Capricorns and freaky sex

CapricornI once heard in graduate school that many CEOs hire sex workers to dominate and humiliate them. Why? Because when you are in a position of extreme power, your psyche needs to compensate. If the Alpha Male never allows anyone to perceive weakness or vulnerability in him, the stress takes its toll. He needs to totally let go and express the part of himself that wants to be a baby or a slave or what-have-you … a totally helpless human being.

Power dynamics are often eroticized. Doctor-patient, boss-employee … the crossing of a boundary can be a turn-on. Playing out different roles in the bedroom (or hotel room, for married CEOs) is a cathartic way to explore vulnerabilities.

Capricorn symbolizes the heights, the pinnacle of career success. Cap works hard to get where he is, and may shut down parts of himself to get there. He overcompensates to make up for his youthful insecurities. All too often, anything considered weak gets pushed aside into the recesses of his psyche. However, these parts of himself don’t disappear. They need expression, and maybe it’s better to seek humilitiation in the confines of a motel than in the public realm. On the other hand, slow-moving planets passing over the highest point in our natal charts can sometimes expose our secrets to the world, making the personal public.

Talk about humiliation!

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  1. CuriousCappy says:


    Alright, apologize for the way you acted when you were high, to everybody. Also I advise you don’t smoke it again, he may be willing to forgive you this time, but not if you continue to do it. Hopefully this will help you.

  2. @nada
    well, like any the other man in the zodiac we like sluts….. we just dont like the girls we have “feelings” for to act like sluts.
    it doesnt look good, it will take a miracle for him to change his mindset about u.

  3. @ black goat: okay but i dont act slutty i am very conservative but unfortuantly i have bad behaviours liek acting liek aguy too loud to crazy to open too friendly like socializer u dont socialize that much…

    @ curious cappy: i will and i actually already did :-$, although he is still seeign that stupid girl who is a two timer lover i hate her!!! i am trying to put ma cards right i will try my best to win this game cause i think he is worth it i knw he is confused he has feelings as u said but he doesn’t know how to deal wid it thats what i think i will try to be calm and too reserved that he initially starts to come to me and i will do this at the cocktail party while he will present his speech to the mayor or bath i will dress up as a lady and look so sophisticated charming him with ma Libra charms anywho i hope it will work i just ant him to be like wow!!cappies what do u think ? but i will not try to talk to him i will still ignore and be too quite that he hopefully emerges me ….

  4. CuriousCappy says:

    I still think you should talk to him some, but over all I guess your doing the right thing.

  5. thanks, i hope it works cross fingers ^_^!okey dokeies :D!

  6. Mountain Goat says:


    you smoke oh no thats not attractive to me.

  7. yes but i now i seriously quiet =)

  8. eh i am still struggling with this cappy guy i am now dating his best friend saggitarius and sadly thinking of the cappy guy he doesnt know we are dating nor the sag didnt know i had a thing with the cappy who is hs best friend and now i am just feeling hopeless becuase i know this would sound corny but i am ready to fall in love and make a commitment with the cappy guy although we rnt friends nor talking like the usual at the beggining when none of the sexual attraction happened anyways i just proved to the cappy that i can be a lady for one night i bought an elegance dress plus dressed up as a lady should be i think it worked becuz he didnt complimented me but he just asked me in the end if his tie looked good and i replied yea it does dats it…. ehh i hate feeling hopeless 🙁 i tred three guys and there not that good in a relationship! and for sum reason i miss my aries guy so much although he doesnt call me or anything -.- what a fucked up love life!!! lol any suggestion..?

  9. Mountain Goat says:


    y r u dating his friend?

