How to know when a Scorpio doesn’t love you

ScorpioA Scorpio can be cruel to those he loves, so how do you know when he doesn’t love you?

Scorpios can be secretive and manipulative, but they can also be intensely intimate and devoted. Why would they bother hurting someone they didn’t care about? If a Scorpio is seething in resentment, he is still attached to the target of his anger. You can still be emotionally connected to someone without loving them, but if a Scorpio is going to let you in, he’s likely to “love” you in some way; he trusts you enough, after all, to give you access to his inner sanctum. Perhaps Scorpio is confusing “love” with “trust,” but any Water sign feels loving in a safe relationship.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Same thing happen to me even though my ex scorpio new what i had been through and so had he,he promised to never hurt me or my children and had such a charm about him, he manipulated me and played mind games, cut me off for days, he was so open and caring at the start of the realtionship then just became cold he gives the impression their open honest and talk about their feelings but that can change in the blink of an eye, weather his cheating, putting his guard up so he doesnt get hurt or hurt u, whatever the reason they become so cold and distant quick as a flash..i realised to stop trying to analise him as it was destoying my soul, i new scoripos were like that as another ex was also a scorpio but i guess i fell for his charm once again. Never again. Theres liars even though they come Across as honest loyal men they are not they are secretive and selfish and will hurt u over and over! Im staying clear of scorpios for good. Its not worth the pain or distrespecting of yourself.

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to thank you because although your advice was for another lady, I have been with a scorpio for along time like yourself, 23 years and going no where ever. Just games and stealing a woman’s precious years away! I felt so stupid realizing how long and thought I can’t just walk away. I can, just like you and all the women here should just go. This isn’t kind. Stringing people’s lives along knowing that they will never really commit to that lady is more than wrong!
    Anyway, I felt that your advice help me out and I wanted to say thanks.

  3. Based on my personal experience in loving and befriending both male and female Scorpios, Scorpios are hard to love. As long as you know they act out of self protection, you can weather the hard bits.
    Scorpios feel so deeply and intensely that they love painfully. So they are particularly vulnerable. And that frightens them. When you hurt them to the point they need to walk away, they do it because
    1.out of self preservation.Being around someone they love intensely but can’t be with is too painful and
    2. If they love you deeply, they want to avoid hurting you in the Scorpio manner

    They are fiercely loyal to their friends and expect the same in return. Part of a Scorpio’s lesson is to understand that most people can’t match that loyalty (except a Sun, Rising, Venus,Mars or Moon in Scorpio, Virgo their karmic cousins, or Taurus, ). They will bleed for you and expect you to bleed for them. If you are unable to be strong enough to do this, walk away. They are the friend that will help you bury the body 🙂

    I personally fell for a pure Scorpio and a Scorpio Rising, I had my heart ripped out twice. They adore me, trust me to the limit and would do anything for me…except love me that way.

    So I know very well the following:
    Scorpios are very determined to find THE ONE. If you aren’t THE ONE to them, you have to accept this and trust they love you enough to be with you but they will leave easier if you hurt or betray them. Once Scorpios have had THE ONE expect to be a close second. And they knows this and will try hard to be true to you. But the bar is higher for you because you aren’t THE ONE. You have to be accepting, strong, confident in yourself and allow yourself to be completely open and vulnerable. An evolved Scorpio will respect you for this.

    Also if you aren’t his kink, forget it. It won’t happen. If they wants a tall athletic blonde, and you are a short brunette, forget it. They wont change their mind. It is because they are determined and confident that they will manifest what they want and knows that it would be unfair to anyone else to settle because sooner or later they will most likely cheat or leave if their kink comes along. So they hold off. They know this about themselves. Its painful for those of us who don’t fill out their punch-card, but it is what it is.
    If you are his kink, consider it a blessing. Most Scorpios go for fire signs, athletic, bouncy, sunny uncomplicated types like Leos or Sagittarius. They seek balance in themselves for their intensity, their dark moody introspection and simply to feel save that their secrets and vulnerability are not put in jeopardy. However, depending on their Venus and Moon sign it might balance out. Also look at their Juno sign and the house it is in. It will tell you the marriage partner they should have in terms of personality and where they are most likely to meet them. See if you fit.
    Let them take control. In doing so, you’ll be in control and it shows your confidence because you are capable of giving up control but stand your ground.
    Scorpios are hard work but, once you have them in your life, no one else will compare.

  4. Anne Joy says:

    Please advise the mature couples. I am Gemini June 20 1968 he is November 12, 1958. First time with a Scorpio typical scoprio hot and cold on then off? Do they ever mature do they ever stop the games. After a year of this I asked him last night I am taking a break from the relationship. I found pictures of pretty brunettes on his phone, do you think a man who is 58 who only dated brunettes. I am a blonde and I am 48 so I realize this leopard aint changing his spots especially when I caught cute little brunettes on his phone, I cut him loose right away, but you know its my imagination and I am jealous bla bla, my question to scorpio man, should you not be tired of behaving like a dirty old man at some point, I am grateful to have my first scorpio while I am wiser, he seemed shock I called his bullshit? What can I expect?

