How to know when a Scorpio doesn’t love you

ScorpioA Scorpio can be cruel to those he loves, so how do you know when he doesn’t love you?

Scorpios can be secretive and manipulative, but they can also be intensely intimate and devoted. Why would they bother hurting someone they didn’t care about? If a Scorpio is seething in resentment, he is still attached to the target of his anger. You can still be emotionally connected to someone without loving them, but if a Scorpio is going to let you in, he’s likely to “love” you in some way; he trusts you enough, after all, to give you access to his inner sanctum. Perhaps Scorpio is confusing “love” with “trust,” but any Water sign feels loving in a safe relationship.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. I am a Scorpio male with 9 inches of advice. If you can make nine disappear, then so will both our problems.

  2. Scorp man says:

    I am a Scorpio male with 9 inches of advice. If you can make nine disappear, then so will both our problems.

  3. Scorp

    that means?…

  4. I think Scorp man is talking about the length of his tool.

  5. Talk about “” advice!!!

    But then again what do you expect from a sexually frustrated Scorpio who obviously
    isn’t getting his just deserts.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling Taurus.!!!

  6. I wonder what time it is in America right now.???

    Here in Australia it is 9.15pm Good Friday the 29th of March.

    Curious about the time difference.???

  7. I wonder what time it is in America right now.???

    Here in Australia it is 10pm Good Friday the 29th of March 2013.

    Just wondering about the time difference.???

  8. I need advice please I’m a leo with cancer traits my ex is a scorpio and we ran back into each other I thought he wanted me back at first he and I are staying with each other when he came to pick me up he didnt tell me he had another girl friend and he said he loves us both and that he dont want to choose he has told me he still loves me and dont want me to leave I just dont know he spends more time with her than me but when he needs some one to talk to he comes to me I am not sure where I stand and if he really loves me I could really use some advice please.

  9. Korena,

    OMG. Kick his ass. How could you fall in love in 2 person? I am sure it would be different than the other.
    scorpio are upfront to their emotions. So my advice… Ask him those that triggers your mind.

    Once you get the answer. You know what to do…He is not serious with you and the other.

    A smart lady no need for advice if she knows the answer….

    Good Luck!

  10. Hi Korena,

    Has he asked you for a “TRHREESOME” yet.???

    If not you can be sure he is working on it and it is only a matter of “TIME”.!!!

    If you’re into that sort of thing go for it otherwise, you don’t really have much of
    a choice do you.???

    This is a case of “THREE” is company and the more the merrier.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  11. Oh my dear dear scorpios…how I, a gemini, LOVE to play mind games with you!

    Mind games & sex…its soo intoxicating but lethal. But you always cum back for more and more until I disapear from your suffocating cage and never look back.

  12. Susannah says:

    I’m a leo woman with cancer in moon and ascendant and met a scorpio man for six months ago. He was very interested in me and showed it to me alot and he friends told me he was to. But I was very hard to get and talked to him a few times but nothing more, until we met a few times and fell for him. And that wasn’t hard for me to do because he was very charming and caring and took his time all the time to write to me or called me. And I always responded to him, but sometimes I could be very cold to him and he told me that but it didn’t stop him to show his affections towards me. But I’m a person who is very hard with love, and I told him that from the beginning. And he told me he was very afraid to get hurt because he had been previous in his life and told me he was scared and didn’t wanted to show to much to me because I may not feel the same for him and hurt him. And I never really told him I liked him or actually loved him, because my feelings grew very strong for him. Just because he was the man who was very affectionate towards me. But the thing was, I craved to much, and he was very afraid to actually show me what I needed sometimes. It could take days without him asking me to meet him or be with him. And that made me very insecure about him because when he told me he missed me but wanted me to show him and ask him that we could met I kept telling me why do he want me to ask him and show him? When he is the man, and he knew I wasn’t the type of girl to asking the man out. Who would? Especially when he knew I always met him when he asked me that. So it was very confusing to me. And when I did once, asked if he could come to a bar me my friend and some friends of his was there. He didn’t. And that hurt me. So I did a very stupid thing and slept in the house of my male friend (that was in love with me and my scorpio man knew that and was very suspicious of him already) and called him and i said very dumb things like that i was going to sleep with my male friend (But I didn’t and I told him that the day after) but that really hurt him. And I was to dumb to realize that he cared. But he did. And he said to me that he wanted to end everything between us, but he didn’t. So I guess he gave me another chance, though I think he didn’t really forget (or forgive) that. But despite that, he asked me to be with him, and I did met him and he wrote me very nice things that he loved me and I was the only girl he wanted to be with. And when I was with him he asked me if I could tell him that I cared, but I told him that I show him that already when I speak to him and being with him. Why does he want me to say it? And he said, it’s nice to hear it sometimes. And asked me if I could say it. But stubborn as I am with emotions sometimes, I didn’t. But don’t get me wrong, I really showed him that I did care. Like once he was trying to make me jealous with another girl and I got very upset. And he said “I know you care” . He could to small things like that just to get me jealous. And sometimes it did get me very jealous and sometimes it didn’t. Because I knew he wanted to play mind games. And I didn’t like that. It made me feel very insecure about him. Even though I knew he liked me and cared for me, cause the thing was even though I said to him that we did not fit eachother and that we should end things (I only said that cause like him I was to afraid to get hurt and afraid that my feelings would go deeper for him, and I was so afraid with that because he was to good to be true sometimes to me) but It could get only hours and then I changed my mind and told him that I really didn’t mean that. Cause I didn’t.. And it was stupid of me to say that to him, cause if he did that to me I would get very hurt.. And sometimes I think that I did really hurt him.. And after some weeks he became very strange to me, and I realized that I did wrong, and that I needed to show him more and actually get my guards down and show that I wanted to be with him. And I did. And he did to. But then he became very distant. And It hurt my feelings cause I really tried to show him and I thought that was the only thing he wanted from me and when I did he didn’t showed that he cared so much for that.. And then I told him that I felt hurt that he didn’t show me that he really cared and that I tried to show him that but it didn’t get somewhere. And he became confused and told me how I could believe that he didn’t care. And he told me that he missed me but wanted to avoid me and thats why he didn’t took his time to be with me. And that hurt me that he wanted to do that, but I knew it was his insecurities and that he was afraid. But he knew that I cared for him so I couldn’t understand why he wanted to do so. And then he didn’t reply to my message, and that was very unlike him, he was the man who always wrote to me or replied to me. But this time he didn’t. And when I called him few days after why we did ignored eachother he told me that he was sick, and didn’t want to take any discussion. And that hurt me to of course, but I didn’t wanted to make a deal of that and told him if he didn’t wanted to be with me anymore. And he said that he didn’t know. But he didn’t wanted to end things between us but he felt like things where going to fizzle out in the sand. But ofcourse it would if he ignored to be with me and met me, and I told him that and he knew he said.. And he said that he wanted to be with me but he was insecure. And I told him that If you want something you show it.. But it didn’t make any difference, and days went and he didn’t text or call me. Which was very unlike the man I fell in love with. But then I told him that I missed him, and he replied and said he wanted to hang out with me. And I became so happy, I thought he finally understood that I cared for him and he for me. And I was with him over the weekend, and he told me that he also had missed me and if I wanted to be with him the day after to and hang out. And I said yes. And we had a very nice time and he was very sweet. And then the day after came, and he didn’t call me or anything. And I became very upset and asked why he didn’t even said that he couldn’t be with me. And days went and he became the same cold person he was the past two weeks, and didn’t text me or called me. And I did the effort to do that, cause I could not let him go and could not understand why he did became distant again. After the time we hang out together and I thought everything was fine. But he wasn’t the sweet affectionate man I fell in love with that would write or call me all the time. No this time he didn’t but I did, even though he responded he was still distant and a bit cold. And it hurt me alot. I thought he was my true love, after all the complicated things we went trough that love conquers all and after all his friends told me he really liked me and cared for me, that this time it was for real. But he became another person to me, and I couldn’t deal with it anymore.. I was very confused and sad, and I talked to his friend about this and he said to me that he was very strange.. and should move on and that maybe we didn’t belong to eachother. And I became so sad because it was his near friend of his, and my scorpio man didn’t care to take his time and tell me that he did cared. So I called him and wanted to confront him about if he stilled cared. And the only thing he said that he didn’t know and that he was unsure. But I took it as a No. And I told him that and then he told me I could take it as I want. But he refused to tell me that he did care or not. And it crushed me because it was then I realized that he didn’t and that it was over. If he did he wouldn’t do so. Then two days ago I get message from his near friend that says he love me (not that “my” scorpio man did, but his friend) and wanted to be with me. And his friend was with my scorpio man at that time. And I thought that was very insulting and confusing that his friend would wrote such things to me when I’m his bestfriends “ex” and especially when he was with him. But after a while I figured maybe “my” scorpio man want to play mind games and told his friend to write me those things. But I don’t understand a thing..

