Capricorn men are cold

CapricornThis is news?

Capricorn men are cold because their ruling planet is Saturn. Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a planet (or two), but none is as unfortunate as Capricorn. Cap lives under the thumb of the strictest, harshest, most judging and punishing god in the solar system. Until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was thought to be the outermost planet in the solar system, the boundary-maker. He rules limitations, concrete reality, tests and trials, all the hard work we must do to manifest anything in life. Saturn is slow — he brings on delays, forces us to patiently slog through tedious tasks to achieve our desired outcome.

But Saturn is not all bad. He rewards hard work with material success; suffering with wisdom. He’s still the strict father, however. Saturn will give you what’s coming to you — good or bad.

You won’t get warmth from a Capricorn man, but his steadiness and sense of duty betray his affection towards you.

Comment below: How do you know when a Capricorn man cares for you?

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  1. Everyone…


    As for the Capricorn in your life…
    He can, and will, drive you crazy.
    {ain’t I right Blackgoat?} :O
    I’ve personally seen what he has done to others… as well as to myself.


  2. Oh yes, Sweetpea, and your old Capricorn wasn’t even trying. I’m waiting on the day for my ole Cap! In the meantime, I’ll be celebrating my birthday today, December 31st. Happy New Year everyone!

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  3. Happy Bday Oracle and I would seriously be very wary of what you wish for. SMH My Cap love interest seems to be the master of causing insecurity and then being the one to come back to “fix” it all. Lol

    I have resigned to be happy that he is consistent in his coming back. What truly worries me and maybe Blackgoat, you can shed some light on this one….We both understand that we are NOT exclusive, but we ARE loyal besties. So, it kinda balances out in that while we are not exclusive, we are adamant about seeing to eachother’s needs and keeping eachother’s best interest in mind. We have tried doing everything possible to level out the friendship for both of our sakes and so far…nothing works. We’ve tried hooking up, that didn’t work out. Then we tried the hands off approach, that not only didn’t work out, but drove us to the brink of not having any type of communication at all…almost like, “You don’t like/aren’t attracted to me anymore and so I’m going to cut the F*ck up!” Yep…that certainly didn’t work out. So we finally decided to acknowledge the intimate connection and strong attraction, but not act on it while being the best of friends. Guess how long that laste???. LMBO!!!

    So now, after 3 months of pent up attraction (expressed here and there like Oops!) that is finally being expressed in make out sessions conosistently this month (no sex), now I’m beginning to wonder…why aren’t we having sex? My problem is that I am THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER of his aspirations and so I like and am comfortable in the role of, “You can do it and here are some resources to help you…gimme a kiss….ok bye!” I’m extremely comfortable in that role and lately the making out has been very consistent/hot/heavy. We withdraw from it on a level of “damn…it’s still there”…..and no sex. I do not want to be busted down to the level of “bust it Baby”. I believe that’s why he doesn’t initiate sex and steers clear of getting too hot and heavy leading up to sex. What I’m confused by is the fact that I understand that Caps need the sex as a confirmation of the relationship….kinda sealing the deal on the “your mine” factor. He is inching his way into that mode in all other areas of my life. Including telling a relative that he couldn’t hire me for a side gig, because he (the Cap) felt that I would be overwhelmed. Oh…I reamed him a new one for that one. Then today another one of his relatives called and he said, “Don’t tell him I’m here.” Then after I hung up and asked what that was about…he said, “I wanted to see why he was calling you.” But he consistently and constantly does things like that. He doesn’t want anyone else to have access to me on a close level.

    Now…this Cap is not weak, so please do not take what I’m about to say to mean that he is. But earlier tonight, we went into this place to get food and he’s like, “this is your place…I need you to help me with my order. Tell me what to get.” Due to other synastry aspects between us, he tends to have this affect of leaning on me. Me and me only in all manners of speaking. Like, input on every single thing from his family relationships to his food choices. Melding me into his life in every aspect…except for the bedroom.

    Sooooooo….what the heck MIGHT be up with that?

    He’s made it very clear in the past few weeks that he hasn’t had sex with anyone else, with statements like, “Yea…I cut my team of booty calls months ago.” and “I haven’t had sex in like 3 months.” and “I don’t even talk to females like I used to anymore.”

    Yet, we are not exclusive.

    Ok, so you may ask what the problem is if our relationship is nuturing on all other fronts…everything from gifts and money to time on the regular…I can even bug the hell out and he will either call or show up wanting to make sure everything between us is cool. Not that I bug out on purpose and I’m really really working hard on my sensitivity buttons, but he’s like Captain Save a Me…for me of all people…Ms. Proverbial Independent.