  10. Because i cannot help it, I want to be with someone -.- i know its sounds sad but okay that cappy guy didnt make a move on me ad didnt ask me out and i have strong feelings for him although it doesnt show and i am a type of a person if i see no movement i move to the other person who wants me u see my piont but frankly i like his friend but i dont feel thats what i want and oh that grl isnt dating him she is with his boyfriend which makes him now a loner -.- he spoke to me today asking whats that in my hand i told him its a water bottle then he said hmm i told hm we named it zataploo then he just zataploo and satyed for a while thnking then went back on his cooing stuff…man i wish i can have him 🙁 i really feel so sad that he doesnt know how much i need him ad want to be with him and i showed him no intesrt lately its been a month since halloween that night that i danced wid his friend …. what now ??….

  11. Mountain Goat says:


    “sigh” I just got through with a similar situation with a libra woman, I don’t know how she truely felt about me, but I liked her a lot at first but my conscience kept telling me not to do it because I saw that she was very flirtatous towards other men so me being a cap I started ignore her to make her think that I didn’t care and to maintain self-control. She ignores me now to so I just gave on her just to maintain status quo as a compulsive loner. But that aside, my advice to you is to quit ignoring him and try to gain control of ur emotions and talk to him, small talk though take one little step at a time. Stay Strong 🙂

  12. Mountain goat:

    WOW!!! yea frankly speaking us libras LOVE to flirt and get ehm something sexually for sum reason maybe not all but thats what i herd from other libras and we like to know straightforward if you like us or not and i hate playing games its seriously tiring anywho i didnt know that u were same as my situation man i seriously feel bad how did things go for both of u now?? come on u must show her ur feelings in order for her to come to u and little tell u aa secret we seem all flirtatious and blah blah but when we fall inlove and like someone soooo MUCH!!! we will give u all our eenergy and heart add with it sum spice in life ^_^! we love being inlove and we love people who shows us there emotion but not o much :-/ or that wuld be cheesy i dont knw i dont like too much romance i am more passionate anyways yea thats my advice to u =) come on go for her! u only live once so take ur chances 😀 anything is possible thats ma motto =)!

    yeaa…. thats thing should i approach him and ask him how is he and stuff 😛 but how will I approach him and grab his attention?????
    btw he is always serious and his words are always sharp and he laughs ridiculously somtime plus he isnt that outgoing he is sometimes quite its like his eyes or brain does the talking but he looks around with his side eye plus he doesnt like to hurt anyone he does care. Are these features in a cappy man ? :S

  13. CuriousCappy says:

    Hmm… I think those are Capricorn features in general, if you ask me…

  14. Mountain Goat says:


    Its too late to talk to her now, I’ve made up my mind and stopped talkin to her and once my mind is made up its made up period point blank, but this scorpio woman has taken notice of me so i’m talkin to her now I know I don’t have to worry her flirtin with anybody else 🙂 but wat university do u go to?

  15. Mountain Goat says:


    as for ur approcah just catch him walkin by hiself and say hello and ask him how his day was, thats a very genuine approach be yourself though and don’t be too shy, BE YOURSELF! and most importantly DON’T GIVE UP IF HE IGNORES YOU OR GIVE YOU ONE WORD ANSWERS. That should get you ur capricorn man, No Thanks required 😀

  16. Mountain goat:

    Oh! okay wow well Scorpios do get along with Capricorns and i might say they are quiet mysterious so thats very attractive and their personality is very unique I hope you find your true love mountain goat! :-D.

    The approach: Okay i will do my best!!! 😀 i just hope he doesn’t get a hint that i like him 😛 i wanna be hard to get!:P THANKS mate btw i study at university of bath engineering he is studying business management,

  17. Mountain Goat says:


    Wow Business Management that sounds like a Capricorn related profession. You want to play hard to get? oh I’m guessing that mental stimulation is a big turn on for you am I right?:)

  18. Mountain Goat says:


    you have a good day and good luck 😀

  19. Mountain Goat
    If your Libra flirts with other guys, it isn’t good. I know. I’ve done that to every guy I dated, except the one I’m with now. I love him so strong that I’ve lost the will to flirt. I honestly have no desire to, once I fell in love for real, that was it. I’ve NEVER cheated, but I always flirted. If she loved you enough, she wouldn’t flirt either. Its been 2 months now and I haven’t flirted, that’s the longest I’ve ever known without flirting since I was a baby LOL