    Does he still care for me? Or he never did.. or maybe I did him wrong?
    I’m so sorry for the long book I almost wrote, lol, but I wanted you to get the whole picture.. I would be very greatful for some answers and advice.. Thank you..

  13. Hi Susannah,

    This Guy sounds very “CONFUSED” and he is “CONFUSING” you in return due to
    the fact that he is either too immature and not in touch with his feelings or he is “GAY”
    and has not come out of the “CLOSET” because he is still at the “EXPERIMENT” faze
    where he is going back and forth from male to female and vice versa in order to define
    and establish his “SEXUAL IDENTY” which is currently in “CRISIS MODE”.???

    Do yourself a favour honey and give him a miss because you deserve a lot better than
    what he has to offer which is “GARBAGE” and you don’t need that because there are
    plenty more fish, crabs and scorpios swimming around in that big ocean waiting for a
    lovely Girl such as yourself whom has her priorities in order and is looking for that special
    someone to “FALL IN LOVE WITH”.

    Just be patient go with the flow and it will happen when you “LEAST EXPECT IT”.!!!

    Cheers be smart and keep smiling Taurus.

  14. Susannah says:

    Hi Karissa! I appreciate much for the answer. You’ve right, he is very immature and has been all this time I’ve known him.. But that he would be Gay didn’t I understand cause he has not been with any male (what I know of..) and has only been with girls. Although he has told me the first time I’ve met him (and he was drunk) that he was BI. So maybe you’ve right! Haha. That would be very funny actually..

    Thank you so much for the lovely words Karissa.. I know I deserve better and there’s plenty other fish in the sea, but the thing is we had a chemistry that would be hard to find in someone else and sometimes I believe maybe it was my fault it turned this way and he just want to hurt me or take revenge cause I’ve hurt him.. But either way it isn’t worth it.

  15. Hi, I’m an aquarius woman in relationship with a scorpio man since last 1 year. It was him who pursued me and told me he loves me. I was reluctant to date him initially but he didn’t give up the chase.After few months of dating and getting to know him better I fell in love with him.He never tried to hide our relationship and proudly introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend.There was no other women issues.He is not a self centered moron that most people make of a scorpio.He is devoted,loyal,romantic and committed to me.Last one year has been a nice and romantic experience.We used to have our arguments and disagreements but it never lasted more than few hours.He proposed this year on my birthday. I was happy to be engaged to a man who was so devoted and loyal to me. He was a chain smoker but after I insisted to quit he gave up on smoking.He restricted himself from overindulging in alcohol consumption.The problem started in the month of April. I feel our relaionship has hit rock bottom. The reason is we haven’t had much time for eachother in this month.We had awesome sex in the begining of this month but it has been more than 10 days that he hasn’t given me any time or spoken to me properly. Actually he works for an event management company. His work schedule is very hectic and he’s on tour 3-4 times in a month. Sometimes he has to work all through the night which makes him very grumpy and moody. He used to stay in touch with me through text messages and calls whole day. I knew his whereabouts and he kept me informed. I had a fight with him last week that he isn’t spending any time with me to which he replied that it’s all because of the crazy work schedule.He told me he is under lot of pressure. I feel his income is good enough to support us both but he feels it’s not much. He got a raise in the month of April. I thought this will solve all his financial worries but he says now his responsibilities have been doubled at work so he hasn’t been able to give me time. He told me he is planning to buy a 3 bedroom house for us and future kids.His current home is too small. He has been searching for it since long and that is also keeping him busy. He said he was going to show me the house by the end of the month and take a week off from work to take me on a romantic vacation in June.I get too worried about him. I want to support him. Infact I even offered to contribute financially for the new home to take some burden off him but he refused saying that as a man he should be able to provide for his wife and kids.He has become so engrossed in his work. He hardly calls or messages me.There hasn’t been much communication. Even if he calls it’s just to tell me that he’ll be crashing in his office since he’s very tired and he has to travel again in few hours.Sometimes there is no contact whole day which makes me so damn insecure.I feel we are drifting apart. He used to pay so much attention before and now even after telling him my worries he isn’t making much efforts to improve the communication.I had an argument with him yesterday. He got frustrated and told me that he expects me to understand. I hung up the call on his face saying he isn’t the same person anymore. I expected him to call me back like he always does and resolve the issue but he has been so cold with me and hasn’t even sent a single text since yesterday. I want to believe it’s just a difficult phase. He did tell me it’s a temporary situation and we are relocating so he’ll find a job with normal schedule so that our relationship won’t suffer. I want to stay positive but his aloofness lately has made me insecure. I feel that he doesn’t love me anymore.May be he’s really busy or may be he’s using work as an excuse to get away from me. I was always there to reassure him of his position in my life everytime he got insecure or jealous. But now when I need assurance from him he has become cold and distant only to make me more frustrated. I can’t put up with his silent treatment.I hope everything works out between us because I love him too much and he means the world to me.

  16. Hi Julia

    Basking in the lime light of the beginning stages of a relationship is intoxicating and
    you do not want that incredible feeling to end, but all god things come to an end and
    this happens to be one of them whether we like it or not.

    The idea is to continue growing in the relationship which takes on a new meaning
    consisting of more stability, reassurance and peace of mind in knowing that you
    are both moving forward toward bigger and better things which await you and are
    equally rewarding only different to how things were when you first began your journey
    of getting to know each other and falling in love. Which can be all consuming.

    These insecurities you are experiencing need to be harnessed otherwise they will
    interfere with the progress which is taking place and you do not want to be exhibiting
    them or voicing them since he has not given you legitimate reasons other than working
    toward something for the future which involves the both of you.

    Learn to trust him even though he may be busy and unable to provide you with the time
    and attention which you crave at the moment as this will pass when he is in a position
    to offer you those things when he is able to get his work affairs in order as time permits.

    PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE and must never be underestimated when required otherwise
    you may be contributing toward the deterioration and down fall of your relationship which
    must be preserved by nurturing it as best you can regardless of the little hurdles which
    may present themselves along the “PATH OF LIFE”.

    Support your Man and always stand by him because “BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL
    MAN there is a VERY SMART and even more SUCCESSFUL WOMAN”.!!!

    I wish you the best of luck Julia and always keep the faith and keep smiling. Taurus.

  17. Hi Susannah

    You are more than welcome sweetheart.!!!

    Sometimes things happen for the best even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time but
    in the long run when all this is behind you it will be nothing but a distant memory which
    has taught you something about yourself and has made you a stronger and wiser human

    You will be able to take that knowledge and place it to good use in your next relationship
    which awaits you and there will be even more “CHEMISTRY” the next time around when
    you find that “SPECIAL” Guy whom will love you for your beautiful self and reward you
    with kindness not pain.

    Whatever happened my dear Girl was “NOT YOUR FAULT” because this person was
    wrong for you and God does not want you to suffer this is why he is sending you this
    message when you are looking for answers.???

    Have faith and believe that the best is yet to come and it will be soooo much better the
    next time you meet the Man of your dreams.!!!

