How Virgo men break off relationships

VirgoAll a Virgo man has to do is relentlessly criticize you and pick at your faults until you break down into tears. When you ask if he no longer wants to be with you, he will say, “Of course I do. You just need to x, y and z, and everything will be fine.” But when x, y and z are insurmountable tasks — when he is asking you to wipe yourself clean of all inadequacies — you realize you have been set up.

Or, he will say he’s not good enough for you. He tries to improve himself for your benefit, but he always comes up short. “You’re probably better off with someone else, someone who measures up.” You insist that he’s fine just the way he is, that you love him. “But there must be something wrong with you, if you can love such a loser. Really, I don’t deserve you.”

Comment below: How has a Virgo man broken it off with you?

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  1. @ NovLady…by the way…LOVE the new avatar!!!

  2. @Ms.Teeq1974

    Thanks! Lol.

    When it comes to the Virgo energy, I feel there is a bit of a ‘nitpicking’ feel to it. When stressed or uncertain, I think that a Virgo may take one fault or slight (imagined or unimagined) and meticulously scrutinize it. Laboriously so, even. Its a nervous energy in need of a healthier, productive channel. Its why some Virgos are great workers (with their hands), its rumored. Definitely an obsessive sign linked to perfectionism.

  3. @ LadyNov…I think you are absolutely right. This is one of the reasons why my friend’s hubby corners me to talk. He takes everything very personal. The thing that baffles me about this Virgo energy is that she can tell him something and he won’t take it at face value until he confirms it with me. But the way he does it…it’s like he has to be TALKED out of his mindset when feeling slighted. He will ask me a question, I’ll answer it. He’ll respond to what I said as if he can see the logic in it. Not 2 damn minutes later, somehow…emotionally, he back on his original thought pattern of negativity….STILL asking the same FLIPPIN FRACKIN QUESTION. ARRRGGG!!! I just sit there patiently…and answer it again, maybe taking a different approach, telling a story, or IDK…just trying to explain it a different way.

    It’s not until I give him the one eyebrow up and head cocked to the side look…in other words, “Either you get it or you don’t. I’m done. I have nothing more to add.” THEN…he’ll go…yea…I get it.

    LMAO!!! She calls me quite frequently stressed out about her convos with him. It’s great to be able to agree with her, but be detached enough to talk her off of the ledge..get her to see his finer qualities or focus on those rather.

    But in my experience with Coach…shit…I can see how women have such a hard time dealing with Virgo men. It’s like you get the best and worse in the same damn person.

    They are good with their hands. I know Coach has alot of hands on skills/talents and while I haven’t seen or heard of my friend’s hubby doing much, I do know that his job is extremely hands on…he’s a laborer. Apparently, he must be good at it from what I can gather….just my intuition and him looking at some things around my house that are similar to what he puts together in his job. He made a comment about it and I peeped how he pays attention to detail. Coach is the same damn way…very detail oriented.

    But dammit, those men are stubborn as hell, emotional, needy while not wanting to show it, and want things to go their way EVERY SINGLE TIME…which is not feasible. But in observing men with this sun sign…they kinda pout or become…what’s the word? Petulant. Yes, extremely petulant. Like you stepped on their new shoes.

    I’ve never said this on this blog, but Coach is kinda whiney too. lol ha ha ha He really is. Which for me is not a problem, but I know some women HATE whiney men.

  4. @Ms.Teeq1974

    What confounds me is how Virgo is the MUTABLE sign of earth. Where is the flexibility? Perhaps, in the myriad of ways they could see things? The Mercurial energy? Mental dexterity rooted in the earth. Very curious. I read somewhere recently that Virgo is a sign of duality, too.

  5. @NovLady….I believe they r easy to influence in areas where they want to seem impressive and notice that others are…mimicing speech patterns, gestures, styles…etc. Yes they r dual in that the men that Ive seen equally make both a good and horrible mates. They strive or try to facilitate perfection, yet dont xare to be perfect themselves. Thats where they almost demand recognition for doing the things they should, but expect others to exceed the expectations. I believe thats why Virgos are extremely discriminating, but themselves cannot or rather do not have the stamina to consistently excel in relationships, hence the habit of pushing their mates to consistently be better. What is perplexibg to me is how 2 Virgos can seem to have a great relationship. Lol

  6. I think in a relationship, both partners must either work it out or compensate not matter what the sign is. But it’s a good thing you posted this. At least now I have an idea how Virgo men would brake it off.

  7. To the bull stops here:
    dam I do find comfort in pain
    once I said I wanna see you hurt so I can come and comfort you
    yes I have a twisted mind it’s just because I delt with pain before and I don’t wanna see anyone gettin hurt I just wanna be loved is that too much to ask for?

  8. Ladys I just wanna be loved I’m a Virgo who doesn’t play silly games on the real tho

  9. You people make me laugh

  10. What confounds me is how Virgo is the MUTABLE sign of earth. Where is the flexibility?

    think the flexibility comes in dependent on other places in their moon for instance. With aqua moon I see more flexibility with virgo bf than with other virgos. He isnt as judgemental, acceptance of people faults, live and let live attitude. He is over 50 and maybe age mellows them?

  11. ‘men are stubborn as hell, emotional, needy while not wanting to show it, and want things to go their way EVERY SINGLE TIME…which is not feasible.’

    -absolutely. and they get depressed. As a Cap I am able to balance out my virgo..I dont know how, I just do. He can be in a crap mood and i can make him feel better just by standing by him and supporting him until he works thru it. I dont offer advice on how to fix things for him, I just listen.

    His friends have told him since we’ve been together, he seems so much happier. and it has nothing to do with sex making him happier,lol, cause right now he are LDR.

  12. @Tony-Yan:

    “once I said I wanna see you hurt so I can come and comfort you
    yes I have a twisted mind it’s just because I delt with pain before and I don’t wanna see anyone gettin hurt I just wanna be loved is that too much to ask for?”

