How Virgo men break off relationships

VirgoAll a Virgo man has to do is relentlessly criticize you and pick at your faults until you break down into tears. When you ask if he no longer wants to be with you, he will say, “Of course I do. You just need to x, y and z, and everything will be fine.” But when x, y and z are insurmountable tasks — when he is asking you to wipe yourself clean of all inadequacies — you realize you have been set up.

Or, he will say he’s not good enough for you. He tries to improve himself for your benefit, but he always comes up short. “You’re probably better off with someone else, someone who measures up.” You insist that he’s fine just the way he is, that you love him. “But there must be something wrong with you, if you can love such a loser. Really, I don’t deserve you.”

Comment below: How has a Virgo man broken it off with you?

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  1. Taurus Lady on the Cusp of Aries says:

    I meant the Virgo guy thru mututal friends. He seemed quiet and observing and I didnt think much but that he was chill and a good guy. I didnt think of him romatically, but I felt like we clicked. I’m pansexual but prefer the company of women usually. I can fall for men but sexually it doesnt really happen for me with dudes and to most of my friends they just think Im a lesbian including Virgo. After a while of going over to his place everyday and him listening to me while playing video games, of course I grew attached. So I grew really warm to him and auto thought that we were gonna be bffs. We even had this running joke of us being married. We’ll jokingly call each other hubbie/hub, wife, woman, etc. He’d always joke around that I like dudes or I should get with one. Anyway, he’d listen to me for a while as I chatted in his room and he’d let me play video games, take naps, chill, joke around, eat off his plate when he made food. Usually he’d make a big fuss about it, but end up caving when it came to dinner. lol and so here I am thinking, ‘cool, we’re getting along great. Obviously he enjoys my company.’ I went out to drink one friday and ended up having a horrible night that ended up in tears. My roommate (Leo) said she would pick me up so I called her, she didnt answer. I called Virgo and he said he’d wake her up and come get me. I was really down and he let me go over and play video games and drunk talk. I ended up knocking out there and he let me change into a shirt of his to fall asleep in. I woke up later and told him I felt so weak for crying and he said it was okay cause girls cry when they feel hurt. Usually that kind of statement would spring up a heated discussion but for some reason I felt like it was understanding and sweet. I ended up going to my room to change. When I came back he was spread out on his bed and starting to drift off. He said we should take naps so I agreed and had him scoot over. We slept side by side for a few hours, completely exhausted. Now personally I love being in company and CLOSE to people. Im very personal physically. To me if anything it only re-enforced our friendship. Id call him when he was at work and he’d talk to me on the phone before I went to sleep a lot of times. Or text me thruout the work day. I’m the type of person thatll walk into anyones room if we’re friends and its open. But he got annoyed one day and said that I should ask to come in. I get it, people have personal space boundries. And I was mislead in thinking that he was okay with me just walking in. From then on its seemed off. He’s been hanging out with my roommate, both of our friend, more even though he’s said he doesnt trust her cause she has a big mouth and cant handle her for long periods of time. I’m pretty possesive, more so with friends than lovers. But it kinda agitated me. And I told him I feel comfortable with certain people off the bat. He responded by telling me not to say that. When I asked why he said that he felt like I was gonna say I felt comfortable with him. AND OF COURSE I was like… WELL YEAH. Hahaa. What really irks me is that every time Virgo and my roommate (Leo) hang out and Im there it seems like they snub me or gang up on me. Even tho I told my roommate that I was feeling some sort of way about him. See, Im attracted to his personality. My favorite people in the world have always been Virgos or Cancers (Sister, Uncle, Parents, and best friend). I just feel so in tune for no reason. Either way, Im not sure if Im “liking” his personality as in more than friends or what and now Im not sure how he even feels about me. Which is really throwing me off cause I usually dont even get attached to guys like that closely. I think I might be more attached than he is… HELP!!!

  2. Scorpio female says:

    My Virgo broke it off and moved out 3 weeks ago. We have a 2 year old son together, and if anything I have always felt that my virgo was the king of being inconsiderate, even now. We built a life together, and one day he tells me that the entire 2 years we shared were the worst years of his life, and I was the worst girlfriend he ever had. He didn’t like that I spoke my mind, and granted our son is only 2, I can’t help but make a big deal out of him breaking promises he makes his son. I am currently seeking employment, and it has been very hard to find help with child care. You would think that because he left me, it wouldn’t have an effect on his relationship with his kid. He is only willing to take his son on the weekends, and even then he will have him for one day because he usually just drops him off at his mother’s house. I will admit I have said terrible things to my virgo guy out of anger that cut into him like knives. Usually it was retaliation for the messed up things he would say, but you let him tell it, he was retaliating for the awful things I said first (he would tell me that every freaking time). He would always tell me “You have issues”, “you’re delusional”, “You need help” whenever we had a disagreement about something that I know full well he said, but he would deny it. I felt that he started using that as a tactic to get under my skin because those are the things that would really (I mean really set me off), but then when I blow up and hurt his feelings, I’m the one who went to far. Really? Don’t get me wrong, when things were good; they were great, and we were happy. I would notice he would get into a certain “mood” whenever he was broke, or something didn’t go his way. I would walk on eggshells and try to stay out of his way, but it wouldn’t work. For some reason it was us, our relationship, and he wasn’t happy. God forbid I ask him for a 5 minute break for myself from having our son all day, and he would get so mad, and we would argue. Throughout our relationship, he picked me apart so much that I feel I became very insecure. When he said he was moving out I instantly felt that he was no longer attracted to me and he was leaving because he wanted to see other people. I feel so ashamed because the way I acted…I did break down and I practically begged him to stay. He said he wanted to be friends, but I told him that if we could not be together, then I didn’t want to be anything with him. After he moved out, he came around and everything felt the same. Everything felt like we were still in a relationship, and still a family. The second I question if he was planning on coming back, he got mad and told me that I needed to get that out of my head, which then led to an explosive argument. I get he needs space and time to think, but I did not have this kid by myself.