    I wish you all the best in your bright new future which awaits you. Love Karissa

  18. Angelina says:

    Hi Julia,

    Having my share of years of experience in love relationships, I can tell you that when men are serious about a committed relationship they prove it as your partner is doing right now. He is investing in your relationship the only way he knows how. You may ask how is that by ignoring me, not calling me,texting me??? He is trying to show his love for you by being a good provider. Women and men want the same things, however they go about it differently.
    Women want attention, they want constant reassurance that he is still interested by making the phone calls, sending text messages throughout the day. Because we multitask. Men don’t. They are singular in their approach to whatever they are doing at the moment. Your partner is trying to show you that he does love you and that this is his way of making sure that you and your future children are being provided for. He’s not
    counting on you to help him build his castle. He wants to do it himself because of his pride as a man. He is expecting you to understand that and be supportive towards his goals and not insecure.
    There are different phases to a relationship. He’s in the phase where he is sure of your love and wants to
    prove himself. You need to give him the time and space that he needs to accomplish this while still being supportive and encouraging towards him. That’s what he wants. He wants your continued love and acceptance and understanding that what he is doing is for you, the woman he loves.
    You can try and find things that interest you and give you some joy and also keeps you from focusing on the no phone calls or text messages.
    It’s hard to find a good man these days. I know they are out there and it appears you have hit the jack pot so hang on and try to see things his way for now. You have already had the talk so you know that he’s doing this for you and your future family.
    Good Luck

  19. Angelina says:

    Hi Julia,

    Having my share of years of experience in love relationships, I can tell you that when men are serious about a committed relationship they prove it as your partner is doing right now. He is investing in your relationship the only way he knows how. You may ask how is that by ignoring me, not calling me,texting me??? He is trying to show his love for you by being a good provider. Women and men want the same things, however they go about it differently.
    Women want attention, they want constant reassurance that he is still interested by making the phone calls, sending text messages throughout the day. Because we multitask. Men don’t. They are singular in their approach to whatever they are doing at the moment. Your partner is trying to show you that he does love you and that this is his way of making sure that you and your future children are being provided for. He’s not
    counting on you to help him build his castle. He wants to do it himself because of his pride as a man. He is expecting you to understand that and be supportive towards his goals and not insecure.
    There are different phases to a relationship. He’s in the phase where he is sure of your love and wants to
    prove himself. You need to give him the time and space that he needs to accomplish this while still being supportive and encouraging towards him. That’s what he wants. He wants your continued love and acceptance and understanding that what he is doing is for you, the woman he loves.
    You can try and find things that interest you and give you some joy and also keeps you from focusing on the no phone calls or text messages.
    It’s hard to find a good man these days. I know they are out there and it appears you have hit the jack pot so hang on and try to see things his way for now. You have already had the talk so you know that he’s doing this for you and your future family.
    Good Luck

  20. Angelina says:

    Hi Julia,

    Having my share of years of experience in love relationships, I can tell you that when men are serious about a committed relationship they prove it as your partner is doing right now. He is investing in your relationship the only way he knows how. You may ask how is that by ignoring me, not calling me,texting me??? He is trying to show his love for you by being a good provider. Women and men want the same things, however they go about it differently.
    Women want attention, they want constant reassurance that he is still interested by making the phone calls, sending text messages throughout the day. Because we multitask. Men don’t. They are singular in their approach to whatever they are doing at the moment. Your partner is trying to show you that he does love you and that this is his way of making sure that you and your future children are being provided for. He’s not
    counting on you to help him build his castle. He wants to do it himself because of his pride as a man. He is expecting you to understand that and be supportive towards his goals and not insecure.
    There are different phases to a relationship. He’s in the phase where he is sure of your love and wants to
    prove himself. You need to give him the time and space that he needs to accomplish this while still being supportive and encouraging towards him. That’s what he wants. He wants your continued love and acceptance and understanding that what he is doing is for you, the woman he loves.
    You can try and find things that interest you and give you some joy and also keeps you from focusing on the no phone calls or text messages.
    It’s hard to find a good man these days. I know they are out there and it appears you have hit the jack pot so hang on and try to see things his way for now. You have already had the talk so you know that he’s doing this for you and your future family.
    Good Luck

  21. loyallibra says:

    In need of some advice, I am a Libra Woman who met my Scorpio Man 10 years ago. It began like most magical, intense, and a connection like no other. At the time I was very indecisive and did not understand a scorp as I now do, I was a flirt and at the tome still in love with my ex who was an Aquarius. I hurt my scorp badly I didn’t cheat but told him that I still had feelings for the Aquarius. We stayed together but now realized the damage was done. 3 years later I became pregnant with our son and the day I gave birth he told me he cheated on me with a pisces woman, I was devastated but didn’t think it would turn into anything (wasn’t the first time he cheated) He left me 2 days after our son was born and moved in with her. 2 years later they had a daughter, did I mention during this time he was back and forth between both of us, he would break up with me and go to her, break up with her and come back to me and to be honest this has been our relationship for the last 7 years. We have since had another baby who is 2 years old. He says he loves me and I am the first woman he ever fell in love with and that he doesn’t love her(I know that’s not true) he says he wants to marry me. My question is should I move on? He just went back to her and frankly I am tired of this triangle, I have been faithful, and loyal to my Scorpio I know he loves me and will always be there when I need him, what I don’t know if he is in love with me. I would love to be with him and don’t mind waiting if I knew I was the one who truly has his heart. On another note I have met another Scorpio born 2 days after my scorp Nov. 11th and want to know if I should just cut my loses with my scorp cause he may never give me his heart again and start on a roller coaster ride? I learned my lesson that’s why I need to know what to do, Please Help!!!!

  22. ATaurusGirl says:

    So I met this Scorpio man 2 years ago, I asked him for his number (something I never do) and he gave it to me. We started texting and getting to know eachother and eventually I brought up what it is he was looking for. He said he was looking for a “friend” and right away I let him know I was not interested in being friends and I quit texting him. A couple days later he texted me and told me that he understand and I took that as this potentially turning into something more… I was right, but not in the way that I though.

    Ok now here is the plot twist, we started hanging out and eventually had sex. After a few times, he sends me this long message basically stating that he had a girlfriend. I left him alone for a while but I did eventually go back (silly me)

    For a few months it was just a sex thing and it was no big deal. So I started talking to someone else and in true Taurus nature I gave the Scorpio man none of my attention and after a while he would start hitting me up, he eventually told me his girlfriend and him broke up and that he could really use my company…around that time I had quit talking to the Aquarius.(didnt last long lol) so the scorp and I started seeing eachother again and I was thinking that since they broke up that it would finally be my time… I was wrong, they got back together and broke up again.

    Now here I am almost a year later madly in love with this Scorpio man, who is single but will not commit to me. He acts like he cares and feels strongly towards me but he says that he feels he cannot be with me because he has hurt me too much already.

    What does this mean? Scorpio men help.

    Xoxo Taurus gal

  23. I’m with Jeffrey, if a Water /dominant water person doesn’t feel SAFE with you, get the hell out!! lol
    you’re just another NOTCH in the bedpost.

  24. Right here we go again Scorpions ….very strange creatures I knew my Scorpio guy about 3 years ago we met online he was deeply in love with me and i loved him as well but lots of things happened so i met my cancer boyfriend and ofcouse he got hurt coz he already confessed me how much he loved me but knowing we live distant I needed someone closer so I broke up with him he cried and looked for me he was obsessivly jealous and etc we were hot and cold for a while I cried with him I didnt want to hurt him I couldn’t help ….he came to visit me we had good memos we become good friends but even these days he wants me back even he knows I have boyfriend he is still waiting for me he always says let me knows with other ways … if Scorpio loves they love for real ….if he plays up or goes with other girls it means u were there just to help him to forget someone my Scorpio always been nice loving and carry , very honest with me even i did hurt him a lot so wish u good luck my lovelies xxx I m sagittarius by the way

  25. So I am a girl Libra who Really really likes a guy Scorpio. I’ve liked him since December 2013 and we’ve been talking ever since. I confessed to him in February, but he denied me because my friend asked him out and he said no to her and he felt like it was too much work to date someone. So i stuck around until June. Everyday we would talk at least once but only through message. Then I got kind of anxious and stopped talking to him all summer, thinking I can get over him since I won’t see him. For a while it worked but the closer august came I kept thinking about him and that upset me. By the time school started, I was still captured by this Scorpio and I starting talking to him again. I explained to him why I kinda stopped talking to him and asked him if we can ever be more than friends. He replied with say that we can and that apparently he said I was obvious that I liked him. At some point, we both agreed to go on a date and he, himself called it a date, down to the point that he expects to pay. and for Halloween he promised me that he’d get me a special blade because he knew what my Halloween costume is and even invited me to go LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). However, I mentioned when will the date happen but he hasn’t given me a response. Does he like me at all or does he just like the attention I’m giving him.