  5. I have been dating a Scorpio for almost 2 years now. At the start of the relationship was wonderful,he was the guy every girl would dream for. He was honest about everything even when he did wrongs he would tell me no matter how mad i get…..So as we grew he start to get secretive and he cheated on me with my cousin for 3 months and when i found out he broke up with me then he work so hard to get me back and he dump her while trying to get me back.I went back to him and he keep cheating and i am the one that always break up with him then he dump the girls and always come back after me. I dont know why i always go back to him maybe because i love him and i have been through alot for the relationship…. Now he says he is not cheating but he is not i can tell when he is his attitude always change…Now he says he loves me even tho he hurt me in the pass and he know he dont deserve me cause of what he did but he cant let me go he said he trying hard not to make those mistakes again…. I dont know what to believe anymore cause he had hurt me so much and i think he would have a change of mind and hurt me again… i dont now what to do please help me!!!!!!!!

  6. Could of swore I wrote this everything is on point. And I’ve just been dumped by my second and told me he doesn’t love me. Everything else is exactly the same as you described. I new it was going to tear my soul apart but fell for his charm once again. Never again! Hate not knowing all the answers, and hate that I still love him deeply, hate that he acts like I don’t even exist anymore. never again, it’s to painful and a mind f….

  7. J. Deterra says:

    My experience with my Scorpio is some what the same as most post. The only difference is that
    I waited on him for almost 10 years while he was in prison. During his time away we wrote and had
    Constant time together and I truly felt a love that I’ve never experienced, he was released and betrayed me
    The day he was released women on his phone, pictures and al sorts of disrespectful antics. They are ever
    So charming and dashing with their promises and deep sentiments but in the end, I was left feeling like
    A fool! I chose to waste a decade of my life for a man who has proven to be selfish and totally into himself
    And when I confronted him, his response was get over it! I cna’t explain the harsh reality of all I felt when
    He told me this and he truly meant it. All, I can say is don’t waste your time. Talk is cheap , for free and
    Literally worthless. Rather the person is incarcerated or not, I believe not only Scorpio men behave this
    Way, but it is a epidemic of men having a fundamental disrespect for women in general. I wish everyone
    Genuine love. I am still with my husband, but I have prayed for a preface full resolve in my soul and I know
    That I will be with someone who truly deserves me and has a kind and loving heart to heal my wounds as
    I will do the same for him. Be well and God’s blessings to everyone….

  8. I’m looking for advice from a Scorpio on my Scorpio love of 7 months. He has never once allowed me to come to his home and has never spent the night at mine. He says he loves me, that I’m his “other half”, and that only when he trusts completely does he let someone come over because he knows how emotionally invested he gets. He only sees me once every 2-3 weeks, but messages me consistently throughout the day.
    This has been a huge concern for me b/c I have let him into every area of my life. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else experienced this?

    Any input would be welcomed and appreciated.

  9. Do saggitattirius an scorpio mix well together…scorpio are very dominate an I like to an extent but when he gets to into it he asked through txt if he could rape me how do I find that romantic, I wanna try new things but it’s starting to scare me…I wanna be the submissive one but I also wanna have a voice to but I dont?? Advice please in the love dept??

  10. I would just talk with him and tell him how you feel. They are great listeners. I get along great with mine, but I have Scorpio in my charts, too. I like to be both submissive and strong. My love is dominate too, (Im more submissive) but he allows me to do and be both. Be honest with him, but don’t hurt him (be careful how you share your feelings)…they are an extreme and passionate sign.

  11. Good for you! Get out while you can. Due to being older, the only reason to stick around is not to end up alone but really you are already alone and so what is the difference?

  12. I hope things will be better for you now. I wasted years of my life on a dam nobody too. Years. I can never get back. I constantly asked for only the truth. He lied constantly. I have four wonderful children from that man. Let me tell you something, my children learned the true meaning of disappointment early in life. I was understanding always. He was a monster. My youngest is only ten years of age at this point and so I am waiting for her to reach eighteen. After, I don’t ever want to see him again in my life! No one on this blog should bother getting involved with the men of the scorpio zodiac sign. Some may say no, don’t judge all from a single zodiac sign. No listen to me. You will lose your life if you stay with these men. Can’t you see, they look for hurt ladies or shy quiet ladies, intentionally seeking out kind goodhearted women to destroy them in the long-term. Worse things that you can do in this relationship with mr. insect is to allow him to gain full control over your life because he is careful, slow in his approach but he has a plan believe me, he has always had an agenda. He is a manipulator but he will say he is a strategist. While you sit crying and trying to pick pieces of yourself up to try and attempt at putting yourself back together for the thousandth time, he is making numerous moves around you, maneuvering quietly. Stop ladies! Listen, who cares what he says to either lady, it doesn’t matter what he says! It’s bull!# He isn’t worth either womans love or even sex! It’s a con! Think about the contradiction here! Seriously! He says he wants honesty, but he has no idea what honesty is himself! He says don’t stray, it’s forbidden but he strays from day one hun! All contradiction! Confrontation is nice. I like cornering a sadist! Yeah, he doesn’t like confrontation. That is when he is not able to talk or has to go out or some excuse that he can conjure up to make his exit! I know that I am saying so much but it’s because I was all of you and my life was a lie and destroyed and I hope at least some here just get out before it’s too late. You see they are insecure completely, so they will put you through hell always. Stupid test. Bull. Let me ask you something? If you pass their test, what do you get? Honestly ask yourself, what do you get? Sweet ladies, anything they give you, you can get for yourself! In the beginning, it is just so darn perfect but honey later is so bad for soooo long that chewing rocks seems like a great time. Believe me, just go and fast.