  20. Aqua girl loves Cappy guy says:

    I am yes in love again with another Capricorn guy, this is probably because my Venus falls in Capricorn and his falls in Aquarius, which is what i am…They say we arent compatible, but it is DEEP!! Yes, it is difficult dealing with his silence spells, it drives me mad….He thinks long term which i love, finally need some stability in my life, and a Capricorn male just might be the one to be able to tame me..SEX is ridiculous, i love him so much……..Funny thing about the whole love story is that we were Ju ior High school sweethearts, first kiss in the 7th grade,,,he moved to California and we split for 21 years……….Now we are back together and going very stong!!! I love him and i hope we last a long time….

  21. Skerpioen-girl says:

    I am a scorpion – I love my cappy – i understand him totaly !

  22. Skerpioen-girl
    Does your Capricorn share his feelings with you? I always wondered about Scorp/Cap relationships. I know both take serious tones in a relationship, does he ever get distant or is he the devoted type? I’m really curious about the two personality types, Scorpio’s being more open (surprising but true) and Capricorns being sensitive with a Scorpio, does this really happen, do you bring out the best in each other?

  23. Mountian Goat
    You want to know a secret, with a Libra Woman. it is NEVER too late for love… If you did have feelings for her, not mere lust then don’t you think it is worth it? She wasn’t cheating on you, she wasn’t with you yet…..Yes, we are little flirts, when we are with the wrong man but she wasn’t with you….think about that. The only way that it would be too late to be with her is if she was in total love with another or if you did something cruel to children or animals…Just remember, when we love you, we love you totally…. I would die for my child and he is the only one I would die for before my man….

  24. don’t be a fool MG, if I suddenly lost the love I have right now I would die…If I’d never met him I would be miserable like I was…..You need a love, why not take advantage of the easiest heart in the world to win…She will teach you love like you’ve never had before

  25. @libraLady
    i havent been in a relationship with a scorpio woman, at least i cant remember, but every know and then i do run across one and it’s like we click. the coversations are usually long and deep. i rarely feel comfortable having serious conversations with people, especially when they are phoney.
    but i feel comfortable around them and its easy for me to talk to them and of course that whole spiritual sex vibe thing be flying around.
    i get along very well with scorpio women. the few scorpio dudes i do know get on my nerves, they’re to damn whiny and act a lil’ femine to me.

  26. blakgoat
    I think it would be a pretty deep relationship, a Scorpio guy would probably get along great with a Cap woman too, I think it would be a good match for you and a Scorpio woman, whinney? LOL I’ve met a lot of Scorpio men that complained openly, I kind of get why, being an open complainer myself…..but back to my point, I think a Goat and a Scorpion would make a solid couple

  27. inspector of venus says:

    I am not sure about humiliation, but yes its true that when it comes to sexual things I want my partner to dominate me. I suppose I like the idea of playing with power in bed.

  28. Mountain Goat says:


    A fool you say I am, no not a fool but extremely distrusting, but how have you been and how was ur holiday? 🙂

  29. LibraLady says:

    Mountain Goat
    Hi. I hope you’ve been well and your holiday was good. I spent a lot of time with my family and my guys family. It was nice. I’m sorry I called you a fool, I just feel bad when things end before something great happens…It could happen, I’m a Libra and I’m with a man that acts like a Cap and we get along so well that I wonder just how long we’ve actually known each other. In the beginning I pretended I didn’t care for him, I really didn’t want to after the last heart break but he kept trying to change my mind…Now I can’t stop thinking about him. Sometimes things can surprise you 🙂

  30. Mountain Goat says:


    Yeah my holiday was fine I spent the majority of it by myself, but I’m cool with that.