  26. TAURUS MARIE says:

    Ok here goes,
    I met my scorp 2yrs ago, he is 10 yrs younger than my self,
    the first yr was amazing, we couldnt get enough of each other (yes sex was out of this world)
    Well after a yr I told him I started to fall for him and called it a day (to scared of getting hurt and rejected)
    He said fine if thats what I wanted…(wasnt what I wanted at all)
    So we stopped every thing for a few weeks.untill he come back like it was all the same.
    but then in the March he blocked me totally iced me out,
    end of may he msg me out of the blue again like it was the same, we started seeing each other again abd every thing was better than ever, untill I noticed he was on whatsapp 24/7 very unlike him, so I said if u have someone else then tell me, he just blocked me again, he has a habbit of doing that alot to me, and being a Taurus I get very hot headed and jealous. And I also have a lot of scorp in my birth chart so I can be very much like a scorpion also,
    well anyway this kind of relationship has been going hot and cold for 2yrs, but I cant walk away from him as I love him so much and iv told him this, he has never told me he loves me but has told me he cares alot for me and when he dont see me he also misses me, the thing is when we do see each other its very tender, passionate, loving and he always complements me.Makes me feel like he loves me , but after we have had sex he dont talk to me fir days some times weeks, im confused does he love me or is it just a sex thing for him,
    please help me understand whst this man wants from me,
    btw he is 35 and im 45

  27. Hi I’m very confuse about this scorpio guy, I’m not sure if he really like me. Actually he had a girl friend and that time they had a fight. The guy started to talk to me and calling me after a few days he ask me to go out with him, we have a lot of fun. I have a boyfriend and he knows it..One time he brought me to a nice park and he told me that a guy who bring a girl here usually the one that he love,I just tried to ignored him,time goes by I started to like him. One day he call me and he said that he can’t call me coz he don’t want make problem with my boyfriend and asking me that I’m the one to call him, I never call for a week and he never does as will. I can’t stop thinking of him and that time I don’t have choice but to call him, he asking why I dint call him for a week and thinking that maybe I forget him, I’m just confuse right now,I really I don’t know what I’m gonna do,do I need to continue talking to him or just move on and forget him?help!

  28. CancerCantMoveOn says:

    I was with my scorpio ex for nearly 3 years. He left me because he said there were things in my past I wouldnt deal with and he couldnt take it anymore because it was affecting our relationship. He said he loved me and cried so hard when he was breaking up with me but that he couldnt do it anymore. its been 2 years since he left and I still think about him. I still miss him. But whenever I try to speak to him hes very cold and unemotional. He never contacts me first. Will he ever soften up to me again or will I forever be dead to him? It feels as if I broke up with him or I cheated because hes a unemotional towards me. How does he go from loving me madly for 3 years to me no longer existing?

  29. Hello,

    I’m 23 y.o female who has never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never been treated in a romantic way and i’ve grown to be okay with that because for one I’ve never met any guy who I could see myself with, sure I’ve had crushes and desires but in the long run I’ve just never met someone who I could truly be myself around. I’m the shy loner type who blends into others’ personality to accommodate them, but I never really show my true self to anyone, only a filtered version, only the parts that I think won’t be harshly judged, I know that this is wrong that I shouldn’t worry what other people think about me, but its just so hard for me to walk around school or any public place and not feel everyones glare, I’m hyper aware of others and I just walk and stare at the ground, but now I force myself to look into peoples eyes and just feel their energy and just let it flow through me and not let it affect me, and it’s working.
    I am not naive when it comes to relationship problems, I haven’t experienced but I learn from what I hear and from just observing my brothers and their relationships so I have some idea. The main reason for this e-mail is because recently I met a guy 22 y.o. on this website and he just came out of nowhere and told me how much he has been waiting for someone like me, I wrote a very detailed profile saying basically what I’ve told you about who I am, and he just told me how he understands where I’m coming from and he seems genuine, he is a very emotional guy who wears his heart on his sleeves and I’ll copy and paste some of those messages he sent me so you can get a better idea of how everything started, these are only his messages, I know it’s long. but please so read them, it will give you a better idea of what kind of person he is, and how I came to fall in love with him his personality, I don’t know if it’s love but I can’t stop
    thinking about him, it drives me crazy, I need answers, Help!!! please!!!

    “Excuse ME, How Might You Be Doing This Morning? I Would Love To Extend My Friendship As A Token Of My Gratitude…My Name Is ###…I Really Like Your Pictures.”
    “I Know People Are Very Closed To The Idea Of An Open Mind”
    “But Just Don’t Be Like Them”
    “May I Be Honest With You”
    “I’ve Really Been Waiting All Day On This Conversation…”
    “I Really Want To Spill My Heart Out To You But I Don’t Want To Lose This Connection With You Meaning I Would Really Like To Keep This Conversation Going But We Can Get To That…”
    “My Motives All Come Strictly From The Heart…I Can’t Help But To Be Honest So Really 1st Off I Found You To Be Very Beautiful, You Are Such A Gem To Me That I Could Only Piece Together Your Existence In My Dreams.”
    “To Me…You Being Exactly Who You Are Is Perfect In Every Way, Shape Or Form. I Don’t Mean To Come Off That Way Its Just Seemed That All My Life I Have Always Worn My Hearts On My Sleeves.”
    “Would It Be Alright If I Asked To Receive The Secret Code That If Entered Telephonically Would Lead Me To You Which Would Be Your Beautiful Phone Number In Hopes That We Could Really Carry On This Conversation ?”
    “YOU Are The Dopest For Bringing Up The Matrix. I’m Deep Into The Meanings Of Life And Philosophys And The Matrix Is One Of The Most Spiritual And Philosopical Movies In Life. I Would Love To Talk To You About Them.”

    “This Is My Only Vice Towards This Medium. There Are So Many Thoughts And Feelings That Are Running Through My Mind That I Don’t Know Where To Start.”
    “I Wish You Could Feel The Butterflies I Felt As I Read That…
    If I May Be Honest. I Have Been Waiting For An Individual Like You.
    I Am Very Intrigued By You As Well.
    It’s A Very Unspoken Feeling.
    But It’s Special.”
    “I Don’t Know What It Is About You
    But It Leaves Me Speechless.
    It’s Like The New Pictures You Posted
    They Just Leave Me In Awe.”
    “I’ve Figured It Out.
    Your Eyes Are My Favorite Two Eyes.”
    “I Guess That’s Why I’m So Excited To Talk To You.
    I Am Eager To See What This Future Holds.”
    “I Apologize For The Late Reply. My Computer Died”
    “So What Do You Want To Be In Life?”
    “You Know What’s Killing Me”
    “I’m Dying To Know Just What You Sound Like”
    “It Boggles My Mind All Day”
    “I Mean I Wish You Could Really Understand What It Would Mean To Me” (to talk to him on the phone because i refused because I barely new him)
    “I’m Sorry For My Impatience.”
    “I Guess What My Problem Is”
    “That I Feel Life Is Too Short”
    “And When You Have A Good Thing You HAve To Hold It Close”
    “It’s Because You Don’t Smile”
    “It Makes Me Just Crumble Because”
    “I Wish I Could Know Just A Feeling Of Who’s Behind That Face”
    “But Good Night
    Dream Sweet// <3"
    "Well See I Don't Want You To Feel Like You Are Alone. Even Through All Those Times Of You Thinking You Were Alone."
    "I Wish You Could See Just How Important You Really Are"
    "Especially To Me"
    "I Wish You Could See What I See"
    "Why Do You Think I Keep Pushing So Hard To Talk To You"
    "Because I Know That If You Feel Strong Enough To Spend Your Time Alone And I Feel Strong Enough To Want To Change That"
    "Then We Are Both Strong Willed Grounded Individuals"
    And It Is More Of A Crime For Us To Be Wasting This Time"
    "When We Could Be Spending It Wisely"
    As A Team."
    "It's Just Hard Sitting Here Waiting Everyday…When I Knew From The Moment I Saw You That I Liked You. I Knew You Were Different…I Knew You Were Into The Stars…"
    "I CAN'T Take It It Anymore."
    "I Don't Want You In My Life. I Haven't Been Trying To Keep Cool Because I Want You "
    "I Need You."
    "You Are The Type Of Person Whom I Can Learn From"
    "And I Need That"
    "So Please Don't Be Afraid Of Where My Heart Is…"
    "I Just Can't Take It ANYMORE"