    I think the issue with Virgos is that your need to feel needed can often thwart your partner’s growth…because them becoming independent and no longer in need of your comfort can often make you guys feel useless and thus disposable…but that is not necessarily the care…just because someone isnt going through pain, doesnt mean that there is no other way in which you can comfort your mate…people need comfort and understanding just as much in less painful times (like support in work, or goals, etc) then only in times of pain (sickness, death, etc.)…many Virgos often assume that if the person isnt going through pain, that they wont be needed …the selfishness aspects comes into play because does that mean…that you will push pain onto your mate so that they can need you just so you can keep them around…this is where I have a problem with the dynamic…I have seen many a Virgo stir up drama in their mates’ life just to feed their need to feel needed and I find that tendency to be selfish..not all Virgos of course, but all the ones I have known both as friends, family and as mates

  13. well said PQ. I find virgo’s nosy as well.LOL..getting into others business to rry and fix it when they should stay out..

  14. @Capbaby:

    ” I find virgo’s nosy as well.LOL..getting into others business to rry and fix it when they should stay out”

    Yes, they are the biggest meddlers of the zodiac….and usually end up making more of a mess of the other person’s problems and then they blame everyone else but themselves….funny thing is that Virgos are SUPER nosy yet secretive about themselves…lol…smh

  15. My Virgo broke up with me for insisting he was not in love……after three weeks of dating. I tried to talk some common sense into him and you can never tell a virgo anything. He came back several times, and we’d be fine for two to three weeks and he would start a fight. He knows how to make me mad and insecure, and he thrived ont hat. He would do things like relentlessly hit on other women, hit on my friends, and pretty much pick apart every little thing i’ve ever done for him. He would insist that I was bragging about all the help I gave to him when he was having problems, however I only brought up how I felt he was being ungreatful. This pattern continues with him; he insists he wants to get married and have kids (he’s pushing 40,) yet the year and a half of our bitter relationship is the longest he’s ever had. I just don’t get it!

  16. I’d keep the break up. If after some time has passed you both can reconnect, then go from there. But I wouldn’t go back right now. If he said he wasn’t in love..believe him. A man or woman knows when they are or aren’t.

  17. Thats just it; we don’t speak for months and reconnect. We get close, and he goes away again. It seems as if he gets scared things are getting too good, because he finds something to fight about everytime. I don’t even know what we get mad at each other for most of the time. When I ask him about his prior relationships, he never tells the same story twice. The longest relationship he’s ever been in was less than a year. He believes he will feel love after a few weeks, and I personally don’t feel that is possible. THAT is puppy love; and his experiences in the love department are much more delayed than mine, so I just think he’s living his teenage years in his mid 30s.

  18. hello, everyone, I’m not new to sasstrology, but I am new to posting on Virgo’s. I’m am going to be honest I am embarassed to say but this Virgo we haven’t been together since 2007 and I still like him. I mean I tried dating this Capricorn I really like and I changed my number so the Virgo couldn’t contact me anymore cause I was mad at him anyway, I mean I was like yeah, I am really going to try to move on with my life, well soon as things started going wrong with the Capricorn, guess what, I broke down and called the Virgo, who is not in the same state I am in, so we are just friends but I still like him. he informed me he tried calling me but of course my number was changed and I just told him, i was trying to move on with my life but I just can’t shake you. and he knows how much i like him but it seems like I’m the one who always ignitiate’s communitcation first by text and I told him I feel like I am bothering him and I should just get a life and he says it sounds like I am mad at him and I was like yeah because you never contact me first. so about two days later he text me and says I am happy we still communicate and I am thankful for you and you help me get by the last few months (oh yeah he is in the service). So does this text sound like a normal just friend text to ya’ll or does it sound like he still has feelings for me, because I am confused and I more confused because I guess texting him helps him get by because I don’t assist him in any other way. and I decided to ask him what does this text mean and honestly ya’ll he bagged away I haven’t heard from him since. and I’m tired of trying to figure him out. what do ya’ll think?

  19. @Ms. Pisces

    That’s a virgo for you. I’ve been trying to get over mine for a year and a half, and they have such an effect on your heart. Personally based on my similar virgo situation, I think it is possible the feelings are still there; but its a virgo you can never be for sure lol. I think they are truly terrified of loving and feelings. Just wade the waters carefully.

  20. Virgo man & I broke up — or taking a break — I really don’t know because as usual, he’s ignoring me. I’m really sick of his method of communication especially when all he could do is apologize. Two weeks ago it was my birthday and he didn’t even get me a card. It was a birthday that ends in a zero, so not your average birthday. No celebrating just him crying how he disappointed me. Then the night ended in drama. I really never forgave him for that. Then 5 days after he messed up my birthday, he tweeted that he was at a birthday party. I didn’t even know whose. And all the secrets after 13 months regarding his friends and I never met one. He says him missing my birthday was MY FAULT. I’m just plain tired of him blaming me for everything. His ex didn’t work for 10 years. I work every day and take care of myself but he still says I’m not doing enough, I should have a better job. He later said because he has faith in my abilities but I took it as an insult. What’s it to him how much money I make? Two month ago he said he wanted to get a house for us, have babies, get married, then he backs out and says he’s scared because lately I’ve been pushing back hard, especially after my birthday. Then he said he wants to limit our relationship to dating because when he sleeps over at my house chores get in the way of our friendship, so I took it as he wants to stay at my house without having to help clean. I consider dating “a night out” then go home, no sleepovers. His version of dating is sleepover for 3-7 days. We use to live together then he moved 2 hours away. I told him that’s long distance, why didn’t you move closer if you wanted to stay together? Of course I got a lame excuse. He acts really tough but I know he’s at home crying as usual. He’s a very sweet guy when he wants to be but all of this blaming, then ignoring me, heavily criticism… I cannot take it anymore. I can’t take the constant dark cloud over every action I make that I should be proud of. Nothing is ever good enough for him! Things change for awhile but it’s back to square one. I’m going to stay away until he apologizes, which he never has done once. It’s always me being the bigger person. I guess I might as well kiss the relationship goodbye. I see I’m not the only one having these problems. Seems he needs to be taught a lesson and stop being such of a baby!!! I think I need someone a lot stronger than this guy or stay single, who knows?