  13. Hello,
    You mentioned thinking and not knowing if he will hurt you again? Of course, he will hurt you again. This is the plan. You suffer! He is a manipulator! Conjuring up stupid stories of nonsense so he can have you feeling sympathy for his bull self. Playing you like an instrument. He enjoys you on bended bloody knees begging him for forgiveness! Flipping situations around on you that were all his creation. Give you one rare wonderful day out of a thousand days that you will wish he would have just shot you because at least than it wouldn’t hurt anymore. Drama is what he breathes. He will complain about problems! PROBLEMS that he created! Why? Right? Because now he can struggle to fix the problem! Lots of suffering now honey! Don’t worry if you have no problem, living with him, you can expect many problems, much suffering! Then after all the stupid tests and surviving the problems then he will cheat and lie on a daily basis! Loyal is all you, never him! Remember this, don’t throw away 20 years of your life to this mr insect. Get out and fast.

  14. Scorpiquarius says:

    Hi Mel, what’s your Sun sign?

  15. What is it like living with a Scorp?

  16. Hi Scorpiquarius,
    I am an Aquarius. What is your sun sign?

  17. Do any of the women here have examples where they have waited for their Scorpio and it ended up being q positive experience? I believe that Eagle/Scorp is right that 1. A Scorp knows ahead of time if the relationship has a future and if it it will last.
    2. They stick around to help YOU learn something
    I would love to hear some positive experiences. 🙂

  18. Scorpiquarius says:

    I’m an Aquarius too, Mel 🙂 I’ve been with my Scorpio man for over an year now.Your insights are helpful.

  19. Well, I know you are strong!;-) Is it ok to ask is yours an October or November Scorpio? I will tell you October is far worse than November. The women are very different than the men of this sign. I have several female friends that have been my friends for a long time and they are not the same.

  20. You said that you have been with him for a year. Do you see this a long-term relationship down the road? If you plan to go further than you should be ready for real war! A lot of people out there would hear my words and think I am crazy but no. I have been drag through hell and back! I am still standing and I will remain standing! See you get sorta hooked at first, trying to figure the whole scenario out. Just like he wants you, distracted. He probably takes you for being naive or dumb founded. I know mine took my innocence for being a dumb shit. They like not to bright ones and kind hearted women that they can fool with their fake, feel sorry for me stories. They loathe in your sympathy. Every girl gets a different bull story. There is no miraculous thing here to discover! You know I am telling you straight because you are an aqua and so that’s how we like it, straight! Just rip the f… band aid off and be done with it! It won’t be like that with him! Nothing is straight. It’s jumping through hoops of bull. I mean people on here, poor souls, talk about the bliss with having a Scorpio man as their man. What bliss? First off, he is never just your man, but everyone’s man. Second, really he is the dam female here, not you. Everything effects this sap! Just slap his crying little girl face and say man up already! Third, he loves and I mean loves suffering! Everything about it! Him suffering, you suffering! Forth, he isn’t cheap, yeah that’s the good part but it’s only in the beginning that you actually see anything from this man. Later of course, he still will take you to the same nice restaurants but less and less. Put it like this, he doesn’t do anything for you that you can’t do for yourself! If he gives you a night at the movies and a nice dinner than it’s gonna cost you, consequences dear, now he will punish you for weeks before taking you somewhere again. There’s so much more that it’s never ending! Be strong because you are going to need it! The children are a trap for us. He couldn’t wait to have me bare foot and pregnant! Everytime you come up for air, he will push your head right back under! He must smell you confidence and strength. Like a wolf, to the scent of blood. He wants control. Power moves him. You are probably a normal happy person until now, that is.

  21. Are you kidding me ? Of course, he knows if the relationship has a future! He makes all plans and maneuvers. He watches his prey, studying carefully. You said how they are great listeners. Yes, well they are great listeners because they are learning your weaknesses, fears, joys so they can use your emotions against you, later on dear. Notice that you most likely speak more than he does, he will just listen.

