Scorpio and Gemini reasons for breakup

Take the deepest and most superficial signs of the zodiac, and you’ve got a Scorpio-Gemini relationship. Perhaps I am disparaging the sign of the Twins — however, you’re redeemed by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

Scorpio searches the depths of experience, rooting out the darkness lurking beneath the surface. Gemini is content flittering about, lightly touching all that piques his curiosity. Scorpio is ruled by powerful and intense Pluto, the planet attracted to taboos and the death-rebirth mysteries. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the god who invented lying.

Actually, Mercury is also the psychopomp, who transports the souls of the dead to Pluto’s (Hades’) realm. The messenger of the gods has access to and from the underworld. But he doesn’t stay there. He’s like a truck driver to hell. Once he drops off his goods, he’s outta there.

Gemini thinks, Scorpio feels. Gemini gossips, Scorpio guards secrets.

Do you need more reasons to break up?

Comment below: Have you been in a Scorpio-Gemini relationship? Give us the dirt!

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  1. hmm all comment in this blog give lots information how to understand scorpio and gemini relation (like my relation)…one thing i want to notice scorpio has honesty, deep intense and power but their grudge make them bore.. sometimes they two faces and manipulative.

  2. curious757 says:

    I’m still wondering why scorpio is a water sign: they’re symbolized with a SCORPION which lives in the desert, and has nothing to do with water.
    but it’s interesting to see that the evolvement in this sign is clever: exalted in Uranus, and evolves even to be an “eagle” which represents “freedom” and above the water.

  3. curious757 says:

    forgot to mention, that growing up, my October Scorpio buddy married a Gemini woman who was close to 20 years older than him. It was rather weird at first but they seem to love eachother. Maybe because she was older and wiser, (which for Mercury air ruled, and scattered energies) she was able to fit his mould. The only reminder I got from their relationship was that she was not liking the mother in law. that was funny, though. October scorpio’s mother was a strong woman who spoke her mind. But last I heard, gemini woman is taking good care of mother in law as she ages. So, the exchange is good because october scorpio picked out a good woman.

  4. guys you really don’t know what you are talking about..
    gemini and scorpio relation is the sweetest of all..hehe

  5. i just stopped dating a gemini a scorpio by the way
    well he was good at the first week and i invited him to have dinner with my classmates..
    and i never thought he would like my classmate,”cza” while we are eating i find him flirting with my pissed me off..well im angry with that gemini guy cause he is an ass-whole,,
    after a week i was with my friend cza in a bar..and he join us for a drink..and he just told me he likes
    “cza” well i told him he won’t see me again if he will date my friend..i know i have no right to be jealous
    and that what he said to me..well after he took me home and he went home with cza in his appartment..does he thinks i would never know what would they doing? !
    in the morning i went to cza’s house and i noticed she has a really disgusting kiss mark on her neck..
    i”hahah im stupid if i will see that gemini again!! well he always txted me to pls response…
    well..i never wanted to date a flirt gemini guy ever!!!

  6. Ooook, I met my Scorpio love 7years ago. He is 16 years older than me. we were off and on for the first six, because of a 100 mile difference, and life happened. So no bad blood. In that time ( the off times) I found myself attracted to and dating a couple of scorps ( btw I’m a gem…. Ding!) they were all borderline stalkers, with mood swings that came and went faster than I could blink… Ooooor talk for that matter 😉 then my #1 Scorp and I decided that we were in it for the long haul. No more excuses, we’d deal with the distance. To make a long story longer, were getting married in a week (yayayay).
    I told you ALL of that, to tell you this; the thing I’ve learned from personal experience with the only sane, more ” in tune with who he is” Scorp, is that you have to let him be who he is. It’s a hard pill to swallow for a gemini woman, as we want to understand right then and there, with little to no effort. ( most signs we can read pretty well, hence maaaajor issues with scorps and their “mystery”) the trick is to remember that what they crave most is respect from their mate. Don’t ask where they’re at, ask what their ETA is. Don’t tell them what to do, state your opinion, ONCE, let him mull around in it, and give him the chance to do the right thing. If you know they hate smoking ( a lot do bc they’re prone to sinus infections, allergy flare ups) don’t smoke around them. If you say you’ll do something, do it. As gems we mostly always do what we say we will do ( once we mature) but we do it on our time. Let him know if It won’t be right away. All of these little things, Scorp men see as general respect. If he’s flirting with other women ( personal emails telling them they’re beautiful etc) and you’re in a serious relationship, let them know you find it unloyal. They’ll do their flipping the script thing blah blah blah…. Then tell them ok, weeeeell, if it’s ok with you, then I feel better to do the same thing. Just know I love you, I don’t want another man. But if you’re secure enough with us to do that, then I will be too…. He’ll have some snotty hurtful remark ( no apologies) about doin it more or something to provoke insecurities, but then hell stop Doing whatever not-so-loyal thing he was doing. Bc he doesn’t want some other guy getting “his” attention.
    Ok ill stop giving gem/Scorp advice haha
    I will say however, young gems that haven’t matured, take nobody seriously, and are big fat liars.