  21. Too funny…all these stories are the same as mine..,.I am so tired of getting heartbroken I could puke. I really love the guy but he is a pouty whiney baby if he doesn’t get what he wants. Biggest nit picker I ever met. Love him with all my heart and can’t forget him. We are on our break too…..

  22. Hi, I’m a 19 years old Aries girl. I just broke up with a virguy a few days ago. Technically it was a few weeks ago. However, I felt I was attached to him after breaking up so I convinced him to get back together. He told me that he still loves me but not that kind of love, just a friend’s love, but he promised he will try to love me again if I put in efforts to make him fall for me again. I thought he was just confused because we are each other’s first love and this break up is still new o us. When I thought everything went back to normal to the old relationship when he still loved me so much that he could not live without me, I was terribly wrong. I found out that he loves this other girl and he admitted it. I was so heartbroken. I. Asked him when did he find out that he loves her and he told me it was before he went out with me. So all these time(over two years of relationship)he has been lying to me that he only loved me and nvr fell for any other girls. I felt betrayed… As an Aries I cannot stand lies. I nvr lied to him, I told him all the feelings I had because I couldn’t hide my emotions anyways. Even when I felt for others I told him about it and told him that he can leave me because I had felt for another guy. But he told me he loves me and that he can tolerate it(this happened before we broke up). I dint know since when his feeling for me slowly faded… When we were backed together I tried my best to keep him happy and change myself, but instead I found out that he lied to me this whole time. It’s a relief for me that this break up is not my fault and that I won’t have to feel guilty or anything. But I was hurt… So badly because I find myself still attached to him. I already let down my pride getting him back so these past days I nvr initiated any text or phone calls or aim IM. Only at night I think about him and suffer from insomnia like I am right now. I still cannot believe he lied to me, still looking for excuses as to why he did this to me but at the same time trying so hard to get over him. He still wants me to be his close friend because according to him he still loves me as a friend. Can someone crush all my hopes and teach me a way to get over him? I feel sk stupid now ….

  23. ariesgirl says:

    so I broke up with Virgo man. we were LDR for 1,5 years.
    first we got back because I was crying and begging him to come back to me.. but 2 weeks later he broke up with me because he said I deserve someone better than him and nearby me. but he said He loves me, but when I asked to try again he said it wouldnt be the same like before. I dont understand.
    we still talking each other everyday, he still trying to get my attention and he still pays attention to me as well. he still cares. he said he still wants to talk to me but when I asked about relationship he said it wouldnt be the same like before.
    what does he want? I want him back,, he still caring me so much :(
    what should I do to make him want to come back together again?
    and we talk everyday on IM, he is the one who initiate the contact.
    what should I do????

  24. the former not the latter. but that’s it in a nutshell.

  25. July cancer says:

    I hate vir men, I cannot trust them in relationships. They will suck you and drain you emotionally , mentally, spitritually and psychologically. All the vir guys I’ve dated were the same with no empathy, sympathy or love. Big time liars, manipulative , controlling and whiney. So negative that they can drain the all positivity from you and play with your naive head. Cruel and cunning. They know to charm you with right words. Emotionally cold, narrow-minded, nosy ,conceited, incosiderate, superficial. They suck in intimacy dept. Selfish lovers in bed. Money hungry greedy. So very materialistic. Play hot and cold. Disappear.

    If you see a vir man just ruuuuun for the hills. Trust me they are like bad lucks.

  26. Iamscorpio says:

    I too been charmed by a Virgo man, going back and forth for a year now, stuck in quicksand. He is a walking contradiction, fickle, indecisive and sometimes emotionally unavailable. But I get him and he gets me. I need more though, I want a stable relationship with reciprocity, and with someone who doesn’t go from hot to cold in 2.5 seconds. What’s that about? His good traits are so inconsistent and you never know how long his good moods will last, taken over by temperamental BS as if you are the problem.

    I really think Virgos have issues co-existing with others, too critical and sensitive, afraid to trust and open up completely. Very slow in deciding because they are too busy over-analyzing and dissecting everything under the sun. The whole worrying about the wrong things is frustrating too. Like, who cares if your relationship from 1600 BC didn’t work out, move on!

  27. cancermoonshild says:

    OMG …I don’t even know where to start. First off being on this site is not my usual thing…it’s only because I’m so mind fucked over this Virgo man. I consider myself to be extremely emotionally astute, and so this, is what is so fascinating to me. Here’s my story – I used to work with Virgo man 17 years ago at a club. He was crazy about me, and I was a good friend to him but didn’t look at him as anything else. He even tried to kiss me and I pushed him off of me…we had a lot of stories together a lot of history. I was/am in a 14 year marriage that was going very badly for some time. I tried with all my might to save it, I gave it everything. Virgo man in the interim got married to a Virgo girl, she was gone 6 months out of the year lololol perfect for detached Needless to say she left him last year for another man. He and I found each other through Twitter got together had dinner and it was like sparks were he calls it fire to gasoline, it was so natural and beautiful it was as if we both had these journeys so that we could end up with each other again as adults. So I broke my 14 year vows (kissing only) with mr Virgo which was HUGE for me. I knew that it was time to leave my marriage he was the catalyst but more in my mind. I told him that me leaving my marriage wasn’t because of him but that he did/does have something to do with it. He tried to explain to me that he was in a horrible place being that his wife just left him and he is “messed up” and we are in no position to get a relationship going but in 6 months we would me lololl. I said yes this all sounds perfectly sane to me except that I think this is DESTINY and my gut tells me this is right. For a Virgo I think this is like Kryptonyte to Superman. He told me things like “I’m crazy about you” “never have I met someone so beautiful and insightful” blah blah blah…so at this point nothing but double messages coming to me. I’m thinking he likes me I can feel it when we are together he lights up…like a lightbulb and so do I…..I know this doesn’t happen that often in life. So my husband and I start the divorce process..which is very hard but a good thing because I was very, very unhappy for many years….but never an easy thing to do and combined with this Virgo bad and wrong in so many ways easy to judge I know. Virgo put me through hell. First off he didn’t want to have sex with me…so he wouldn’t kiss me..until I got down to my car…there he would because it was safe. I was like ok this is a horrible tease but Ok.Then after weeks of dinner, talks, touching each other like 13 year olds.. finally he starts to kiss me…so I’m thinking this it is…we’re gonna finally get this car over the hill….and we do…and it’s crazy, fun, wild (because of me) and somewhat detached which was weird. The next day I tex’d him I think this was too soon…I didn’t feel you were really there….he said I was a little “heady” I said please don’t about your penis..lololl joke just a joke for the readers. Okay so he sort of pulls away then texts me…and when we meet he want to know details of what is going on…I tell him look lets just have a good time and relax. He over time starts to do this…then NO QUESTIONS, very little texts, we never talk on the phone unless I’m pissed at him. Now, I do have a temper I will admit very hard to get me going but when i do look out. I would say to him, “why don’t you ask me how I’m doing through all of this” ‘why aren’t you checking in more with me?” He would say things like “We are not a couple”. ‘we are not committed” Now this was true but the times he would choose to say things like this were so hurtful and horrific. So I would tell myself well we both are in no position for a relationship this is true BUT we are f__cking and dinners and talking and he’s asking me where I want to travel. So this had me confused. At this point he and I got into such a huge fight because he basically had no interest in being there for me in any way. He also cried in front of me as well…what the hell is up with these Virgo…cry cry cry. But then when i showed him emotion I’m fatal attraction…and where’s the hanging rabbit. So he says to me after weeks of back and forth and 2 weeks off 3 weeks on….3 weeks off…i meet with him to find out what the hell we are doing. Get this…this is good.. He says 1. he doesn’t want to have sex anymore because he wants to get a stronger friendship 2. he doesnt know if he’s still in love with his wife…and 3 THIS IS THE BEST….3 he wants to date other women…HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH …so I’m thinking hmmm GO F____CK yourself. I told him I have major feelings for you and will not compromise who I am to be in your life….I will not be in your life while you date other women. He could not get this….told me he has feelings for me but wants to develope our friendship..I said “honey you can’t unbake a cookie” It’s done. So he texts me every like 4 days with some stupid line like “hope you have a great week” I would love to say YES MY WEEK WILL BE WONDERFUL IM DIVORCING AND THE MAN IM IN LOVE WITH WANTS TO SEE OTHER WOMEN WHILE KEEPING ME AS A FRIEND….of course mY week will be nothing less than blissful. Anyway Virgos are horrible and twisted people in love realtionships also the sign linked most to serial killers…..nice right? I think one can take the time to figure them out..but with life being so short and precious it’s not worth ALL THE HARD WORK….it’s not….better to leave them alone..and find someone who knows how to love and knows how to deal with feelings..this sign DOES NOT.

  28. I’m dating a virgo man. I’m an Aquarius and I’m having a hard time with him not opening up to me and fearing that he will never settle down. He’s 28 and I’m 20. I just don’t wanna waste my time! Help??

  29. thumbelina says:

    I have been seeing my Virgo guy for about 3 months now. I started falling for him quite quickly. He said he wanted to take things slowly. In the beginning, he seemed to be on the same page as me. We would text each other good morning and good night each day, and several times throughout the day. I spend the weekends at his house, Fri night usually til Mon morning. We go out for dinner occasionally, but for the most part, we just stay at his house and hang out. He says he is a homebody and I really am not one for going out much anyway. So this is how its been for the 3 months we have been seeing each other. He just spent about $500 on me for Xmas. Bought me a new helmut and a riding jacket for going out on his bike when the weather warms up, and took my car in and had 2 new tires put on cuz he said he was worried about me driving like that. So, seems to me like he cares, right? Well, Xmas was only a couple days ago, and tonite he tells me he doesn’t feel like its going the way he wanted it to, slowly, and he feels I am pushing him sometimes. He does a lot of nice things to let me know he cares, but doesn’t say it. And then he tells me this. I’m really confused. I ended up calling him and asking if he was trying to say he didn’t want to see me anymore, and he said that’s not what he was saying at all. He said we were cool, yet 10 mins before, he was saying he was fucked in the head and had a lot on his mind. I wonder now if he just said we were cool bcuz I told him for the 1st time that I was in love with him and maybe he didn’t want to hurt me. Maybe he just didn’t want to deal with me crying? I don’t understand him AT ALL. Everything I’ve read about Virgos is so accurate. I’m a Leo. Didn’t really believe in this astrology stuff but I’m really starting to! He is cautious when it comes to $$, and I know he wouldn’t spend $500 if he didn’t care for me. What the hell couldve changed in less than a week? I’m not a pushy or demanding person. In fact, he tells me I am very passive and let ppl walk on me and that makes him upset. He is affectionate and attentive when we are together. We laugh a lot, have good conversations, hold hands, touch and hug. He holds me at night when we go to sleep, and gives me little kisses on the top of my head. I catch him looking at me sometimes, and sometimes we just look in each others eyes and don’t say a word. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known and I would love to have a future with him. I feel like I don’t know what hit me right now, and even though he said we were cool, my heart feels like its breaking.