    Hmmm? They stick around to try and teach you something. Interesting. Lets see maybe the part where you start using lipstick to write on walls, while shaking on your knees before the wagon comes to scurry off with what is left of you? Maybe…

    Hey I have to tell my scorp girlfriends about this site. Some of them really get a kick out of scorpio men…

  22. You should also know that most of them have addiction problems. Some will conquer one addiction only to replace that addiction with another. When their drunk, mostly their mumbling is rehearsed. Meaning sure he went out, knocked a few back but never enough not to be aware of his surroundings. He is secretly pretending to be more washed up at the time than he really is to see your reaction or get more of your attention. But if you think he is drunk to the point that his guard is down then think again.

  23. I appreciate your perspective but from my experience my love has listened and used my strengths and weaknesses to help encourage me to grow and become a better version of myself. If either of us left the relationship today I am a better woman than before I met him because of what he has shared of himself, his support, and his outlook on life.

    I would really love to hear some positive experiences from the group. 🙂

  24. Mel – 23 years is such a long time. I can’t imagine how you must feel. 23 years is a reflection of your loyalty and heart. You deserve someone who can match your level of commitment. I’m so sorry!

  25. Well all I can say is good luck to you. I am rather curious to know how long you have been with him? I am taking a guess here but based on your current perspective that is completely indifferent to mine, I would guess that your relationship is early, maybe under seven years? I am also taking a guess that you have no children with him yet?

  26. Thank you. You are correct as to me deserving better too. But you see. I am an Aquarius. You are a Sagittarius, right? Well now being an Aquarius there is something that I want from him before moving forward. I want revenge. A lot might say that it’s not a evolved person to want revenge or that I am not mature for wanting revenge. When they are dragged down Lucifers halls into unspeakable hurt and literally live through all I have with such a monster then they can come see me and beg to differ but until then there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him laying before me. He has no idea how air signs are or what they are capable of doing if brought to it. Especially, Aquarius women not the men as much, they are more clowny in a sense but Aquarius women have great gifts bestowed upon them. We are very intelligent, confident, strong, and adaptable. We square scorpio. We are a fixed sign just like they are. We don’t need them to teach us survival with their dumb situations, we can survive anything it is naturally inbeded in us already. If I had to walk into a angry scorpio home or angry Aquarius home then I would choose scorpio because I don’t fear their capabilities but I know Aquarius and we can separate mentally from feeling. So when stupid people tell you were not emotional that’s not true, we have chosen to just separate the emotions in order to see better. It’s a wonderful gift and because of it, I am very happy I am an Aquarius and wouldn’t change it for the world. I said numerous times throughout the years with him, please just be honest with me, don’t string me along or attempt your f…… with my head because if you do then you will be a sorry man in the end. I told him to his face, don’t, think before you do with a lady like myself but no he came for my last breathe and now I will in turn take his. I am waiting patiently for my last child to mature because she is only ten but for now I am watching my prey. It’s so sad. Most of the women on here are just being used for sex. You can tell. See those men already have a permanent prisoner and so the girls that are just for sex are for entertainment purposes only not anything serious. These men get bored and want variety. But see the prisoner is their property and so he must show his ownership there on a serious level. Anyway I am talking your head off here but thank you for being kind and reaching out. I want to give real answers to help women from wasting time for nothing.

  27. Living with a scorp is dominant. Routine is basically the same nonsense everyday. He must have routine. Likes to create emergency situations to cause chaos randomly. That’s the part where I guess he feels he is teaching you a life lesson with his little scenarios. It’s a rollercoaster. If he has an addiction added to his already crappy insect self than be prepared for almost anything at anytime including the random women that he has on the side showing up at your home or calling your home to disturb your children because they haven’t been disturbed enough with all of the other extra curricular activities of mr insect and so with everything so crappy already, now he will have women calling and coming around not aware that he has basically been using them for sucking their energy only and they don’t even really know who he really is. He creates a persona to them that is nothing of whom he really is in reality. I mean in the beginning, I was shocked at the stories he gave these women, even some of the stories included me and even that stuff was lies. After many years, it’s routine. I guess in the beginning it’s ok living with them but a few years down the road, it’s exhausting to say the least.

  28. Thank you, and again I’m truly sorry that you and your children have gone through such turmoil.

  29. Dear Ladies,

    Thanks for loving your Scorpios. Love is not saying I love you when it is good and saying goodbye when it is bad.
    As scorpio myself, I have this boredom.
    If your scorp man cheated on you maybe he is bored with you but regardless he shoul not do it for sanity sake.
    Now, it is your call if you allow him or walk away from him. Get mad ladies.
    Speak up even it would hurt him. Speak boldly with all its wisdom not trashy.
    Use words that can trigger himself. Be the warrior. Learn to be warrior. Scorpios likes to hear you and will think of it. Scorpio have a soul. Touch it. That is our weakness. Speak to his soul like a material wife and not b.i.t.c.h.

  30. Marie…Thank you! 🙂

    Be consistent in love. Be a warrior. Speak to his soul like his material wife.