    This is the problem. Mars in Taurus in an almost 40 yr old woman is like trying to sex starve a nymphomaniac/whore. After almost FIVE FRICKING MONTHS OF NO SEX, I gave in last night to the previous Cap and while I feel “kinda” guilty….I don’t, because it was exactly what I needed. BTW…no future on absolutely any terms with me and the previous Cap. We are very warm towards eachother for the purpose of hooking up, but the non-factor goes both ways, so I don’t have to worry about the previous Cap (who I’ve been seeing off/on for almost 3 solid years) getting close enough to be seen by my awesome, love of my life Cap.

    Not that I plan on doing it again, but with the previous Cap living so far away (like in the next town 30 minutes away), a lurking Virgo who is a Karma Sutra expert (who WAS a 2 yr long hook up), the non-exclusivity making access by another man so easy, and the fact that the young Cap works one week on straight 24/7 and one week off straight…seeing me like 2-3 days in his “off week” for like 3-8 hours at a time….it’s just too easy. You get what I’m saying? I mean…I left my house at 6:30pm and was gone until 7am the next morning and he knew nothing about it, because we don’t jock eachother that hard.

    Blackgoat…what in the hell can I do? Lol The thing is, while I KNOW he would be like, “We’re not together…do your thing.”….ummm…he would be butt hurt. I know he would. It’s almost like he’s starving me on purpose to make me become the good girl and leave the sexual tendencies behind or to make me lean towards sleeping with other guys so that he can confirm that things aren’t going to work between us. I know this is just another level of his tests. I get it. He keep this sh*t up and I’m going to fail miserably. BTW…as far as I’m concerned, the other night did NOT happen. I will NEVER mention it to him…not in a million years.

    For the first time in 7 months of “friendship” he finally saw the Virgo walk up to my house (unexpected) while he was leaving and while he didn’t get jealous in an angry way…he called/texted me constantly while the Virgo was here, until the dude finally got the hint and left. Now he mentions it in passing, calling me “player pimp” says stuff like, “I could have sworn you orchestrated that. What are the chances of dude showing up RIGHT as I’m in my car leaving?” I did end up confessing to him that me and Virgo USED to hook up, but are still homies…nothing more. He doesn’t believe me of course. lol

    Arrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!! I can’t be mad though, because I truly have earned my bad girl stripes in that respect….got them honestly. So, I’m not mad at him for having this perspective. I’m sure that what he’s doing now is giving me a chance to live that reputation down/phase it out, but it’s becoming frustrating…sexually, that is. lol

  4. your Cap is wiser than you realize, he knows what’s up, but in true goat form he’s keeping it to himself.
    is he testing you?………absolutely
    some men know that a woman can get next to their heart through sex, but he can’t trust you.
    sensual sex can even make a goat man like me go crossed-eyed and walk with a limp.
    he’s trying to keep his head clear……… i’ve been there, done that(shit don’t work)…….but the lil’ head just takes over.

    you two are on different levels relationship wise………..there is really no chance of this being a deep monogomous relationship.

    and he probably has really cut off his booty calls for you…….but because you both are on different wavelengths, it really doesn’t make a difference.

  5. I’m pretty confused, or not at all, about the Cap guy I’m seeing. I’m just not sure what my intuition is telling me. We went out one night, had a blast talking and shooting pool. Spent a few hours at his house and slept together. It was, well, in Cap fashion, intense, dark, active and aggressive, making us both very happy. He’s been asking for me to text him ‘sexy pics’ which I refuse to do.

    He said he wants to be ‘friends with benefits’ and see where it goes. My real question- Is there a chance that he really does want to see what could transpire or is he just wanting to have sex and doesn’t care where it goes? He got very jealous when I couldn’t see him tonight and, while he jumped to the conclusion I was on another date, I assured him I had to stay home and prep for work tomorrow.

    Any ideas for me? Mixed signals for sure… My guess- he doesn’t really care and is really sexual… I’m a Pisces…

  6. Thank you Ms. Teeq1974 for the birthday wish. Having my birthday on New Years Eve, I’m always reminded at 12 a.m. that my birthday was yesterday and it is over!:) New Years Eve is the shortest day of the year. It was good and quiet as usual and I don’t look any older, actually younger!

    Yes I am wary and careful of what I wish for. But I’ve already made up my mind. A Capricorn man is what I seek. They have everything I could ever want in a man. Blakgoat you made shivers go down my spine with your comment on this Capricorn man that is testing this woman. You are so right, wow, with these men you cannot play around. They are far too calculating and brilliant. You must hold yourself back and restrain from anything that would cause you to fail with them, I think. Their ruler is that mean ass God, Saturn, the most beautiful and mysterious planet in the solar system. You’re dealing with karma when you are with a Capricorn.

    A Capricorn man is the real deal. See I know how to go to hell and come back, if you know what I mean. Blakgoat can attest to this. Hell prepares you for things, it teaches you. It ripens you and gets you ready. A Capricorn man will test your patience. But that is what I love about them. One thing I know about them is they will have unemotional sex with you. It means absolutely nothing to them, but the world to you. Once you sleep with them and they don’t love you, you can forget it. So be careful and just enjoy them and get to know them.