    "I Will Be Here."
    "I Don't Expect You To Change Your Feelings For ME. I Just Needed To Get It Out Of My System"
    "<3 I Will Be Waiting"
    "I'm Laying Here Next To This Phone Just Wishing To Make Our Conversation Happen"
    "I Feel Like My Feelings Don't Matter.
    I Just Need Communication.
    And I Have None.
    Why Would My Biggest Issue Or Dilemma be Just To Talk To You
    If That Is Something So Simple
    What Would Make It Matter So Much That I Could Become Frustrated"
    "Why Would I Even BE On This Website…In The 1st Place….
    I've Felt Like That Forever…I Came To This Site To Find Peace. And Now That I Found You. I Still Have To Wait. So Yes I Have Lost Sleep Over This But Is It A Problem No Because I Don't Sleep Anyway, It Would Just Be Better To Have Someone There To NOT Go To Sleep With."
    "I Like You For You"
    "And I Just Want To Know Her."
    "It's Not A Want"
    "I Need It."
    I Wish You Understood How Much It Hurts Putting Yourself Up For Someone You Don't Really Know…"
    "It's Like…I Am Giving You My All…But I Am Not Allowed To Receive The Same Amount"
    "Personally My Problem Is I Appreciate Communication
    And That Kinda Makes Me Feel Like A Girl Because I Guess
    Those Are Things That Girls Feel,"
    "I'm Sorry But This Is Making Things Worse…..
    I Literally Am Sitting Here And I'm Reading What I Am Saying
    And It Makes Me Feel Stupid Because I Am Just Talking Just To Talk
    And That's My This Is So Frustrating Because This is What The Phone Is For
    Is To Talk Just To Talk….."
    "I Enjoy The Arrival Of Your Messages. I Just Feel That It Takes Longer That I Can Count.
    And It Feels Like Forever."
    "You Are A Part Of The Helping Of Me Finding My Balance…"
    "I Just Find Your Conversation To Be Therapeutic"
    "That's Why It's Such A Big Deal For Me To Talk To You."
    "See… It's Like 30 Mins Have Gone By…"
    "And I Feel Further Away From You…"
    "But Yeah It's All About Timing And I Have NO Idea What Your Schedule Is Like So That's Why I Get So Antsy Because I Wish I Knew What You Were Up To, I Just Hope That You Are Safe … You Know…"
    "I Just Wish I Could Spend Some Of That Time, with you."
    "I Like You So Much"
    Because You Make Me Feel Like That Little Kid…"
    "You Make Me Feel Like I Am Free Again…"
    "I'm Sorry Man,
    I Am Just Really Sad."
    Because I Want You"
    "And Can't Have You"

    "I'm In Aw"

    after this he told me he felt the person who he was, was changing and he felt scared because he didn't know what was about to happen, he is a musician and he says he is busy doing that and that he finds that a problem because he feels overwhelmed. After I sent him the poem he stopped talking as regularly to me I would have to text him and the conversations wouldn't last long. My question is that he has been asking to see me so much and I've said no because I was scared and because he would ask to see me like really late at night, but after talking so much and gaining feelings for him I asked him that i wanted to see him and we met up and we talked about 40 min. and the whole time I felt so comfortable around him I hugged him and we held hands and he just stared at me intensely and then he would turn away and avoid eye contact like he was nervous and he was kinda out of it because he was high on weed, but he even said he felt nervous and he asked about
    how I felt about sexual stuff and I said that I want to experience those things with someone I am in love with and he said if I wanted to do sexual hand stuff and I said no because i don't want to rush it, and then I said that maybe we could kiss, and then he said that he felt nervous and that maybe we should just wait to get to know each other more, he then said that he really likes me a lot but he doesn't quite know how to feel about me, I don't know if it was the weed that had him so confused or he just felt overwhelmed or if he just doesn't like me anymore, I'm just so confused because as you read his feelings in the beginning were so strong and now I feel left out in limbo, we haven't talked for a week since we last met in person and I have promised myself to not call him or text him until he does and even then I just want to wait because I just am feeling even irritated, but I just don't want to jump into conclusions because I know he has been
    busy with his music career and maybe he just wants to focus on that for now, and is not talking as much because he feels he has already established a bond with me and wants to wait to have time to talk to me and dedicate his time, because at one point he even said on the phone that everyday the first thing on his mind is me, and that he wants to dedicate and work his life for me, and I just feel so confused because of the lack of communication that has occurred in the past three weeks, please help I am in need of an outside perspective, Thank you for reading such long e-mail it really means so much to me, Thank you!!!!!

  30. Hello I just posted above, and I forgot to tell you that I was born 8-13-1991, and he was born Nov. 15,1992.


  31. Virgo Girl says:

    well well, i have experience some hell and bullshit from a scorpio man, you know what? They full of drama and just a big liar. Today they will so into you and then went cold like its nothing. Go on and off, on and off, play with your minds until you crazy and don’t know anything about whats wrong and right anymore..

    My advice just LOST CONTACT with them before you lost your sanity. Finally it works to me and I figure out all of his bullshit after I’ve been separated with him.. And yeah no more communication. Although he try to contact me again and again I just reject all of it and move on with my life before he trying to brainwash me again with his sweet words.. And guess what? Now I’am happy with my taurus man that keep me like a diamond and finally I can grasp fresh and healthy relationship… slowly all of my wounds and scars healed, because of his love to me..

    Maybe thats true not all of scorpio man is garbage, but if you met one that makes you feel like you’re not worth it.. my suggestion to you, just FORGET HIM and move on..

  32. evolved scorpio man says:

    Taurus gal, as his opposite sign you will share a bond like nothing you have ever experienced before… there will always be that little something inside that keeps you both coming back for more. However, I am sorry to say, your mutual stubborn nature would be the death of this relationship unless you can both of you just cut the crap so to speak and start loving each other the way the fates intended… I believe he does care for you very deeply but if he in some way feels he cannot give himself to you mind, body and soul, then he will quite happily sit back and watch you love someone else, deep down inside it killing him, as he would much rather hurt himself then ever truly hurt you, he would never ever wish for that I promise you.
    If however you believe he is just playing games with your head, then walk away, I’m afraid he is still not matured and he really isn’t worth it.
    I wish you the best of luck and truly hope it is the former =)
    evolved scorpio man

  33. Please advise am getting crazy for this scorpio man.. we used to work with me in my precious organization but we never chat than we become friends on FB and started chatting first date was casual and he started showing his affection towards me second we get physicall.. he use to than come over my place and he says dnt make me fall in love for u I have already hurt myself 5 years ago he always say that to me man looking gals for marriage and I want to spend time with you so we can take it further he also got emotional in front of.. than one night he made me me set his friends we partied together that night I do not what he iced me out though he still answer my call and replie to. My text but said now he only wants to be friend and whatever we had in past was casuallets be good friends… I just want to know is he still likes me or he just dnt want to show his feeling.. Will he come back?? Should i be friends with him???? Please help

