How to get an Aries man to forgive you

[ad#link]It shouldn’t be that hard. The Aries man drops things quickly if they bore him, and is not one to dwell in the past. Aries is in the ever-present NOW, engaged with whatever inspires him at this moment. It is almost as if he has no history. So why should he hold on to grudges? Most likely, he will express a burst of anger (or even rage), and then just let it go.

If an Aries man has trouble forgiving, it could be that he has the Moon or Mars in fixed signs (especially Leo or Scorpio). Every man is complex, and his Sun expresses only one (albeit important) part of his personality.

Many Aries men have Mercury and/or Venus in Pisces, the most forgiving of signs. He might be a warrior-martyr, initially feeling irritated and then believing he deserved to be a victim of your errant behavior. Then you can forgive him!

Comment below: Have you had difficulty being forgiven by an Aries man?

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  1. capricorn woman says:

    i met this aires guy online we from the same city he always wanted to meet me i just never did im so scarred by past relationships ..i move down south we started talking more texting almost everyday developing a little bond but occasionally ill lash out thinking hes just like the rest of the guys ive dealt with .. lying to me and stuff and ill blow up his phone with a ton of messagaes as months past he dealt with it cus he feels he really likes but i feel hell do it to him self cus if u know how my past was and if i ask u to call u say you will but never do or just little things i ask he cant do he just wanna text all day so thats when i’ll spaz out but now its been like 3 months i had plans to visit him this summer but this one last time i spazed on him he said STOP TEXTING ME i felt sooo horrible deleted him from social sites and i wished him happy birthday he said thanks i sent him pictures its been a day he hasnt replied and we normally talk every single day you think hes gone cus i really love who he is i dont want it to end but i did it to my self “/

  2. Hi Capricorn Woman,

    How anyone can claim to “REALLY LOVE” someone they never met in person
    and they have only communicated on line, phone and text does not make sense,
    it is beyond my comprehension but it’s different strokes for different folks I guess.???

    What do you “LOVE” about him.?

    Has he spoken about a relationship, love or anything else which indicates that you
    are both on the “SAME PAGE”.?

    Why didn’t he offer to come and meet you but instead you are willing to go to him.?

    was this “meeting on line” a dating service or something else.?

    In the meantime since he said “STOP TEXTING ME” you must do exactly that and
    leave him “ALONE” otherwise you will make him very “ANGRY”. Let him take the
    initiative to contact you “FIRST”.!!!

  3. I’m truly unhappy with this Aries. We met online in February I think, and we hit it off so well. We began becoming intimate and he told me that I want something clearly more serious than he does……….I don’t know I guess I read his dating profile of seeking “a relationship” wrong. We sort of patched that over and we began having sex…..except he is NEVER available and when he comes over its for like two hours. I KNOW i’m being used, Stevie Wonder could see that. I know he is’nt interested, but what baffles me is that at least five times I’ve said I wasn’t happy and this is dead in the water…..and he just ignores me each time. Tonight I texted and said I love the sex b ut I’ve been so unhappy for a long time. Nothing. De nada. I know already that I text him way more than one should text an aries, and most of that is the rejection. He only threatened to not speak to me anymore when I “questioned his schedule.” To me it sems awfully strange that someone I met online a few months ago has put up with all these arguments. What gives

  4. Screw aries men. Gemini here and i play them at their own selfish games. They call me and I decide when to forgive. Long handled spoon with all Aries men.

  5. Hi,

    I am a Virgo woman, and the Aries guy I’m interested in and I haven’t known each other for that long (a couple of months), but he kinda grew on me. I know that he makes comments on my shyness even though I explained that I recently had gotten out of relationship. And i would not have minded opening up had we gotten together during the daylight hours for more fun activities. We’ve only been on a few dates, and he’s already professed to be in love with me, to which I did not know how to respond to. The next day, he texted me first with pictures of what he was doing, but things went south when he started talking about last night. I expressed that this was new to me and that I really liked him. He expressed that we were cool. But when I asked what was going to happen next, he said nothing and that there wasn’t going to be a next time. I asked why, and he never replied. Do you guys think that there can be any reconciliation or is he gone forever? (PS- He has Virgo best friend so I know he gets along quite well with them).

  6. Hi,

    I am an Aquarian woman and my husband is an Aries. He is usually a peace loving person but almost all the time he reciprocates my feelings. If I love him he loves me back, if I do something to make him happy he will immediately take up something to make me happy. But he would never initiate things on his own. The sad part is when I am angry he gets angry too. I fail to cope up with this. If I am angry I expect my partner to understand me. No matter who’s fault it is I am the one who starts talking first coz I think it doesnt affect him even though we live under the same roof. I cannot bear giving and taking of the silent treatment for so long with which he seems so anaffected. So I start the talk and then he’s fine. I understand that he has a big ego and a short temper but it gets difficult for me to understand every time. Please help.