    When a Capricorn man wants you, you’ll know. It could take many years for him to decide to be with you. And boy, here comes the treasure box full of gifts and surprises for the rest of your life! It is worth waiting for. Capricorn men are magnificent and wise creatures. I should know, for I am a Capricorn woman!

    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
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    Vertex Scorpio

  7. Hmmm…I think you’re definitely right about the two different wave lengths BG, but to say that we will never have a deeply bonded monogamous relationship is a stretch. I can see why you’ve come to that conclusion, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for myself. lol

    He’s finally gotten around to wanting to do the dirty business…sometime this week. Craving it. I know that part of it is just plain ole horniness, but I believe that there is a part of him that wants us to develop a life together, because these days, that’s pretty much all he wants to talk about…is our future business(es), how we’re going to handle wealth, friends, family, etc.

    You could be right…but again…I can’t see the totality of us never being together with everything he says and does now.

  8. @ Oracle…yes, I am holding myself back…from alot actually and not just sex with other men. I basically work my evening schedule AND weekend schedule around his needs. That’s the piece that’s bothering me though…he doesn’t approach me to spend time together, because of his “wants”. It’s always based on what he “needs”. Now, mind you…with me he acts very needy, so he’s around me alot whether I’m wanting to reach out to him or not. I would be upset about not spending luxury quality time together and I’ve talked to him about this, but he’s not spending luxury quality time with anyone but his family. I know this for sure. His luxury time with me is intermittently during, before, or after we take care of business.

    Like, he’ll come over to do an hour long HW assignment, but we’ll spend about….IDK 4-5 hours together during that time. That happens ALOT! So, I can’t complain about the amount of time he spends either talking, texting, or in person with me. It’s damn near daily that one of those things are happening, but HE’S the one who orchestrated it that way, not me.

    That’s what’s so confusing to me. I’ve asked him about “hanging out” by maybe going to a movie or something, but he just gets quiet. Now don’t get me wrong…I hang out with other people all of the time, so it’s not like my life has stopped…I’m just “busier” with his needs in the mix. I like busy though. lol

    In turn, I have to admit though, when I need him…he makes time for that as well. He went out of his way a couple of weeks ago to bring me some juice, just because I asked him to. He asked me if the boys could do it and I said, “Well, I guess they can do it later…”…but he surprised me by doing it himself. That was really sweet.

  9. And as far as getting “next to his heart” with sex…I’ve tried nothing of the sort. I’m usually cool, calm, and chill around him…showing no signs of sexual interest. HE’S the one that (in the past) was being all touchy feely…rubbing my legs, squeezing my arm…putting his head on my shoulder (once…it was awkward-well because I didn’t know how in the hell to respond…so I just kinda smiled at him and kept doing what I was doing), what else did that dude do…oh yea…he came to bring me some money while I was kicking it on the couch, bent down to give me a hug and bit the hell out of my neck. LMBO!!!

    I understand that me being a “sensual” being that it may seem like I’ve made moves on him, but I STILL have yet to make a single one. Even with the making out…he’s the one that orchestrates and drives that.

    Truth is…I don’t have a single seductive bone in my body and he’s the one who made me realize that. It’s my aloofness/coolness and either my competence or fun spirit that guys are usually attracted to (ok…and I do have a pretty face…admittedly). This man is the one who has made me realize that…truth is…I don’t even know HOW to seduce a man. So, I couldn’t seduce him if I wanted to. SMH

    I’ve even massaged muscle soreness out of his shoulder…all with putting as much space between us as possible with him sitting in a chair and me working the muscles tender (not all up in his personal space) from a “safe” distance. My lil cousin saw this and laughed her butt off at me. She said, “Dang…you sure do give him alot of space for him to be your Boo.” lol I just laughed.

    I am so relationship retarded…I swear. lol

  10. Hello Ms. Teeq1974, I have two questions for you: How is the business with your Capricorn? Is he protective of you?

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    Vertex Scorpio

  11. your a pisces?……….best to follow your intuition.

  12. Well I was in a LTR with a man who had Capricorn rising and wow he was very much a Cap, every description here says it like it was. together for more than 10 years BUT his incessant working made me feel lonely, lack of affection or declarations of love or PDA just sort of broke my heart… made me lonely. He was committed I’ll give him that and I probably didn’t understand his “ways” very much, but in the end, I couldn’t handle such lack of affection and also his NEED for me to do some sort of executive work whether I liked it or not… very frustrating relationship to say the least. I am Aries with Taurus Moon and Gemini rising.

