How to win a Scorpio back after you have hurt him

Scorpio men do not take kindly to being hurt. Scorpios hold on to resentments as tightly as a sphincter holds on to water. A fixed water sign, he is stubborn when it comes to emotions. Scorpios don’t trust easily in the first place, because they are all too aware of how one can be wounded in intimate relationships.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that digs deep into experience, rooting out secrets and suppressed memories. Pluto is associated with manipulation and abuse of power. The Scorpio man is well-acquainted with the methods of torture used in the Underworld, and hence does not like to be on the receiving end of such barbaric techniques.

Even though the Scorpio man does not let go easily of his resentments, his zodiac sign is also the most transformative. Pluto rules the death-rebirth process. Scorpios hold tight, but they also periodically become devoured by the flames of regeneration.

As he rises from the ashes, your Scorpio man will have let go of his anger. However, there’s nothing you can do to initiate this process. Pluto works by his own mysterious schedule.

You cannot win back a Scorpio, but if you’re patient he might forgive you.

How long do you want to wait?

Comment below: Have you been reunited with a Scorpio after having hurt him?

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  1. Thank you karissa15.. you are right.. Somehow maybe im still hoping that he will come back.. It slides in my what if he is just trying to test me or something.. there were no closure so i had hard times movin on.. I wanna win him back but i dont really know how or if its the right thing to do..

  2. Hi Cafter

    Listen to me honey. You sound like a wonderful, caring and loving Human Being
    and I don’t think this fool deserves you but it’s not for me to say and you clearly
    love him and want him back but it has to be his choice and the more you persist
    the more he will resist so the best thing to do with this particular stubborn sign
    is to just leave him be and when he comes to his senses and realises that you
    are keeping your distance he may very well decide that he wants you back and
    do something about it if he doesn’t want to lose you.

    Even though it must seem very hard to sit back and do nothing sometimes that
    is exactly what you must do in order to knock some sense into someone’s head
    that you are not at their beck and call and you actually have more important and
    valuable priorities which do not revolve around him because he does not deserve
    your emotional and mental energy since he is doing nothing to earn them.

    You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and that is what you need to impress
    upon him at this point in time so if he is serious about you he will take the necessary
    steps to contact you, come to you and pursue you. And since Absence makes a
    Heart Grow Fonder just let him miss you and learn to appreciate you and value you
    as much as you do him. How else is he supposed to learn unless you teach him
    what is expected of him since he can’t figure it out for himself.???

    Be smart and wise because you deserve so much more then what he has give you
    so far which leaves a lot to be desired. So change your tune and put him to the test
    if he wants the best. And if he is testing you just turn the tables and test him back.

    Cheers Lovely Girl and keep smiling. Taurus

  3. Karissa15,
    Thank you… Thank you.. That was the best advise ever.. I’ll do that.. I will try.. I just bought a new puppy so ill focus my attention to her from now… Mwaaaa ! Thank you

  4. Hi Kafter

    You are more than welcome Sweetheart and it sounds as though you are taking
    the right approach which should serve well one way or another. So enjoy your
    little Puppy whom deserves all your love and care and she will return it tenfold
    since a dog is a humans best friend, they love you unconditionally and give you
    sooo much companionship and pleasure in life.!!!

    I wish you all the best life has to offer, keep believing in your self because you
    are the best and deserve the best so keep smiling and keep in touch.!!!


  5. HI, Me and my scorpio bf split up in sept 12, since then ive been really ill with cancer ,he new this but we were still sending eachother horrible texts, well mainly me cause iwas hurt……3 weeks ago he got back in contact with me and wants to be friends……ive asked him to come back but he keeps saying i couldnt handle him working away….we have had a laugh on the phone, but he backs away if i say anthing nice or that i miss him…..i really want him back , he came to see me and i invuted around for a drink and meal which he said yes …..

  6. we have split up a few times before and got back together, normally when we start talking we get back together…..he is normally the one to start talking then its sort of me that has to beg him to see sense ….

  7. sadexbabymama says:

    Im 3 months pregnant with twins, that we planned to conceive. We have been on a rollercoaster relationship for 3 years off and on. He’s 36 and I’m 29. We recently broke up, not over cheating,) and he hates me! He won’t answer the phone , told me to have a nice life, me and my babies ( twins) should I get out now , have a abortion, and move on? Or should I h keep the babies and hope he will be involved when they are born? He so selfish I really think he could walk away and never look back! Pleas help

  8. sadexbabymama says:

    By the way, he is a Scorpio and I’m a cancer

  9. Hi Sadex Babymama

    You have been blessed with twins no less and I can not believe you are even
    considering the notion of an abortion which should definitely be out of the
    question regardless of whether this fool is there or not because you will do
    very well with or without him so just go ahead and have your little babies.

    If he doesn’t return prior to the birth I am very certain he will be there once they
    arrive and he will not be able to resist staying away from his flesh and blood
    whom will be two wonderful little bundles of joy and will bring a lot of happiness
    pleasure and joy into both of your lives.

