How to get an Aries man to forgive you

It shouldn’t be that hard. The Aries man drops things quickly if they bore him, and is not one to dwell in the past. Aries is in the ever-present NOW, engaged with whatever inspires him at this moment. It is almost as if he has no history. So why should he hold on to grudges? Most likely, he will express a burst of anger (or even rage), and then just let it go.

If an Aries man has trouble forgiving, it could be that he has the Moon or Mars in fixed signs (especially Leo or Scorpio). Every man is complex, and his Sun expresses only one (albeit important) part of his personality.

Many Aries men have Mercury and/or Venus in Pisces, the most forgiving of signs. He might be a warrior-martyr, initially feeling irritated and then believing he deserved to be a victim of your errant behavior. Then you can forgive him!

Comment below: Have you had difficulty being forgiven by an Aries man?

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  1. capricorn woman says:

    i met this aires guy online we from the same city he always wanted to meet me i just never did im so scarred by past relationships ..i move down south we started talking more texting almost everyday developing a little bond but occasionally ill lash out thinking hes just like the rest of the guys ive dealt with .. lying to me and stuff and ill blow up his phone with a ton of messagaes as months past he dealt with it cus he feels he really likes but i feel hell do it to him self cus if u know how my past was and if i ask u to call u say you will but never do or just little things i ask he cant do he just wanna text all day so thats when i’ll spaz out but now its been like 3 months i had plans to visit him this summer but this one last time i spazed on him he said STOP TEXTING ME i felt sooo horrible deleted him from social sites and i wished him happy birthday he said thanks i sent him pictures its been a day he hasnt replied and we normally talk every single day you think hes gone cus i really love who he is i dont want it to end but i did it to my self “/

  2. Hi Capricorn Woman,

    How anyone can claim to “REALLY LOVE” someone they never met in person
    and they have only communicated on line, phone and text does not make sense,
    it is beyond my comprehension but it’s different strokes for different folks I guess.???

    What do you “LOVE” about him.?

    Has he spoken about a relationship, love or anything else which indicates that you
    are both on the “SAME PAGE”.?

    Why didn’t he offer to come and meet you but instead you are willing to go to him.?

    was this “meeting on line” a dating service or something else.?

    In the meantime since he said “STOP TEXTING ME” you must do exactly that and
    leave him “ALONE” otherwise you will make him very “ANGRY”. Let him take the
    initiative to contact you “FIRST”.!!!

  3. I’m truly unhappy with this Aries. We met online in February I think, and we hit it off so well. We began becoming intimate and he told me that I want something clearly more serious than he does……….I don’t know I guess I read his dating profile of seeking “a relationship” wrong. We sort of patched that over and we began having sex…..except he is NEVER available and when he comes over its for like two hours. I KNOW i’m being used, Stevie Wonder could see that. I know he is’nt interested, but what baffles me is that at least five times I’ve said I wasn’t happy and this is dead in the water…..and he just ignores me each time. Tonight I texted and said I love the sex b ut I’ve been so unhappy for a long time. Nothing. De nada. I know already that I text him way more than one should text an aries, and most of that is the rejection. He only threatened to not speak to me anymore when I “questioned his schedule.” To me it sems awfully strange that someone I met online a few months ago has put up with all these arguments. What gives

  4. Screw aries men. Gemini here and i play them at their own selfish games. They call me and I decide when to forgive. Long handled spoon with all Aries men.

  5. Hi,

    I am a Virgo woman, and the Aries guy I’m interested in and I haven’t known each other for that long (a couple of months), but he kinda grew on me. I know that he makes comments on my shyness even though I explained that I recently had gotten out of relationship. And i would not have minded opening up had we gotten together during the daylight hours for more fun activities. We’ve only been on a few dates, and he’s already professed to be in love with me, to which I did not know how to respond to. The next day, he texted me first with pictures of what he was doing, but things went south when he started talking about last night. I expressed that this was new to me and that I really liked him. He expressed that we were cool. But when I asked what was going to happen next, he said nothing and that there wasn’t going to be a next time. I asked why, and he never replied. Do you guys think that there can be any reconciliation or is he gone forever? (PS- He has Virgo best friend so I know he gets along quite well with them).

  6. Hi,

    I am an Aquarian woman and my husband is an Aries. He is usually a peace loving person but almost all the time he reciprocates my feelings. If I love him he loves me back, if I do something to make him happy he will immediately take up something to make me happy. But he would never initiate things on his own. The sad part is when I am angry he gets angry too. I fail to cope up with this. If I am angry I expect my partner to understand me. No matter who’s fault it is I am the one who starts talking first coz I think it doesnt affect him even though we live under the same roof. I cannot bear giving and taking of the silent treatment for so long with which he seems so anaffected. So I start the talk and then he’s fine. I understand that he has a big ego and a short temper but it gets difficult for me to understand every time. Please help.


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