    THAT is sound advice and resonates with my personal love experience…heart, mind, and soul. <3

  31. Ladies,

    Loving a scorp man is not easy.
    If your man born october- worst.
    If your man born november – quite good.
    Mel, spot on. I also kept saying that with all those folks dealing their scorp badly.
    If you want him to commit then be loving. If you do everything and still he is cheating. I advised you to confront with him. If he ended the relationship instead of fixing it.
    Then hit the road ladies. Don’t talk. Just do it. Let him chase. Scorpio loves mystery. Mystery will trigger him the moment you dont talk. Dont worry if he ended it..he will come around as long as you begin with “mystery mood” . That is a trick. Dont initiate. He is a manly man. He knows what he wants.

  32. Hi Marie,

    Yes, I am definitely handling him with loving hands. You are right its the only way to be with your scorpio, in a loving way. You know like the way he smiled with love for me, to my face and then lived a lie. You see this is just goes so much deeper than just cheating. Have you ever seen the movie called misery? It’s now my favorite. You know I am trying to give you my visual. There is a great music video by Shakira called Don’t Bother, she is an Aquarius like me and that video is what I plan to play constantly all day long for him, over and over, while I do a great Cathy Bates misery reenactment for him. I will play the video over and over so he still is getting you know his ROUTINE that he needs. It’s very important to water your plants. I am well aware that mr insect is coming back. My friend Scorpio gal, grabbed me, looked me straight in the face and said three magic words, HE NEEDS YOU! Brilliant my dear Watson, absolutely brilliant! He will come back because he is proposing with the ring he bought. I can’t wait. Isn’t it so exciting. A fairytale right out of the book! Now choices are hard! Hmmm do I marry him then just start all of sudden being a cheater! Or do I marry and divorce to take every cent from him only to give it all to a charity? I don’t know maybe all of the above and then some, we wouldn’t want the sap to get bored, now do we?
    By the way, Marie you mentioned bored. I can’t ever imagine anybody getting bored with an Aquarius woman! I mean we definitely keep things interesting!;-)

    You see it effects me to see the ladies suffering but it especially urks my soul to see the Aquarius women out there suffering because of these malicious men and after what I have been through I am doing something about it! I mean I also plan to start my own talk show thingy to help these poor women out and put an end to the misery… I mean all of his side women are basically institionalized because they weren’t strong enough to get back up or to survive his intense moves and so it’s very sad! One girl was locked up because he set her up to take the fall. I am the only one left standing and like I said before I will remain standing! Let him bring everything he’s got because I am ready and waiting for him and I will do it with loving hands! You know I met this sweet kind cancer lady, she was married to a scorpio man, he did horrible things to her. They were together for 29 years. She got cancer, was real sick. After, her surgery, the hospital suggested a visiting nurse to help her. He refused the nurse, claiming he would care for his wife. They went home and the next morning he left to go on a date with his side gal. Told her while she lay there sick. She begged him to stay for help. He left her there. She told me, how she crawled to the phone to get help! Really? I know he smiled while she begged! She is much better now. If I stop one woman from suffering as all of us then it’s a start!
    Like I have a lot of cancer zodiac sign ladies in my family and I have done everything in my power to make sure they don’t pursue anything with scorpio men! Even my other sister, came home once, just once with one and I said get him out of our home! Walk him right out the door or I will have him arrested for trespassing Now! She never brought that imbecile back at all. She is happily married to a libra. No games. No manipulation. My sister is doing wonderful.

    So, as the saying goes the cats outta the bag….

    Take care Marie.

  33. Hi Marie,
    You know what I don’t understand? Why do scorpios say be yourself then turn around and say no do it this way? Wait a second because that seems contradicting to me. I mean be yourself means be yourself not be condescending! I mean I am not the fake bus here, this is the reality bus ! No fake nonsense over here or sugar coating everything up all nice and phony! This is real and straight forward!
    My ex was a fake individual in all aspects of his life! A phony coward! He could con anyone.
    It kills me to see some of the responses on here and even the internet in general, I mean why if these women are reaching out with real life predicaments with scorpio men are people giving them such prettied up bull answers? I mean I have done a lot and I a lot of research on mr insect and the women are destroyed or being broken down and most of the answers were so ridiculous that were given as responses and that is all over the net, nonsense answers to broken women and sly jokes that unfortunately went right over their heads. Why let them believe that if they embrace him that all will be well? It’s deceiving and wrong on so many levels. It’s promising oil but you get water. People listen to the responses and actually use the information to make real life decisions and it’s damaging to their futures. I don’t understand that?

  34. We are not children, we are adults. We choose to be In a relationship and go into one knowing full well that there is a risk. There is always a risk in love (with any sign) and let’s be honest there is much to gain in a relationship with a Scorpio. I personally have experienced love, acceptance, passion, kindness, and so much knowledge. We choose what we allow…we can choose to love and accept them for their strengths and weaknesses…or we can choose to walk away.