  7. curious757 says:

    Interesting analysis above on sinus infections/flare-ups with Scorpio. I have allergy flare ups myself.

    @Stina, what you described above a bit on your man, Stina, is a Scorpio man with libra placements. Flip the script thing. Sounds like he has a Libra moon or Libra Venus,ect.
    Probably why you two are very compatible 🙂 Got to have some trine/opposite attract in the Love Placements at the very least, from my observation so far.

  8. Stina, I deleted your previous three comments, as they looked like near-duplicates.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gemini woman scorpio man. Lots of learning experiences they tend to stick together through anything once in love however they stay together through the worst of times and don’t know when it’s time to let go. Geminis need for freedom and scorpios possessive secretive nature destroy each other. A good experience of a relationship real love can come from it but when it starts to get bad it’s better both of these signs part sooner rather than later.

  10. It was horrible. Never talked…always depressed….I’m a gemini…like to talk…smile and have fun but Scorpio was deep and depressed all the time….I had to initiate everything. ….it was very challenging…it usually a bubbly person but that experience I was almost depressed too…

  11. I (Gemini) just got out of a relationship with my ex (Scorpio). I have been reading all these Gemini Scorpio compatibility, breakups passages and to be quite honest I feel like it’s all bullshit. It sounds nothing like our relationship. He was very cold and distant and his sexual drive was back in the negatives. We fought a lot because I was craving that emotional connection i never received. He made me feel like a desperate gf when I know I wasn’t. All I asked for was a bit of his time and affection. One thing was true. He was still holding on and never got over his past love. Which made me feel like a rebound after we split. It could have been that he was a heroin addict. His mom claims that hes this honest truthful loyal man but after we split that’s when I started finding out all these things that he lied about. Another thing is I might be superficial but not in a bad way. I was naive about drugs I’ll admit but not because I am shallow but because I never surrounded myself around drugs to know what they looked like or how people acted when they were on them. Especially heroine. if that’s what you want to call superficial then I’ll take it! Unfortunately I am a emotional person and up care way too Damn much. He is all about his “friends” when it’s funny cuz his closest friends and him would talk shit behind each other’s backs and I know cuz they would tell me. I sometimes feel like I am my own kind of Gemini instead of what all these horoscopes make me out to be. I never lied to him and I was always honest because I expected that from him. I only had eyes for him and I cared and loved him more than anything in this world nd sadly still do. I never been two faced. The most two faced I have ever been was ordering at a restaurant or having to decide at the grocery store what I wanted for dinner. I simply couldn’t choose between a steak or a pork chop. It was my twins that never let me decide between food. Nd that’s the most two faced I have been. After funding out he was a drug user i still stayed because I loved him and WANTED to get throughthis with him and stand by his side.even after telling me to move on. toI am glad I found out his true colors and I’m glad his roommate told me he was a heroin attic and I’m glad his friend tried breaking us up. He chose his drugs and so called friends over someone that loved him unconditionally. At the end of the day they just be giving either head!! He will forever be alone.

  12. At the end of the day they must be giving each other head.

  13. loco4carlos says:


    I think I’m crazy for my coworker.

    Im a gemini female born June 8
    & my coworker is a male scorpio November 3rd I think. He’s so FUCKING SEXY! He’s seducing the hell out of me accidentally on purpose. I’m like 6 or 7 years older than him.
    He’s 21 I’m 27. I have a wonderful boyfriend who’s an Aries but hot damn this guy has me on a hook. I work with him this Saturday & I’m praying to God I can remain faithful. He’s so romantic he writes me sweet notes & makes me feel special. I’m attatched. Regardless I want to be in his life even if just as friends

  14. Hi I’m dating a Gemini guy and I’m a Scorpio
    I have been seeing him for 11 months .
    I know he has lied to me – he doesn’t know I know
    That . When I’m with him it’s good I guess he tells me all the things I want to hear? He is also on the dating site I found he on . Definitely think he’s seeing someone else . I’m completely on edge
    I don’t want to be played around on. It is doing my head cause he means so much to me.
    He says I’m special to him but I don’t feel at all.

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