when he dropped his bombshell….it wasn’t that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, he explained to me he was already in one!……a long distance relationship with a woman in China who has a son, he met her online almost 3yrs ago and visited her once!!!!!! He’s low on money and can’t visit her now and she’s waiting on a visa to come here with her son and move in his house!!!! He said she was the last person he’d had sex with til I came along. I went into a silent Scorpio rage, angry but at the same time not believing the absolute craziness of it all. I was thinking this guy was being the typical Cap that I read about, wanting to take things slow which was why I stayed in it. This guy I know has some abandonment issues, his 1st wife cheated and his 2nd wasn’t there for him when his mother was ill and later died ( I know Caps feel very strongly about family) We talked about all that stuff. He had even said he thought that an Asian woman’s cultural values would be so that she wouldn’t leave a relationship….have no idea where this woman’s son’s dad is, I didn’t ask. Ijs. At this point he and I are still ‘seeing’ each other and for now I’m not saying anything but I’m being eaten up inside. My Scorp ways are not gonna let me bear this for long, I feel a very overdue, painful sting is coming his way, my passive-aggressiveness is getting really aggressive right now and I’m gonna explode. I just needed to vent! Thank you ????

  13. thank you sabriana,

    I concur with your statement. a broken capricorn is tough to deal with and will be incredibly selfish..
    i learnt hard way….

  14. things not to do include:
    ~being overly emotional
    ~being sullen; he already has a tendency to melancholy and needs someone who can lift his spirits, so try to smile and make him laugh. he will appreciate being able to unwind around you.
    ~acting without dignity
    ~being irresponsible with time or money
    ~having no self respect
    ~making demands/ultimatums
    ~loosing your grace

    if you want to keep him you need to be a super woman. calm, cool, collected, focused on your goals. do not loose sight of what was important to you before you met, if you start to let go of your career and hobbies and put too much in him, he will loose respect for you quickly. have your life right and live in your own terms, and he will meet you in the middle. this is NOT a cancer man who wants to take full care of you and baby you. You need to be a mature woman with a mature mindset for this to work.

  15. Lady Taurus says:

    I’ve been dealing with a cap for 2years now. When we started out we also met on tge web. We talked for maybe 11 months before we actually met in person. I felt completely comfortable with this man we would talk on the phone for hours and hours at a time when i we wasn’t working. Well we met the 11th month in person and hit it off instantly. I will admit i fell head over hills in love with this man for absolutely no damn reason. out he was dealing with another woman, he was mentally,physically,emotionally,and verbally abusive. He blamed me for all his wrong doings he was mean he lied constantly. He tried to make me feel like i was wrong when it was him he was a cheater i hate him. Im in the process of letting him go right now. I just stopped dealing with him maybe 3weeks ago i give up im done. He would always threaten to kill me if i ever dealt with anyone outside of him during sex he is a fucking lunatick and i will never deal with another capricorn again in life. So good luck to the ones that love their crazy asses

  16. AwareVirgo says:

    Sabrina, you totally are right.
    Gals, leave them if you think you have tried enough. Seriously, there may be many good caps out there, but so far the cap man I know is an asshole. He will turn your emotion up and down, and will leave you when he loses interest in you for some better persons in his standard. Even as a friend, he is not worth having.

    Today, I decided to leave one cap man. He doesn’t deserve me even as a friend. I had been patient to his cold and picky traits, because he has sweet side. I often tried to become cheerful because I am a fairly happy person. But now, I cannot help it anymore.

    Good bye Cappie. Hope, you will enjoy your lonely life and depression. Go climb the mountain to get your dreamed status and buddies. I hate you!