  31. LibraLady says:

    inspector of venus
    I enjoy being dominated in the bedroom too. I spend my whole life being serious and bossy,(being a single mom) but when my guy and I are alone, I like him to take control LOL
    He’s a kinky Aqua with venus in pisces so it is intersting……….:)He is so much fun to role play with….

    Mountian Goat
    I guess sometimes being alone can help you focuss on what you need… You do know that you have a soul mate out there, I know that you are aware, think she is going trough the same hell as you? Hey, thats what you’re doing. I get it now, you’re getting ready for her….good plan 🙂

  32. libralady quote “I’m a Libra and I’m with a man that acts like a Cap ” what do you mean by ‘acts like a cap’?
    i think you’ll find that most capricorns dont act like whatever capricorns are supposed to act like and many aqua’s are in fact quite …virgo or scorpio etc.

    by the way my venus in capricorn AND 8th house and i have aqua mars!! too yet i still dont identify with this whole ‘wanting to be dominated thing or the freaky side ,i definetly think if a capricorn has planets in Sagittarius or aquarius or scorpio then they are far more likely to be kinky
    .i know of a sun Sagittarius guy and he has venus aquarius and he’s into all sorts of kinky sh!t .. he likes it when girls urinate on him and he likes licking dirty boots amongst other such things
    so as far as the capricorns go i think they need signs in more ‘freaky’ planets and houses in order to go over to the darker side.

  33. LibraLady says:

    What I meant is he acts fatherly with me at times…protective. He has a lot of traits from many signs, but found out he waa preemie that was meant to be born Pisces…I was a preemie too, I was meant to be Scorpio so that explains the weird dynamics of our relationship….He is also Taurus rising and he is a romantic too…basically I find a lot of great traits in him, way more good then bad..I like this man I love, very much 🙂 if the world was kind, every woman would have a guy lke mine…. 🙂

  34. “if the world was kind, every woman would have a guy like mine…”
    aaaaaaah that’s sweet.

  35. Mountain Goat says:


    Soul mate huh, naw I’m just a loner plain and simple.

  36. LibraLady says:

    Oh don’t worry, fate will knock on your door and shake your foundations….we are totally powerless to its timing….there you are minding your own buissiness, then BLAM…..right in the heart…..oh well
    I finally get why my guy acts like a Cap at times, he has a Capricorn Moon. 🙂
    I guess thats why he’s so down to earth for an Aquarian….I used to doubt the whole soul mate thing too, he was going through his doubts as well. We just met, it just happened, when it happens you will be shocked at the situation, I met the male version of myself, its weird but we are so much alike its frightening. There has to be a lady out there that is just “fed up” and thinking thats it, people are all idiots etc…. then she’ll find you, or you’ll find her 🙂

  37. LibraLady says:

    She’s probably grumpy too , but pretty 🙂

  38. LibraLady says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you CAPRICORNS…..hope youre smiling 🙂 kind of a cool month to be born in……

  39. CuriousCappy says:

    You just described me and 5 other Capricorns I know…… I think we Cappies are grumpy in general though

  40. thx for the B-Day shot out, even though mine’s was last month.

  41. SagittariusGirl says:

    Capricorns are f**king hot! I want to have sex with a Capricorn male right now! (: I have Venus in Capricorn btw and I loveeeee Capricorns! (:

  42. is the first time i can realte to my sing. im a verry freky CAPRICORN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. sweetvirgo says:

    I am a virgo woman who is kind of seeing a capricorn & I need an opinion from a capricorn perspective. We get along great & I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable with anyone. He calls me everyday, or texts me if he can’t call. He fills me in on what’s happening at his work, his kids or in his family.
    We confide in each other & talk about everything very openly & we really seem to just click. I am inclined to think that he shows consistent interest in me so that means he’s considering exploring a relationship in the future. Right now at the very least, we are friends with benefits. Sex with him makes my head spin. I’m not sure if he is that passionate with every woman he is with but it’s almost as if you can just feel the love, but then I second guess myself on that as well. My issue is how he gets close then pulls away. The more interested he seems in me, the more he will test the waters with things & pull away. I am sincerely falling in love with him but haven’t been able to tell him. Plus he has career issues at the moment which are distracting him so I don’t want to add to his stress. The last thing I want is to get hurt & since he won’t say he loves me or that he wants a relationship, I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time and just need to move on or if I should be patient because his actions show he loves me.