  35. Ok so first, who is speaking to you! You said you were looking for a response from the group ! Right?!# Guess what I f…. off! Go find the group! Why are you explaining to me that your an adult?!
    I was responding to Marie who reached out to me first and so are you Marie? Can you read or shall I send you my emails?
    Lets be honest here, you learnt so much! What did you learn? Acceptance well that is your opinion and don’t go sending me nada! Because in my opinion you are brain washed with bull! He allows me?! Really he allows you?! Great lessons. If your on here for advice sweetie don’t bother because you are perfect for him! Don’t worry he is a great trainer! You do me a great favor and be with him always because you deserve what he has for you! Read names. Think before do! Don’t make assumptions that you are being addressed when you are clearly not! There’s some lessons you should apply adult!
    Hey you learnt so much right? So, I have been being stalked by a troll male Sagittarius who happens to be married non the less, all over the internet, for over three years, any suggestions on how to finally get this leach to f…. off! Huh adult?

  36. Yeah thanks your a dam genius. I do plan to walk away after I take back what is rightfully mine. Adult

  37. Much to gain with a scorpio man in a relationship like what?!# This is just too much! Don’t address me anymore on any place because the only gain from those men is heartache and years of damage!
    There is some irony here though how you believe indifferent to myself and stand by the brain washed nonsense that I used to believe and his Sagittarius sister said to me, straight faced, why are you dating my brother, you can do better than him. He is a piece of shit and always will be! But I was in brainwashing denial. So, the irony.

  38. Mel,

    Scorpio needs a strong person.not a doormat. Dont allow him to walk all over you. Respect is the highest form of love when dealing a Scorpio. Give him a good fight. Avoid using foul words. Be a team player not opponent. Scorpio are very observant. They dig emotions because we are the master of dark world- ruled by pluto. We can smell bs without effort..just using our emotion digging up the real score. Trust me it is a scorpio thing.

    You ask about how we get bored. This is something very important to all scorpio. We have a high energy. We need to use it..physical. we need to do something and make our minds occupied. We are also spiritual folks.. this is our soul we need to be content in life.. have God. Have hobbies. Have work. Gosh too much work to make us feel contented in life and in relationship. Mostly Scorpio when they get bored they usually withdraw saying ” need space” he is not motivated anymore and feel like no life being in that situation..we need adventure life though and if you can keep a scorp man then you have to be independent as well
    Live your life. Have work for your own. Dealing a Scorpio is tough but its worth at the end..never chase a scorpio or he will lose his respect and that is the end of relationship. We give ultimatums. Harsh but that is who we are.

  39. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for your kind response. Thank you for sorting some of this out for me as to now it makes more sense.
    The need for space was ok with me always because I also need a lot of space and so I understand space. Space is also good for growth in a relationship because you can take time to meditate and gather yourself as one then as a couple. I think that is why most of my female friends have been scorpio because they will just go off the radar and so will I at any given point and no one ask any questions because it’s natural to all of us.

    Possibly you are right that in the end it’s worth it to be with a scorpio like you said but in my case no and at this point all I want is to walk away from this life. This life is my past. I live in the future and not the past. Truth is everyone on here seems to want him to go to them. All I want is for him to just stay away. I think I just kinda got up one day and said I am just tired now.
    Again, thanks for your advice and help.

  40. Mel, he is not the man for you.
    You did everything still not enough for him. Walk away is your best decision.
    He is just the other version of true Scorpio man. You cannot find life with him. His dark side arises till you have nothing to offer but leave him behind.

  41. Scorpiquarius says:

    Hi Mel, My Scorpio is November 14th born.I’m an Aquarius Sun/Cancer moon with Aries Venus and Sagittarius Ascendant and he’s Scorpio Sun/Virgo moon with Sagittarius Venus and Sagittarius Ascendant.Our synastry chart mostly has sextile,trines and conjuncts.He is devoted and flexible because of the Virgo moon because Virgo is a mutable sign and my Cancer Moon complements his Scorpio Sun.There is a lot of understanding and patience.Scorpio men are challenging no doubt and I’m sorry that yours didn’t appreciate you.Being an Aquarius, I do follow my intuition.I am feminine and flexible but I refuse to be a doormat to any man.He has been wonderful to me so far and made a lot of sacrifices for me.I hope it works out.I am cautious but not paranoid because I feel it will ruin my relationship if I don’t trust him.I understand your pain and agony but focus on your children and look after their well being.I know you’re very hurt,it’s evident in your words.You spent years with him.I hope you find happiness and peace.