  7. This sucks alot :(.. So I have been kinda dating this Aries man for 8 months.He tells me that he doesn’t want to be with me and tries to get me to have sex with his friends, I have once, only because he begged. I’m a Virgo woman. I really do love him he tells me hes not the guy to love and tells me he loves my sex. He makes it clear that he doesn’t love me and when I break it off he comes back. I did something so bad too him and I’m so sorry 🙁 I slept with my ex boyfriend and told him.Right after. I felt so horrible I felt the need to tell him because i felt like I was cheating. He hates me now. I deserve it. Will he forgive me? 🙁 I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him 🙁

  8. This sucks alot :(.. So I have been kinda dating this Aries man for 8 months.He tells me that he doesn’t want to be with me and tries to get me to have sex with his friends, I have once, only because he begged. I’m a Virgo woman. I really do love him he tells me hes not the guy to love and tells me he loves my sex. He makes it clear that he doesn’t love me and when I break it off he comes back. I did something so bad too him and I’m so sorry :'(  I slept with my ex boyfriend and told him.Right after. I felt so horrible I felt the need to tell him because i felt like I was cheating. He hates me now. I deserve it. Will he forgive me?  🙁 I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him :'(

  9. Scorpio woman says:

    I met this Aries man on line last year June, we fell in love and started dating and wen I finally met him in person by December 2013, I loved him more.. But we have been having misunderstanding since June 2014 because he saw an email of me telling another guy that I love him. Since then he has been so distant, I have done everything within my power to make us work but he is not paying attention. I need ur advice because I don’t know how to live without him anymore. It’s like am empty without him. What do I do?

  10. Scorpio girl says:

    I have fallen for this Aries guy who is absolutely stunning, inside and out. However he is super jealous and when ever I speak to his friend he starts to ignore me. Its been three days and he won’t respond to a single text. I guess Aries men are hectically sensitive and insecure. I just wish he would see that I’m not flirting.

  11. Hi, I’m an aquarian that’s so crazy about this arian! We went to the same school 12 years back , I fell in love with him but never told him. We never talked but I was insanely in love. In a year or two he had to leave for high school, I couldnt see him or reach him. Then my space and facebook happened so I started stalking him there. I Saw how he was in college, I saw his gf, broke my heart but I still loved him. Then I went to college myself, had a few relationships that never worked out. One fine day I came home to get a text from him on facebook. I Was losing it, the love of my life texted me. It didn’t take me so long to confess my one side love of a very long time. He believed it , we got attached and he asked me out. I Was very happy to have that but then he is not in the same city where I live. It stayed an online relationship till he decided to visit me. We stayed to together in a distance relationship with him visiting every once in a while and spending 5-10 days with me for 2+ years. I’m Deeply in love with him. But my jealousy and the things i did to keep him from his friends and his ex , the way I texted them and the way I accused him of being in love with them and never moving on pushed him away. He told me yesterday that he hates me and never wants me to contact him again because of what I sent to his friends. And I think i lost him and I can’t stop grieving over it. He blocked me from all social networks . He won’t let me reach him in anyway. My heart hurts so bad and I want him back. I Love him insanely! And I know he does too. Will he ever be back with me and forgive all this? What do I do? I Can’t be without him!!

  12. yes I admint I caused everythin but m Sorry please . I betrayed him nd presently know what to do with me . I love him so much nd I wouldn’t be able to bear loosing him . Ben m Sorry please 4giv me. I knw u Luv me right ? nd u wouldn’t make my life a misery right ? cus without u m lyk an empty body with no ability to function … I luv u nd I knw u still do . please I beg u
    m Sorry

  13. Hi, I’m a Pisces female dating an Aries male and I recently did something terrible for the second time. Every time we go through a little rough patch I threaten to leave. The first time I did, I was honestly giving up on our relationship but the second time I threatened to leave because I thought that is what he wanted. I didn’t realize that every time I threaten to leave he is about to write a very important exam that could make or break his career. I am trying to apologize to him but I can feel that he was really hurt by my actions the second time around. I don’t know how to make things right. I think I might be in love with him and I don’t want to lose him. Please help me

  14. Im aquarius women in love with aries guy for almost 3 months…at beginning our relationship i feel really good he always want to do everything for me ,we even meet up almost everyday but lately i feel he try not to meet me maybe he need some space and i did gave him space but i feel so lonely bcz he wont lemme to see my friends and he super jealousy guy that i cant even talk to any guys on social network or anywhere.
    Few times im asking for break up but he wont lemme go so I really confused about this relationship and i almost give up even though i do love him soo much but i can’t really understand what actually he want from this relationship..he had short temper so when heshout at me i remind silent and im the one always to be patience n calm myself…I really don’t know what to do- please i need help