    So my issue here is that I am currently kind of involved with another man who is Capricorn rising and seeing A LOT of similarities!! He is a Sagittarius, Capricorn rising and Libra Moon. Met him a few years ago and really never heard from him again but oddly we kept bumping into each other, he wanted updated phone and email accounts and sort of contacted me but nothing ever came of it. Then out of the blue I hear from him a few months ago… we did sleep together but after that he was all wanting to talk every single day almost all day long really, however, he really made no efforts to see me again, yet wanted to talk all the time… he did ask me over to his place a few times but i didn’t go, felt like a booty call and by this point i was wanting more than that.

    he’s done the whole getting interested in my work and he’s actually rather formal in his compliments of me, and he’s done the whole telling me he’s been faithful to me since that day…. yet doesn’t seem to want to hit it again! work seems to be top priority for him. and we’ve gone back and forth a million times on the whole committment thing… I know he likes me, it’s obvious in a subtle way, and he hasn’t denied it when I say that I know this. He is also bossy! wow! seems to want to sort of tell me what to do, things i should fix in my life.

    Thing is I LOVE talking with him, love the security of him being there and the sex was off the charts and i’ve been dying for a repeat, being a gemini rising i talk probably too much about sex for his liking. Anyway…. I feel like this IS something even though it’s not. I’m just not sure if I can put up with it all again. also he has scorpio in venus and mars in aquarius. I have both my mars and venus in gemini – so I’m a triple gemini!! (a handful I know :) but I think I am much more taurus and aries than anything… my gemini side takes over and I want to talk about what’s going on between us and he seems to get frustrated with that…says just go with the flow, see where it all goes… i dunno… advice???

  13. TaurusGirl81 says:

    Can someone help me or have any advice?
    I met this Cappy 2 years ago online…yes.. online. I was vary wary of the men messaging me and then for some reason when Cappy messaged me, something hit me and something told me he was worth replying back to. As I warmed up to him, we started to open up to each other….He was everything I ever desired in a partner and he said that strangely enough I am exactly what he has wanted in a partner as well and that he felt strangely comfortable talking to me and opening up.. He wanted to meet and I kept holding off.. I was soo scared of rejection…even though I felt comfortable with him.

    So.. I was in the middle of a divorce and I told him to please not wait around for me because I wanted him to be happy. Communication started to decrease and less “loving”….and then he told me he went on a date (which ended up being his LEO girlfriend that he is still with). He said he was sorry but when I’m divorced, he is coming after me….Then he started to ignore my texts, messages.

    He kept me on facebook and I occasionally messaged him to see how he was doing and most of the time he would ignore me but other times he would message back being friendly…It wasn’t until August of 2012 that we started talking more frequently.. and even a tad personal.. sometimes flirtatious but stopped once it got to a point. He informed me that him and his LEO girlfriend were encountering issues and he didn’t want to tell me because he thought I would be bias. I told him I’m sorry, but if he does need someone to talk to.. I was there for him. About a month ago, I asked him to tell me if he wanted me to stop talking to him.. and he told me that if I had intentions more than a friend then no, I should stop talking to him. I told him no.. but if he were single, I would ask him to dinner because I thought he is an amazing person….. He didn’t respond to that. I messaged him a week later and he was very nice with smiley faces and after that… he has been ignoring me down right. I texted him and said if he has no intentions of being friends or whatever to delete me off of facebook.. I just wanted an answer to have some concrete decision to forget about him. He is the only guy I have come across that for some reason, I have such a strong feeling about. It’s the weirdest thing….Anyway, he never deleted me from facebook and I know he saw my text.. the phone is glued to his hand.

    Why after soo many months of “getting to know each other again” and friendly flirtation.. and all of a sudden he ignores me and won’t give me an answer? I’m soooooo confused and I don’t know what to do.. part of me is telling me to do my own thing and he will come around or something… I don’t want to give up on him.. especially since I have this weird connection to him. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. especially if you are a Cappy male. I’m a Taurus female.. thank you :)

  14. Just thought I’d add my ten cents in…I’m married but now going through an ugly divorce with a Capricorn male. We have three kids and he started an affair with another woman in winter of 2012…while still married to me. Got the other woman pregnant in November 2012, while still married to me and continues to have the flippin audacity to tell our children he still loves me. So I believe he’s having some midlife crisis but I am so disappointed and let down by him. He’s crushed me and my kids. The other woman, I avoid her completely because she has mental health issues and she’s lost the rights to her own child. The Capricorn I’m still married but divorcing…just doesn’t get it.

    I no longer have any trust in any Capricorn male. This one I married, I had committed my whole flippin heart and destiny too and he just broke everything we ever worked hard together for…16 years. He just threw everything away.

    Thanks for reading. I am so upset right now and very hurt by his lack of tradition and lack of staying power. I thought Caps were faithful. I was so wrong.

    I’m a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp female. I still love him. He ran off on me and our kids. It’s taken me MONTHS to move forward but HIS divorce is dragging out…he rubbed that pregnant other woman in my face on Mother’s Day. He hid her for months and months from the kids during their visitations.

    I don’t trust any Cap male…never again. He failed to protect me and the kids. I thought Caps valued family but boy I don’t get it at all.


