How do you know when a Virgo man likes you?

  • He picks the cat hair off your blouse.
  • He balances your checkbook.
  • He makes your spirulina-and-fruit-smoothie in the morning.
  • He shows you the proper way to stretch your quads.
  • He adopts you a puppy.
  • He edits your term papers.
  • He empties your bedpan.
  • He cleans your apartment.

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  1. lucy,

    Thanks, I’m dealing virgos men. My friend is a virgo. My colleague at work is a virgo.

    my ex was a virgo man..I keep flirting with virgos. They are great guys…no wonder I love

    Jason Statham and Hugh Grant. They’re all virgo…

  2. Jerryann…..also listen to his likes and dislikes virgo men want someone who knows them inside out who they can trust who will not discuss their relationship with anyone its not that they are busy they waste a lot of time analysing figuring things out worrying and gossiping lol my virgo decorator took all day to paper to wallpaper two sides of a wall lol i know my husband inside out i know when he dislikes something they are men of action its not what they say its what they do but with that you get a loyal caring man who is there for you no matter what who will be loyal ……..jackie it takes a lot longer than a year and a half hun to really know your virgo or any man

  3. Michael Jackson RIP and Amy Winehouse RIP who were confused and worried all the time what people thought about them and were confused they just need a strong person aside them without any drama which they cannot deal with xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Lucy,

    Ohh I see. I remember my ex virgo. When he is worried. I smiled at him and tell

    him When somebody is going to hurt him and says unkind words about him I will protect

    and defend his rights..I didn’t know why even at the end of our relationship we still

    proceed as official bf/gf. What I like most for all virgo men is that…most of these guys

    are intelligent..They are good communicators…but… they are cheater.

    I love my ex when he was chasing after me…I dumped him and tell all evils.

    But at the end…I still keep him as friend..which he knew I do still love him.

    Virgos are hot..I like it.

  5. @Marie they cheat when not happy or you are no the one virogs are loyal although they may harmless flirt they find relationships so difficult to get into and hate anyone knowing their business or feeling failure so for this reason alone they stay loyal.

  6. Thanks girls did the trick, he’s txt me tonight and wants to know when I’m free again!! Lol here’s to playing it cool and bagging a 18 stone body building Virgo!!! I can’t wait life suddenly looks so good without my soon to be ex husband pisces!!! I never thought id say that, regardless tho there’s always light at the end of any dark tunnel and to become flowers we all have to start as seeds in the dark!!! Thank you all again x

  7. Great jennyann ………just remember no dramas when he does do his pulling away which he will no arguing no we need to talk keep it friendly and light wait for him to initiate contact and dont push for intimacy or initiate it make him laugh just be his friend with no pressure at all no neediness or being clingy virgo men are not difficult to understand once you truly know them thats all they want is someone who truly knows them do not tell him about your past only if he asks no game playing one thing my husband always said from day 1 we have always been straight with each other if he asks me i tell him if i ask him he tells me whether we both like it or not thats the only way to build trust enjoy xxx

  8. Lucy,

    Yes you are right…My ex virgo did not cheated to me. He cheated with me. I find it too hard

    to forget him cuz it was my decision to leave..’cause I was afraid he will do the same to me

    but I guess I was wrong…cuz when I dumped him, He messed up his life but I kept going

    back and forth to assist him so he can survive..I kept telling him I loved him enough to give

    him to his family…so he can save the three and lost the one(me).

  9. marie ……although i dont agree with men cheating i know they do not wake up one day and decide to cheat they cheat for a reason a lot of women change once they meet their man they stop being the person he first met dont bother with theirselves or appearance they think they no longer have to as they have the man wrong especially with a virgo who gets bored easily i know many men and they all say the same men cheat for a reason not just out of boredom they cheat when something is missing my scorpio mate was cheated on by her bf she changed stopped being herself started building her life around him dropped her friends who he as a virgo wrong move he cheated and left her and is still with the woman he cheated with a virgo will keep looking until he has found the one once he has found that person he will never leave her loyal to a fault marie i havent changed still fiesty still look after myself your one hes there because he has to be their heart can be in one place body in a next believe me hes not happy

  10. Lucy,

    You gave me a second thought.

    like your interactions with those moves.. I just couldn’t help it

    but cry ..till he told me that he loves me with all his heart & soul.

    Ohh lucy. I really loved him sooo much. but he had a family.

  11. @Marie …….He meant it im sorry to make you cry they dont say it often but when they do they mean it he really meant it tell me your story from the beginning

  12. @Marie …….He meant it im sorry to make you cry they dont say it often but when they do they mean it he really meant it tell me your story from the beginning what moves made you cry?