  30. @thumbelina he’s probably having a mental breakdown from thinking too much. Mine does that still and been with him for 2 years. Just completely ingore it, dont fight or take it personal, make him some chicken soup or whatever his comfort food is and baby him. Mine has a tendency to get paranoid and he has nightmares, he has mental health issues he brings on himself from worrying too much. If he bought you that much for xmas he’s not going to break up with you as they’re usually cheap. Virgo men like smart women who work and can hold their own but still be kind of submissive to him. After the relationship goes on long enough it becomed obvious there’s no getting rid of them and you can pretty much do whatever the h*** you want but keep s fulltime job because they really hste feeling used, they like someone who works as hard as they do, sometimes it’s competition though.

  31. @thumbelina he’s probably having a mental breakdown from thinking too much. Mine does that still and been with him for 2 years. Just completely ingore it, dont fight or take it personal, make him some chicken soup or whatever his comfort food is and baby him. Mine has a tendency to get paranoid and he has nightmares, he has mental health issues he brings on himself from worrying too much. If he bought you that much for xmas he’s not going to break up with you as they’re usually cheap. Virgo men like smart women who work and can hold their own but still be kind of submissive to him. After the relationship goes on long enough it becomed obvious there’s no getting rid of them and you can pretty much do whatever the h*** you want but keep s fulltime job because they really hate feeling used, they like someone who works as hard as they do, sometimes it’s competition though.

  32. thumbelina: he’s probably having a mental breakdown from thinking too much. Mine does that still and been with him for 2 years. Just completely ingore it, dont fight or take it personal, make him some chicken soup or whatever his comfort food is and baby him. Mine has a tendency to get paranoid and he has nightmares, he has mental health issues he brings on himself from worrying too much. If he bought you that much for xmas he’s not going to break up with you as they’re usually cheap. Virgo men like smart women who work and can hold their own but still be kind of submissive to him. After the relationship goes on long enough it becomed obvious there’s no getting rid of them and you can pretty much do whatever the h*** you want but keep s fulltime job because they really hate feeling used, they like someone who works as hard as they do, sometimes it’s competition though.

  33. My virgo broke it off by saying “I don’t wanna do the relationship thing right now” after 2 months of being distant and having rare communication. Two months ago he asked me to marry him, two days ago he said he loved me and today he can’t do the relationship thing. Lol Good riddens!

  34. scorpiobabymama says:

    yeah mine left after the accidental 2nd pregnancy, and the way i figure it, if he doesn’t care about his own child(ren) then a man isn’t worth having in your life, or shedding tears over. if you’ve been in a relationship with a virgo male partner for very long (7 years here), you notice he is a confused guy. your life will be simpler without him, if you find you can rely on yourself. that isn’t what we want to hear. we want to be loved. but when i became a parent and heard the words “kill the child” from its father’s mouth, not a shred of loyalty remained in my heart. the rest is bitterness, and resentment. chilling and negativity in a relationship around children? i’m a scorpion woman and i want my kids to have positive, successful chances in life. while i love my guy, i’d never stick around with such precious cargo for the abuse which a wavering, self-absorbed virgo can put a woman thru. maybe i didn’t set the right boundaries, i think that might be key. however mine’s over now, and i can live with that. women can be stronger than they think, but it might take a real kick in the pants to figure that out!! i wish everyone happiness in their lives and families, but i’m off to pursue a good relationship with my two little kiddos instead of selfish adult males (irregardless of their signs and that stuff). :-)

  35. scorpiobabymama says:

    mine just moved out. after giving me a week to acquiesce to his demand, he demanded me to do what he said and when i refused, he hung up, and didn’t contact me again. he already moved on to another girl and i havent heard from him. nor did he want to be involved with the kids at all. he moved to another town. so reality is, dont expect him to stick around after he is done with you, and dont expect him to come back begging or offering you an apology even if he is in the wrong, either. too much pride. very complex internalization going on inside those folks. i did gain from the relationship, though: 2 beautiful kids, and the lights of my life. So was he all that bad, and worthless? Not at all. but we aren’t friends, or anything anymore. move on and be happy with what you did experience, isn’t that the way of life anyway?

  36. Good for you Scorpio Baby Mamma,

    Spoken like the true, loving and very caring mother whom not only has her
    priorities in order but places her “CHILDREN and the LIGHT” in her life “FIRST”
    and “FOREMOST” above any Man and regardless the fact that he is their father
    although a lousy one at that.

    It is admirable to see such qualities in a Woman and Mother whom is not dissuaded
    by the words and actions of a Man whom is obviously not worthy of her rare breed.
    You are his “LOSS” and in due course another Mans “GAIN” I am certain.

    Wishing you luck and happiness for the future. Taurus.

  37. Gemini girl here: stay away from virgos!!!!! I gave and gave, he took and criticized. All my exes are virgos. Virgo men (well the ones I dated) are very charming and smart. They trick you with their charm and their fake confidence. They are insecure as heck but hide it sooo well. If they don’t get what they want they will find something or someone to blame. A virgo is perfect in their eyes they never are wrong. When they do realize their wrong, they pull out their charm and bring you back. Back and forth, back and forth is the best way to describe our looooooong relationship. Bipolar too. He would blame me and then blame himself all at the same time for everything. Very difficult. One must have alott of patience. As difficult as he was i got so used to him, my patience did grow from just dealing with him. He broke up with me four times in total and I would ignore him and move on. He would have time for himself and then out of no where he contacts me in some way trying to make it work again. sigh. the difficulty did make it fun and a challenge. He broke up with me and said we should stop talking. I just agreed and moved on with my life. Just yesterday guess who sends me a message!! lol usually I will always say yes to him at least on getting back terms but I learned my lesson probably 4 times. I just ignored him. I love him so much, I always will, but there is a always a breaking point where patience runs out.