  42. Yes, you are right. He isn’t the one for me. I will tell you, I believe he took my kindness for weakness and overall took me for granted. Believe it or not but no matter what you hear, Aquarius women in love do not cheat. I would break it off before laying with another man because cheating is equivalent to lieing to me. Why would anyone cheat instead of just ending the current relationship before starting a new one. Plus, I am very straight forward and only wanted one partner for the journey. We were together for a very long time. We met at 14 years old only. We were each other’s first experience intimately too. It’s his loss not mine because I am extremely confident and I don’t even need makeup really (fantastic genetics) lol. I still have to wear sunglasses to go out due to being approached about three to four times a week by potential suiters and so I am not worried about finding someone for the later.
    See for Aquarius women it takes so long to really get our walls down and to penetrate our hearts because we are good people, honest people and we are guarded within to protect ourselves. I kept telling him, everytime that he cheated to stop because little by little you are staining my heart to you. You won’t be able to undo what you are doing within me. The connection will be dead. I told him, you will end up cheating yourself out in the end, if you continue. He said no more, just you and me. A year later, and he started his promiscuous ways again. I lost another year for nothing but deceit again. I became colder and colder. But I am extremely intuitive, I can feel off of him, his vibes or his feelings in general. Being an Aquarius, I have this innate gut feeling that if I listen is almost always completely accurate to know what direction to go in and what not. I can tell you based on just standing next to him in a room that he is deathly scared of me, scared of how deep his feelings and obsessions are for me. Scared to be vulnerable period nevertheless to any woman. He looks at me as if he can see my bare soul. I caught him doing very bizarre things when he thought I wasn’t looking too. Like inhaling me, weird right, I know, I thought so too. He also has animal ways of marking my surroundings, yes I notice everything. Lol But it all doesn’t matter because to me a relationship is two not more. It’s being one whole. Being able to trust is very important especially for me because Aquarius can desire space then climb into their own world in a sense and so trust for us is an essential not a want.
    You are right though wrong one.

  43. Hi Scorpiquarius,

    Thank you for your understanding. I hope you will be happy together too. You are correct to keep the trust because otherwise it will hurt your relationship. Like you spoke of flexibility, yes one of many great gifts of being an Aquarius lady. You are lucky he is November 14. My ex boss had the same birthday and he was a very quiet and kind man. Extremely helpful in all areas. But again that was a work environment and so who knows but you seem happy with him and that is all that matters.
    Yes, I do focus on my children and my many interests of my own that you too probably have of your own. It’s the only way to move forward. See once he allowed not a few but lots of strangers a view into our intimate life, something changed inside shutting him down. You know exactly what I mean. Like the person becomes just there but you can’t feel nothing anymore. Plus, women like us are so independent and strong that a man is simply to compliment us and nothing more because we can do it alone.
    Hey, lol at only a year together the sex must be off the wall Aqua! I mean early in our relationship, really early, the sex was as astrology says it is between scorpio and Aquarius, earth shattering! That is the hook but at the end ahhh, what a nightmare.
    Anyway, I am happy for you and good luck!

  44. Anyway, in a way we are like a little the same and indifferent to each other at the same time. Like he lives in the past. I live in the future. We square each other in the zodiac. Our fights could be similar to war of the roses! Hold on, because it can be lots of fun for us. Sometimes I found myself barely able to keep from dying of laughter over something he whined about! Lol
    On the upside, we can let go to move forward. See I attract Aries and Scorpio men by the hoards. I don’t know how but they just won’t stop clinging right to me. Anyway, I have a an Aries and a new scorpio on the the fish hook now! I don’t want the scorpio but he follows me all around but nah. Now Aries looks like dominant heaven and he can’t stand my ex! Wish me luck! See I think at this point in my life, I already have my children and so I think, I don’t want serious anytime soon but maybe several fishes hmmmmm…

  45. Thank you for your post. How do I find out our Juno signs? I am semi new to Astrology. Our moon signs: He is Scorp Sun (born in November) – Leo Moon. I’m Sag Sun and Leo Moon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  46. Hi…im a gemini woman born on june 14,1989 and ive been in a relationship with a scorpio man born on 0ct. 30,1984.

    As i have read to other comments…its true that in the beggining of the relationship they were attentive,loving caring everything u expect from a boy to love u…and then we meet and there was a time i was busy i can message him but not as fast as before because of work…but i assure him that i love him…we are doing fine…until one day he started ignoring me…from hot to cold…he will ignore me for days and one day he will just suddenly replies to my message…this happen just this week…i keep on sending him messages because i know i have hurt him coz i asked him why he was ignoring me and if hes happy ignoring me…he got mad and told me that i dont understand his situation at work…he told me that i dont trust him really…he also told me that i still dont know what really happened why he is mad at me…and yet he wont tell me why…he just told me that he doesnt want to explain to me over and over the things that we have talked about already…and that he is not talking to a lil baby or a 1 year old baby…he gave me ultimatum because saying the relationship would end if i mess with the relationship(example he caught me with the other guy or anything that may get him mad or jealous)…after that i told him sorry…and up inkeep messageing him telling that im sorryand i love him and i trust him…i keep telling this everyday…i dont want him to think im not here anymore or im ignoring him too…i want him to feel that im still there waiting and oh i forgot…i will send him messages in the morning like “good morning…take care i trust u and i wont give up on u etc etc.” He will just ignore my messages…but after 2 days he answered and told me (i know,but u dont know what happened to me or where i am for the last 48 hours) right then i keep on asking what happened to him and i told him i tried reaching and messaging u to know where r u or whats happening to u but u wont answer…he then told me he was in hospital for2 days because he fainted at work…because i know this past few weeks hes been working too much…i told him i love him and he told me he loves me too…last night we were able to talk for a short time and he told me that he was sleeping the wholeday because he was discharged in the hospital the day b4 yesterday so i understand he still needs time to rest…but when i told him that i miss him and i will always be here for him he answered me that he miss me too and he is thankful that i am here for him…we will meet again next year on february coz we r in a long distance relationship…b4 this we talked about being togeher and being “husband and wife” though not yet married…i meet his grandmother and will be meeting his mom and sister when i go back to their countrt because his mom wants to see me and we are in contact wih his mom on facebook..he is really a jealous type of guy…we started talking september 2015 up to now…im just hoping that we could get this through…that our love for each other is stronger than him being a scorpio in nature…this past few days i just also realized that for almost 1 year he also maybe twice or thrice made this hot and cold treatment…but he will definitely go back way back then…i just hope we can make this througg…im seeking advice from the scorpios also…pls…i hope i could get a positive feedback… by the way he also once told me that he is not giving up on me…but i dont know if until now thats it…he also told me that if he doesnt want me anymore or want to break up with me he will just block me and i will never get a chance to talk to him…but i can see that until now he hasnt blcok me yet so…im thankful that he didnt block me coz that just means im still in his life and heart(i hope i got it right)…he still ignores my messages but when we talk he will still tell me he loves me and miss me too(if im the first to tell him that).but i guess its better coz i still got a response from him,right…?