  44. CuriousCappie says:

    I say wait, and be patient. With all the stress that he’s going through knowing that you’re there for him is probably really comforting. When things with his career are stable again, I’d bring up the topic to him and let him know you want something more serious.

  45. Capricorn men are the only ones that can keep my attention in bed! I used to think no man can keep up with me, and a capricorn comes pretty close!I’m a capricorn woman myself and the sex is groundshaking every single time and I have been with this man for 9 years already! Not only is it that, but its adventurous, consistent(we have sex almost every night),he has insane stamina,rough and demanding which I like because I’m a capricorn duh!, or slow and sweet, we always change it up,we love to play dressup, experiment, we are always thinking of new things to try and it never gets boring!We always try our best in bed because its like the only real release we get so we are more than happy to please each other to the fullest each time! I hear alot of stories from other woman and they seem to expect so much from the man, I say if you want something from him, go and get it yourself first and then he will respond very well to you!The first time I ever had sex with a Capricorn I was so comfortable and it just fit like a glove! Capricorn men or Capricorn woman.. try having sex with another Capricorn, its unbelievable!

  46. How do you get a Capricorn to have sex. My Cappy friend and I have both been single for a while both of us burnt bad. We talk even if one sentence every day but damn he makes me hot. He’s so calm about shit and I’m a Libra so very expressive. I just want to put it out there but don’t want to seem slutty to him. He knows I’m interested and we’ve been friends for 20 years. He’s opened up to me but we are both skittish. I just want to grab a hold of him and “show” him that it’s ok…..any thoughts?

  47. well I’m a Gemini Female and enjoy the article on how to seduce a gem. I’d just like to say that my partner is a capricorn. evrything i’ve read says we are not compatible but must be our moon signs or something else.Let me just say this man is extermely sexual, intellegent, witty, reliable and traditional which for a Gem the traditional might be boring , but I’ve found him extremely interesting and reliable in that way(he is very close to his mother). Anyway the sex …wow. I’d just like to say we flirt all the time and he always tells me and shows me in different ways what he wantS what he likes and WHAT he wants me to do and what he wants to do to me, its fascinating. just for example we will be having dinner in a nice restrauant and he’ll get up an massage my neck and shoulders then he will whisper in my ear all the hot and steamy things he’d like to do slowly but surely between my legs…whoa! by the way Cappy only likes to take me to nice places for dinner expensive for sure …the atmosphere is just right. another night we were at a concert…i know a concert with a cappy…well this was my idea…people everywhere having fun…anyway i was wearing some thigh high short skirt (n my usual sexy thong which he loves)…and of course my high heels…he takes my shoe off begins massaging my right foot then tells me to take my thigh high offf so he can feel my soft legs…i do as im told …lol. At the end of this ordeal my undies were in his pocket and my stockings in my purse…… orgasmic !i tell you. By the way this is the first man that has always kissed my hands in a way that i cann feel the love and the sex at the same time…he is wonderful. Hey im just a gemini gal happy with her Cappy.

    @ Theresa id say yes show him!its ok Girl if you dont then it wont happen. As wonderful and as attractive as Cappys are i think they are somewhat afraid of rejection…why do i say this because my cappy is so ambitiuos but when it comes to matters of the heart they may want to control it just as they do their bisiness matters but they know it is not the same. Cappys want to be loved trust me so be the one to show him just be sincere and dont lie or cross him. Cappys are very loyal people and the expect the same . They are different than us Gems and Libras and its well worth it. Yes and by all means dont be slutty, they like class not sluts, not if you want to keep a Cappy. (sorry for the typos)