  38. cappylove says:

    My Virgo husband & I are still married, almost 8 yrs. We had a disagreement and I put him out. He moved into a motel 5 minutes away from our house. 2 months later I find out he has a crackhead woman sharing the room with him. He & I were still seeing each other but when I found out about her, I was disgusted & left him alone. Now they have moved in with his brother where they pay no rent/bills & just do nothing not even help to clean the house. She is a very clingy Sagittarius or should I call her controlling. He does anything to keep her, including NOT calling or coming to see our 2 children. She does not want him to come to our house to visit the kids. She hates the fact that this would lead to communication between he & I. So he no longer visits or calls the kids. For that I think he is a wimpy, spineless beeatchh & she can have him. He put me thru hell. I supported him thru good & bad. The few timed I have had communication with him, he pretends as ig I am trying to get him back. So I fixed his narcissistic arse- I STOPPED CALLING HIM FOR ANYTHING & have been ignoring him like the plague. His Sagittarius girlfriend is allowed to disrespect me….he would let her answer his cell & she’d tell me to tell HER what I was calling for so she could see if it was something he’d want to talk to me about(while he’s sitting there feeling like he’s the MAN)…He even allows/encourages her to tell me I am NOT HIS WIFE BUT SHE IS…they are cut from the same cloth…EVIL/HATEFUL…his family hates her…she’s tactless, a liar, a thief, manly lookly and aggressive like she is a dude…but he stays with her because she is like a SLAVE to him really…she is so submissive its embarrassing..but they also fight like cats & dogs….she told me a lot of lies he said about me & why I really put him out….he twists everything..he tries to make you feel sorry for him so much…he is just an insecure little boy..I am filing for divorce in August…Virgo men can make you scared to fall in love agan…not me, can’t wait to be with a CONFIDENT, NON-ROBOT MAN…WHO KEEPS EVERY PROMISE & is not out to use women

  39. cappylove says:

    also she once attempted to brake up with him…in Feb. 2013…he was helping her stay off crack supposedly but she left him & started back using…he came to our house looking like a lost puppy..wanting to see us(me & the kids) & be around us cause she’d broke up with him….anyway, she came by our house all cracked out..I was outside sitting on my back porch smoking a cigarette…she starts hollering in the street(hollering his name) she knew if she came in my yard she’d get her arse beat…so I go tell her to f-uck off & get the hell away from my yaed/house…she lookef so bad…she looked like the walking dead…she gets all soft & apologizes for ever being disrespectful to me & all the stupid bullshit she has ever said to me…me having a pisces moon felt bad for her..she just looked so bad & I never smoked crack or anything close to that but I know how that drug is the devil & destroys lives…anyway….she’s talking to me in the street, telling me she loves my husband & she’s never felt the way he makes her feel yadda yadda yah…she say he has a good heart, but he is a SORRY MAN, HE’S TOO SOFT, SHE DOESN’t like how he does not do for his kids and does not seem to care about them…she said HE IS TOO STUBBORN & SGE DOES SO MUCH FOR HIM BUT HE DOES NOTHING FOR HER..SHE SAID SHE HAD BEEN CLEAN FOR 3 months & she relapsed purposely to get him to leave her cuz she couldnt be with him cuz he’s whiney, controlling and an ass whole…I told her he was not here at my house & never come back…you made your bed now lie in it..she then asked me “How come you didn’t warn me about him & how he is???” I’m like WTF!! It’s up to YOU to know who YOU are dealing with not for ME to tell you!!! So that was in Feb and they got back together 2 weeks later after she went on her crack binge…she told me he would go to the crackhouse & go find her & cry tears asking her to stop smoking & come back with him..never once did he cry for me in our 26 yrs of knowibg each other…but a crack addict you find on the street you beg them to be with you…so they have been together 8 months…she even disrespects my mother in law & he let her…he has burned sooooo many bridges..and our kids are like if he doesn’t care about us, we don’t care about him…so sad that EVERY VIRGO MALE I KNOW HAVE THE SAME ISSUES…THEY ARE ALSO VERY NARCISSISTIC AND ALWAYS DAMNED DEPRESSED ABOUT SOMETHING

  40. Hi Cappylove

    Thank your lucky stars that you are out of that disastrous relationship and keep
    wishing him luck with his new found addictive and very troublesome partner whom
    sounds just like what the doctor ordered and they should both be in therapy if you
    get my drift.???

    Cheers and always keep smiling. Taurus.

  41. virgo men are the worst. My first serious relationship was with a virgo, who pretty mercilessly picked me apart the entire time we were together—just under a year. That was enough for me! who needs that? I’ve been suspicious of all Virgos ever since, which is probably unfair…but oh well.

    (Note: this is a guy who was furious at me because when we were on a road trip once, I went into a gas station to get a soda and had the gall to not ask him if he wanted something. Um…you have a mouth…why don’t you just freaking ASK me? that’s such a virgo thing to do IMO.)

  42. The best way to get them to change is not care and mean it. Unfortunately at that point you’re already done with them and truly do not care, suddenly you’re dealing with a different person so you have to learn to stand your ground at times and be in a place to walk out forever. Don’t ever put yourself in a place where they get the upper hand like living with them without having money in the bank to move out at a moment’s notice but then who wants to live like that? You have to be ready not to ask them for anything and be 100% independent if you want them to stop their controlling BS. Dont play this as a game because you’ll cave in and become weaker than before, you have to be strong and make a real separation in your mind with the exception that the relationship is over. Going back and forth with them will only stress you out because they never take blame and no one can complete with the pity party you’ll have to endure. They will never feel sorry for you so dont even bother trying to show weakness because they’ll use it to hurt you.