  15. TaurusGirl81

    If he is talking to you being all flirty and he’s with someone else…don’t even go there. Do not be the other woman. Let him find you.

    After everything I just went through, my kids, his and mine, just went through, take this with warning…he will do what he does to her, to you.

    Think about that girlfriend, he’s taken and run away from him and do not walk. That’s a red flag right there.

    That’s my thought since my Cap husband was obviously not faithful and played games with women online and obviously women at bars behind my back. I always wanted to see the good in him and I got burned in the end.

    Sad part is the other woman and him broke up our family and I pray that karma hits them both sooner than later for the sakes of our children. They didn’t care who they hurt or who’s home they wrecked, they just did it and it was very selfish and very cruel.


  16. I’m sorry to sound so negative about Capricorn males but this has been a real eye opener for me.

    I had such high hopes and the cap male I married just did a complete 180 degree change and I feel very betrayed because I wanted and needed him to be that ideal husband and life long best friend and he blew that up completely.


  17. Hi Caz

    An “Ideal Husband” and a “Lifelong Best Friend” is a lot to ask from a Man
    so perhaps he couldn’t live up to your expectations or deal with whatever
    you two were experiencing or going through so he decided to bail out on
    you because he just couldn’t handle the situation and the circumstances
    which must have made him feel “Inadequate and Incompatible” and felt
    the need to leave the relationship.

    Has it ever occurred to you that this Woman whom he is with now and is
    expecting his child and your children’s new sibling may have connected
    with him in a way he was unable to connect with you and she is able to
    offer him what he needs and craves from a mate in life.???

    Karma is already smiling upon them because they are expecting a child
    together and I am certain they are very well off as a couple so the best
    thing you can do is to wish them luck and the best for the future which is
    the descent and dignified thing to do regardless of your resentment or how
    you feel toward them both.

    It is all water under the bridge now so you need to let sleeping dogs lie, put
    it all behind you and keep moving forward with your life and who knows what
    the future holds and whom you might meet in the future whom may be able
    to live up to your expectations and offer you what you need and crave in a
    Man and a Mate in Life.???

    All the best and keep smiling. Taurus

  18. TaurusGirl81 says:


  19. It doesn’t surprise me to see you, karissa15, take side of other woman. Thankfully I did not go into further detail about my situation.

    There is no karma smiling down on them. When their relationship sours, and it will, he made his bed and can lie in it.

    I’ve taken the high road on many occasions but I am entitled to feel betrayed, hurt and left behind.


  20. Hi Caz

    I am not siding with the other Woman all I am trying to tell you is that he has
    made his choice and you have to respect the fact that they are making a life
    together and expecting a child which needs to be respected and whatever
    transpires between them it is up to them to deal with it and you need and
    must accept that not only for yourself but for your children whom love their
    Father regardless of what went down between you.

    I realise that you have been hurt and left behind in this mess but that is what
    comes out of marital discord, disharmony, separation and divorce which is not
    easy and very hard to deal with no matter how you try to make sense of it or
    figure it out the fact is that you have reached the end of the road together and
    your paths must now separate and all you can do is make the best of what is
    left which can either be your new outlook on life or dwelling in the past.???

    There are various stages which every Human Being must go through and
    experience for themselves during the grieving process of losing someone
    they loved and cared for and it is understandable that you are still coming
    to grips with learning how to deal with this unfortunate hand which life has
    dealt you but the fact is you must accept it and move on from it as best you
    can not only for your self but for your children whom want to see their Mom
    Happy and Full of Life and someone they can look up to no matter what
    Life throws at Her.!!!

    I really do wish you the best Caz and I want you to be Happy. Taurus

  21. Caz, I hear your anger and disappointment from one woman to another. Rejection is no joke. It is tough. My heart goes out to you, but you will get through this. You will be stronger and wiser and will appreciate your life like never before after this is over. Unfortunately Capricorn men are human just like any other man. Especially if they are not evolved they can be low-lifed, liars, horny-ass cheaters, deceitful and will undoubtedly betray you.

    I should know because I was just involved with one briefly a month ago. He lied to me and betrayed me and gave no reason for ending our relationship. I have an idea why we broke up though. It was for the best, but I was still somewhat hurt and baffled for the abrupt ending of our relationship. We still talk occassionally, but he has taught me not every Capricorn man is the right Capricorn man for me. Through this experience he propelled me to love myself even more and know that I deserve everything that is good!

    Some Capricorns are going through their initiatory process where they suffer in youth and if they succeed they profit in old age and maturity. With Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries squaring off for the next few years (2012-2015) Capricorn Suns, Moons and Ascendants are catching hell right now anyway. Furthermore, anyone with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter in any Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn in 5-15 degrees) is also facing major changes at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this major and unusual square between Uranus and Pluto is the reason behind your divorce with your Capricorn husband. In the past 100 hundred years this same transit came in 1964-1966 (war with Vietnam, Baby Boomer uprising against government/peace movements/togetherness/getting high, flower children revolution, civil rights movements) and again during 1929-1934 (Atomic bomb, Stock market crash of ’29, the Great Depression, start of WWWII, America becomes super power after world war). Another fact about Pluto in Capricorn is anything hidden will come to light and whether you like it or not change is coming!