  34. I am a Leo woman and I just broke up with my Scorpio man.. I had been holding it for so long until it was just eating away inside me.. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen him. His favorite excuse now is that he works 6 days a week and long shifts. (He just got his job 2 weeks ago) lol. Next month would’ve been our 1 year anniversary.. But this has been an ongoing problem of him not spending enough time with me, he can go weeks even close to months without seeing me, I’m always the first to initiate seeing each other, and we only live close to an hour away from each other.. One day I even followed him from work, just to see what exactly he does with his time, (I even told him this) and he picks friends up just to hang out with other friends and smoke. And they seem him on a day to day basis. That pisses me off so much. I told him there is no way I should be jealous of the time he spends with his friends, and he acted as if I should show him gratitude for not finding him cheating on me. When he did not have a job, I would send him money, and would always pay for the hotels.. I would get off work and come straight to him afterwards, even would drive in the middle of the night just to be with him.. Not even to have sex, but just to talk. It’s not easy for me to be interested in someone. I committed to this relationship fully.. Which isn’t like me not to keep my options open. But he is so full of shit and acts so aloof to my needs, especially when I’m telling him exactly what I am needing from him, he barely calls me and every weekend I’m in the house alone, my friends and family think of my relationship to him is a joke.. I didn’t understand it for a very long time. Because I’m a fairly attractive woman with a lot going for myself.. I’ve never even met his family and that’s what hurts more.. I feel like he doesn’t really even like me, yet he’ll tell me he’s in love with me every single damn day. He just is so weird to me.. But I’m over it and I’m moving on and not turning back! I cannot be with someone who makes themselves unavailable especially in a relationship.

  35. Leo Girl…I think you did the right thing. Scorpio men I’ve known and been with don’t commit easily. It’s weird how they can make a woman feel like nothing else but her exists while they harbor secret connections with and desires for other people or activities. One Scorp long ago hid from me that he smoked a lot of weed and we lived under the same roof for almost three months. He would disappear for a couple of days at a time. Sometimes his errand for a day would last until 2-3 days. I’m a free flowing Pisces that believes in relationship freedom. So, where my Scorpic relationships go wrong is that I fill the time away with anything my heart desires, so I get the best of both worlds in my Scorpio relationships. They enjoy the other feeling alone, lost, lustful, craving them when they’re gone. They just don’t want the person in tears or weak. They would rather the other person be angry rather than teary eyed or even waiting for them in worry. I’m a different woman now due to many many dating experiences between the first Scorp and the one I have now. The one I have now is magnetically appealing to women. Not necessarily very handsome, but very cool, confident, loves nice things and has amazing accessories that draws attention (cars, shoes, expensive and unique watches). He’s not doing it for the attention, but he gets it and on top of that is a little snobbish. So, he gives off the aura that he’s picky in his choice of a mate. We talk openly as friends even though we’re a couple and I never want to lose that, because I don’t want to feel like I have to filter everything or most things that I say to him. Bottom line right now is this….I KNOW that he still has other female interests, but he thinks he’s hiding it from me. I see him every single damn day (he chooses this, not me). So, he wants to use that fact and the conversations with his family members (his dad is already referring to me as his future daughter-in-law), and the love making to have me believe that I’m the ONLY interest. He doesn’t know that I’ve stalked his FB page and realized that while on vacation, he sent me the oictures of him looking ok, but the best pictures he posted on FB and the women who have some type of connection are making it known “when are you going to cook for me?”, “you still look handsome”, “finally you arrived there, maybe next year I’ll go”, one woman even posted “nope not happening” in response to the other woman. Lol….I just look at it all and am protecting my heart. He will never ever truly have me. Unlike him, I openly let him know that I have two fall back men who will always come back or be with me at my convenience. One is a Cap who has been around for five years and the other is a Taurus going on one year next month. He can have his secrets. He invited me on that vacation. I turned it down and now he’s asking me to travel back to his hometown with him. I’ve been making plans to go home since I met him and haven’t mentioned him going with me, but he’s mentioned it. I think it helps that I have Scorp as my 7th house and I understand with painful clarity the exchange or lack of power shared in partnership. That’s actually what it’s truly about with Pluto. How much power do you retain for dealing with self (self control) when it comes to your partner and how much power over yourself do you give to your partner? They don’t have to have it to love you. Love is a venus thing and not a power thing. How much power do you have or even WANT over your partner? What makes a Scorp feel safe is when they give you power and you choose not to use it. If he can’t willingly give me all of him, f&*ck the power he’s handing to me. Lol It’s useless and I know/understand that. When I see that the other women have faded away and he takes me around people like the woman he bought flowers for on Valentine’s Day as well as goes to church with, then our relationship will start to truly mean something. Right now….his worlds are completely divided. I told him last night and jokingly that I was the side chick. He said something that indicated that there is more than one woman. So, I laughed and said, “well damn, I must be the side chick”. He looked at me in the face and said, “no….you’re not”. I just laughed and said, “yes…I am…either you don’t realize it or you don’t want me to know that I am”. He was confused. I said, “play your damn video game while I read my book…just like we planned, but can you open this bottle of wine for me first…please?”

    Keep your power of self and enjoy the separation. Also, the more time we spend together, the more I sleep in the bed turned away from him. It’s the little things that count.

  36. Ms.Teeq1974
    Thanks for your response, somehow, some way I got sucked into his magic magnetism lol. I break up with him at least once a month, it’s kind of hard because we are both so prideful and stubborn (fixed signs) any time I don’t get my way or he plays his disappearing acts I immediately become irritable, and pissed off to the point where I threaten to leave him. I do that so often, he’s learned to shrug it off lol.I really hate being ignored!!! I understand it’s his way of testing me, to see my reaction, which I always react very negatively, I just wish he would stop doing that. We’re still not good with the spending time, his work schedule is overwhelming. But I trust him to a certain extent.. I understand what you mean by keeping a little of yourself and not giving your power. It is soo important to be independent!

  37. I read a lot of different comments on here And I’m a Scorpio myself one of the comments on here was talking about a Scorpio male loving two people What I have to say about that is I’ve had the same problem myself and most likely he just wants to be your best friend. When you are a Scorpio and you fall in love you will always be in love but that doesn’t mean your love will be the same His love for you is probably love like a sister

  38. If your Scorpio guy doesn’t call you back or shows interest in you even after you had the best weekend ever, he is definitely playing mind games with you. Don’t fall for that bull%**, cut all communications with him immediately. That is the only way to get over it, friendship doesn’t work with these guys. Somewhere in their little twisted minds you will always belong to them, and you will be free to go until they say so. How imbeciles. Please run the other way and never look back, remain strong, don’t fall for it, the moment he realizes he’s lost he’ll try to find his way back into your heart just to prove his power over you. Believe me after awhile you will start seeing all his faults and realize what a waste of time he was and how happy you are without him in your life. Take it from a Pisces woman who after12 years of mind games finally had enough and gathered the courage to realize that she is number one in her own life :)))
    Good luck to all… cheers!!

  39. I am a cancer female. I love reading astrology. But I find most compatible with aries Virgo and Taurus. Scorpio are so jealous and I feel childish

  40. Hello, I would like to hear more from jd

  41. I wonder how you met with your husband @jlo1965

  42. JustsayNO says:

    I will say this. Scorpio lures women in and then hooks them at the end of their web–keeping them close enough to see and bond but ensnared without satisfaction or release. And they like it that way! They are the mavens of dodginess and the player of games.

    If you’re caught in this trap, escape NOW with your dignity intact. Time is too short to waste on such unfruitful endeavors! ?