    Take care and let me know how you and the babies are getting on.? Taurus

  10. i was involved with a scorpio man for 8mnths, we were inseperable, we loved each others company, we shared very intimate moments together. he told me he loves me nd he has neva felt this way before nd that its so easy to talk to me. anyway, i had a jealousy attack,went crazy as he had his arm around anotha woman…..if i search my heart i know it was done unintensionally, but the damage is done, he left nd he has been gone 3weeks now, i have sent numerous text apologising nd telling him that we are good together, but no reply…… how can a scorpio man just switch off like that? he is making me feel like i never excisted…….. he always told me he will never hurt me as i came from a very abusive marriage,nd my husband cheated…….i trusted him, how can he do this??????

  11. My Scorpio ex used to test me like that. It’s a whole other ball game if you so much as talk to another guy. Scorpios are the biggest control freaks. I did just what you did too. I had fight with him but I caved even though he was wrong. I sent numerous text message left sorry voice messages an nothing. I was cut off like I never was anything to him. It’s been Fi e months and I realize now I would never go back to that type of abuse. Move on an let him come to you.

  12. I lost my temper with my Scorpio man. He played push me pull you, come and go too many times. I couldn’t take it anymore. I confronted him and I have been cut off with out so much as an explation. It’s ben seven months no response to any text, emails or phone calls.

    I have been hurt by people before but never cut them off like they meant nothing to me. This is a form of abuse and he is 38 yeas old.

    I have closed the door and even if he contacts me in the future, I’m done.

  13. I dated a scorpio for about 5 years. I broke up with my him about a year ago due to constant bickering (it wasn’t healthy). He didn’t want things to end & was extremely heart broken. Now I want him back & he wants nothing to do with me even though he has admitted that he misses me & doesn’t know what the future holds. I’m just trying to be patient in hopes that he changes his mind & comes back. I miss him terribly :(

  14. Im just happy this time around Im not all in my feelings about the separation like I used to be. I had to get on meds to block my emotions but it working!!! Im just tired of wasting my life and energy on a Scorpio man who insist on playing mind games.. He is 37 and Im 34.. we both too old for this. I have never played games other than playing stupid and gullible to see if he would try to take advantage of me.. and he didn’t past my test!! He played me like a straight fool.. but Momma didn’t raise one of those.. Jokes on you buddy!!

  15. My Aquarius Scorpio moon exboyfriend blocked me on Facebook, WhatsApp, pity we work for same company.

    We made once in October 2011 after that i chased him like almost three years, only to find out that there was another Virgo woman in the same company, at first i thought they were only friends.

    My Libra Sun and Pisces moon didnt take that well, I became suspicious, jealous, I lost faith and i couldnt trust him anymore, when he told me we must talk. I just thought maybe he wants to use me like before and disappear.

    Then people told him that i slept with this guy at work, i didnt,but almost `Yes The guy is cute but i could stop thinking of my scorpio man. Now he hates me, i can see the way that he looks at me and its like he is trying to spite me with this woman spiteful.

    There i was a point when i thought i’ll get over this especially because he started it but i just cant take it anymore.

    Is Scorpio ‘s jealousy go with love or they just like that with every women they sleep with. Do i text him to forgive me but he didnt even bother to confront me i can only see his actions…. Or do i have to distance myself as well…

  16. Hello.. Av dated my scorp 2years now. Am 4months pregnant for him bt ta been amonth since he left me wth no reason. He sent me a text that i shd leave him,he asked me to abort bt i have refused. He said if i dont have an abortion h then i’ll take care of my pregnancy myself. Am confused coz its my 1st baby n i love it already. W’d he be playing on my mind?

  17. Don’t bother because unless this is a highly evolved soul, it will repeat the sting. Trust me. Pointless. Good luck with that!

    “what is it in itself, and by itself”

    Better think long and hard about that.

  18. I was with my scorpio boyfriend for 6 months and last week he broke up with me for the second time. Previously before him, I have had difficult relationships involving abuse and cheating, which has affected my trust in men altogether. The reason for our breakup is that he feels like I dont trust him when he has done nothing wrong and I am constantly questioning him which leads us into arguments that bring him down.

    Although the bickering and trust issues have improved over the last couple of months, he feels that he cant try anymore and has tried again once before. Although he has said its over, he did finally admit that he loves me and that he misses me. After speaking with my family over the phone, he has decided to have a 6 day no contact period where he can think things through and finalise the decision.

    I have made it clear to him that friendship cannot be an opinion but I love him and want us to try again to make things work. Friday evening is the day hel contact me (2 nights time) to give me his final decision. These last few days have been the hardest ever- I cant seem to move on and accept that fact that although he struggled to say it, he told me it was over. Its killing me inside to the extent that I am having panic attacks and insomnia each night.

    What do I do? Is there any way to change his mind or make him see that wed be happier together and this is this biggest mistake over nothing horrible like cheating. I know what my issues are and I am making steps to solve them so that I can trust in someone as faithful as he is. I really want him in my life again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a Taurus.

  19. Hey Suri. With scorpios it’s always complicated. Never suspect scorpio’s loyalty! I’m male mars in scorpio 8th house with pluto in 7th house and I have the same problem with my mars capy scorpio girl. Never play a jalousy game with a scorp. It always turns bad. Even if he is madly into you he will refuse to contact you and torture himself thereby. Scorpios ara masochists, trust you me. Be patient if you really care about him, don’t play games and don’t push him for his emotions are extremely deep and make him react violently if hurt. It may take him a long while, be prepared for it, but if he REALLY loves you 99.99% he’ll retun. Patience

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