    A word of caution; this square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is a clash/tension/strife between Pluto in Capricorn–what we want to hold on to, looking back in the past and not moving forward. Uranus in Aries is freedom and pushing us toward our future and making us look deeper into our lives at those things we don’t want to change. Uranus is pushing us forward to success and happiness and away from those things that are no longer serving us–Pluto in Capricorn. So during this time divorce, death of someone close to you, losing your job, income stops, relocation, move, your belief systems changing forever is very possible and inevitable.

    By the end of this transit there will be many transformed people in the world. I still want my Capricorn man though and will have him in time. I should know, for I am a Capricorn woman. Good luck Caz, I wish you well. You’ll be fine.

    Oracle is AstroSpirit Rising
    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Mercury Capricorn
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio
    Vertex Scorpio

  22. blakgoat says:

    “that he felt strangely comfortable talking to me and opening up”……
    that says a lot coming from a capricorn man.
    I’ve only met one woman in my life time I can say that about.

    He was feeling you, until you said “I told him to please not wait around for me because I wanted him to be happy”… forgot, we are the most patient in the zodiac. He would have waited.

    I think he sensed your insecurity and may have misinterpreted it. One of you have to be wiling to take a chance.

  23. blakgoat says:

    “that he felt strangely comfortable talking to me and opening up”……
    that says a lot coming from a capricorn man.
    I’ve only met one woman in my life time I can say that about.

    He was feeling you, until you said “I told him to please not wait around for me because I wanted him to be happy”… forgot, we are the most patient in the zodiac. He would have waited.

    I think he sensed your insecurity and may have misinterpreted it. One of you have to be wiling to take a chance.

  24. I think she is a little off her rocker or desperate for a man. Oracle is who i am referring. Men are their own indivdual persons who make choices on their own and are not guided like robots because of a sign. Its a shame your defending a man you havent even meet. Wierd!

  25. This is for Leo Sun–I’m not defending anyone I haven’t met yet. I study personalities through Astrology and the constellations, I’m sorry that bothers you. You should learn how to write, spell and speak the English language before insulting people. It’s a shame you don’t know how to spell simple words.

    As far as being a little off my rocker or desperate for a man, I’m loving life and my life of course, and I know what I want. My father is a Capricorn and I happen to love him very much. It’s too bad you feel the need to condemn.

    I had no idea that men are their own individual persons who make choices, wow! Of course, that’s what this whole Astrology thing is all about, right? Individual persons not ruled by their Sun sign.

    Oracle is AstroSpirit Rising
    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Mercury Capricorn
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio
    Vertex Scorpio

  26. Hi LADIES ,After being with a capricorn for few years and two more relationships with capricorns,I,ll sum up my experience in few sentences.(Excuse my English as im French)
    capricorn men may be attractive
    They may be good in bed for a one or few nights stand.
    They are hard working but of course donkeys much better than him in many ways.

    Capricorn men are those leeches ,who drains you out of your energies.Who will take your smile away from your face.They will never like you as sweet innocent feminist lady but they prefer a woman who can work like a donkey who is a penny pincher like him,who can use one dress for few years ,he will highly appreciate be proud of you if you can prove that you can wear one pair for shoes for many years,
    They never understand your emotions,never value your sincerity,your faithfulness.They never respect your time ,your words,your commitments even if you give them children,peaceful home and be at his side as a faithful partner.They will never trust you no matter what.
    They have terrible inferior complex,They never have the confidence to be among a group of decent people.They are happy where the conversation or discussions revolve around money.

    They love and worship only one thing MONEY.To be rich is the one purpose they have and will give their dignity to ANY thing that will bring them materiel success.
    They are stone hearted,emotionally cold bastards who will only use you for as long as you are of any benefit to them once they realise you can’t bring them or help them in manifesting their dreams they will leave you ruthlessly.TRUST ME IN THAT.

    They are good with their friends as long as they are not spending a dime,
    He is one cheap and low creature who will always and happily let a lady pay for him even on on a first date.His stinginess will make you vomit time to time.
    He has no shame,no self respect ,no dignity ,no courtesy.
    He may be kind to their parents and children but girlfriends or wives…………. be afraid from this selfish materialistic ,emotion less robot. A stone hearted bastard.YOU WILL GET HURT GUARANTEED
    Once he found another ladder to climb to his his goal he will shut down everything on you. Doesnt matter how many years you have given him as a faithful and loyal partner………He will change his numbers,he will become totally contact less.
    He is a disgrace on the face of earth.Avoid this materialistic,pathetic,selfish creature.Id prefer to live with a sincere dog than with a capricorn man.May they all vanish from the face of the earth so that no other woman gets hurt by the hands of these UGLY HEARTED men

  27. oh and a man characteristic i missed to mention,HE IS A BIG TIME LIAR.
    He can lie about anything anything even if he has to change the name of his father to get any material gains.
    He will take swear and will lie
    Put his religious most honored book infront of him he will put his hand on it and will lie.
    If i could slap one man for the rest of my life it will be a capricorn man.
    I have dated many other stars i have never suffered so much pain,frustration and hurt as i suffered by the hands of three capricorn men.
    May god keep you safe ,may god keep you away from this poison called capricorn man.