  15. How did this turn out are you still together?

    I am a Aries guy and after reading this in starting to thing maybe we’re unkeepable. Which is funny I would always want to get a tattoo that said ” not for keeps” I see a physic. Cause I have had ever issue stated her by these woman. And I’m not a cheater I have been cheated on and trust issues like cray. I once read Aries were meant to inspire because we can’t compete with anyone’s love. We have to be #1. I always wanted a old fashion life with a wife who stayed home and raised the kids and waited for me. I think all Aries men want that. But that’s hard to find nowadays. We treat woman like angles and expect the same. Whenever we’re not the main focus we get jealous and silent. Maybe we’re not for keeps. I know we’re great friends of the opposite sex. And always love our close friends. It’s the challenge of keeping them at bay and wanting them. I think marriage isn’t for an Aries. Only if the partner only truly knows that there falling for an Aries. Meaning well give you the world but in return I have to be your world.

    From Aries male. 3 baby mamas and a ex wife.
    Serial dater. True lover. Born 4-2-84.

    Aries men don’t believe friends of the opposite sex while dating. Any construed as this. Is all bad. Hope it helps. Any questions for Aries men. Please ask me.


  16. Ashley says:

    I been talking to an Aries man for awhile (I’m a Taurus women) we have a mutual friend that we were hiding our relations from (because he likes me) since he has found out he has been very disrespectful towards me trying to touch me and kiss me etc and every single time he tell the Aries man it’s me the other night he contacts me and is arguing with me about bull he calls me a whore and tells me that my Aries man told him he only uses me to “nut” inside of me raged by that comment I start to contact the Aries man and go off mind you I’m out and drinking I couldn’t believe he would say something like that I was hurt he didn’t pick up my calls or text messages finally a day later he contacts me to wish me a happy Mother’s Day and lets me have it calls me stupid and a clown for thinking he would say something like that telling me he is done with me and I lost a friend and he never wants to talk to me again after about 2 hrs of not speaking he calls me to tell me the same thing over that he’s done with me and I obviously don’t know him for think he would say that idk what to do to get him back I feel like any body would assume if something personal gets out the other said it will he come around I love him how do I deal with an angry Aries I mean he did call after texting me and saying he never wants to talk to me again should I leave him alone

  17. miss my aries says:

    @Derek. As an Aries I hope you can give me some meaningful insight on this. I’m really in Love with my ex who’s an Aries. But it didnt work out. After a year I got pregnant and he claims I did it purposely! So we said some really hateful things to each other, and he completely ignores my texts ( except when I texted him happy birthday). Before this, he did tell me he loved me, wanted to live with me( was for a little while) had his kids sleep over, I met his mom etc. I just dont want this issue to break us permanently. And if he didn’t love me, would he had said it? How could I get him to come back? Any advice would help

  18. Jasmine says:

    I am a Leo woman too and dated an Aries man for 3 months. He was dping everything for me on financial support in some problems , but he was bad to other things like for example to give me attention when I am ill, to accompany me to a hospital, or to ask me things about my health. I was angry for this thing and I felt he ignoring me , I felt so sad and lonely and I started argue with him a lot. He read my messages , but not often replied . He tried calm me down , but this made me more angry seeing him too calm down and I was so worried for my health and other things and felt like I don’t have with who to talk about all this, because sometimes I felt he ignoried me . I know Leo argue a lot in general, if they don’t get all the attention they want and deserving . But I was also very nice with him . He is a married man and we both had reasons to accept this relationship and everything was nice, I was not bothered of his marriage and accepted to be with him as we both liked each other very mucn and I was never intended to marry him anyway !
    But I was stressed out for my health and other things recently , I got a bad news in Malaysia about my health also and this made me very upset since I was back from there. He seems not to give me the attention I was needed as for example to offer to go with me to hospital, to offer to brng me some foods or things I was needed and I was unable go to shopping because I was feeling so bad recently. Then in the day when I went to hospital alone, he told me ” Perhaps you have not any problem” , then he tried say it again : ” I just hope you are fine” . I felt very bad to hear this, is like he don’t believe me I have a health problem and he does not care about me. From this things, I started argue with him on this subject and pissed him off and told him to delete me from his messenger and at least he said ” ok then” and just deleted me…….. Of course I was very sad after this and to see he really do this… As a person say up, he promised to me too that he will never leave me and he will take care of me in all the possible ways. Now I just think his words means nothing ??? Is really Aries who say only words to impress someone only , without meanings ?
    He will come back ? Do I need do anything or just let him alone now ? Will he really care I am in difficult situation and I have a serious health problem ? or he will just leave me for good and without any heart ? 🙁

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