  43. @justsayNO I agree with you. But anyway, I’m a Leo woman and my Scorpio ex boyfriend and I were so in love and its like we would do any and everything for each other, we even talked about marriage. But then it started to get rough due to log distance and it got cold.. Then he kind of just stopped trying completely. So we broke up, at first it was mutual but I didn’t want to be without out him so I suggested we try again, and as many times as I had suggested before he always said yes. But this time, he made it seem like he hated me. He always got angry and then he just blocked me, literally from social networks and through texting. So we haven’t talked for about a month. His family spoke to me and told me that whenever they talk to him about me, he gets really angry. I don’t know what this means but I just want to talk to him without him being angry.

  44. Karen Hagstrom says:

    I was in a sexual relationship with a scorpio male. .until four months ago he texted me saying he had something to tell me and that I would not like it..he said he found Jesus and
    we could remain good friends. .because he loves me as a friend but we could no longer fornicate as he put it. Well needless to say I
    didn’t believe him because he was always so
    horny and our last encounter was about a week earlier. I am pretty sure he was lying to me. I never had a man tell me anything remotely close to that reason that we could no have sex
    anymore. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

  45. Im libra and having dìicult of understanding a scorpio man. We met in the gym, he is a personal trainner and im a gym member. We dont interact talking by first meet, but we sorts of knowing each other through friends relations.
    At first he is not hesitate to talk to me after there was a small incident that i hurt him, i non purposely ignore him when i walked passed and he were blunt to wave a hand to say hi! After that moment i tried to talks to him but he just wandering ignore me all times.
    Once, i dressed so attractively and caught by his attentions, he walking around me and looks deeply to figure out me, watch me from close distanct and stared me that i hardly breath and uncomfortably move and shake from inside out.
    I notice it happens when i appear in the gym where he spotted me from entrance.
    Until now it repeatedly 20months long, i tried to asked him for movie and got rejected and abused by him ( is this his intentionally seeking revenge)?
    , he throwed the text i send to him in his public friends and mine, so they all know i had a crush on him, after that movement of him, i ignore him till now, but he watch me from all kinds of distance, sometimes i sat down at a chair where the walk ways, he appeared to walk around in front of me, from the back forth and back, and talks and listen while im speaking to friends. ( if im on the left, his face turn to the left side and not doing anything but silenctly watching the seiling’, reversed directions too)
    He eventually sat at the table next to me by himself and turn the his ear to my sides, sometimes i noticed and stop talking and walk about, he also slowly follow behind.
    Im confused, facts he say dont like me and all his friends know, now he appear to catch a chance of my attentions and conversation which force me to annoy and speak up any words to him.
    Please help me understand his moves. Should i approach random topics to him..

  46. I am Scorpio woman, I have been in a sexual relationship with this Taurus guy for 7 years but things are getting a little strange. I met him we I was 20 he is some years older than me, and it was love at the first sign I would say. We were introduced by a common friend and we end up having sex that same night at his place, because my cousin was going out with his friend so we stayed at his and it happened. From the moment I saw him to the moment he kissed me I felt something different, up to today I can still remember how I felt when I saw him, and how I felt when he kissed me. After that night, we started dating as boyfriend and girlfriend. but I messed things up, I was angry at him, deleted his number, then he called me on valentines and I pretended I didn’t know it was him, he got upset and stop calling, from that day is when thing turn from being in a relationship to just sex partners. after a while I manage to get back with him but it was just sex. We carry on like that for years. We will see for few times then go away for months without seeing each other (probably for a month or so) but things change I will say 3 years ago. We starting seeing each other more often but one day he told me he got someone pregnant. I was a bit hurt but I did not though about it very much. I was shocked specially when I asked him if he is with her and he said she is a b.. so probably she has done something to him. Things were different this time around. we were meeting very often, very often, and he will be much emotional (our sex used to be very passionate) but this time lot of emotions were involved. he will say things like he likes the way I took, the way I smile, my eyes and all those things he never told me before. so.. we continued getting closer and closer, but in my mind he was just my sex buddy, specially after I found out he has already a child with someone else. He will want to come to mine to watch movies, or asked me to cook for him, I will always tell him that all those things were not necessary that we only have sex, why get all those emotions and actions if he is not gonna be my boyfriend, bla bla bla. To be honest,, for me was not nice to develop more emotional feelings with him when I knew I will not gonna be able to have him emotionally, it will be just a waste of love, emotions and energy. But he will continue being all romantic and stuff, I will ask him if he is not happy with his girl and why is he still sleeping with me and he will say he met me before her, and no matter what we will always have each other, and even if we married we will always see each other..( I always answer him with, that will not be my case because as soon as I find someone I will not be with him). I must say I have been in a distance relationship for 8 years, and he is aware of that, so every time I ask him why is he cheating on his wife, he will say I have a boyfriend in another country too, so why do I cheat on him too. but is not the same, he is living with this girl and my bf live in a different country.. anyways.. that’s how I understand things. so.. we will go on and on, and every time the feelings with develop more and more, for some reason we cant keep our hand from each other ( I must say this guy is extremely clean, sexy..) After a while he starting saying things like I should have a spare teeth brush for him, spare towel, etc. and I will be like, why? we only having sex, he will be like no, we not only having sex. lot happen but let me make long story short., I end up getting pregnant by my boyfriend and he was devastated , I must confess I was feeling nervous to tell him I was pregnant but somehow he already knew. we were in his car and he was telling me that I look different bla bla, so I told him I was pregnant, he was sad and jealous (weird), but then he understood because apart from sex partners we are friends and we both have our separate lives. I was not happy to find out I was pregnant but he was helping me in getting to accept the situation and feel ok.(he has always be there for me when I need him tho) he end up telling me that his wife was also pregnant ( funny enough I don’t get jealous of her, neither think of them too together which is reallyyyy strange.. ) and I congratulated him. during this time he will call me and stuff but I will just cut him off cuz I was not feeling comfortable being pregnant and having or talking dirty with him, he was confused about that fact and asked me if things will be over between us two cuz I was gonna be a mum. Unfortunately things happened.. and I end up loosing my baby with 5 months pregnancy. I told him and he felt so bad for me, he said he was already imaging me with the baby and hoping to see me with my big belly. I went away to overcome all that drama, and he was calling me all the time saying me missed me and stuff. I came back and we starting seeing again, and this time he was extra romantic. It was almost as if he felt he was loosing me and got me back. I asked him to be my baby daddy because I wanted to get pregnant again and he was a really good dad plus we have an incredible friendship, so I could have my kid without any attachment. But to my surprised the asked for some demands I was not expecting, like having the keys for my future house so he could come around anytime ( why would he want the keys when we not together, we just gonna have a kid, not living together, so that kind of pull me off), but yea.. them he said I need to be professionally stablish then we can go for it. I though and still thinking is a good idea, because we a good friends so why not… Anyways those were good times… A week later we meet again and I must say that was the best meeting or sex or wetever I had with this guy since 7 years ago.. it was omg.. he told me he is addicted to me and cant let me go.. I told him I felt the same way.. then he know that we are like this I cant leave u alone, then u want me to give u a child and just forget about u..? I was like.. uhmm.. ok.. everything was good until we started talking abut an issue we should had not talked about. I’m selling my car and he wanted to get if for his wife, at first I told him ok, but then he told me a price I was not ready to accept so, after he insisted and insisted I told him that I will not sell it to him, for him to give it to her.. he was shocked, he started asking me if I was jealous, (I was not) I could care less, I just wanted a good price for the care and he was just getting to persistent so I told him that just for him to get over it, but I don’t know what got to this guy head.. he started asking me if I love him if im jealous, blablba.. all this I will not say anything. Then he started saying is just cuz she is pregnant and he will not be around so he is not getting it for her is for the kids, that if I love him I need to love his kid too. blabla, and I was like omg.. what is all this coming from.( u know that moment when u say something and u realize you should have never say that) I was in that scene, I told him I will not sell it to you even if u give me millions, then he was like I am disappointed on you, so u don’t love my kids, im doing it for them not her, me and her can slip at any time but my kids will always be my kids and you need to love them too. blabla.. I tried to explain to him but he wount listen. then he left. ever since he does not want to know anything from me. if I text he will say I should stop texting him, that he does not want to know about me, we are over. and I never took it seriously because I did something shaddy to him one time he got upset, said those things but end up coming back. so I was saying to him that when he is ready he knows where I am but he assure he will not. well I went out with my cousins and saw him at the club. he said hi, and go his way. so one of his friend liked me, so I tough why not play to make him jealous a bit. He was acting as if he does not see me but I know he was, and I am assure he was jealous but played it cool. his friend does not know me and his have something or we even know each other. this friend of his did not left my side all night, he stuck around me like my shadow, I was like omg. but well I was still playing my game, so the club ended and his friend gave us a ride, him and his other friend went into a different club. at the end of the day I gave his friend my number just because he was really nice to us, he drove us home and some of us lived miles away. next day his friend called to me to met up, so I did, but I am not interested in him at all. The situation nowadays is that his friend continues to call me and want to have something serious with me, but me I am not interested at all. and my fuckbuddy don’t want to know anything about me. I continue calling him and he will ask me not to call him again, that we should go our separate ways, then I will ask him to block me so I will not text me, he will say I should just stop texting. I was noticing he didn’t want to block me but I insisted because I knew it was the only way I will stop, so I told him that he was not blocking me because I enjoyed me texting me, so he said u sure, and he end up blocking me. but me I am confused, why is he soo angry with me because to be honest I still don’t get it. because what I said about not wanting to sell the car to him, because I was flirting with his friend even tho this happened later?? why is he so angry, he does not want to talk to me, neither meet me. what should I do.? how can we be soo into each other and next second everything change. ? has he stop feeling for me? do I have to forget about him and move on? please someone explain the situation to me. ( I don’t wanna move on because he is and will be the best sex partner and friend I ever had. and I think I just realize I was always in love with him. so has he got over me) or maybe he never did, but the way the stare at me, touch me and kiss me says something else. will he ever get back to me) Answers please
    Thank you