  28. i mean main characteristic.sorry for spelling and grammar mistake ,English is not my first language

  29. Whew!!! Reading these has sent chills down my spine concerning my current situation. Okay, so I met this Cap male on a social media site around October 13′. We started off sending direct messages to each other here and there then, we progressed to exchanging phone #. We’d text constantly (he initiated every contact) even talked on the phone a few times. AMAZING chemistry and conversation we always seemed to have. Around April, I let the strong emotions/ feelings I was developing get the best of me and I foolishly “confessed” my feelings for him. I was terrified of rejection but alittle liquid courage help combat that… lol His reaction was surprisingly good, acknowleging the strong chemistry he felt between us and all…so, things continued go well. Then during one of our convos we were discussing commitment & connections, he was saying how he took relationships seriously and how he’s never really experienced a “true connection” with anyone b4, and I said something along the lines of; ” In order to have a connection a individual must truly want one, and we have to be willing to let our defenses go inorder to forge that connection.” I was speaking in general… wasn’t trying to be critical of his view or imply emotional immaturity. Just stating facts… So he responds back ” Well, maybe I might not really want one then.” to which I responed; “Yeah, maybe so…” Needless to say I didn’t hear from him for almost 2 weeks following that exchange. Then, out the blue he contacts me, a (phne call). We talked for like 3 1/2 hrs. even asked me was I “dating” anyone. (which I thought was a little strange considering only a few weeks had passed since we last spoke ) kicking myself for not asking him the same question though cause NOW our communication is EXTREMELY spotty and infrequent. He’s still sweet but, I can tell he’s ‘pulled back’ a bit compared to how he used to talk about certain things. When we talk now it feels kinda odd, like there’s a 500 lbs elephant in the room and neither of us is willing to acknowledge it’s presence. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating and emotionally draining because even in his inconsistancy my feelings for him won’t seem to go away. Even though we’ve never met face to face ( if video chat counts) I’m still curious if THIS we have (whatever IT is) still has a glimmer of hope or potential to develop into something more.

  30. Hi there,

    In the beginning of my live it was so hard to be a Capricorn.

    Rising Gemini
    Sun in Capricorn
    Moon in Virgo
    Mercury in Saggitarius
    Venus in Capricorn
    Mars in Taurus
    Saturnus in Capricorn
    Uranus in Capricorn
    Neptunus in Capricorn

    Saturnus is not bad at all. You just have to dedicate to god and love. I can tell you that we just don’t like to rush. it’s like the nature. First you getting winter and then you get spring. You don’t go directly to the summer or you will miss some very beautiful moments on your road.

    With all love of the restricted limited god.

  31. So weird .. I met this cap also on social media like 5 weeks ago .. Chat here and there havnt met face to face either and yes they are weird workaholics

  32. 2cappys1969 says:


    I too, am a Capricorn woman and have my eyes on my Capricorn man!
    We have been evolved in this intense and very passionate tango- we are “friend” but are open to “see what happens” it has now been 1.5 years and we are very close!
    I am so attracted to him… but refuse to let myself “fall for him” but we both are very caring and responsive to each others needs. we spend 3-4 days a week together. and each other almost daily.
    We both had been in 16years
    relationships that had just ended. He had 1year of being single, prior to me getting my divorce. He was there for me and supported me as I went through my divorce. he has become my best friend
    In the beginning and still the same today, same as the others; all the phone calls, texts and daily visits (which I love) He buys me groceries- if needed, brings money always asks if I need anything and if I am sick he brings me medicine!
    If I need anything he is there!
    We are going on 1.5years of being friends- we both admit we care for each other.

    Lately, I have tried to leave but he wont let me. Being true Capricorns we both admit we can walk away …but just because we can doesn’t mean we should, but we also both talked and decided not to cut each other off and continue our relationship…Things have been getting confusing – I’m not sure what we are. I have tried to leave – I cant I am so drawn to him!! I wanted to give my self a chance to meet others- don’t get me wrong I am not in denial – I had gone out on dates. I understood we both had been dating others when we first meet. He says he is not seeing others now. I believe him, and I am not either – seeing anyone else. I don’t want anyone else.
    we are both workaholics and love cars! so we spend all our time either at work or working on cars. I love it! He is the 1st man that understands me completely and lets me be me- he doesn’t push me. we both are so comfortable with each other, the crazy thing is in almost 2yrs we have never argued. Other people don’t understand us… we just fit well together. our schedules we make it work, sometimes at late hours …do to work, but we both seem happy.

