Does a Pisces man ever end a relationship?

PiscesThis query seems to imply that Pisces men are passive … so passive that they wait for their partner to end the relationship. Putting aside the fact that the Pisces man has nine other planets in his chart making however many angles to each other, it is true that Pisces is not exactly Mr. Action. He is more likely to dream about alternate realities in his relationship — or about his dream man or woman — than to be pro-active about making a change.

Part of the problem — if we may call it that — is Pisces’ ability to go with the flow, to accept his circumstances. Pisces transcends, after all. And if reality gets too difficult — if it imposes its hard edges into his soft-focused life — he may deal with conflict by drinking or daydreaming or escaping one way or another.

Pisces may also martyr himself, choosing to stay unhappy and perceive himself as the poor victim of circumstance over shaking the boat and putting an end to his unhappiness in the relationship.

But, my dear querent, why are you waiting for him to end it?

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  1. Wow is it any wonder you are “TIRED”.???

    Are there any “GOOD QUALITIES” which you care to elaborate on.???

    Surely there must be something because a person is not “ALL BAD”.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  2. ive been with a pisces guy for two years. we decided to move in together on may 1 of this year. before that things were great. he would have his mood swings but I usually gave him space. so we move in and I notice he starts to become very distant . hardly talking to me. ignoring me. when I asked if everything was okay he would get upset and tell me to leave him alone. so I did .. I left for about a week. we worked things out again. and then a few days later hes back to the same bs. I left again after he said he doesnt know what he wants no more and he needs space. hes the one who asked me to move in with him and told me he loved me and plan our future. and all of a sudden he needs space. he hardly talks to me now. its like I’m dead to him. and what we had never happen. we never broke up so I’m still his girl friend but I do think he is trying to sabotage the relationship. fucking childish!. I did nothing for him to hurt me the way hes hurting me now. I will ended it. juat waiting for my heart to turn to stone so I know I will walk away and never look back ! p.s my ex before this is a Pisces and did the same shit. they are amazing lovers but bad partneer s. never again would I date a pisces guy

  3. Hi Kari

    I would say that you have had your fair share of “FISH” and it is time to try
    a “Different Dish” for a change. As they say “Variety is the Spice of Life” so
    start experimenting and enjoying all the different “Flavours the Zodiac” has
    to offer.!!!

    Good Luck in your future endeavours and always keep smiling. Taurus

  4. Broken heart says:

    dear kari,
    i feel sooo sad.. I understand you perfectly. I have been in a very similar situation this summer. Got to know a most charming pisces man who told me he would be ready to do anything for me. He was so kind and loving..then suddenly got distant..a cold fish..then warmer again..and now that it´s autums I feel the same as you: he´s ignores me..I seem to be nobody to him..”friends only”. Ithought there was something wrong with me, but I´ve been reading dozens of similar storien abou pisces males on tne net, so I guess they just are all bastards and liars..and heartbreakers ´cos they are so irresistible and charming (when they wnt to be). I understand that he´ll never bring anything good to my life but I still find it so difficult to get over him.. I still suffer. Hope to be able to forget him one day and really see him the way he really is, i.g. the worst possible partner anyone could ever have.

  5. Alas, I am in deep like with a Pisces. (I say like, not love, because I believe that love can only exist when it is reciprocated.) He is my teacher, and I’ve been drawn to him for over a year now.

    I am a Gemini Sun/Cancer Moon, and he is a Pisces Sun/Gemini Moon. We both have Venus in Aries, while my Mars is in Libra while his is in Cancer. That being said, I sense a certain level of attraction, but I do not act on it because 1- he is my professor and advisor, and 2- he is in a relationship. We are close in age (no May-December going on here) and we get along very well. I also work at my school, to which he is my supervisor– and, he also helped me get a job there.

    I get this feeling sometimes that we are on the same wavelength, but it’s hard to tell if he is thinking the same, because I’ve noticed that Pisces men are just so elusive in this sense. I think he knows how I feel, and he doesn’t act like a dick or anything, but there are just some ways he looks at me, or says certain things, that just let me know that he knows. He talks about his girlfriend at times, which I find beyond annoying, but I just sit and listen attentively. I don’t know… It’s all confusing, and I’m too much of a chicken shit to pursue it.

  6. I am a master degree holder but my pisces man did not go to school. I loved him just the way he is, even wanted to send him to school but my pisces man just broke up with me just because I refused to fix eyelashes and painted nails; also I refused to stop going to my church. He stopped receiving my calls and gave me conditions that he will call me twice in a week. I got to find out all these things right on the very spot he broke up with me. I really worshipped the ground he worked on. Though, he is caring but he only thinks about himself. I love him so much what do I do to get him back? will he ever come back?

  7. I was dating a Pisces guy for 4 mo.We would literally break up every 2 weeks for a week. The last break up was 3 weeks ago. We still aren’t together. During the midst of this breakup I found out from his mom he lied about a few things.How can I hurt him? I no longer wish to be with him. But I actually feel that he is seeing someone else because usually he would be calling or texting by now. Will he try to come crawling back? He’s acting like he is fine with the breakup, I even retrieved all of my things from his place.