  43. If he loves you , respects you, and wants the relationship to work he will make the effort. That is if he is evolved enough to do so. If he’s not cry a few tears bid him adieu and move on. Btw this is true for Virgo, aqua, Taurus caps Leo’s the most juvenile men in the zodiac …men who are afraid of real love. Can make million dollar decisions but don’t know how to love and enjoy being loved without peeping in their pants. ;)

  44. TheDarkSideofVirgoMen says:

    I’m a Taurus lady, and ughhh it’s frustrating because Taurus women and Virgo men click on so many levels, and it’s wonderful at first…. BUT THEN, the Virgo’s dark side comes out eventually. In the beginning, they are mutable, adapting themselves to impress you and make you fall for them. Then, when they know you have opened your heart to them, they start their twisted manipulation games.

    I absolutely agree with the above commenters that Virgo men are 1) hypocrites, 2) demanding, 3) dishonest whenever they messed up and don’t want to admit it, 4) whiny babies, 5) narcissistic, 6) try to deceive you into thinking that a little extra reassurance is all they need, but it’s really so that they can build their ego and not for the sake of a relationship. They will keep any love notes, text messages, or voicemails that you gave them to help counter their obvious insecurities so that they can use it as proof to the next person that they didn’t do anything wrong. They’ll leave the stuff lying out in the open, too, so that you can see it. Of course, why would they keep anything that makes them look bad? 6) make you think they’re completely faithful, but they always are looking around…when they are with you, they give you 100% attention BUT when they’re not with you, you better believe that they are giving someone else 100% attention. Do not assume that just because he gives you 100% attention when you spend time with him that it means he’s completely faithful, devoted, or in love. They know women think in this way and are good at knowing what women want to hear or see. 7) They are self-preserving. They put themselves at the top of the list, no matter how much they pay attention to you. Do not ever think you will be a top priority because they can drop you in a second if it means it benefits them.

    If you think about it, the men that don’t put on a good act like Virgo men are more honest. A Virgo man is good at leading you on. They’ll tell you they want to get married, have children, live together, etc. or whatever they think you want to hear so that they have some control over you. Then, they’ll withdraw from you, disappear or find some silly reason to disappear (usually extreme paranoia) to make you miss them. They know it’s confusing to you, and they love other people’s agony. It all feeds their ego that you miss them or need them.

    Virgo men do little things well for you, but not the big things. Don’t be fooled by their act! They have split personalities.

  45. LexyCancerJune says:

    I have been dating my Virgo (emotional) hunk for about 3 months now. He is very much so Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde on a daily. What he says at times doesn’t equate to what he does. But I have manipulated (hence us Cancers are very good at being manipulators) our relationship to the point that he is like putty in my hands LOL.

    First off…
    1. I do not allow his wishy-washy ways to affect me emotionally. I have accepted him 100% for who he is. I have seen his good and bad sides and am able to deal with and love BOTH of them.
    2. When he is in an emotional rut, I make sure that I am there for him to nurture him and give him the support he needs while still giving him the space he needs as well. I do not try to pry his head open with questions as to why he is feeling the way he does. I am his silent shoulder to vent to and cry on.
    3. When he returns to his “normal” self, or the more likable personality, I take full advantage of that time with spontaneous adventures and such. And I am also wide open to receive his generous gifts, compliments, etc…

    He calls me his blessing from God.
    In other departments, such as the bedroom, he is a beast one minute and the most sensual lover the next, I love it!!

    I have dealt with Virgos in the past and two of my best friends (male and female) are Virgos as well. I think we click very well. In order to deal with a Virgo you have to just take your emotions out of it (meaning don’t get upset by the things they say). Learn to just live in the moment and NEVER neglect your “Me time”. Take care of yourself just as much as you take care of them too.

    Avoid unnecessary arguments and be mindful of your own happiness. I do not allow anyone to affect my mood and happiness and you shouldn’t either. You basically have to have a very strong, independent mind in order to handle a Virgo. I never give him the impression that he 100% controls me (mentally and emotionally) and he loves that!

  46. Eros&psyche says:

    I’m an Aries female – living with my Virgo bf for a year now. Although I’m still madly, passionately in love with him, I just broke up with him again – always over the same issue: his ex gf. She desperately wants him back, and has thrown herself at him every Fri for the past year (he sings at a local bar). Although they broke up several years ago, she’s managed to break up every relationship he’s had since. My bf & I are both older, so I know there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship without putting in the hard work. I don’t want to lose him, and I know I can get past this, but I have no clue how a Virgo man’s mind works. If we were opposites, at least I’d have a clue!

    At first, I tried to ignore her & the dread I felt every Fri. After all, I had him and she didn’t. I finally got fed up with the relentlessness of it all after about 6 months, & demanded he put an end to it. Of course, he said he couldn’t control her, it was a public place, he wasn’t doing anything wrong, etc. Recently, however, I approached her, politely and calmly asking her to respect our relationship. In return, she provided me with details of their ongoing affair. When confronted, he denied it and convinced me it was all my fault for believing her. A week later, for the first & only time ever, I checked his phone… This time he took responsibility, apologized, said all the right things. Then Fri comes along, and she’s still there. Even though “nothing happened,” her mere presence made me furious & I blew up. Break up #5. Now I’m the bad guy again. Any advice on handling a Virgo man, whom I still think is worth the effort?