    I guess my question is … after reading your comments above … you have reiterated my exact feeling. I think about how I would react if I found out about him being with another I would remove him from my life and walk away and NEVER talk to him again, so I make sure I keep myself faithful to him. I expect the same in return
    I want to hold on, he gives me every indication he wants to be with me. But, he is “working on some stuff” as am I, our credit, I am wanting to buy a house in 2015 and he is working on some big car restorations
    (he races) and that is something he wanted to do before in he relationship but couldn’t.
    He says he had been burned in passed relationships and doesn’t want that again. and the next relationship is going to be his last.
    I have never been the type of person to put ultimatums on people – and still do not… So do you think as a Capricorn with a Capricorn it is possible to hold on and that it will be worth it? He is such a Capricorn! But loving and caring..I want him! LOL… and hope there is a future for us :)
    Or is he comfortable with me here and it will never move forward to be more?
    I have no problem talking it slow and I feel it is worth it… but I just don’t want to continue and be stuck in the “friend zone” how long is too long???
    Sorry so long- thank you for your input.

  33. Caps! 3 months ago I ran into one- instant chemistry. He took me out to lunch the next day telling me he is certain I the woman for him and the woman he prayed for. Gave me amazing compliments and at the end of dinner he kissed me amazingly.. The date the following weekend led to steam sex.. Yes it was early but I only wanted a fling or one night stand.. He kept asking if I missed him and that he misses me.. I wouldn’t answer how do you miss someone so soon.. Sex completed and I went home.. Very short convo after that..didn’t hear from him in 3 days.. Let’s just say since then we’ve had one damn whirlwind of a reslstionship where we slept together again and he texted me the next day that it was amazing, I didn’t respond.. A week later no calls nothing.. I text him he respond that he wants me and need to see me.. I ask when and he doesn’t respond.. This happens a few times.. He makes plans and doesn’t show.. Tells me he will do better then he disappears.. Finally getting over him out if the blues he shows up unexpectedly .. Kiss me like nothing happens.. Tells me he is sorry and promise on his life he would see me when he returns from his business trip in 3 days.. That’s two weeks ago! The last thing he texted me was he was sorry and really misses me! This cap is confusing!! Sad to say I am aries and love a chase so now I am totally caught up with the chase and he doesn’t respond to text nor calls! Yet he gets them.. I swear I want to go back to day one and run the other way!!!

  34. I was just in a lunch date with a cap man. I am taurus. It was kinda nice but weird. Well, I don’t like him. I want the excitement of the aries man. I like the 61 y/o aquarius better. The cap man and I are more like 2 kids having a good friendship. I need some excitement. Im an earth sign. I dont need another earth sign. When we talked during lunch, I come to learn he and I have too similar beliefs. Boring. I don’t need another me. He is nerdy with a nice body. Very tall. He was holding my hand and checking out my hand and bones. He must be a secret ortho doc. Naaah, he is an engineer. But yeah, I need that smoldering hot presence of the aries man. :-)

  35. Oh yeah, and the cap man gave me a tight hug and would like to go out with me again if I wanted to. Im tired of dating. We gotta get some excitement in a convo sometimes.

  36. Kara, it sounds like the same cap I’m dating, I’m a taurus woman too, he’s weird and a liar!! I’m running for the hills, been dating him for a year now…..

  37. Shame ladies! Met a cap in feb. We actually met on a social network, we hooked up for lunch in feb. A week later we went on holiday for valentines, i met his mom shortly after that. In june, we got married and now we are expecting our first child! Yes he is a workaholic and does come across as cold but caps r beyond loyal. My husband is a God sent, i hate him sometimes but i love him because hes always been honest with me ????

  38. Hi there,


    Rising Virgo
    Sun Leo
    Moon Libra
    Mercury Virgo
    Venus Virgo
    Mars Virgo

    currently starting to date a man with

    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Leo
    Mercury Sagittarius
    Venus Capricorn
    Mars Taurus

    I always felt quite drawn to men with their sun or moon in Capricorn – maybe that’s because I am quite “earthy” myself? This guy doesn’t seem all that cold to me, could be thanks to his moon in Leo, but all other men I know personally who have their sun or moon in Capricorn are very warm-hearted. Most of them do have a cold exterior, but once you get to know them they open up (at least to me). Never experienced any struggles with Capricorn men. I am well aware a “perfect” relationship does not exist and I am long grossed out by overly affectionate words. Capricornians need someone who can deal with a few honest words at the right time, rather than a shower of compliments. True… they might not be so lovey-dovey from the start, but that proves all the more how genuine their affection is.

    Thumbs up for Capricorn men and let’s say the right combination of signs makes something either pleasant for an individual or… well unpleasant.

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