  13. Lucy,

    He was never been a good guy telling me about his feelings..

    Everytime I told him..I love him. He replied he loves me too.

    lucy, I left him even he didn’t wanted me to do that..

    I just talked to him and it melts my heart why he didn’t let

    me know his feelings then..He kept asking me when I comeback.

    It hurts me inside..He kept waiting…I moved on.

    I didn’t know about virgo..but I guess you defined it properly .

    What made me cry is that …why it’s too late for him to move…

    and why it’s too late for him to tell me those feelings..he told me

    I am always special..and that’s hurts..Im very sensitive specially

    he was the love of my life..

    we still contacted till now..

  14. Okay the Virgo man in question, he was married when we started talking to me, he knew I was too, he left his marriage, he wanted to see me, we did meet, but things did not go as planned on his part, and he left did not speak for a while, he came back and was talking to me again, but I found out he had a g/f so I tried to keep it just light conversation nothing to close to my heart, but again he managed to get into my heart, and he asked me to meet him again, I did but did not go alone because I did not want things to turn sexual between us, and that time he said we would have to meet again, and then he kept talking to me, we ended up meeting again about two weeks ago, and he kissed me like I have never been kissed in my life, he was saying my name, calling me baby, ect.. Then two days later, He said we needed to just stay friends, When I asked him, what it was he didn’t like about me, he said “Were not single” then I said we weren’t single two nights ago either, and then he said I am starting to get serious… and then added about her, I honestly felt that he had feelings for me, he has never admitted them though, but I just don’t understand his thinking, then he talked to me again about 4 days later, he told me he thought I was pretty and I looked good, but then said we are just friends okay?… I said okay.. I don’t want to loose him out of my life, but I don’t know if I can go back to just friends, What should I do?

  15. @lucy

    Can I ask you what your husband’s moons sign and venus sign is?

  16. Lucky cap …havent got a clue love why?
    His Girl i will get back to you

  17. What’s up with this?

    I hadn’t heard from my Virgo in a month. Then he suddenly answers a group e-mail I had sent, telling me he misses me & “my pretty face” and wants to see me before he leaves in 5 days. I suggest we meet on Saturday or any other day that would suit him. And he then declines my invitation without even suggesting another day but asks me why I never came to his house on Friday. Well, I was never invited. So I was very puzzled.

    This morning I decided to send him a text to invite him to a concert where I’m going with a couple friends. He answered that he wanted to come but couldn’t cuz he had a christmas dinner at his place with some friends. And he told me that I should tell him afterwards how it was cuz he really wanted to go.

    But nothing else. For someone who pretends to miss me and my “pretty face”, he is obviously not doing any effort to see me. He is driving me crazy. Giving me false hopes. If he wanted to see me, why not tell me when he is available as I asked him? He’s leaving in 2 days and not coming back before mid January, which will make almost 3 months without seeing each other.

    What’s up with him?

  18. I gave up on my virgo, stopped calling and texting, I only text back if he texts me and I’m very short with him…he seems interested again but at this point I’ve lost interest because he hurt me and I don’t trust him. We bicker when we do talk because I don’t put up with his stubborn attitude and I refuse to give him his way. I love this man but I’m not able to let him back in at this point. Point is, he’s chasing cuz I am unavailable to him.

  19. @All

    My situation has been pretty quiet for a while.. Today my virgo texted me and I asked him if he wanted to join us tomorrow night for drinks, to which I got a no. I asked him why, and got no reply. I asked him why he never wanted to hang out with me and he said he doesn’t go out on weeknights, and I said it’s not that; I’ve asked him to lunch, to go to the gym, to do me favors- all with nos. He said he was busy last week. I told him that only explains one week in a period of a month. His friend just came home from out of the country and I told him I wanted us to all hang out and he said his friends don’t want to meet my friend…..and I know for a fact this isn’t true….they’ve actually invited her out when we’re all together and they’ve told me they have no issue with meeting her. I don’t get why he is lying about that. I confronted him on that, and told him I just don’t get why he blatantly rejects me all the time. He said because he goes out only on Saturdays and because I don’t like it when he talks to other women. I told him that yes, he’s right I don’t. I think its rude to go out with me and leave me standing at a club looking stupid and to try to get down another woman’s pants. I also told him I don’t get why he can’t sacrifice one Saturday a month or so to hang out with me and forget the other women, and no I don’t like when he talks to other women and I never will.

    I am pretty tired of everyone in my life, not just him. Its time for some major soul searching.