  17. sunsignSag_girl says:

    Its unusual for me to fall for a guy who values works more than anything. But recently i came to know this Cap guy, younger than me ( im 26 and hes 23) i only have been going out with him 3 times. But he has been asking to go out before i started saying yes finally. He is, how should i put this, very possesiv

  18. sunsignSag_girl says:

    Possesive? He never really did ASK me to go out, but he just set the date the time and expect me to agree with him. I had to stop him because he was going into things too fast. Are all Cap men like that? I like him but still not sure if i will love him though. I am still analysing him. On our first going out (i dont consider it as a date, but he kept saying it was a date), we have a long chatty moment and he kinda told me about his background and his last relationships status.. he even told me he used to flirt with people at work because he sees it nothing more than a flirt. He told me these on our first day going out. Does that means he is comfortable with me? Im all about first impression.. he kept playing words with me. One moment he seems like trying to get me, the next he is not. As a Sag I am naturally a flirt. I dont lie about that. When a guy wants to play around, i’ll get on the wagon too. But will he thinks that I am in love with him when I do so? One thing that got me was when he noticed my teeth. No guy ever noticed such detail on me when we are dating. He told me I had a nice smile and that he like my white teeth ( i was like, what?) But i was happy being complimented. We have yet to hold hands or kiss or anything. Both are still trying to figure out each other i think. The only time he ask me to hold his hands was in a cinema. I freaked a little watching the movie ( the suspens part) and he held out his hand and ask me to hold it to make me feel better. I did hold his hand but was not for too long. I let go after a while without realizing it. And he kept sitting closer to me and making sure his arms or shoulders touch mine. Is he trying to be close? I am not a lady with pretty looks, just an average girl who is very much talkative. Is it okay if i start to pay for meals too? Because i dont feel right if only the guy pays for it. A Sag like equality too. I read that A Sag and A Cap will have hard time together. Is it true? Any Sag ever get involve with a Cap before? One more thing, he keep giving hints that he likes me and wants me but I kinda dismiss them. I thought Cap wants to be friend first before getting serious.. and i never text him first except occasionally good mornings. Because Cap want to do all the chasing right? I will not call him unless it was totally important. I am not a typical Sag though. I am not very fond of sosializing in public and i dont go out much but I do go crazy with my Bffs. Cap guy and me are still new, so im not sure if things will work out or not. Should i lead him on or what? I like him and secretly wants things to be more than just a friend. I even read that Cap like pretty women with curves in all the right places.. i am not a curvy woman.. i am quite athletic and i go to gym can i impress a Cap born on 27Dec without the pretty look? I need advice.

  19. Help!!!
    I need your help! i’ve met a capp man about 3 years ago at a wedding of common friends!! It was very strange because i never felt that before. It was something in his eyes and he understood all my jokes and he even responded with even more sarcastic jokes. It was like we knew each other our entire life. Well that was my feeling. Well i didn’t realized that till a a year ago. When my relationship broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. When i met this cappy i didn’t tell him i was in a relationship. (he couldn’t know because i never told that to anybody at the wedding)
    2 months after we met he told me he was coming to the city i live and he wanted to drink some coffee together. I agreed and we walked for ours. I took hem to the park because i didn’t know what to do. He was here for like 4 hours and then he will go to another city to visit his friends. I remember he asked me about my life and work. I now realized i told him my whole life without knowing it. He even asked me about how many children do i wanted to have and if if ever wanted to go live to another country. He was amazed about the fact that i speak 3 languages and that i work with children and like them. I thought that was strange but anyways. So we live in different countries, we chat like 4 or 5 time a year!! We’re friends on Facebook and when i’m online he comes online, whitout saying a word. when i go off ge goes off too. I have specific time to go online so…. the last time i asked him when is he coming to visit me. And he told me. He didn’t know because he has a lot of work to do and that year (2014) he couldn’t get more free days. And then he said:”But, i will. eventually” those words got me crazy. Will he or not??? help… could someone tell me he’s just not into me. !!!!! Maybe am i the one who’s seeing the wrong signs. Am i crazy???

    Oh i am gemini (28) and he is (31)

  20. Shari Robinson says:

    I Regret of accusing my Capricorn man of something he didn’t do now he wants me to leave him alone.I don’t know wat to do he won’t talk to me, and I have so much feelings for him

  21. 2006 was in a serious relationship with a cappy guy..plans for marriage and Kids all set, he pissed me off,,jokingly i packed my bags and left his home,we had moved in together,,,biggest mistake i ever made,when i came back to my senses,,,i called him after aweek Boy he had changed ,,he never wanted to talk he shut me out of his life completely …hated me and until today i regret what idid…they are focused People and loyal, so if he chooses you dont Play with him because when he changes his mind that will be the end of your marriage of relationship…..he married another Girl ayear after we broke up and they seem very happy…2kids and very settled,,,they are Family oriented People.