  8. I had something with a Pisces guy for 19 months on line and phone we talked every day .he told me he cared about me how comp we were and how he wanted us to be together forever and we we meant to be together and were soul mates we even said the same things at the same time he gave me dates he wanted us to meet then would give an excuse as to why he could not do it. then finally before 3 weeks before he was due to finish his college course and come to me. he sent me an email saying he had recieved very bad news from home and i was the most amazing person ever but he could not go through with it and it made him feel sick knowing what it would do to me and told me he hoped i had a wonderful life and he would always remember me and maybe things would change in the future but things were bad at the moment then signed it with his name and half a dozen kisses. that was 27 days ago not heard from him since. i am major confused i am a capricorn and my feet are normally planted on the ground

  9. Hi! I’m dating a Pisces guy for 3 months already (online, LDR) and we are having quite a few clashes already. He hasn’t told his family about us (he also did that to his ex of 4 months who eventually cheated on him) and I honestly feel unsecured with our relationship. I’m getting tired of all his “Don’t worry” or “Soon”. I love him dearly and I admit that I am quite emotional that I end up hurting his feelings when I tell him my problems with our relationship. He’s just too passive most of the time— and I am already being completely blunt with everything to him. He just don’t get it. I know we’re both young as of now, but it wouldn’t hurt to be more serious about our relationship right? I want him to make solid plans because I am slowly getting tired of waiting for uncertainties.

  10. Akilah cleary says:

    hello i have been dating a pisces male for 3 years i meet his family and broke up with me last year. he said he dosnt think we meant to be .then after a few weeks we started talking again and got back togather. now we are broken up again. i have havent called i texted him a few days ago and he just said he hasnt called beacause he has been busy.i havent talked to him since then. do yall think i should just leave him alone and move on. i do love him but tired of the bullshit.

  11. I have a friend whose Pisces lover hasn’t yet broken up with his long-term girlfriend. Basically, he is living two lives and does seem to be pained by it. For the sake of my friend’s sanity, is he ever going to breakup with either of them. His girlfriend is Gemini and my friend is a Scorpio. Really need to know as I can’t see her in this turmoil anymore.

  12. im a libra woman, been off and on to a pisces man whirlpool relationship. He is gentle and sweet like of the comments below, and he has his rough time also.

    but the one thing i can be certain is that when , you got a chance to talk with each other…..
    ask, ask ,ask , ask and HUG

    you wont understand them,but come to think of it “we where never in his shoes” and he will know ,that all that it takes, LISTEN and HUG

  13. Honestly these pisces men…
    they are both hot and cold
    yes and no
    in and out
    up and then down.

    They say they want you, and then they don’t. They come back whenever they feel like it, and off like the wind next minute. Honestly.. who do they think they are?

    They emotional rollercoasters and make others feel like emotional roller coasters too.

    though sex with them are the best.

  14. Ok this is amazing all the negative I’ve seen about the Pisces male I might add to this as briefly as possible. The pisces is a combination of all signs in one but also the least understood. We have big goals and dreams and most pisces make the mistake of not chasing those dreams and only thinking they are dreams so just live wandering lives trying to find where we fit in. First of all everyone loves us when we want to be liked or be the spotlight we can and also think all you want but a pisces males presence is normally felt in the room if he’s one who’s found his rhythm. The thing is, we get bored and if you can’t hold an intellectual conversation with us its a turn off, and I’m saying these things nicely as possible is one thing also about is pisces is we can be very blunt if we need be or even just simply want to. Hot and cold someone said it is damn right. Although to hurt ones feelings is never our intent, selfish…..maybe, Maybe you’ve meet a lazy pisces we all our lazy in our sense except when it comes do doing anything we actually have a passion for. Or you meet a motivated one who knows what he wants but doesn’t know how to end a relationship so we typically just end up ignoring you. The pisces gets lonely quick so comes back but deep down, he doesn’t want you. I’m saying this to help you. Stop accepting them back if they do this to you.

  15. Aquarian says:

    My pisces Man can piss thé devil out of me but whenever I tell him its over, hé can literally go on his knees. In my mind Im wondering why do you have to get on my nerves if you really dont want me to go?

    I dont know if Im wrong but I feel pisces men love attention and have an awkward way of showing love. For example, mine is à spender and loves to give gifts. Hes very honest about his feelings tho… for example, If I say ‘ I miss you’…. hé can just say youre so lucky, work wouldn’t let me get into that frame of mind and we both laugh and move on.

    Sometimes I think our relationship is à political or business relationship cos we talk about that all thé time. I value that tho cos for me its interesting we seem like friends.

    I havent met à Man who’s perfect, so I can tell you that yeah … he can lié esp when hé needs to protect himself from my wrath and most times it doesnt make sensé but I value other things in thé relationship, talk about it and move on.

    One thing I love about My pisces Man is hes sensitive and emotional so hé knows how I feel,quick to apologise and ready to make thé effort to make me happy. Hé has only obviously been mad at me once and after hanging up on me. .. hé called me 10 minutes later to rant about it and next thing we were playing once again.

    I just think as individuals we need to learn to live in thé moment, réalisé that no one is perfect, look for people whose démons rhyme with ours and bé Happy.

    I may bé wrong tho!!!

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