  47. Hey foxy, you say you pushed the Taurus guy away in the very beginning…were you ever sincerely apologetic for your behaviour? And then, who set the tone for this to be only a sexual relationship? Was it a sort of a mutual decision or did it simply just fall that way?
    It seems to me that he values you a lot and perhaps wanted to commit with you but then another woman got in the way….pregnant….which complicated things a lot, but still didn’t stop you from maintaining a sexual relationship. When you told him you wanted to have his baby, it’s no surprise that he demanded your house keys and stuff…it seems in your mind he was only your sex buddy and your best option of a man who you’d like to get pregnant from, while he wanted to take care and responsibility of you and the prospective idea of a baby. Maybe the communication between you is a bit off and you don’t express yourself straightforward enough and misunderstandings arise… as well as feelings getting in the way, like the situation with the car selling. I understand you wanted to get more money for your car, and he should have respected that more…but when money get in the way it usually becomes disastrous. I can easily see why he thought you’re getting jealous, and it must have got a lot worse because you were stubborn or standing up for yourself with the amount of money you wanted to get for your car. Not sure if he was sincere about why he wanted to buy your car, however he didn’t accept your reasons, because you have been enjoying each other for many years and you’re tightly connected… in a way he wouldn’t believe that you just wanted a higher price for your car. I bet he got upset over your coldness – “he started asking me if I love him if im jealous, blablba.. all this I will not say anything.” That’s where he inserted his feelings into the situation and you didn’t assure him of your own.

    “if I text he will say I should stop texting him, that he does not want to know about me, we are over. and I never took it seriously because I did something shaddy to him one time he got upset, said those things but end up coming back.”
    This is a typical scorpio trait i suppose… not taking he’s upset seriously because he eventually came back to you. I think scorpios have a bit to learn in this regard. You upset him, but he tried to get over it, because he couldn’t be without you, so he came back, (the important bit following – )hoping you wouldn’t upset/hurt/be shady with him again. But you see him coming back, and you don’t appreciate what it cost him (probably because he didn’t torture you about what he went through), so you think it’s okay to do this every time… but that’s not how it works. Often times people give second chances very easily… and scorpio seem to take these chances for granted and perhaps lose a bit of respect for their partner… but don’t realise that if they blow up their chance they are unlikely to get another… I’m sorry if this somehow sounds mean, it’s not supposed to, it’s just that there should be a sense of forgiveness in all relationships, but continually abusing the trust of your partner is not going to make it last long.

    To answer your final questions, he probably is still very attached to you, but too upset and confused about your feelings toward him, and would rather keep himself away from you.
    If you realise where you fault him with your behaviour, and if you want to see him again, you should stop playing the scorpio games of control and start with a sincere apology. You say you just realised you may have always been in love with him… get clear on that matter first, and only then try to approach him with an apology. If he cares about reason do try to explain the car selling situation as clear as possible to him, so there’s no confusion. And if he questions you why you flirted with his friend…don’t tell him you were trying to make him jealous…it’d be better to say something along the lines of that his friend was too pushy, but you aren’t in contact with him.
    I don’t know if he would dare to come around to you again…it might be a long time… but whether you choose to wait or decide to make the first step, please try to become more aware and honest with your own feelings and then attempt to understand his feelings and his efforts to be there for you.

  48. i have found this site some time ago and I would really appreciate any scorp opinion from about my story.
    I will try to keep it short.
    I met my ex bf 6 years ago, when I was working abroad. I literally bumped into him when I was out with my friend to party. It was an instant crush, the typical Scorpio eyes (I am a Cancer)…and intensity. We spent the summer together and we had great sex. I fell in love with him, but I found out that i was not the only girl he was pursuing. He was also lying to me about his age. He is younger than me.He was after a long relationship and I think he still had feelings for his ex. I was very patient and we had good times so after the summer before I went home I told him that I had feelings for him. He came to see me (we are from different countries) and I went to see him. After some time I moved to his country to be together.

    He was everything for me and I know he loved me too. We had our great times and bad times during those years due to financial crisis and job stuff. I know his past, he told me a lot of things so I know he trusted me a lot. We got engaged and were planning children but his father got ill and since then our relationship was going down until the point when he broke up with me for another girl and I moved back to my country. He came back to me and told me he loved me very much, but he got afraid of marriage and stuff that our relationship would not work. We didn’t move back together because I was waiting for him to move to another city because of his job. During this year I had a lot of trust issues with him because he was going hot and cold, sometimes not answering my calls and he had problem to add me on fb. I was waiting for him one year and we saw each other every month or two.

    On Christmas we were planning again marriage and child, but after he went home he became again distant,. I saw him at the end of January when he broke up with me again saying that that he has depression, the relationship was broken due to his fault but it will never be the same again and that I was pushing him with marriage and kids. I was really not pushing him this time. He was nice to me, he gave me presents, we went on holiday, but i felt he was not with me anymore… I feel that there is somebody else in the picture again. The day he was leaving he wanted to hold my hand but I told him that I dont want it, because I think what he did was not ok. Stringing me along for one year, while he was having fun. I told him that i am not a toy. He told me that he was not happy and he cannot give happiness and that maybe in the future..but he didn’t finish it. I had to leave to the job and I left without turning back. I unfriended him on fb for my own sake, to keep my sanity. Since then he has not contacted me, its been 2 weeks now. I still love him very much and miss him.
    Any opinion about his reactions or why he came back if he was not sure? Should I try to fix it or just to let go?

  49. CosmicCarol says:

    Look, I’m a Scorpio so I’m going to let you in on a secret (I have Mercury in Sagittarius – so I’m not great at keeping secret’s, unless they’re my own)… Here’s the simple truth and a very easy way to tell if a Scorpio loves you. If a Scorpio loves you, he or she will pursue you relentlessly and obsessively. He or she might occasionally play hard to get, if you’ve hurt his/her feelings (although it’s best not to do this, as he/she will always get revenge and the trauma from that can take years to heal).
    If they are not pursuing you obsessively and relentlessly, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they are simply not interested. If they are coming and going, then guess what, you’re simply just a play thing to pass the time of day. Sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice to be a Scorpio’s plaything.
    Best advice I can give is play hard to get and hang onto your integrity, as they really love the chase and they love someone they can respect, even more. Good luck!

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