  3. pieceslove says:

    I broke up with Virgo men last week and while breaking up we had a bad argument about her ex and had a very bad conversation. Noe he’s apologising me, and is also saying that that it was all his fault…

  4. BEAUTIFULCANCERIAN, Please go no contact. There’s plentiful advice online how to do this. Google NO CONTACT. These men are pure drama and evil to the core. Nothing good will come from having him in your life. You’re so young, go have fun and stay away from these boring men who do nothing but use people. Trust me when he has no more use for you he will find someone else if he already hasn’t.

  5. All I have read is SO true!!! My Virgo – ex & I were friends for 11 yrs before we got in a relationship. I really wasn’t interested at first but he pulled out ALL his charms & pulled me in. I thought he was the one. He told everyone I was the ” Love” of his life. But, after 7 months he left. He always said he was emotionally unavailable. He was in a prior relationship for 5 yrs with a ” Submissive ” woman he married & divorced from her 5 months later. He went thru tons of emotional upheaval because his family no longer likes him and he doesn’t know why ( won’t take responsibility for anything) , He is a bully to people since he believes he is always right. He will kiss his dog in the morning before me. He complained about everything. Crazy thing is I feel he is a good person in a way. He started having sex with a woman he was seeing before me right away & he is entering a relationship with another woman who is in an unhappy marriage of 12 years. I realize he needs someone to fill what he lacks and he will NEVER find it because he is the problem!!! I was heartbroken & embarrassed for weeks because he put our relationship on display. I am finally coming out of it ignoring his calls & text because he ” put” so much energy into the break-up so we could remain friends. I realize he is selfish and only thinks of his needs much like an animal.
    I will not go back with this man.. In fact I am coming out my Virgo fog and realizing he did me a favor leaving me. I am beautiful, positive, upwardly mobile, loved by many people ( a Cap ) and know I wouldn’t have been happy in a relationship with a man like him.
    I doubt if I date another Virgo. WAY to much work. I prefer men who evolve & Virgos aren’t the evolving type.
    Just happy I can now not answer his accusing text because nothing I say will matter anyway it’s all about him. The reason I don’t need to respond? I don’t need or want to be with him anymore. It hasn’t been easy and I’m sure in my loneliness I will want to be with him. But I will replay all the crap that makes up that Virgo and I will snap out of it. Feel the sun on my face and SMILE…..

  6. Antwon Barber says:

    Hey there Virgo guy here, after reading this I can understand a few reasons why he’s going about it this way.reason 1: he probably doesn’t want to run you off because of being close like this and your probably not bf-gf, we take that personally it’s just that we have much respect for females not all but some of us Virgo men’s. 2: He doesn’t want you to feel smothered, again not all but some Virgo men including myself respect females call us old fashion lol. We don’t want you to feel like you don’t have any freedom with us do as you feel (don’t let me stop you from being you I won’t slow you down or control you love) is what his slogan might be inside his head again much respect. 3: He’s feeling for you, whether you know it or not He actually have DEEP FEELINGS for you regardless if you’re both ways (no offens) lol he really likes you to see past that, it hurts him more than anything because he doesn’t know how to tell you how he feels and before we start getting any closer to a woman that we really like we would start detaching our selves from them slowly before getting hurt by them. Forgive us just in our nature, and if you feel something for him you might would have to be the first one to say something to him, he’ll listen (GLADLY) and finally EXPRESS how he feels about you who knows maybe even in a romantic way aha lol. 4: Last but not least we being as Virgo men will do nice things for people’s from time to countless of times, but when we like you I mean really appreciate you we will go the extra Miles for you whatever it is no matter what. Well I hope that this helped out some if you have any questions please feel free to email me, have a happy valentines day

  7. My virgo man left me. Am a libra. he said caste was the reason. i founded it to b silly. He chattd lika frnd befo he broke up wid me leavin in confusion fo 2weeks. i was ready to change anythng fo him . i was head over heels in love wid him. He discontinued his studies 5yrs back. his family always blames him. he din go fo work too. Am a hindu n hes a christian. wats wrong?

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