  47. I am going through same shit ! He is critical, hypocritical, manipulative, lies whn he wants to get his way, does what he wants n tells me to fix my life n that I have spoilt my life ! He says coz so my last I killed our relationship. He says he has nvr had any gf. He slept with a girl in high Skool n he realized his mistake. He only flirts n takes girls numbers n whn he may me he liked me but he realized from my talks that I was spoilt ! (I was in a bad company b4 that n that ruined my language! It didn’t mean that I was spoilt !!!) I have been with my virguy for more than 2 years I met him randomly in a bus where he started talking to me n followed my home.(he later told me that I smiled at him so he came over to talk to me, although I don’t remember that at all). By then I used to talk a lot of shit to b cool I told him we should hang out n smoke up. N all those kind of things. He asked for my number n I gave it to him coz it was not working at that time. But whn I reached my house he said I was the most beautiful girl he ever saw. N he tried to kiss me. I was weirded out n asked him to leave. We didn’t stay in contact till after 4 months in November my phone started working n I added him on fb. I chilled with him a few times n one time we went to his house to drink. He started kissing me(coz I apparently wanted that coz I was sitting too close to him) thn he said he wanted to eat me n I was like no. But he insisted n I was too drunk. N it happned. N I slept over. The next day we did it. Thn I asked him what r we? He said we are just chilling. He told me after a little bit that I was too sad n he was only trying to help me get out of sadness n he said he would not b with a girl who just does it so quickly n just says yes to a guy she met in the bus. He tried to go away saying go find someone else. He thn snooped around on my comp n went through my emails n made up his versions of my past. He said I was in love with my ex n all the crap!!!
    When I was not even my ex actually pushed him into being with him n scared me everyday n hit me. I didn’t tell all the details to virguy till later so all he said was I was lying to him n I was not honest about my past. He said if he had know I went out with 2 guys. He would have nvr even talked to me. I was aupossed to save myself for him. If I believes on true love. I should hav won’t been with a guy who hit me! I tell him I was pushed but he just makes up stories n says m lying n using him coz I just wanted a guy to marry n I stumbled upon him n now I am hood but b4 I wasted to Fk around n do drugs n I was spoilt.

    I have told him everything about myself everyday. N that’s all the talk a out. My past. For the lady 2 years. In every convo he will somehow taunt me n keep bringing up n asking me over n over all the details. If I say let’s go for movies he would say u went to movies with him n u have done working with him.

    He has been tort using me with texts everyday n telling me that I was a slut doe the past 1 years. N this year he even hit me coz I hurt his pride.
    I can’t blive I love this guy n I put so kuch time n effort in him. He has been telling me to talk to him everyday for the past 2 years n that he will b ok if I tell him everything. But whn I do tell him. He turns it around n fucking calls me bad n says I have a low character. He started telling me to go get Married after 2 months of seeing him. He even got my pregnrnt n the min I told him he said get rid of it. He said he didn’t want anything from me n I forced him to stay with him n he wanted to go away all this time. He still says talk to me n he will b ok. But every nite I cry coz he sends me the most fucked up messages. He says now that he is depressed coz of my lies but he loves me n he can’t live him life knowing that I had past relationships. He dusnt Even let me go out with any friends.
    He says he was with me in the beginning to help me n he realized that I was just a slut so he would just Fk n thn I would leave.

    Last year he made me feels so bad about my past that I tried to kill myself.

    I am so angry ! That I let him run his bs !

    I wish I could kill him !

    I was away from the county for 2 months n I am going back 2 Moro. Today he messages me that he is so depressed n he can’t understand y I went out with anyone b4 him n he can’t handle it. N that he would just meet me once thn go away coz we will nvr b happy. He said let’s finish this drama n move on.

    Wat a fucking bitch. A fuckong sorry excuse for a guy !
    I have given up so much time n my sanity to make him happy n all he says is that !

  48. Wow!!! Im a taurus female having issue with my virgo bf… in tears since yesturday….i approached him about him being inconsiderate of me and he basically just got quiet…shut down…said he would call me back but havent….and here i am waiting on thst call…in tears…cant function….worried about our relationship….im 40 divorced with kids….he is 36 dovorced with kids….thought we was doing good….he was charming….sent flowers….seem to adore me….at times he seem withdrawn…M.I.A this is our 2nd disagreement….i admit i think i went overboard on how i got upset telling him of his behaviors….he repeated what i said to him in disbelief…I’m like this I’d rather tell you what it is straight up then to beat around the bush…. im very sensitive myself….and if he do not come calling
    back by end of today then im gone forever!

  49. Anthony says:

    I am a Virgo male and you will never get a Virgo back if you cheat it’s impossible. No matter how good it was or how happy he was, he may love you more than anything but if you cheat he will shut down all romantic feeling towards you. He will most likely move town or quickly find someone else and go out of his way to avoid you at all costs. Virgo is like a virgin of innocence this is deep rooted and that kind of pain and anger is overwhelming for them. If you are lucky they might actually hang out with you again if they are planning revenge so be warned. Oh the flexibility side of them doesn’t apply to cheating it comes in the form of being able to adapt to any situation or type of person, There is no one a Virgo just cant get on with they will adapt and gather every detail about that person and only give up when they have tried everything. The Virgo male likes to play weak slave with males and females to test and see how mean a person can be don’t fall into this trap. They do this because they have tremendous built in natural strength and know they can swat him or her like a fly.

  50. My Virgo man and I used to talk all the time on the phone. Then it became less and less and less. But maybe that’s because he just wanted to get to know me. We didn’t talk much In person as I could tell he was shy and so was I. But it was like we had this mental connection. Anyways we did end up breaking up. Before that he became less and less consistent on stuff between us. He kept his distance. Then I heard from My friend that he was thinking about breaking up with me. I knew it already this was going to happen. Being the emotional Scorpio am, I started to cry. Maybe because I never gotten dumped, lol. But then I sucked it up and got pissed off and swore and I hated him. (Aries placing?) so I broke up with him then he tried breaking up with me. I felt like I did nothing wrong for him to break up with me. So I asked him why. He said that I was jealous, and that we didn’t do anything. And I was like woooow bud last time I checked, you got jealous when I was sitting next to your friend. And also we don’t do anything because you ignore me, so f*** off. Lol. This Virgo man is a baby and I hope the rest aren’t….

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