  20. Hi Lucy,

    hope that you are around here as I have a question to you as someone being in a long relationship/ married to a virgo.

    I meanwhile got married to mine also last September. We currently do not live together cz of work (but he will finally move here in March though). He has a very hard time that I am not with him at the moment. He loves meeting friends but he is not happy when I am not with him (or he at least can see me later the day at home). We spent our Christmas holidays together (3 weeks) and I came back few days ago.

    Though my virgo really loves and adores me he sometimes disappears in a “cave” for few days; means that he just goes offline and is not available. It just happened once or twice before and only when I am not around or deals with something he needs to solve alone. He never took such time when I was with him. It is not that I am clingy, he is actually more and would love to spend every single minute with me (with me or us meeting friends or family).
    In the past he took such time whenever he had to deal with some issue and I am sure it is the same now.

    Not sure if it is only a virgo-thing… guess such guys who analyze and think so much sometimes need their time.
    But I just wanted to know what you are doing in such situation (if yours is doing the same) or what you would suggest. I am actually doing nothing as I know he has to solve whatever and when he wants to talk or needs help, he will ask me anyways. So I just give him time and don`t bug him now.
    Or is it the strange virgo mind testing me if I miss him and he expects e-mails etc? Lol….


  21. Hey Lucy, how are you doig, it has been close to a year that i have not visited this site as there was some issues with the postings. Thot I wud just come here tody to try my luck.

    You have advised me about my situation with my virgo in the past. Long story short. Virgo and me worked in the same country and met in 2008. We were attracted to each other instantly when we met and dated causually for a few months. We dated causally because he was divorced but had a girlfriend and I was basically trying to avoid relationship. I had to move to another country a year later and thought this would end the causual relationship. To my surprise, he emailed me one day, that is like 6 months after I have left, invited me to go visit him as he missed me a lot. I visited him after several invitations. It was a great visit, despite the fact that he behaved oddly, talking about other girls etc, it was a great visit. Before I flew home, he asked me if I loved him, because he missed me a lot after I left and did’t know that he loved me. I admitted my feelings for him and he said he would want to see me again. During the next few months, we texted each other frequently, and it was about how and what we love about each other, sweet words etc.; he calling me ‘my love’.

    We tried arranging another meeting which required me to fly to him a couple of months later but it didn’t happen because of his and my schedule. Then we finally agreed on a date but the plan was cancelled because he was met ith an accident. I wanted to fly over to see him and take care of him but he said it would be very unfair to me as he was basicaly home-bound. i asked several times to go see him but he softly declied each time. A few months later, he received a promotion which required him to move back home. He asked me once to go with him. I waited to speak to him more seriously about it but the subject was not brought up again. Time pass, he moved home, me, stressed out at work, we texed ech other but didn’t meet up. I also realised that hiis texts diminised in quality and qualitity.

    Finally this year, I had the chance and time to go visit him. I was to be there for 5 days. Prior to going, I had asked him several times if it was alright for me to visit, even the week before I went. He was like there was no issue at all and he has arranged for my stay at he hotel etc.

    The big day came, I arrived at the hotel very early, he texted me to welcome me and said would drop by at noon to see me. By noon, he came, we chatted, kissed and were itimate, then he left and went back to work. He told me he would not see me that night as he had a big meeting the next day, and he wanted to finish what he needed to do before we leave for the weekend. being understanding, i was okay with it despite disappointed. He texted me to tell me he loved me and that he was mine; The next day, he dropped by at lunch to see me and rushed back to work. That day, he told me he understood why men who have been with me are stuck on me because I have the brain, the heart and the look, he said I was perfect, and he was stuck on me. He said he would love to have a baby girl with me who ressmebles me. He asked me to move there and he would take care of me and the baby. We would be husband and wife, and with the baby, I would never leave him.

    We finally left for the weekend in the evening. The journey was about 4 hours drive, we chatted nd were in a very happy mood bsicaly, nothing then hinted what would come later. I dozed off a little in the car and was awaken by the ringing of his phone. I saw the name of a woman caller and he was very nervous and quickly switched the phone off. when we arrived at or destination, the first thing he did was to make a call.
    When we were at the restaurant, he took the opportunity to step out to make a phone call when I went to the rest room. Whn he returned to the table, he said he was talking to his daughter, then he mumbled the name of the lady caller while in the car, he went like ‘i was talkig to my daughter Mxxx’. I gave him a puzzled look cos that was not the name of his daughter. Then he insisted, you know ‘mxxxx’ my daughter, while his face flushed and letting out a guily smile. The rest of the evening went fiine, basically catching up with one another. But in the nighht, his phone was riging non-stop.