  22. justabottle says:

    Hi, I’m also dating a cap guy for more than 3 years. He was a great guy and I really do agree with the comments above about the characteristics of a cap man.

    There have been some issues that he is facing at work and when I tried to be nice and hug him (he usually feels better after a hug), he actually pushed me away (gently) and said “sorry I’m not into relationships today”. It was hurtful because he made me waited for 1 hour for him (he is always late), and that day he had to help his friend out cos he accidentally spoil his friend’s stuff so, I didn’t really blame him.

    He then said that he felt lousy at work because of many issues and there were many problems at work. I don’t know how to make him feel better? Sometimes he’s hot and cold. I thought maybe there was 3rd party cos he kept asking me to find a better guy. And when I asked if he really did want me to find another guy cos I will really find another guy. And he said No.

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with this guy? He is already past 30 and should be more matured? Or at least able to draw the line between work and career? I am contemplating whether should I work things out for last time? Any advice wld be good :)

  23. I’m dealing with a cappy I have been for two years and he was also abused as a child. He’s cold, distant at times, never tells me how he’s feeling, and he’s way too serious for my liking! …. And I’ve tried so so so hard to be patient as it’s not in my nature to be patient considering I’m an Aries. When we fight he doesn’t talk at all! Just gives me the damn silent treatment and I hate it! I’m so fed up with him being so serious and he doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions. I guess the fixer in me wanted to see if I could change him. But I CANT. And I’ve been considering just letting him go but 2 years is such a long time to share with someone. :( is it worth staying? I feel like he’s literally putting out my fire. I can’t get him to open up to me no matter how hard I try..

  24. Hi,I’m 26 Taurus female. I’m in a relationship with Aries for 6 years till now. About 2 years ago I met a Capricorn that turned my world upside down. At the beginning I didnt wanted to start nothing,as a matter of fact I was already having a boyfriend. But somehow it happen. The Capricorn was very good and not a quitter. So we kissed,and we started a secret relationship. We were always together. That time,my boyfriend was working a lot,so I had plenty of time by myself. My boyfriend knew this Capricorn as my very close friend. I was feeling very secure beside the Capricorn,and I liked him a lot,sometimes I even thought I would brake up with my boyfriend and stay with the Capricorn. But my boyfriend is also very good guy,never made me cry or whatever and I didn’t have a reason to leave him. As soon as I think of leaving him I feel sorry and I’m not even sure that I want to leave him. I hate that this happen. I was in a perfect relationship and then the Capricorn came. But let me tell you what lasted for 1 year with this Capricorn. Everything was perfect,he used to be with me always,used to go with me anywhere..but I never had sex with him. A lot of times he was trying,but I couldn’t-because of my boyfriend. I can’t say that I didn’t want it ( I wanted it so badly,sometimes now I still do) but I never did. Finally,after 1 year,he got mad from the waiting and my refusal and decided to stop everything. I didn’t wanted to stop,cause I felt very dependable of him. He was very rude,and he even threat me that he will say everything to my boyfriend and everybody.I was crying and begging him to think over the things again,but he wouldnt. Then he went out of the car,and I went home. My boyfriend was at home that time. I thought that the best thing that I could do is tell him everything that happened. And so I did. My boyfriend was heartbroken. it was a rough 6 months between my boyfriend and me. Now it’s been 2 years since this and we are ok with my boyfriend again,but still a lot of things in me are different. Still I think about the Capricorn sometimes, still when I see him I got the shivers. I know I’m not right,but I’m just being honest about my feelings. Sometimes I really hate the Capricorn,cause he brought me nothing but trouble,but sometimes I’m thinking about how happy and enthusiastic I spend this time with him…

  25. Sophia Frazier says:

    Hi my name is Sophia . I have a realtionship with a Capricorn guy , Capricorn men allways lieing about things . He cheated the whole time in the realtionship. when i ask him about him cheating he allways tell me he not cheating on me and he love me. i will never date a capricorn men again. They are very weird too. He just sit down and daydream all the time about women. Like one of the people said up top that Capricorn men will cheat then blame you for cheating when they cheating. . When i am done with him i will never date a Capricorn men again. if i do it will only be friendship that it.

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