Capricorn men are cold

CapricornThis is news?

Capricorn men are cold because their ruling planet is Saturn. Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a planet (or two), but none is as unfortunate as Capricorn. Cap lives under the thumb of the strictest, harshest, most judging and punishing god in the solar system. Until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was thought to be the outermost planet in the solar system, the boundary-maker. He rules limitations, concrete reality, tests and trials, all the hard work we must do to manifest anything in life. Saturn is slow — he brings on delays, forces us to patiently slog through tedious tasks to achieve our desired outcome.

But Saturn is not all bad. He rewards hard work with material success; suffering with wisdom. He’s still the strict father, however. Saturn will give you what’s coming to you — good or bad.

You won’t get warmth from a Capricorn man, but his steadiness and sense of duty betray his affection towards you.

Comment below: How do you know when a Capricorn man cares for you?

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  1. Im so sorry to hear that what a foolish man he is im a sag and i give my whole heart to there was a time in my 9year relationship that my just one day walked out on me .i didn’t even know it was coming it was bad august hottest month in summer and yes i was moving all of that good stuff the day it happend i woke to a door shutting and ran down the hall he had his bags packed like it was planned long story short 3 month’s later he contacts me and before u know itwas at my familys door i was surprised to see his face but i was weak i love him he pulled me right back in again and now i sit here and say im miserable i have no connection unless its sex or somthing hes so cold like a narrsacist im very loney in my relationship with him he makes me feel as if he came back to do it to me again .also i have big trust issues with him he constantly lies about stuff and has all kinds of profiles on dating sites .its like he is toying with my heart i had enough of his crap its not worth it and there is nothing more to say to him anymore im so tired literaly almost like he sucks my good energy for himself and sucks every part of my life source so the next thing i need to do is go far away from his spider wed of lies and manipulation …i say no more caps for me there way to much work .

  2. Well i just want some good advise what to do im so stuck it is like a old couch comfortable dont want to get rid of it .i feel like me and my cap are just going through the motions of dull. I have done everything possible to please him but nothing will ever be good enough to the point where he is down right spoiled brat but i have had way more than im willing to give anymore its physically draining me emotionally and i have more anxiety now and never have i felt so alone with someone hes like a character in a book but he is so many different people i cant keep up ever please what to do im at my ends with his ass and i want no more of this headake HELP ME ….

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