    Sorry for the long message…i hope i could get a feedback…God bless everyone

  47. I was dating a Scorpio man for about 6 weeks. I am Gemini. I think he liked me a lot. I had no feelings for him either way. I was hoping I would.

    I ended up kicked him to the curb with a text message. i think he was blindsided. But he actually gave me no choice. He changed from let’s see where this (us) goes to he can’t have a relationship. He is a nudist and goes away once a year to a nudist resort. I told him I wouldn’t be going because I wasn’t ready for that yet. His response was separate vacations didn’t work for him. This was all in one night after dinner. Prior to that he said he’d never ask me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with. I felt it was only fair to give him the freedom to find The One. Now I’m still waiting for the infamous sting. Will I or won’t I get one? All I know is I’m not ever contacting him again.

  48. Hello…I’m a Gemini and in a relationship with a Scorpio man…yeah it’s true that dating with this zodiacs are a roller coaster ride…hahah I never realized he’s been doing the hot and cold ever since…he will say he loves u and then after how many weeks he’s gone…I’m a Gemini which is for me I need attention and I get used of talking to him day and night…we have meet personal coz we are in a long distance relationship…we had a fight and he said he was fed up because of me misunderstanding him and his work…it’s been 3 days now that we are not talking…I keep sending him messages telling my happy thoughts and everything we did and talked before…on feb the plan is I will go back in his country to meet his mom…I don’t know if it’s intact…he is not replying to my messages but will read my messages when I’m offline…Wew!it really hurts because he said he was sick that’s why he wasn’t able to talk to me…when we fight he told me I was selfish bcoz I only think of myself…without him realizing that I keep on asking him how is he or is he feeling well…they are stubborn so I can’t change that…I am still in keeping in touch with his mom…and just last night for the first time again he liked some of my photos posted last day…but didn’t send me message or anything..I told him I didn’t go to work bcoz I am sick I know that he cares coz he read it but he didn’t reply…before also he told me that if he doesn’t want me in his life anymore he will tell me right in my face that he doesn’t want me anymore and he told me that he will block me which is he didn’t do…I don’t know what to think…but I’m still hoping that we can still work things out…maybe he is just sick and tired when we talk last time that’s why he got easily pissed off… 🙁 days before that argument also he told me that the only problem that we can solve is cheating…he told me that I never cheat on him it’s just that we have some problems and that those problems can be solve in the right time…I just hope so…???when we had an argument before he also told me to cancel my plan of going in their country (it was the first time that I go there) but this time he never tells me to cancel a thing…because we are planning to meet again on February and already have my flight ticket ready…just like the first time I go to their country…

    So still I have a little hope that we can be ok and get this through… *crossfingers*

    Do u think I still have the reason to be hopeful and to wait or just let go… ???

    I made him mad but I’m still hoping we can still fix our differences…

  49. Hello there…my Scorpio man messaged me lately saying he isn’t ready to talk to anyone yet and that he is getting too much stress at work…I answered him I understand him and I will do my best to understand him and his works…he told me that he is not really to talk to anyone but he wants to tell me that he loves me…that he is thankful that I never give up even when he needs his space…and he asked me to wait for him and he needs me…he also told me that I have to stay as he owns me until we can get married…that he will marry me and trust him…but the next day he is still cold…but he replies to my messages 1-2……what should I do…pls help

  50. “How do you KNOW when a Scorpio doesn’t love you”.
    When they treat you in way that doesn’t make sense to you, and or in a way that is contrary to a person in love…like ignoring you, disappearing, lying, being secretive. Be bold. Stand up to them. Demand the same amount of respect for yourself. Stop begging, chasing, and reassuring them. Who is reassuring you?

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