    The next morning, he listened to his messages, I coould hear an angry voice of a woman on the line and his composure changed. I did not ask him anything about that call and we went for a walk all afternoon. He was unusally quiet that I began to feel awkard. When we returned back to the hotel, he was on his phone texting and looked really glumed. When he made a call to his daughter, he came and sat beside me. I wanted to get up to give him some privacy, he signaled it was okay for me to stay. after The call, he talked to me about his problems with his children and siblings.

    That evening, I asked him about our plans for the next day as we were suposed to go back to the city. He went like we would check out at 3 pm the next day, drive back to the city where he has rented for a service appartment for me. I was a little taken aback and asked if he would be staing with me the next night till I fly off on Monday night. He was a little uneasy and went like I had to leave yoU on Sunday and come see you o Monday for lunch before you fly off. I was furious when I heard this. I asked if he could stay with me on Sunday, he went like he had lots of travelling and errands to run, and Sunday he absolutely has an obligation to attend to. I requested that he did it the week after since I would not be there. I asked him what obligation was that, he went like it was personal. This drove me up the wall, I told him that if i was there, it was to see him, as I knew the city and coutry very well. The least I would expect was he spending time with me. I told him that he had no respect for me and treated me like a fool, and I will ,not see him anymore. I called the airline, changed the ticket to leave on Sunday night. I didn’t know what was the problem of the ticket but I could not change the date, he offered to buy me a new ticket to leave on Sunday. His offer, to him was kindness, to me, it was like he was driving me away. I tolld him that he should have told me to not come see him if he was so unavailable. He said he wanted to see me and there was an unexpected change in his schedule. I told him that I didn’t think he loved me and he said he didn’t know if he wated to get married, and we are both in differeent countries.That night, he behaved awkardly, eyes were red and watery. Sunday came, he drove me to the airport. He looked very sad, had never seen him in this state, was a little teary. He kissed my forehead and asked if I would meet up with him if ever he comes to my country. I didn’t answer.

    He sent me a text apologising for what had happened. Told me that I was precious and noble. Our relation was to him, precious, dream, tenderness and sensuality. He said he was sad to have disappointed me and caused my pain. I asked if he had ever loved me, he said he didn’t know if it was love, but he was fond of me, feelings, admiration, yes definitely, a great deal.

    I could not describe my feeling, but tears could ot stop rolling down from my eyes. It did seem that I have been a fool.

    I did think there was love, perhaps I was utterly wrong, if not, why would he waste time and ressorces to have me there twice. Why did he say he loved me? Why did he have to lie about the existence of other female companions in his life?

    I am still broken hearted but I have deleted his contact from my phone and email; I am determined this rond to stop contacting him, to cut off copletely.

  22. Hello all! Well, my Virgo and I are done again, for now. He has himself an account on a dating webiste and i’ve seen him talking to other girls at clubs. I really think he does it to make me jealous. He saw me walk into the club and he grabbed the first chick he saw. As for the dating site, i’m not going to act like I’m thrilled. I love this guy and don’t get what he doesn’t see in me. I’ve done absolutely everything for him. I just feel so stupid and used, and I hope one soon he’ll realize what I catch I am.

  23. Virgo men are jerks, stay away from them if you want to save your sanity. They are walking contradictions with major defects and flaws in their characters but still they dare to find faults in others. Most of them are Bi-polar and suffers from emotional and communication constipation. If you have like 10 or 20 years in your hands to waste then a virgo man is all yours and beware all these years will be filled with emotional games, hot and cold games, isolation, control and all the other things that a narcissist virgo man loves to do with a victim. good luck

  24. Gemini Girl here: all my exes have been virgos. Once a virgo knows what he wants (and actually follows through) he will let you know he is interested. My ex would like everything on all my social media stuff comment all the time message.. but not so much just the right amount to get your attention. You have to be careful though if they actually like you or if they only like you for sex. BE AWARE!!!

  25. sailor.mercury says:

    Wow, we have a lot to say about Virgos, it seems. A true Virgo will do anything for you. You are the object of desire, for that entity. If u do not treat “your” Virgo right, they will wander off, without a thought, and seek someone who will preserve that innocence, and never ever look back. Meaning if you want to get a little, you need to give a little. Now, everyone’s behaviour can be unruly sometimes, even demanding. But how demanding is the one who wants the Virgo ? Speaking as a Libra, it is more than evident that what I say is the truth. Be gentle with urself! Peace out!

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