  48. Scales on rails says:

    Hey Im a Libra and I have read almost all these comments on Capricorn men and Libra Women lol. I love this subject to start off with and yes i will admit im with a Capricorn man but he is on a cusp on an Aquarius. When we met, I just turned 16 and he was 18 (remember its like fall/winter time),i met him through a friend and she wanted to see her ex boyfriend and so i went with her. we got to her exes house and there was a guy laying on his bed wrapped up in a towel that was the love of my life and for some reason i liked him so much when i would i was around him. I tried to make some pursuits of showing him how i felt but by the time his birthday came around, some weird way i ended up picking up his friend (which is a Cancer aka fruit boy btw) ending back up with My Cap that night on his 19th birthday. I ended up staying the night with him. In the morning he asked for my number and so i gave it to him and i left around mid day took a very long shower when i got home.
    I had him on my mind for awhile but he never got ahold of me. So one night Im at this party and my Cappy’s friend the Cancer was there and i walked up to him cock blocked him because i really wanted to know why i havent heard from alex. Fruit boy looked into my big green eyes and told me to stop wasting my time. So like a young naive drunk dumb Libra like i am. i left the party with 3 dudes that were hot!!!!! but besides the point i did get over it i stopped talking to alex for a year. until his 20th birthday I found him on myspace (even though i hate it, thank god for it) he wrote me and gave me his number and asked me why i disappeared and i told him what fruit boy said. so we started talking i was so happy. but he was all over the place and ignored me for 6 months while i was with him then i broke up with him cause i seen his ass right around the corner from my house. as soon as he seen me he left almost faster then i blinked my eyes. after me he dated an ugly ass asian girl. i dated an ugly white dude who abused me (Scorpio). then again in that same year in December i finally left that Physco Scorpio i got ahold of my capricorn. We spent christmas day together and been together since late April, May, And early June. Well at that time I was with another Libra who happened to give me an STI.
    Then i Started talking to a Gemini who i am still really good friends with to this day. I got ahold of my capricorn cause life is shitty without him. I told i slept with one man i might have an STI that is curable. he was very understanding. we have been together since and i love him so much. I wake up in the morning to watch him sleeping. he stays up playing starcraft while i sleep haha.

    anyway the point of that story is CAPRICORN LEARN HOW TO SHOW YOUR FEELINGS EARLY!!!
    i knew in my heart that if i wait something good will come out of it. and it did
    i always just had an opening for him.

  49. sigh… Capricorn men. What a mystery they are indeed. The only time my heart was broken was by a Capricorn man to whom I am still very much in love with. He’s been the hardest to get over but I believe the harder you love someone the harder it is to move on. Although, it’s been easy for him.
    It’s been almost 6 months since our breakup. We dated 2.5 years of what I thought was an amazing time for both. I am not sure where it went wrong except for the fact I broke up with him foolishly over the frustration of commuting to see him. I, immediately, felt remorse for doing so and tried several times to rectify this mistake but to no avail as he wouldn’t take my calls or return my emails except twice within the first month of that terrible mistake. The first communication was an email from him that was terribly insulting and I tore it apart in reply. Which I’m sure made a bad situation worse! The second email was 2 weeks after the first stating he’s emotionally stripped and needs a break. I haven’t heard from him since and that was 5.5 months ago. It took till about a month ago to move on to dating others who’ve asked me out but I kept putting them off as I really had no emotional desire to date again.
    Wouldn’t you know it though, one of those guys are a capricorn…. oh boy. The other is a Virgo.

    I only hope this capricorn is better at communicating.
    Not really familiar with virgos but I guess we’ll see how they are soon enough!

  50. give yourself a break “he just not that into you” it happens if you waste energy trying to figure a man out you be old a gray. especially a capricorn man . they can be wishy washy. go out with others. but if you do not feel like dating. just take a break lord knows i have. and i am 53 have not date in months. that is okay i have other priorities not in a relationship either. i got tired of the same rat race. so i had to change something. me?… get it? got it?…good.

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